Prema Khaidi Telugu Full Movie | Vidharth, Amala Paul | Sri Balaji Video

Prema Khaidi Telugu Full Movie | Vidharth, Amala Paul | Sri Balaji Video

Hello. Did you start?
– Yes, I am getting ready. Do you want to speak? Son! Daughter is on the line. Tell me, dear
– Brother. Will you come to Madurai before noon?
– We will definitely come, brother. Is sister-in-law there?
– Just a minute.. Devi! Sudha is on line.. Sudha!
– Sister-in-law! Tell me.
– What colour sari are you wearing? Red coloured one!
– I too am going to wearing that. That wouldn’t look nice on you. Wear the mango coloured sari.
That will suit you. Okay, dear.
– Is Hari brother there? Brother!
– Tell me, Sudha. Brother! Where shall we have
our food? – In Hamsavalli! We had it there last year. Younger brother bought us chicken dosai
when we went for a film, is it that? Which shop is that? Brother! – Tell me.
– Didn’t you buy them chicken dosai? Konar mess!
– We will have it there. Okay! – Give the phone to Saroja!
– Wait a minute Saroja!
– Tell me. My sister wants to..
– Give me. You look nice in this sari! Give it.
. Here. Talk. Tell me, Sudha. What colour sari
are you wearing? Pink color. – Change it.
I too am going to wear that colour. Okay. I will change it. Give it to Geetha. What did she say?
– Your sister didn’t like this color. Wait.
– What is it? Your back does not look nice. Damn you! Tell dear. – What colour sari
are you going to wear? I wanted to wear green colour sari. I went for a marriage the day before.. All were wearing the peacock
green colour sari! It looked horrible! I am thinking of wearing
the parrot green color. I too have the same
colour sari with me. You too mention exactly the same. You can wear the same colour sari. I will wear the peacock
green coloured sari. I wonder how you
have changed the color. I am from the Nala kottai
people lineage! Mind you! Aren’t you ready yet? We are getting ready. Sudha! Tell me. Brother! A latest 3 layer
ear ring has come! I wanted to buy that.
Not 3 layer! I can buy you 4 layer! They are pampering her so much! I pity Bhaskar! You should call him innocent brother! She has taken control over him. I wonder how much is he suffering! I have pressed your
dress in the morning! But you are wearing the uniform! So, don’t you want
to go for the first Deepavali? You’re going to insult
my family and.. with the prisoners!
Isn’t it? I am talking to you only. We will have chicken dosai at
lunch from Konar me.s Enough? The phone is ringing!
Go and talk. Make a list of things you want. Hello, father. Why did you hit there? Sir has come. Sir! – What? He has hit the ball inside.
Can you take it and give us? It has become a routine for you! There is a function.
I can’t take the ball. Buy another ball! All we had was the only one. Here it is.
– No thanks, sir Take. Buy another ball.
Thank you, sir. Don’t play here.
Go somewhere and play. I was like the boys!
I had not any worries! This is my village.
I am born and brought up here. There were forests around the place. There was cool breeze which carried
the voice of my dead mother! I too went to school
along with the boys I took everything
playfully in that age What is this?
– Ball, sir! I know that. Are you playing
instead of going to the class? I came to this school 3 months ago.. But I have not seen you so far. He is making a fool of his dad
without going to class. Are you making your dad a fool? Disobeying dad is not good for a son.
Where is your house? If my dad finds out
he will take the ears off! If you do anything wrong
anyone would do that. He has fooled me without going
to school for 3 months. You didn’t inform this to me!
What teacher you are? How much you have in your pocket? 1.. 2.. 30 rupees! This is the penalty as my son
hasn’t gone to school for 3 months. Please request.
– Go! What is a teacher doing while
we’re playing cards? Go. Cards please. His job is to rob things
from others being a dad! He warned that the ears will get hurt. Disobeying the student
is not good for a teacher. You..!
– Are you hitting me? I’ll tell to my dad! You haven’t gone to school
for 3 months, right? I can’t understand what he teaches! You could earn money
only if you study! Can we earn only if we study?
Can’t we earn money by doing work? Do you want to enjoy life
with his earnings? Aren’t you happy with my earnings? Why do you yell like this for that? I wouldn’t be suffering if
I had married a learned man Have your food and go to sleep! I went for work to avoid
such kind of an insult. I am going to drink tea! If anyone gets down from the van,
I’ll leave him here and go. Come. Brother! 2 teas! What is the sound there? Here is the tea! Why are you roaming
with school students? I’m not doing that
He only hangs around with me. Wait for another 3 months!
I will repay your loan. Don’t throw the belongings out! Brother, I feel very insulted.
Everyone is looking here. Bother, we are working very hard. The rascal drank like
anything and took debts from.. .. everyone in the village
and threw us on streets. Where will we go, brother.
Give us three months time. We will repay your debt. Your dad has died due to drinking
by borrowing money from people! I wonder how I am going
to help you out of this. Mom.. I met Myna in a situation
like this for the first time. Grandma! You have nobody for you! They too have no one for them. Let them be with you. Okay! Let them be with me. I like this old woman
very much in our place. When any fight happens at home
I used to come here to sleep. She cared Myna much as she cared me. Take it without dropping it. Should we call you
from sleep to come with us? You are a good for nothing. Are you going to be a collector? Why are you crying? Son in law! She wants to go
to school. – Why don’t you admit her? How can I do that
when I am busy with the work? Is that all?
You take care of your work Come, Myna!
I told you to come. See you grandma!
Bye mom. Greetings sir. What is it?
– She is my friend. Admit her sir. Is it a film hall
to come in the middle? Shall I tell my dad? Go and sit.
– Here it is. Study well Mani! Stop the vehicle. You go. I will come later. Why have you come alone? Had you told me,
I would’ve plucked and given you He came with me and
ran away leaving me Brother! – What man?
– She is my friend, leave her You son of Basavayya! Others will
scared if I punish the girl like this. Is Myna equal to others? You are taking her
when I am talking! Come here. Barking dogs seldom bite. Come, Myna.
I will take care. – Jimmy, bite.. You come here.
– You bite him. You leave me. Come dear.
Give me your hand. Are you running away?
I’ll see to you. I too want to play with you. You have to give us Rs 200
before you play. I’ll get it if I play. Basava! See your son
has bitten me! I got what I wanted.
– See how your son has bitten me! Basava! What are you doing? What are you doing? Why have you snatched my watch? If my son has bitten you
you have to go to the hospital. Why should you tell me?
Am I a doctor? Okay. It is my fault.
Let me have my watch Go away. I can buy a beedi with this. Give it to me.
– What? Should I call my son? My God! – Hit the top.
– Hit the bottom. I was told not to play
with you guys in my house Why is that?
– He has bitten a man’s hand. Did I bite your hand? As you don’t go to school
and I was told not to mingle with you. Stop your talk with him.
Tell him that you hate him. All of you come here.
– What? Tell him that you hate him. I am your friend. lf you’ve friendship with him
we won’t play with you – Go away! See you. Myna! What?
– Buy some thing to eat. No.
– Have it Get it from me. Have it. Give me Rs 10 for tea. Nothing doing.. You give to Myna without her asking. I am your father.
Will you not give me even if I ask? If I want, I could
drive you out of the house. What did you say?
– I didn’t say anything. Stop, will you?
– What is it? Whatever you earn, you’re
spending for that girl. Haven’t you slept yet? Both mother and daughter
will ditch you one day, I am telling it to you.
Can’t you hear? You won’t understand it now. You will know when they put
you in the middle of the road. Why do you take her
in a short cut? If I go in your route,
the school bell will ring! That’s why.
Let’s go Don’t take advantage on her. They have sent you with her
having faith in you. If I were called being the panchayat
chief I wouldn’t be able to come. Because I am very busy now. Hey, you! I won’t be able to come
even if you beat and take me. Let us meet after the evening.
– I will busy even then. Suri, what is this? What is it happening? Suri. Hey, I might fall down. Suri! What are you doing to me? Myna, I have come! Stop it! Where are you go? What dear?
– Go and see her. You brought the
old woman without asking. The girl said
she had a bad stomach. That’s why I have brought her. You are talking
as if she is your grandma. Go man
– All the men can go away. She has attained puberty. Don’t be with her
for 10 to 15 days. What if Myna doesn’t have
her maternal uncle? Muthyala Manikyam is there, isn’t it? Why do you stare at me?
Can’t I do the customs? Both of us can do it together. Go away! Suri! You have bought
this chappals only now. I will hit you! I am not scared of hits.
This chappal too is gone! Sister! How much will it cost? About 20 to 25 thousand rupees. Myna. Aunt has told that nobody should
talk to her or see her. I told you to go from here. Sister! It is your turn. Go man.
I will bow down before you! Okay. Don’t beg.
Maintain your dignity. What is this?
It costs 5,250 Rupees! Don’t see the price.
Give it. You look like a princess! Don’t know which prince
will come to marry you. God bless you! Stop! I told you to stop. You have to watch it,
get the fruit and return back. Don’t you know?
Don’t you know that.. ..we were friends
since our childhood? How can a prince like man
could take her off? Tell me now. Who will take her off?
– It is you. Loudly!
– It is you. Tell the name.
– Suri. King Suri only will marry her.
Tell that. King Suri only will marry her.
– Tell with a smile. King Suri only will marry her.
– Tell with a smile. King Suri only will marry her. You and your face!
Go! Tell it and go.
Tell it. King Suri only will marry her. King Suri only will marry her. King Suri only will marry her. Why do you stare like this? Are you drunk?
– Not that.. In films the hero will do like this. Do you want to do like that? Can’t you see me better? The last one is better than this. Oops! My legs are painful as I had
to climb down the hill.. ..and walk through the market road. Dear! Study well and go to work. Then only our sufferings
will come to an end! Did you have your food? Are you drawing a saw? No. It is a Vernier Caliper! Is it a veneer(Hot water) machine? That’s why I told you to study well. You are studying well, isn’t it? The power is gone. Where is the lamp, sister? Kerosene went out of stock today. I have to get it from the ration shop. When I inquired
the shop was not yet opened! Come with me.
You can study tomorrow. Tomorrow is the exam.
There are 4 lessons! How will I learn that? Why are you angry for that? You want to study right?
Just a minute. Have you studied? There is a lesson more. Okay! You go inside,
I’ll come. Where are you going? I’ll be back. Go dear! Go and study. Give it.
Don’t spill it. Can’t you wake her up
early in the morning? I have to cycle fast
for her to reach on time! She is studying. Can she
go in anxiety during exams? What will she do after studying? I want to get her married. She is studying
She doesn’t need a marriage now. Lachhanna told me that there is
a learned groom in the nearby village. I don’t think that she will get
a better place than this What are you looking at, son-in-law? Come.
Let us arrange for that. How dare you call me
to finalise a different groom? I’ll kill you.
– He is killing me. Don’t leave her
– Won’t you ask him? Did any educated guy help you? If you had helped me,
will you marry my daughter? Let us settle this once for all
– Let us see. Did you give lakhs
of money to marry my daughter? You damned beggar! Drop it
– I’ll kill you. If you tell that Myna is not for me.. ..l’ll set fire on you.
– Leave me. Let us see who will
set fire on whom! Let us see.
– Don’t imagine to marry my daughter Don’t imagine to perform
her marriage with someone. She is mine.
– I’ll smash you. – Flee from here. Son! My son!
You are mine! You are my lion! Forget Myna!
I’ll get you a princess. I want my Myna.
Should I tell you separately? Go. I’ll kill you.
– You sinner! Why did you hit your dad? Shall I ask your support? Go. You sinner! Won’t you be prosperous? I am telling you that
don’t speak about Myna, isn’t it? Shut your mouth
– Why did you hit your useless dad? Leave him, Suri! Had you told me,
I would’ve taken care of him. You go and complain
I’ll come as the witness. I don’t need your support
I will see you all in a cell surely. Let us see if it is you or me. Go man. Go man.
I said you to go. Yes, I am going! Why have you all assembled here? I won’t give my girl
to a dog like you. She only told that day. Damn woman! Hit her.
Damn woman. What? You go.
I’ll see to it. Suri!
– You stop. Suri, what happened? – Myna! Myna, don’t worry. I will come. Did you try to drop
a stone on the woman? From childhood she told me that.. Stop it. Did you try to
drop the stone? – Yes sir. It seems that you have
committed 307 of IPC. Hence I am remanding you for 15 days. These 14 days in the cell
were horrible for me. In 2 days, I’ll go and see Myna! Stop!
You go! Let the next man come. Stop. What is it, sir? Greetings, sir. Who are they, your children?
– Yes sir. They wanted to see the function. Is it so?
– So I brought them here. After the function, we are going to
the native place to celebrate Deepavali. Okay. Advance happy Deepavali. Thank you, uncle. What is this?
– Ball. I know, but why do you
hit on my chest? Tell me where to hit.
I’ll hit it there. I will beat you to pulp. Don’t talk unnecessarily sir.
Look there sir. I am playing with my Myna! Throw the ball to me sir.
– MYNA. Write down also many names? Damn it. Who is that Myna? Don’t you know her?
– Who is she? Come close. Come I said. Sit down sir. Who is that Myna?
– Don’t you know her? Is it the new SP who has come? Above that sir! Above that is IG Mallika. Above that sir.
– Above that? DGP Lathika Saran! Above that sir! Who is above that?
– My soul sir. In the childhood
she entered my eyes. She passed through this way. She filled my body and
spread allover. You prisoner!
– Myna! You nasty guy.
– Myna! Open your eyes
Are you making me a fool? Myna! Myna! – You are
chanting her name all the time. Is she a fairy from sky? Good morning, sir. When others are working out side.. ..he is playing
with a ball with Myna! Come and play with me.
Come. Come and play with me.
Come. Are you playing ball?
– I didn’t play sir. Suri. Why do you call him?
He is doing his work. He is playing inside and
is acting outside. Tell him what happened, Suri. Sir.. Greetings sir.
– Tell me. Warden sir was calling everyone
to play ball from morning. Should I work or play ball
with the Warden? You do the work first
– He is lying sir. You apply for leave
and play in your house. – Sir, I.. In half an hour
the chief guest will arrive. Sir, I am..
– I am going there believing you. No sir, I am..
– What is it, Ramaiah? – You idiot! Ramaiah! – Sir.. My wife is on the line! Manage her. He gave it to me. Madam! Ramaiah speaking
from the Periyakulam sub jail. What the hell is he doing there? Hell!
– Give the phone to him. I’ll do that. – Sir!
Your wife wants to talk to you. Manage her I said. I couldn’t stand her.
Talk to her. My wife has brought me
as straight forward. I know well now that the great men
have no respect at home. He is tense and wants to
make a fool tense, like me. What?
– Should I tell sir about it? You don’t need to tell anything. It is enough telling about me.
Shut up and go. Should I ask him? I am going. There is enough time. Do you know what the time is? In half an hour
the function will be over. I will be there in a short while. We have to start now
so as to reach there in time. Listen to me. In this world everyone
is a prisoner in one way or other. Few are outside and
a few inside the bars. In the life, love, peace, patience,
good character, kindness.. ..belief, control.. Those with these qualities
can endure any situation. Tell me. – Sudha!
We have reached Madurai. Where are you now? I am in my house.
He is in the jail. What are you saying?
Haven’t you started yet? How do I know?
The groom is your selection. You ask him. Wait. I’ll call you
after talking with the groom. What brother?
Where is Sudha? He hasn’t come from his work yet. You brought him from
Thanjavur that he is good man. Why do you get angry?
– Is he your friend’s son? Haven’t you started yet? I told you,
the clothes have to be bought.. ..10 days before the first Deepavali. But you have not shown up so far! We haven’t bought any clothes
for the children yet. Tomorrow is the Deepavali!
When are you showing up? I am in a function, brother-in-law. Go home fast groom
Sudha is ready to come. Okay. I’ll call you
after the function. Sir! We shall distribute the sweets! Old man..- Sir.. Old man..- Sir.. Geroge.. – Sir.. What is it?
– Wish you a maiden Deepavali! Did you bring it in the accounts! There were many sweets. I took it to give it
to the neighbourhood kids. An accused has escaped, sir. I don’t know sir.
I don’t know him sir. Wait for a minute. Who has been with him for 10 days? We don’t know it, sir. Is it you? – Be frank!
– Truly we don’t know sir. Is he your mate?
– I don’t know him. Sir.
– What is it? These 5 people were talking
to him yesterday night. Get up! Show me those 5 men! The one in white vest,
black shirt and these three men.. Get up. Come, you too. What were you talking? We didn’t talk to him
He was talking to us. What was he talking to you? Tell me.
– He asked us what love is. He said jivvu..
and he said kivvu! What is this?
– Fingers! Fingers! Suri! What is near Suri? You tell! It is Puri? No. Myna! What is in between Suri and Myna? There is gap!
– Are you driving the train? You tell me. What is in the gap?
– I don’t know. Nobody knows it.. Sundaramma also told the same.
I thrashed her. Tell me that you don’t know it. You are asking me
this for the last 3 hours! Old man! Nobody should
leave without telling it Suruli! I feel sleepy! Feeling sleepy?
I will kill you. Tell me.
What is in the gap? He didn’t tell anything
else other than this. After lunch a boy
came here to see him. Were you all watching this? You boy! Don’t fall down
while untying the flag! Ask someone to hold
the ladder, fool. Whose bags are these two?
Don’t know. – Shall I take it? They are mine.
Why do you touch it? Damn guys. An accused have escaped
because of you.. you were after a box of sweets. If they come to know this
they will take some action on me. Sir!
– Tell me. Sir! That is..
– Go and play ball. Not that sir.. If an accused escape before
we were suspended for 3 months. But now, they will remand everyone. My retirement is only 40 days ahead. They would deduct from my pension. Sir! There won’t be
any promotion for 3 years. You made them to escape
and talking law now. Sir! We have to inform
the superintendent. I know that. Hello. Baskar talking from
Periyakulam Sub Jail. Tell me Baskar.
Did the function go very well? The function was very good. There was a problem here.
– What is that? During the function,
an accused escaped from here. You tend to take it easy. Can’t 7 police officers
able to watch about 25 accused?. Were you unaware of the incident? Escorts were there as a
safety measure! – What safety? Those escaped from the eyes of the
dept. could be a terrorist or a outlaw The officers would be
very much annoyed.. ..when the accused has escaped
who was in the police custody. What if the escape convict dies? Don’t you read the daily? Public and the press
are very active now! They will be very bothersome. Can you manage without reaching
the IG for a day? Which station did he get arrested? He is the convict arrested
in Kurangani Station. He is from Sevvangudi
village on the hill. I won’t take any action on you
and I will take risk for you – Okay. Before night, find him
and put in the cell. If he is out of reach
tomorrow is a holiday.. it is Deepavali Day Try to catch him tomorrow.
– Okay, sir. Or else I will have to inform the IG. You will have to face
the problem, then. Okay, sir. What did the superintendent say, sir? He has given a day’s time! Nagarathnam, there was a problem here. I’ll come there in half an hour! I told you,
I’ll come there in half an hour! Disconnect the phone. My wife was talking from the house.
She cooked all dishes. We used to celebrate in my
mother-in-law’s house every year. That’s why I told her
that I am coming. Start! Thank you, sir. Stop talking and listen to what I say. I asked for permission from my boss. He told me to go. I knew only now that
I had to go with him. Look! You go to Usilampatti! THENI.
Evening -3:50 O’ clock. Sudha! I forgot it.
Sorry, a little tension. Are we going for
Deepavali or not? If you tell me that, I’ll undress
and do the other jobs. Sudha! Listen to what I say. An accused escaped
during today’s function. I am on my way to find him out. I don’t need all that.
When are you coming? The superintendent has given
only a day’s time. lf he is not found before tonight..
– When are you coming? If he is not caught we seven people
will lose our jobs! When are you coming? Better you start now. I’ll come later.
– When are you coming? Don’t you understand what I say? You start right away.
I’ll talk to brother-in-law. I am Baskar here.
– Have you come? Where are you? Hello. – Hello.. Hello. – Hello..
– Hello, brother-in-law. Can you hear what I say? I can hear you. Tell me. I’m in Theni only. There was a problem
in the function yesterday. He hasn’t started yet from there. Haven’t you started yet? Give it to me.
– When will you start and when will..? Stop your talk altogether! One can talk at a time. Brother-in-law.
Listen to me what I say. There was a problem here
I can’t bring Sudha there. I have told her to come there
– Alone? She will come there
Don’t mistake me. I will be there at dawn. The Kurangani bus is here. Take it. Rascal! Open the door. Rascal! Her marriage is with
the guy I selected. I’ll do that.
– That will never happen. Let me see who is to come. If you don’t go,
I will set fire to the entire house. Where do you try to run?
Sit down. Else I’ll set fire on you. Listen! I will kill you..
if anything happens to Myna. Let me see who will come in my place! He will come. Watch it.
– I will see. Which is the way to Sevvangudi? You have to climb 2 hills for that. You can’t go now as it is dark. A jeep will come in the morning
You can go in that. Will it come only in the morning?
What shall we do till then? Give me a match box. It is a forest where tigers roam here. We shall sit in the bus stand
and go in the morning. Do you want to have feast
for Deepavali or not? – That’s true. What if the tiger eat us
and enjoy Deepavali? Come without fear. Uncle, where are you? It is me calling from the forest. Have you reached Usalampatti? Talk softly.
Animals will come. I will come if I am alive. Is the connection cut off? Are you happy now?
– Come without blabbering! I am coming with you, right?
– What if you come? Do you have experience
in forest like Veerappan? Go sir! You’ve decided
to finish me off. Oh God! Please save me. Hey Baskar! Come to me. What did you say?
– There is the tiger. It is the photo of the tiger. I saw the tiger.
Is it a photo? Wait sir. We shall go now. Take care sir.
– What are you telling? Someone might have pissed here. Who will do that here?
– I would have pissed. We have to piss after seeing the tiger
to pay respect for the tiger. Nasty. You got afraid when
seeing the tiger’s photo! What would have happen
if you had seen the real tiger? It would have been like this.
– Dry your dress. It will get dry by air. Oops! The rock fell in the valley. I don’t care about my job. I wouldn’t mind even if you abuse me.
– Wait. I will not come forward even a feet!
I will move only when it is dawn. Ramaiah. Welcome?! You damn woman! They have put the light in the day. Damn light. I’ll see to you later. Sundaramma! Let us see
when you will open it. I will open it. All will come whom I have invited. I’ll open then. Sir! Look,
is there signal in your cell? No. Being the auspicious day,
he has made me.. ..roam in the middle of the jungle Let the damn guy get caught. Why did you bring me
when others are there in the jail? You are the right man for everything. What are you looking? Are you waiting for
the groom’s people? Muthlaya Makiyam is there. Go man. Don’t fire
crackers when I am annoyed. Go man. He stands like a beggar.. ..heir of my heredity. Look there. He is standing
there on a festival day. Venkayya! No one has
belittled our heredity. We have cut off his
relationship with us.. ..when he hit us in
the middle of the road. Why do you talk about him? Eat and keep quiet! Don’t try to quarrel with
him in the festival day. My daughter bought new dress
for me by her hard work. If I had a girl in your place,
I would’ve got another shirt piece! Your dad doesn’t seem to buy
a shirt piece by his hard work. Why are you staring at me? You don’t know about our heredity. He says about some heredity. What heredity is that?
– Nasty heredity. It is visible from the house. Give them if anything is left out. Take a stone.
– What are they planning? Is it his head or the forehead? My God! He has taken the stone! Your wish!
– I’ll try for his mouth I’ll tell to your dad. Don’t mingle with the wastrel! I’ve already hit my dad
– They’ll finish me off. Are you hitting me with a hired hand? I would kill you.
– Go man. Somehow we have reached the town. Shop keeper!
Do you know Suri’s house? Is it his house? Get down the pit,
and climb the hill. It is there. Pierce me with that here.
My intestines will come out. When I ask the address,
you are operating me. He is making my life difficult. Where has he gone? Are you here?
It is your funeral. Everyone will come now
I’ll see to you! Wear it before they come. If you don’t wear it
I will set myself ablaze. Set fire. You were
telling it since last night. Go and die.
I will go away from here. Has he become dearer than me? lf given a little room will
he take advantage? – Leave me. Shameless girl. If you want to belittle me
and go with him.. will drop dead. Hey Sundaramma! Leave her. Don’t go anything to her!
I am telling you! Open the door. If anything happens to her,
you will be dead. You will be ruined.
– Open the door. You won’t come good. Look! – I want to see
if it is she or you. Open the door
Look! I won’t go without Myna! What are you doing? Welcome broker! Have you brought the proposal? Don’t you have any work?
– Go man. Who do you think you are? Keep talking with him.
I’ll be back. I will see to you.
– Go man. It is none of your work. You don’t know about us.
Take back all of them. Listen to me. Come out. What are you doing inside?
– You stay away. Hell with him
Come with me. Where are they? You will spoil your life yourself.
– Brother! Don’t you know it? We were together since childhood.
– You will be in the road. What are you talking? You brought him up as your son in law. Now you are looking
for a groom for me. I will kill you if you
want to separate us. – Kill me. Look! I will marry him only.
– Listen to her. lf you try to marry me,
I will die off. – Why should you die? If anyone tries for her
I’ll chop his hands. What is this, Logu?
– You have hurried for this. After seeing the
photo you were satisfied. You said that your brother is coming..
from Kuwait in a week’s time.. ..and that you wanted
the marriage in 4 days.. matter if it is a festival day. If hurried it would be like that only
Be patient. Let us talk then. Why should we be patient?
– Be patient. Can we bring
the damn girl into our house? Who is the damn girl?
– How dare you touch her? I’ll cut you into pieces. Suri, please leave the place
– You go away. He’ll come down
Let’s see him then. Hey Muthalyamma!
The problem has started. Come, let’s watch it. Thank god! We know the
matter before marriage. – Oh gosh! Don’t go.
– Leave me. Don’t believe his words!
– Leave me. Oh God! I’ll fall at your feet. Don’t go
believing his words. I’ve not brought up
my daughter like that. That damn guy has
spoiled my daughter’s mind. He won’t be prosperous. I’m cursing him
He will be ruined. He won’t prosper.
I am her mom cursing you. Hey Sundaramma!
Did you think you are a queen? What will you do now? Don’t stare at me
I’ll pluck your eyes You told that you
got a Dubai son-in-law They gave a check to you Go and commit suicide Leave it man.
Let her die You damn it!
– Who are you? – Sir, leave me. Here is a big problem.
Sir listen to me. Should I die?
– Leave him. Die off! Sister! Take care of Myna! Are you calling me for help? You
damn girl, do you want to marry him? Do you want to stay in my home? My anger will reduce,
only if I beat and kill you. Myna! – You sinner, die off. Leave my hand.
Leave me man. Don’t leave her, beat
– Come Myna. Where are you going? Ramaiah don’t leave him.
Hold tight. Sir, come. Where are you going?
Stop. Stop I say. Get lost.
I’ll do the funeral for you. You have eloped with him, isn’t it?
You won’t prosper. You will be ruined.
You’ll die. Stop the vehicle. Stop it man
– Come.. Ramaiah bring him
– Let him get in first. Get in.
– Get in. Get inside.
Move aside. Start the vehicle
Go.. You’ll go to jail in a few hours. Where will you make her stay? Don’t get panic.
God will take care of us. Somehow you will come out. Won’t I get a place to stay
till you come? They should come.. The people who abused us should come
to our house seeking help. They should see our happy life. What is the price
of 1 sweet Paniyaram? 1 rupee. How many sweets
will come for one plate? 40 pieces. 40 pieces..
If we sell 10 plates per day.. ..we will get 400 rupees. I know to prepare spicy snacks too. Yes, I forgot that. So totally 800
800 per day.. 800 per day means 24,000 per month.
What’s bothering you? He is calculating well.
Let us appoint him as accountant. Myna sweet shop
How is it? Look.. Oops. What is this? See, how she
is laughing. I am making her happy. Should you mess up my face
to make her happy? Is this a grinder?
– Yes, it seems like that only. Suri, if we come up in life
within 3 minutes song.. will it be? It will be punctured like this only. I am toiling for the past 30 years.. ..but I couldn’t buy
more than 3 underwears. There is one without elastic
in those 3 underwears. It wouldn’t stay and falls down
when I wear that. Do you want to come up
in a 3 minute song? Don’t you have the limit
for your dream? Where have you started?
Won’t you repair this puncture? Driver, I am asking you only. I am managing with this waste tire for
the past 5 years. – What, waste tire? Driver don’t you have the stepney? I have to get from Podi only. Where are you going in this jungle? If we go in this route we will
reach Kurangani within half an hour. Don’t think and come with me. We will
go in a short route. – Short route? Come. Get down.
– Get down. Get down man. Careful Myna. Get up, careful. Did you get hurt?
– Nothing. I am alright. Wait a moment. Where is your bindi? It might have fallen down somewhere. Are you going to search the bindi? She likes bindi much. Didn’t it look little over for you?
Is this her mother’s gift? Come let’s go.
Damn gift. She is not a mother.
She is a devil. We don’t want their support. We shouldn’t allow them
to come home. He wants to marry this girl
But won’t allow her mother to come. He loves her daughter
but hates her mother. She wouldn’t have come to this world
without her mother. Why are they running..? Cat..! No elephant. Run.. Come! – Run, Myna! The animal that I
fear the most.. – Fast! I am seeing them all.. Run! – Come! Sir.. – Not there! Don’t come here. Climb the mountain. Myna, find feep pit.
Elephants will not chase. Hell with you!
Why didn’t you say that before? Come. – I told them to climb up! Don’t get scared
It’s me sir. Why do you put your
hands like a trunk? Is your life so valuable? Don’t irritate me, you idiot! On Deepavali festival people will
blast elephant crackers.. ..but here Elephants are
blasting our hearts. Our officer is not seen
Where will be he? Don’t know where he lays down dead
instead enjoying the Deepavali. Bhaskar sir! Bhaskar sir! Bhaskar sir! Bhaskar sir! Why do you yell? What are you thinking? Something else may come.
Come, let’s vacate the place, Stop there.
– We should go through this way. Which route..? Sir!
– What? We would have been stamped by
the elephants in his shortcut route.. Now he is trying to be caught
by cheetahs in this route.. We are police we have to
find some route ourselves. Listen to me
– Listen to me sir. Just a minute
– Come – Not there. What are you doing sir?
– Why did you lay down? Hey Ramaiah!
– Bad vibration, no use. Just a minute sir. Ramaiah, what are you doing?
– No use. Get up. Don’t irritate me. Wow..
Good Are you mad?
– Good vibration. It shows human behavior very well. This is the route. How do you say? Since 37 generations, in our district,
there are only some people.. .. in our house to find
water spot to dig the well. I am coming from that generation,
can’t I find the route? This is the correct way.
Go. Yes. Look at her shy!
– Is this too? You’ve told me that we’ve got a baby
What baby it is? We should ask it to the accountant. In the hospital,
he only took the baby first. Accountant!
– Who is the accountant? I am a cop
– Let it be. You’ve got the baby at first,
isn’t it? Tell me what baby it is. Do I look like a joker? If I get angry,
I’ll smash you. Come Let it be any baby
Let’s enjoy. You won’t get a baby
– No problem. She is my baby and
I am her baby. We enjoy ourselves. You won’t come good.
– No problem. Come fast. – We will enjoy
– I can’t bear it. He is speaking movie dialogues. He got scared of elephants!
– Enough now. Dear! You go a little forward. Why do you send her alone? I want to spit
– Do it. It is a big spit
– What do you mean? I want to urinate.
Open the cuffs. You’ve sent her away
And asking me to release the cuffs. If I release it
you’ll escape, isn’t it? I am controlling it.
– So what? Sir, it is coming out.
Come. Lift my lungi up. Control! Control! Control! Oh gosh! Is this a job? For all these,
I’ll take my revenge on you. Could you tell me
which is the way to go to Theni? Theni is there,
not here. Have you come the wrong way? Haven’t I told you already? Look there! It is Sevvangudi
You are from there. If you climb down,
you’ll reach Kurangani. If you go down that way
you’ll reach Theni crossing Podi. Where we are now?
– Munnar top station. Kerala
– Kerala? Look! There is the territory code This
side Kerala and that side Tamil Nadu. Is there any short way to go to Theni? If you go this way to Theni,
it will get dark. If you go this way, you’ll reach
Munnar town through Mattupatti dam. Taking the bus from there,
you can reach Theni in 3 hours. Myna.. Is your family finding the water spot? It is a filthy family. Why do you abuse my family? How can be the chariot
and the water in one place? Vibration changes. Now it is Kerala and
this is Tamil Nadu. This is Tamil nadu and it is Kerala. The subscriber you are calling
is out of coverage area.. ..or not responding your call.
Please try again later. Why did brother-in-law go to Kerala? Give me the beedi. You are asking me
as if I have your beedi. Shut up! We are roaming around here
because of you. Give me the beedi. What are you doing?
– Beedi is in this pocket. Take out the matchbox
from this pocket. Take it.
Myna! Go forward smoke will come
– Have you started it again? You gave up, right? – Yes, but when
I was in the jail, I started to smoke. Try to manage something. Now the chillness is reducing. Don’t smoke yourself.
Give me a puff. Have a puff without your spit on it. Ok, I’ll manage. Is there any spit?
– No. Is there any spit?
– No sir. Is it there?
– No. Is it there?
– No. You idiot! Are you fooling me
because I’ve your beedi? Cop’s mind is of different kind. Excuse me.
Could you take a picture of us? It is a great view. What are they saying? They’re asking us to take
a photo of them. – Do it. Are you going to take their photo? They are tourist
but you are an accused. If we help other’s love
our love will grow itself. You go and take it. Shall I take it? Can you take a photo of us? You want to take a picture?
– Yes, sure. Come. Stay away. Superb.
How is it? Look! You are smiling like a beggar. It is style, dear! Sir! Please sir, lift. You son of a neighbour! Have you seen
how he got humiliated? Why do you laugh? You were humiliated. Who got humiliated?
– Do you know who is going? – Who? He was born to me
without his knowledge. So he got tense.
Understand it. Until he is buried,
he’ll manage like this. Come without chatting with him. Don’t scold me.
Why do you scold me? You are just walking. But I am bringing the luggage.
Go sir! Look Myna! No one stopped
the car for his request. Now see how I stop the car. Don’t bring the trouble.
– Keep quiet. Come here. How dare you ask lift
by showing your leg? When I asked lift with hand,
no one stopped. Do you know what vehicle this is? Come, let’s see and tell. I’ll see and tell you
– Where are you going? I am jail superintendent,
taking the accused with me. Please drop us in the bus stand. Thank you very much sir. It is okay, sir. – Bye. – Bye. What is the time for Theni bus? Wait for half an hour. Half an hour? – lf it is half an hour,
let’s eat here. Yes sir, she is too feeling hungry. Okay, come
– Come and eat. Come fast
– I am coming. Very chill here, isn’t it? After our marriage,
let’s come here. Let’s book a room and.. Honeymoon? Then, I won’t roam around
here idle like you. Am I roaming idle here?
– Yes Have you thought
that I am a tourist guide? This is my duty. In this festival day, there is no
tooth powder to clean my mouth. It is my finger
– Don’t stretch your finger. When did I stretch my finger?
Since morning I gave my hand to you. Come, let’s go.
– Correct my hair style. It hangs like thread. Correct the hair style and
take her to the wedding dais. I won’t call you as groom’s mate. Need that too. You are going to the jail.
Stop the nonsense. Come. – Don’t pull me.
Turn this side. Don’t know what training you had? Is there any training for this?
– Go. We feel hungry
Come dear! What do you want? – Don’t bring
the water inserting your fingers. Go and bring the water bottle. Escort allowance for
one day is only 100 rupees. You are asking him to bring
the water bottle. Let it be the court or the hotel we’ll
give the order. – What is there to eat? That’s we have the name as
law and order. – Wait a minute. Don’t break it. Don’t see accounts for this. I’ve never bought a water bottle for
Senthamarai. – Take it and you drink. Sir is watching us. Don’t bother about him
You’re going to say that let’s enjoy. Let’s enjoy, isn’t it? Sorry, sir. How can you be happy?
– Nothing like that sir. What do you want to have sir? 4 meals – Anything else.
– No. – 2 chicken for us. No sir, we feel very tired sir
– Shut up. What is this?
– Today is Deepavali. Keep quiet
– Are you with your family? After marriage it is my
first Deepavali Could I go there? 5 police families are very tense. He isn’t listening to me sir
No sir. – Shut up. How can you enjoy?
– Who is enjoying? In the morning,
you handed over him to me.. ..and walked keeping 10 feet distance
like a military officer. Did you see behind you at least
once what was happening? On the way
he is speaking ill language. And giving her wrong signals. Did you know how he played with
my hand since morning? I feel irritated with my hand. If there is life for this hand,
it’ll commit suicide. He is teasing me like
an accountant, shopkeeper. Talking of their marriage
and begetting kids. He teased me too much. You are insulting me in front of him. Who is enjoying? My wife is there with tears in eyes
Whole town is celebrating. I can’t celebrate Deepavali.
My.. Why do you get emotional now? He’ll go to jail in a little while. She’ll roam like a beggar
in Periyakulam bus stand. Without shame, they are eating
– You eat – Who will beg? We’ll get married after
my release tomorrow. I’ll inform the place
You can come and dine. What did you tell me?
You would come out tomorrow.. ..we would send you
bidding good bye.. would invite us and
we would come to dine. For the trouble which we and our
family faced since yesterday evening.. ..l’ll put you behind the bars,
file a narcotics case.. ..for 6 months I’ll hit you
black and blue. No one should dare to escape
seeing your cry. He is just kidding
– Am I kidding? She has come believing you. I’ll see that she stands
in the road get ruined. Today is my first Deepavali after
marriage You made me roam around. You beggars! I’ll see that you roam
in the roads as a lunatic. I swear on my food. You eat well Ramaiah! Don’t cry for this.
Eat. Good people swears won’t happen.
It is nothing. Sit down. Greetings! – I talked
about it to the sub-collector. You don’t worry about it. I’ll call you later. What is this? I asked you what this is?
– This is meals. I know that. I asked about it
– It is handcuffs. I know that too. Is it enough if you only eat the food? He is also a human being
– His food is there. Even dogs eat its food being untied. You don’t treat human being like this
Remove it. He is an accused.
Please go away. Accused is also a human being
– Go sir. You can give food releasing his cuffs. Remove it.
Let him eat. You don’t interfere in this. I have rights to interfere in this. Go away sir..
– I can’t go now. Remove it. Who are you to question us? Me? I belong to human
rights commission. Seeing this I can’t go now. I can’t remove it.
Go away. Can’t you do?
Remove it. Shut up and go away
– Should I shut up? Then see my power now. Karthik! This is Subramanyam. You do one thing. You bring our
local reporters and media people.. ..on the way bring
our branch secretary. Look sir! He is talking about
local police, press and media. If we leave him for 10 minutes
he’ll finish his eating. Let’s remove it
– Are you mad? Understand the seriousness. We are roaming with him
without a record. If the local police knows about it,
they will remand him here. They will remand our 7 people there. That’s good.
Have no records? Then do one thing.
Bring our local police too. No problem. Cut the call. Listen to me
– Yes.. Make it fast.
Cut the call. I’ll remove it
– Remove it. You eat, dear. Okay, human sir? You eat, accused sir. Sir, my side action.
Your side no action.. This is Mani!
Mani who speaks all languages. Are you a useless fellow?
Where do you come from idiot? Happy Deepavali, sir. Save our dignity. No need!
They got scared. Now only they found out my power. Only 2 hours remain.
Share your sentiments. I feel scared Suri. No use crying now. I feel scared
– You would feel scared. He should have thought that
before he escaped from the jail. What?
– Sir! He has escaped again. Suri! What happened to you? Oh gosh!
Wait! Wait.. Bear a little. Nothing dear. Nothing dear!
Bear it. Nothing will happen to you. Nothing to worry. Myna.. Myna.. Myna.. What happened to you? Go away! Where are they?
A long nail.. Myna, we’ve reached the hospital. Wait! Come and see
what happened to her? What is the problem? – A nail
pricked her foot and she’s bleeding. Do something.
– This is a dental hospital. It is a hospital, isn’t it?
Do something. Bear it
– No, let’s go. Do something.
– Wait outside for 5 minutes. She is bleeding.
Can’t you see it? – Listen to me.. After I remove her tooth..
– I’ll remove it. Sister! Sit down.
Leave me. Give me.
– What are you doing? Leave me!
– See my Myna first. Hey man! 2 inch nail,
that’s all. She hasn’t died, has she? Seeing this I almost died. Find the medical shop
get these medicines. Give me some money sir! I’ll repay you later. After our marriage
we’ll come here. Then definitely I’ll give you. Now my pocket is empty. Just listen! Please give tell
this address to anyone. Let her take some rest
You go and get the medicines. Where are you Bhaskar? I was trying for you since last night. Did you catch him? Did you catch him or not?
– Yes we did. You caught him, right?
– Yes, he is with me. Where are you now?
– We are on our way back. Come soon. Tomorrow IG will come for inspection. We’ll reach there by tonight. Okay, sir. Okay. Sir! It is a dental hospital. Ramaiah! Go and check there. Sir.. Who are you?
What do you want? Where is he? – Won’t you
listen to me? – I don’t know. Where is the guy who brought her here? Do you know them?
– I don’t know. Don’t you know? She said no.
Then what? You don’t know us.
Come. Sir! What are you doing?
If we hit her, he’ll get the pain. Wherever he is he’ll come to us.
Come – Leave me. How dare you take my patient without
my permission? Who are you? I asked you who you are. Have
you come here to cause to trouble? Don’t shut. By the way, you are
the famous dentist here, isn’t it? Don’t you make your
patients lie down and.. ..remove their kidneys
instead of teeth? It is talk of the town. I’ve come to enquire this matter
Come, let’s go. No..
– Come. What is this?
– Today is Deepavali. Happy Deepwavali. Convery my regards
to your family also. Come! Love?
– Leave me! Damn your love!
Come. Leave me!
– Come. Leave my hand. Oh God!
– Come. Go! You’re the reason for everything. Sir! Listen to me! You go away Ramaiah! She is..
– Sir! This is a public place. Sir, everyone is watching us. – Suri! Keep quiet Ramaiah! Stop.
– Try to understand the situation. Whole the town is watching us. Let her shout loud.
Then only he’ll hear her voice. Police came and took her
– Damn it! Go away. Sir! lt’ll become a problem. With a grown up girl
on the road.. Leave her!
– The problem is between you and me. Why did you bring her? If you have guts,
beat me. You are pulling a girl down. No, don’t hit me.
If I hit you back, you’ll be ashamed. Come, let’s fight
– Come. Are you going to kill him?
– He has to be killed. – Then.. Sir, control your emotion. Why are you so adamant to kill him? He is an accused.
Useless fellow. If we kill him,
the law will bring our 2 families.. .. and there 5 families to the road. Are you concerned about your families
and don’t bother about us? What wrong did we do? Shut up. Can you justify your
escape from the jail? Why did I escape?
– Why? I came believing you
that you’ll release me tomorrow. But he said he’ll send me to
jail framing false charges. That’s why I escaped. I’ve brought up her like a flower
since her childhood. He is pulling her down like a dog. No one likes us in our place
Now you too don’t like us. Since childhood her mom
told that she is mine. But she tried to get her
married to someone else. That’s why I tried to
hit her with a stone. That’s why you arrested me. When I heard about her marriage,
I escaped from the jail. What wrong did I do? Tell me sir.
Did I kill anyone or rob anything? I loved her.
Is it wrong? I didn’t go after the money. My Myna is enough for me. Are you playing a drama? Why sir again and again.. He is telling a story
and you’re listening to it. I’ll take you and file you
in a police encounter. Do you have that plan too? I can’t come with you
believing your words. Like he said in the hotel,
inform the local police. Let they come and take me
I’ll surrender to them. Sit down dear! Look sir! I didn’t do any wrong. He says that he’ll frame false
charges kill me in a police encounter. You just question them. Police down with.
– He has become alert. He talks about local police
and surrender. Public is watching us. Please listen to me! If you don’t control
your emotion now.. ..all over India, all TV channels
will insult our department. Police! Down! Down!
– Stop it. Sir! Call the local police. Sir! Call the local police
– Just listen to me. Let me see how he shoots me. If he said so,
would he shoot you in real? Would you die?
Or would I leave you alone? I am like your brother
– You? Okay, I am like your uncle.
I’ll arrange for a bail You’ll come out. Then I’ll conduct your marriage. Okay? After your marriage, you’ll
beget children and enjoy your life. Why do you want to request him? Why do you get emotional?
– Leave me. Who pleased him?
I didn’t. I am just acting. I am just looking like that
but not mad guy. I accompanied him all the way to here
Do you want me to waste it? In my 35 years service, this
accused has made me to call him sir. Have you got humiliated
more than this? I have more anger on him than you. Please understand me. Let’s take him to jail,
poison his food and kill him. He is subsiding now and
you too control your anger. Listen to me! What madam!
What have you decided? What is he telling? What Ramaiah sir says is right. Let’s not create a problem here.
Listen to me. Sir!
– Tell me brother! Until now we were cheated
by everyone we believed. At last we believe you. You are a cop.
Do as you wish. I won’t cheat you. Now we’ve become relatives
No need of respect. I am an officer to others. But I am like your uncle.
Understand it. I’ve been waiting for the time
to throw away this. Got it? Believe me.
Get up and come. Come dear! He is running again.
– I want to buy a Bindi for Myna. You go brother. Pooparai, Podimettu, Theni.. Bring him.
– Get in. Suri sir, shall we go? Bus has come. Come fast.
– I am coming sir. Bye grandma.
– Be prosperous. Come and get in
Wait, get in. Get in..
– I bought the liquor. Brother, make them to get in fast. Wait, our boss has to come. Who is your boss? Boss, come fast.
Bus will start now. Boss, get in fast. Bus will stop somewhere. We didn’t handcuff him.
Take care of him. I will take care. You shouldn’t be careless. Okay sir.
Come Suri. Why did you stop the auto
in front of the bus? Move fast. Don’t stand on the steps. Stop. Tell me who am I for Deepavali. Tell me.
– Happy Deepavali for all. Why are you looking at me? Happy Deepavali for you
– Thanks. Light up this. Look at him. Do you know who is he? Do you know who am I? Do you know who am I? How do I know, who you are? Friend, he doesn’t know who he is. We will find it.
– Yes, we will find it. Sit down. There is a reason for his anger
Do you know why? That is anger corner. There is a reason why
the conductor stands there. Do you know why? That is wealth corner. There is a reason that you are
sitting in this corner without brain. Do you know why?
– You.. You fool! Rascal! I will beat you with slippers. Go. Move away and sit. Idiot! Happy Deepavali! Greetings for all! Sir, greetings!
– Brother, don’t you get crackers? Sir.. Happy Deepavali! Do you know why
we are celebrating Deepavali? Will you shut up and go?
– Thank you very much. Then don’t you believe me? The man said it is 7 1/2 crores
who are the owners of that place. That party has accepted for 7 crores. But that man does not accept
for less than 7 1/2 crores. If he register the document
we will get 10 lakhs profit. I thought we will get 50-50
but it has not happened. What? Is the party
ready for 7 1/2 crores? Tell his number.
Tell me. Oh God! Where can I write? Brother, do you have waste paper? I have to write a number. This place is free.
Write down many numbers. Yes. Write down. I showed the place.
And built the flat.. What is it a wrong number?
– Who are you all? Go sir. I have lost
5 lakhs because of you. Did you lose 5 lakhs? I am a real estate broker. I had to write a number urgently
but you didn’t co-operate. Country is going back only
because of people like you. Is Country going back? You fool! Is this my head
or something else? What are you thinking?
– Stop it man! Why are you fighting for Deepavali?
Stop the fight. Sit down. – Conductor,
they won’t stop the fight. Ask driver to play the songs. How can he play? Yesterday a man like you took the boom
box telling I didn’t give the change. Hold, Myna! Save me! Bhaskar sir. – Hold tight, Myna. Myna! Brother, climb in. Go. Climb carefully. Climb carefully. Close your eyes, Myna! Slow, Myna. You might get hurt. Come. Sir, give your hand.
– Lift them. Mariyappa, careful!
Slowly, careful! Sir, careful. Sir, be like that.
Don’t move. If you move, glass will break. Suri, save me. Please save sir. Please get down. Please! What did you say? Will you kill me in jail
by poisoning my food? Yes dear! They had planned like that. Sir, we shouldn’t decide
who will die first. Bhaskar sir, go straight. Many people are there.
You can play shooting. Bye.
– Come. Is this time to take a revenge? They are struggling for their lives. Then, what is the difference
between them and us? Poor guys! Help them to climb up. Go and lift them up. Go and lift him.
– Sir, give me your hand. Trust me, give your hand.
I won’t betray you. Give it, sir. Careful! Hold this rod! Go and lift him too. Careful man! Go carefully! Careful! Careful! Sir, don’t move.
– Bhaskar sir, wait. I’m coming. Suri, slowly and careful. Wait sir. Don’t be scared. Wait. I came. Sir, give me your hand. Give me your hand. Careful! Sir, give me your hand. Sir.. Sir! Suri, careful. Myna, you go and get down. You come.
– Suri, come. Sir, you climb up. Sir, quickly. Climb up sir. Jump down. Sir, are you alright? Suri, are you alright?
– Yes, dear. Did you get hurt? Make him to get in.
Go inside. Make him sit. Careful! Go slowly. Sir, is anyone hurt?
– No one is hurt. The driver and conductor?
– They are alright. Thank god! Money will come anytime. But if we lose life,
will it come again? Conductor,
don’t forget to give change. Who saved me? Buddy, big problem has happened here. You finish the deal for 7 crores. Yes. Sir, did you get the bus? On the way..
– Give it to me. Hello.. Murali. Tell me Murali.
– Will you reach before tonight? We will be there in 2 hours. Superintendent has
called me 4-5 times. You don’t get tense.
We will come. Oh! There is blood on your forehead.
Wipe it and put medicine. It’s nothing. You should believe me.
Will I cut the call? On the way our bus
met with a small accident. Small accident? Listen to me. You got divorce for 11 times.
And I got divorce for 8 times. Again if we go to court
to get the divorce.. ..that judge will
beat us with slippers. I said to cut the relationship
with Ramamurthy, you have cut it. I said to cut the relationship
with Sathyamurthy, you have cut it. But why did you continue the
relationship with Krishnamurthy? Dear, I have come
out by believing you. Thirty people have come there
before I have gone out for 3 days. I got the complaint.
I’ve some respect in our town. You too have responsibility
to save my dignity. Isn’t it? Don’t cry. Don’t cry dear.
If you cry, I will also cry. I understood. If you can’t stop fully.. Why don’t you lessen 2 to 3 people? What is the sound on the door? Has Anand come? Tell him to give the
missed call and come at this time. We have a status in society. Isn’t it? We should keep it up! Okay, dear. Take care of your health. Don’t cut the line. Did you get it? Okay dear.
This is enough. Take care of Anand. It is correct, what I
talked to her, isn’t it? They have suffered for food those.. .. who believe in dignity,
respect and honesty. You look like good for nothing
because you seem to be honest. If you ignore it
you’ll come up in life. What is your name?
– Madanakama Raja You are not to be here.
– Then where I should be? You shouldn’t be alive. What does it mean, sir? Fool! This is the meaning. How can a bus withstand guys like you? Hey.. you.. They said the bus will stop here
for 10 minutes to drink tea. We had our teas.
Where is the bus? Tell me uncle. Tell me. We are in the bus.
– Then, my seat? Your seat is there.
Go and sit there. Is this bus? Is that the seat? Why are you drinking in the morning?
– You fool! ‘Uncle, where are you?’ What Nagaratnam?
Just now you spoke to me. Then, why did you.. Listen to me. Nothing happen to me. I will come to Periyakulam
bus stand within 2 hours. – Myna! No one is hurt.
Then what? Is it paining for you? Suri, you saved our lives like god. What is this sir?
Bhaskar sir, look at him Sir, you too.. Sir, we will enjoy.. Sorry sir.
I was excited.. It’s okay, Suri. He is happy.
Why are you looking dull? What are you doing? You may fall down. No. Suri!
– Hey brother! What dear! Will I leave you alone?
– You rascal! You nasty! Leave him dear!
– You rogue! ‘Uncle where are you?’ Tell me, what is it? We are alright.
We came back safely. We’ve reached Periyakulam
bus stop itself. Sir, my wife is in line
She isn’t believing me. Talk with her
– I am Baskar. We came back safely. Just a minute. Did you talk with him?
Do you believe me now? The boy who saved us
is standing nearby. That girl too standing with us. Do you want to talk with him? Suri, my wife wants to talk with you. Mom..! Mom. She is not talking. Hello. Don’t cry, dear She doesn’t have
any sisters and brothers. And no children too
God has penalised her. She will become emotional,
if anybody calls her as sister. You called her as mom
That’s why she cried. Look, stop crying. I will produce him in
the court tomorrow morning.. ..and going to take him out in bail I will bring them home. We are going to protect them
from all the troubles. We only are going to perform
their marriage. I will tell you the other details in
the morning when I see you in person. I’ll come in the morning
– Give it to me. You don’t bother. I’ll send him home right away. You start to home. Sir let me remand him.. ..and take Myna to my home Go home first and meet your wife. I will take care of them. No sir, I..
– I will take care, you can go. Okay, sir..
– Take my bike. Go home safely.
I will take care of them. Start.
– Okay, sir. Get in, Suri.
– Go carefully, sir. Myna, I’ll leave him and come.
You wait here. Come Suri. I will come in the morning.
I’ll be fine. Nothing will happen to me. Don’t panic. Damn it!
– What sir? Leave him, Murali
– Leave him sir. Tell him that I became your friend. Wait, Suri. You beggar, you made us to suffer
in festival time. You won’t prosper. I’ll pay back nicely
– I am telling you. Be calm. Sir, don’t spare him. Why are they beating me? Is it paining? Okay, let me drop Myna at home
– No need to come back sir. You go home first
– Buy food for him. Do you hear me? Buy food for him. Take care of him. Bye, Suri. What was the commotion inside?
– Nothing Myna. I heard Suruli’s voice
– I told you, nothing has happened. Don’t panic.
Start the vehicle. Didn’t you go to your native? Sorry, Sudha. While bringing
back the accused we lost our way and.. Went to Kerala, isn’t it? Correct. She is Myna who is going
to marry that guy. – Greetings sister. Tomorrow morning is the
marriage for them. She wants to stay here
in this night only. Had you planned to send me
to my native for festival.. ..and have fun with her here? What are you talking? Sir, don’t fight with her for me.
I will take leave. Let me stay in the bus stop
till the dawn. Afterwards Suri will come
and pick me up. See you, sister
– He is a nice gentleman. Don’t mistake him.
See you sir. Where are you going?
– No, sir. Where will you go at this hour?
Go inside. I am telling you to get in
– Sir I will take care. She seems like a prostitute but
wants to share my bedroom with you? When will you understand me?
– Understand? Do you want me to send
you both to the bedroom.. ..and wait here for my turn? Are you a woman? Talking nonsense? Don’t face me again
Get lost. You have slapped me
before a stranger. Henceforth there is no respect
for me in this home. I will go. Go and get lost somewhere. He is speaking out of anger.. You go and enjoy with her.
I will go somewhere and die. Don’t come back
Go and die somewhere. Go. Why do you talk like this? Sister.. Oh God! Sir, go and call her. Myna, this is new for you. But it has became
a usual thing for me. Go and take rest.
– Go and bring her. At this hour.. – Listen to me,
get ready in the morning. I will bring Suri
Go. Oh God!
– I am telling you to go in. I am Seethaiya..
– Tell me. I thought to start
after finishing duty. But Bhaskar sir has come. Why has he come here at this time? I don’t know what happened. Why has he come to jail
instead of celebrating Deepavali? He was upset
when he came here. Okay I will come in the morning.
We will talk after I reach here. Here sir. You shouldn’t have slapped her. Any wife will suspect
when you go with a girl at night. For that..? How can I endure
when she abused us? Their nature is like that. We are men.. We go to many places, do work
and relax ourselves. But the wives stay at home.. They await us until
we get back home.. ..and want to spend
their time with us On your first Deepavali after wedding,
you should have stayed with her. Do you think once? She didn’t go to her mom’s home alone
though you didn’t take her. Those who’re short tempered
have a kind heart. First you go to your in-law’s home.. ..and get into a compromise
with your wife. No Ramaiah, let me produce him
in the court. I will take him to the court,
remand him.. ..and take him out in bail.
I will take care of all this. You go home. Learn to love,
then your life will be smooth. Well said.
Do you hear his words? Start to love your wife
then the life will be smooth. Sir, auto has come
– Good. Sir, please come. On the way we’ll drop you
at the bus stop. You go to your in-law’s home
and we’ll go to the court. Sir please come
– Please come. He is smiling. Hello. Periyakulam sub-jail. Is Baskar there?
– Who are you? I am his neighbour
I want to talk with him. Just now he started for court. Can you please give his mobile number? Sir! Why is there a
big crowd near the track? A girl was hit by train and died. Oh God! – Young girl only.
It seems pity. What to do?
It’s all her fate. I will go somewhere and die
– Start the vehicle. Start. This is not our division. It’s getting late.
We have to go to court. Don’t come back.
Go and die somewhere. Wait, let me go and see. He’s going to check
as you are afraid. Nothing will happen
to your kind heart. Move! Move! Bhaskar sir! Sir, I am Ramanathan here. Where are you now? I am trying to talk to you
from morning itself. Morning your brother-
in-laws came here.. You stay here.
Let him go.. Bring that damn girl out. See what I will do. Come. We should cut off
her throat in the middle of the road. You drove away my sister and
enjoying with him, isn’t it? How dare you enjoy
with him in my sister’s home? My sister is depressed there.. But you are enjoying
your stay with him. Die off. How dare you! Go and bring the sickle. Why do you torture that girl? He has driven out my sister
in the middle of the night.. ..and enjoying with her Don’t you have the guts
to question him? Will you stay calm
if it happens in your family? He has come to question me. Go inside. Don’t interfere
in my family matter. Go inside. Give it to me.
I will.. How dare you tell my sister
to get lost and die? Damn it. Why should my sister
lose her life for you? You die! Die! Suri! Suri! Oh my God! I am your mother.
Let me comb your hair. Okay? Oh Mother! Eat. Eat well. Oh gosh! Are all these flowers for me? Suri! We have won. Oh God! I can’t endure this. Myna, why did you
leave me and go? Get up, dear. Don’t leave me. I won’t leave you, dear. I won’t leave you. Myna, don’t leave me. Don’t leave me and go. I cannot leave you, Myna. Train is coming.. Come. Train is coming.
Lift her.. Careful!
– Hold her head. – Come fast. Suri! Suri!


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