Nothing but Lies: Fighting Fake News

Nothing but Lies: Fighting Fake News

At that moment I was at work transcribing some interviews for my newspaper At the same time I was in a group chat on Facebook where there was a discussion about what we should do with the Russian propaganda and that huge amount of fakes which has appeared recently. And then I just wrote a couple of lines offering to create a site where we could collect fake news about Ukraine and debunk them Everybody has agreed with this idea. And StopFake is the result. We got a great response from the audience. We were really impressed by the reaction because we wrote a small article on the Internet saying that we had created a site which refuted fake information about events in Ukraine, Crimean annexation. And already in two hours there were thirteen thousand reposts of this item. Next day we were popular! A lot of people wrote to us offered their help, sent links to fake news. People thanked us a lot for what we did. At first there were a lot of volunteers interested in this project then it turned out that everyone had their own job, everybody was busy and had to earn money, so people kept leaving us. There were moments when we just gathered and worried if the project had a chance for the future at all. And of course we did our best to make things work.


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