President Donald Trump’s Strange Habit Of Retweeting Obscure Accounts | All In | MSNBC

President Donald Trump’s Strange Habit Of Retweeting Obscure Accounts | All In | MSNBC


  • Diane Owen

    I'm sick of hearing trump described as 'President', never mind 'most powerful person in the world'. He is neither. He is an imposter, a fraud, a con and a very weak 'man'.

  • Cynthia Hawkins

    Now, isn't 45 simply 'the PERFECT model of a modern world leader'?? Vicious, garrulous, and not too bright. Lord help us all.

  • Kevin Bransky

    And the sad truth is, Trump will be re-elected because the Dems wasted 30 years of political service doing the right thing and not cheating like the GOP does. In that way, the GOP are better at 'getting the job done' and will likely win many more elections than the do-nothing Dems.

  • Joyce Duncan

    There's been so many disgusting things about Trump, we tend to forget so many. but remember when because of his evil rhetoric some Nutjob sent bombs to CNN MSNBC and Congress people? Trump did not speak against it at all. if someone is actually killed because of him he will not be sorry at all. of course he will say it is not his fault; as he doesn't take responsibility for anything.

  • Justin Smith

    1. Classify defending yourself or telling inconvenient truths as "attacks."
    2. "We have journalistic integrity so we won't tell you the name of the whistle blower." (Forget how we told you Trump was a Russian asset for years with no evidence.)
    3. Censorship is good! You don't need to know that the "whistle blower" worked for Joe Biden in Ukraine and also worked under John Brennan who pushed the Russia hoax. The fact that he is a staunch partisan democrat is irrelevant! Can't you trust US intelligence agents like the whistle blower even though they forged documents in order to get FISA applications against the Trump campaign?
    4. Orange man bad M,kay!

  • sal been

    You know MSNBC lies when they say they don't know who the whistleblower is. It's well known. MSNBC is covering for one of their own.

  • robin Magee

    Report Trump's Twitter feed–not just his tweets. If Trump insults. Report two to three negative responses–including insulting ones to Trump. That's fair and presents an accurate account–especially given that Trump's voice is louder anymore weighty. 3 is a proper counterbalance.

  • Gabriele 2015

    How naive are people, The Donald isn't the only person using his Twitter account. I'm sure he has a whole team sending out all that sh*t.

  • Carmen R

    He finds these accounts because they are Russians. It all comes from the same place with Trump. I am not stupid, nor am I afraid to say it: Putin owns Trump, lock, stock and barrel.

  • Zombie NurseRN

    As an RN for 30 years, I have read opinions on line and TV, and in papers, that people, including me, are wondering what is causing the infant in chief to act like some of his brain neurons are rapidly dying, and the remainder of the synapses are not firing at all. STD's, maybe, onset of dementia, or perhaps Parkinson's disease…he is having brain cell dysfunction, you can see this in how he acts and talks.

  • Raphael Walker

    If it is against the law to tell who the whistle blower is, then Trumps son should be locked up. Suppose that person is killed by some Trump lover because they said the person's name, then JR or whoever should go to jail. It is time for Trump's gang to start being put in jail for their crimes. They act like they are above the law and they are not.

  • April the Cat Esquire

    Twitter is just as culpable for allowing him to post such lies when what he's says matters… Sure any dummy (like me) can post anything I want on Twitter but I'm not the leader of the (not-so) Free world…

  • Brian Nave
    List of Trump accomplishments, 2017, 2018, and 2019 that won’t be shown by MSNBC.

  • Ernest Vocell

    You say down wind…..
    Aren't you retweeting or recognizing these idiot's nonsense. Report how we can fix or prosecute this behavior.
    I expect more from you

  • Robert Williams

    He's a friggun nut, next he'll be showing up to world events with his pants wet. Why should we be surprised at anything he should do in the future besides using accurate spelling and grammar. That'll be scary.

  • Paul Page

    The real Donald John Trump and Joe Biden are both puppets and pawns of the economic ruling elites, the corrupt establishment, the status quo, and the military industrial war machine complex. If Bernie Sanders is not on the 2020 ballot. Then I will vote for none of the above.

  • Paul Page

    All of Trump’s policy proposals are very unpopular. From his corporate tax cuts to him opposing a $15 min wage to trump wanting to get rid of SSDI and food stamps etc. Which is why trump will run his re election on the same dishonest phony anti establishment, xenophobic, islamaphobic racist misogynistic campaign pitch as he did in 2016 against a very unpopular horrible corrupt establishment Wall Street democrat candidate Hillary Clinton

  • Stev Rex

    Tens of millions of in majority supposedly more intelligent than Spanish and Black people white people voted for a stunningly obvious liar/con man. Pathetic, you Drumpf supporters are pathetic cretins.

  • Edmund Singleton

    In 2019 we celebrated that there still can be employment after seventy, but alas in 2020 if in media just don’t look like a seventy-year-old male or female, appearing heavily made-up and hair dyed, will it influence acceptance, their interpretation of a story, their consensus? If female, maybe? but why bother, when she can just be traded in for a much younger model, so where do the older female journalists go to retire? certainly not on television.

  • Professor Moriarty

    Hey Christina Hayes you better give your brother Ron maddow a welfare check…. your left news paper not a gleaming story.. dishonest decitful…that dude maybe hanging from his shower curtain…you guys always quote stories from that paper how come no mention about her him whatever it is…….any comments from you Rick loyalist

  • Aaron Christoffersen

    THIS MIGHT SHOCK YOU. But I don’t need to know who the whistleblower is to believe what they said about this ‘president’.

  • Firstname Lastname

    Time for a big lawsuit…
    If he really is the whistle-blower, they are breaking law by messing with his protection.
    If he is not the whistle-blower, they are putting him in danger as well.

    Wanna bet Trump's twitter account is actually managed by Russian intelligence?

  • Mad TV

    "you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now, you know, eh you know…eh you know, you now"

    no I do not know! tell me hack! xDD

  • C Nieves

    Everyone that punished a name of a whistleblower should be imprisoned, why shouldn't trump and others brought up on charges? Is he the real teflon Don?

  • Darrin Holroyd

    Would it not be better if twitter left the account, put it on hold and put a fake banner on it. The way the same people would see it's a fake?

  • nayinayi1

    He is like a tumor – it is incredible how Trump feed on some mindsets and connect to them this way! It makes no sense – people don't even look at any info/facts, they just see Trump as this being who can not be wrong even if he did wrong (by using their standards)! To me this is unprecedented for real! They'll go against the law itself and throw their own country under the bus – just to carter to Trump! They hate their country and their fellow Americans enough to say hail to Trump and Putin bromance….

  • Barbara Kass

    Why doesn't anyone talk about the guy who is one of the primary people who Tweets for him? It was covered once in the news and no one talks about the nutty guy who could greatly be responsible for the craziness – of course with Trump's approval!

  • Chris Davies

    How are the outers not in jail? In NZ, if you violate a court-ordered name suppression, you are going to jail. Period.


    So nice to see Only hours before the new year and what is MSNBC doing on TV…..Wait for it……Crying like children about Trump, Are you f*cking kidding me? We can't even enjoy ringing in the new year without this constant bullsh*t, My god you people have no clue what the public thinks & feels. Good luck with that in the new year.

  • Caybin

    There is no antidote for the poisonous propaganda that the Trump era has spilled into our discourse. No amount of truth or reason will penetrate his supporters' bubble. It makes me want to die.

  • dansvideos99

    By any reasonable definition of the word, this is retaliation against the whistleblower, who simply did his legal duty as a true patriot with sincere love for our country, and with courage greater by orders of vast magnitudes than disgusting traitorous Trump and his diseased minions.  This man deserves a Medal of Honor and absolutely the highest praise.  Once again, we are all witnessing a crime in plain view. We all must protect the whistleblower and resolve to never let such mistreatment happen again to true heroes like him.  God Bless you, brother!  Stay Strong!  We are all with you!

  • truerealityscott

    All paths lead to Putin. #45 has been conspiring with Putin to debase the USA. Time to build a new guillotine for all of Putin's assets in DC

  • Ashim Chakravorty

    this sick thing still around, please make him go away, they say he would be, hospitalized, no beds 🛌 for him … let him vanish… no longer places for him … …

  • FollowingUsernamesR

    These are the same people who mock others for needing "safe spaces" but they literally can't live in the same reality as everyone else, they have to have their own safe spaces to spread their insane theories, where people don't fact check or expect reciprocity…

  • hung nguyen


  • hung nguyen


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