President Duterte to cease joint patrols with the US in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA | Hot News

President Duterte to cease joint patrols with the US in THE SOUTH CHINA SEA | Hot News

Philippine President said he is considering
buying Russian weapons and Chinese simultaneously announced joint patrol with US stop in the
South China Sea. According to Bloomberg in a speech broadcast
on television yesterday 13/9 front of army officers in Manila, Philippines General privation
Duterte said there were 2 countries (not specifically named) approved for a loan Philippines with
low interest rates for 25 years to buy military equipment. According to Mr. Duterte, upcoming defense
minister and the military technical staff will travel to the Philippines, Russia and
China to “choose the best equipment.” Although he has not publicly Duterte said
about severing ties with allies, declared bought weapons from Russia and China is the
latest sign he again showed Manila wants to moving away from the Philippines-US relations
defense treaty signed in 1951 between the two countries. According to President of the Philippines,
he wanted to buy weapons “cheap and where no binding agreements as well as information
transparency”. “I do not need the F-16 (US). The Philippines
has no intention of attacking any country. So those things do not effect us all, “said
Duterte said. Mr. Duterte also declared the Philippines
would stop patrolling the South China Sea with the US Navy, to avoid the “act of aggression”.
Instead, the President of the Philippines, said the military will focus on drugs and
terrorism. Philippine leader suggested the officers prepared to face a new challenge.
Not the risk of disputes over the South China Sea that is the fight against drugs and rebels. Meanwhile, defense experts at the Institute
of IHS Janes Jon Grevatt in Bangkok said that if it is true that the Philippines actually
pulling away from traditional partners of their long-standing United States, China and
Russia will celebrate applause seen a clear opportunity to penetrate this market. However,
the United States will promote measures to prevent the Philippines diplomat buy defense
systems from China’s large scale. US start joint patrols with the Philippines
in the South China Sea earlier this year before he was elected president Duterte January 5.
The two countries also seek solutions to strengthen military cooperation to deal with the claims
Chinese ridiculous in these waters.


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  • Magicarp used FLY

    China is growing to be the number 1 superpower…and china will likely surpass USA for the coming years…with trump or hillary as presidents..that will most likely come sooner than later…DU30 probably figured that out and decided to be allies with china…

  • emelio sarce

    pinag ka nulo na kyo ng idol nyo,,,di nyo ba napapansin yung mga suporters nito nagi na ring bobo sa kaka pag tanggol dun sa idol nyo

  • Kenshin Himura

    Our President plays it smart, we cant win against China thats a Fact and US will not waste its Resources against the Philippines or Filipinos not to mention China is being back by Russia which US is afraid of… Lets talk facts US is s Terrorist. Come on Pilipino People wake up and open up your eyes puro kasi Vice Ganda And ALDUB pinapanood nyo.

  • Vanjo Bartolabac

    mga yellow tard ang bad comment dto.. matalino c duterte ayaw nya may mg buwis ng buhay ang pinoy.. anh tunay n katapangan.. f nadadaan s karahasan..

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