Politics In 2020: Impeachment And Race For The White House | TODAY

Politics In 2020: Impeachment And Race For The White House | TODAY


  • P Conner

    Trump will win again in November. Nobody believes this except gullible Trump haters. Nice try at ruining the entire countries faith in the electoral process for your own partisan political gains. If Dems don't win an election then it must have been rigged, right? and they call Trump arrogant…

  • Wayne Hasch

    He is so wrong. Klobuchar has had zero traction and even less money. If he thinks it's a good idea that the Democrats won't agree on a candidate until the convention, Trump will be spending all that time creating jobs and campaigning in the few key swing Midwest states who are really the only ones that matter Michigan,Ohio,Wisconsin,Pennsylvania. He says it will be an UPHILL battle? Independents and Blacks are moving to Trump. Those are new votes that he didn't have last time!!! Stock market and the economy will continue to soar with the China trade deal to be signed in two weeks. Moreover Todd refers to Bernie and Warren as "more liberal". Everybody knows they are not liberal but flat out Socialists, but he realizes the negative connotation of the word. Im sure Trump won't be referring to them as liberal. It won't be an UPHILL battle. Cruising down the hill will be the Trump Train.

  • Manfred Adams

    Attempted coup #17 has grown exceedingly boring. Sore loser Democrats should just move on to coups 18. 19 and 20. Send Gloria Allred out to find another pr0n star or something.

  • Sea King

    Ukraine is corrupt both now and before. Which is why Joe Biden so easily blackmailed them and then lined his and his son's pockets with money – all under Obama's watch. Trump was right to to check the corruption. The Ukraine should not have any money from the US taxpayer anyway!

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