OEL AFW Series Insulated Rubber Gloves and Leather Protector Gloves

Welcome To G-TV! Today I am going to show
you personal protective equipment for electrical safety from OEL with the AFW series Insulated
rubber gloves and leather protector gloves. The insulated rubber gloves from OEL are made of 100 percent natural rubber and are manufactured in an ISO 9001-02 and ISO 14001 manufacturing
facility. They are Compliant with OSHA 1910.137, OSHA 1910.268, NFPA 70E and they exceed the
ASTM D120 and European EN60903 standards. They are shaped and chlorinated for maximum
comfort, with the rolled cuff gloves available in Yellow or Black in Lengths of 11″ and
14″ for Class 00 and 0 and both 14″ and 16″ for Class 1 and 2. The leather protector
gloves should be worn over the insulated rubber gloves to provide the needed mechanical protection
against cuts, abrasions and punctures. They are manufactured from top grain cowhide or
goatskin. Both cuffs are tough leather on palm side and vinyl on the back. Protectors
for Class 00 and 0 are available with non-metallic buckle and pull strap or elastic wrist. Full
sizes from 8 to 12 match to the shape of the Rubber Insulated Gloves. The 10″ Goatskin
glove is designed for class 00 and 0 while the 12″ Cowhide glove is designed for use
with class 1 and 2 gloves. These gloves must be used with rubber insulated gloves in order
to be protected from electrical shock and safety procedures must be followed to ensure
maximum protection for the use of OEL gear. That is why a careful inspection of material
is strongly encouraged before each use. OEL AFW Series of rubber insulated and leather
protector gloves along with thousands of other products and services are available at

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