Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 27, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 27, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


  • Robert Secor

    A completely and totally WHAT IF, HYPOTHETICAL question here? If Amber Guyger does any time what so ever for being the evil *** that she is and such an occurrence is indeed an extreme HYPOTHETICAL, and HYPOTHETICALLY, if Guyger were to, HYPOTHETICALLY, suffer some sort of HYPOTHETICAL mishap, could an individual find out the prisoner ID number of the HYPOTHETICAL person responsible for said HYPOTHETICAL mishap and thus make a HYPOTHETICAL contribution to said HYPOTHETICAL prisoner's commissary account? Y'know, WHAT IF, HYPOTHETICALLY?!!!!!

  • Niemah Nu-Ra

    “Black market”….”frightening similarities”…..Is this supposed to to make the stories more interesting? Yet the story of the young girl’s attack was not described as “frightening?” The reason for her attack was stemmed from the engrained disrespect for what people have deemed as “black” characteristics. With the word “black” as “evil,” undesirable, irrelevant, okay to abuse, or something that should be destroyed. Why is the “illegal” market in this system described as the “black” market in the first place and why is everything in this farce of a society labeled as “dangerous” once it has been labeled “black?”

  • Nothing but the truth Brown

    This is about hate Becky I'm so glad I don't have to deal with work with you b**** anymore you're pathetic you're Liars you cry at a drop of a dime half the time let's call him dry tears in order to get you away as I said before you don't recognize your own apartment b****.

  • DjCole100

    How did her keys fit the man's locks? how did she not recognize that that was not her apartment? how distracted was she to miss all of that?.
    it was premeditated. he probably refused her advances or had a disagreement with her and she wanted to get even with him. there is no way it was accidental.

  • Louis Henderson

    Her actions is as a criminal, she shot and killed him because she knew she can get away with an murder if she lied about the killing in court.

  • Craig!

    Also the boy who had his hair cut had hair that was longer than what is allowed in amateur wrestling.

    This is race baiting at it's finest folks. Don't fall for it. NBC, you should be ashamed of yourselves for not reporting the FULL story just so you could push a socio-political narrative.

  • Highland House Studio

    The lawyer in the case of the murdered woman by deliver guy is John Morgan.. He IS thee BEST lawyer in the whole state of Florida.. If anyone can get them some justice, It's him.

  • Robert Ainesworth

    Has anybody notice that her voice cracks and she goes through all the Motions but she really don't cry you can tell that police officers are trained to give testimony

  • k t

    here's a question. how many of you reading this post have friends that you hang out with on a daily or weekly basis that are police officers and you are not a police officer. I'm not talking about wives or children of police officers.

  • David Jones

    I pray that she's is convicted & that she remembers she shot a man in his apartment, not hers. I want her to serve 1 year in jail.

  • jeffrey rocker

    That poor girl that was held down against her will and had her pretty hair cut off, by 3 bullies.. that crap is unexcusable! Had I been there and seen that, there would have been 3 bullies with their head shaved at minimum.

  • Forest Tribe

    We vote for anarchy, radio active contamination, and a poison food systems, that is what we get. Stop promoting insurgence anarchy into our leadership, and into the formal practices of government.

  • Ralph Russell

    It was wrong for the boys to assault that girl and cut her braids. The Christian school should be sued, the boys should be kicked out of school, and the parents be charged.

  • Lynette Dundon

    I never wanted to take an innocent person's life…shooting before she even saw him clearly?…in the wrong apartment??? She's GUILTY by stupidity!

  • Nolove Braddock

    She is faking! This story is she telling is not sad! The man who lost his life is the real story! Stop trying to make you’re self look innocent.

  • Linda Mulholland

    Was this officer over worked or did she have a little bit too much to drink ? I think this was murder , not self defense ! No one is safe from trump ! Well that says a lot ! Trump just wants to throw fake dirt on biden ! He so spoiled he smells like a rotton orange ! That is assault , and they should be suspended ! Any employee should be screened before hiring !

  • xeon22

    According to Black republicans(and their white "cheer leaders"), it's the 'fake news' of the left that's fostering racism for the sake of winning Black votes. Yeah, right. Gotta marganalize racism for the sake of success of the politics of white fears of non-whites. Way to go, republican party.

  • Hanunie Hanujie

    😂 she killed someone in THEIR OWN PLACE! Because “she thought they were bugler” that’s an amazing privilege!

    The bugler thought the resident was the bugler?

  • Oliver Rowen

    Here's the thing….cops walk around looking like they are gods and better than everyone else. They can do no wrong but when caught they want us to see them as ourselves. Being one of us. This chic is in an affair with another officer and now caught killing a man. We should believe her bc she's crying.

  • robert sims

    if she was soooo clean cut and honest'' like a qout from the cops'' if you didn't do anything wrong why delete your facebook account all your whatsapp texts'' this woman thought she was in Dodge city and she was the law''there some people you don't give keys too and many you don't give a gun to…

  • robert sims

    first thing'' your sences don't lie to you'' she got on the elevator press wrong number'' or walked up'' your sences automaticly tells you it doesn't look familar or don't smell familiar every man's or woman's apartment has it's on smell that says this is home'' when she open his door only his smells or oder will she smell' this case stinks of white supermacy''' when you open a woman's door to her place you will smell her'' this cop was on a mission''

  • Paula Diana Barrett

    I don't except her break down. She didn't seem sincere. I will never believe her. Murder period. This whole thing is nothing to me but a lie. There has been not one piece of justice for the dead MAN.

  • Ricky Johnson

    First…how did she gain entry when the door automatically shut… I think he answered the door and she shot him over loud music

  • Mother's Child

    They talk about the N.R.A. and "gun control"…but "our local police officers" are shooting "our innocent, unarmed civilians," too, ironically. 👮

  • Brad Lenaris

    I'm puzzled. Help me to understand how a person can become a serious threat while sitting on the sofa eating ice cream in his own apartment. That didn't give it away that perhaps you had the wrong apartment. I'm curious to know, which Academy did SHE attend? My guess is she graduated last in her class.

  • Henry Martinez

    What I don't understand is , if the man is eating ice cream while sitting down , maybe watching television, where is the threat to her, like she claimed? Was she AFRAID he'd eat all the ice cream ?
    Glad she's not my neighbor. Scary .
    So many things she should've done differently instead of killing someone and ruining her career.
    Senseless loss of Life !!!

  • Ira Rajabi

    I haven't read or seen much about this tragedy but I bet you that she was probably either texting or watching something on her cellphone when she was walking into the victim's apartment.

  • Kenn's Instagram At: i000

    This oh funny looking clowned face alien head Bit<# not crying!

    🤔 Sound all about white! Cra*kas do as they want when they want! We can never look to the system for justice we just have to get our own street justice!

  • Will Susha

    Impeachment? Several demo senators threatened Ukraine with financial sanctions if they didn’t cooperate with Mueller. Which they didn’t explore too deeply if Hunter making millions didn’t even make it into the report. Let’s
    Look at the druggy Hunter or talk to his dead bros widow about their affair. Media are demo whores.

  • Will Susha

    Try being a white kid in a predominantly black high school in Chicago and see what happens there. In fact, give a white kid a undercover mic and see what is said or done to them. There aren’t enough racists in white america. Anything must be reported. What a joke.

  • Will Susha

    Obama got financial and help from Black Lives Matter but Trump can’t get help from the NRA? These reporters
    Are servile demo lackeys.

  • Phillip Romero

    Right how long did she live in her apartment I know that I've gone to visit someone state of few hours went to buy a pizza came back and accidentally knocked on the wrong door I was directly below on one floor on a three-story apartment complex

  • IncredibleDrone

    Big box America stores shouldn't be able to hirer 3rd party anything. They are all big enough to have there own delivery people on hand.

  • DR Dubois

    That cop wasn't scared for her life. She shot the guy sitting in his living room. The only thing she's scared of is the prison time she's going to get.

  • silk Alter

    Well I guess you know how the people who wear a mega Hat feel huh discriminated very sorry for the little girl and a little boys should be ostracized for what they've done

  • Afric King

    She should be charged for murder. Am even afraid to live now and I don’t want to die. This should be a death 💀 sentence for her.

  • Geração Nutella

    Is there a toxicology report? How can you mistake a dude in his apartment with pj eating ice cream. Like burglars gonna take time to chill eat your ice cream on your Netflix account

  • jackson etienne

    She is surprised she was not expecting justice for the black men she is fake crying for going to jail not for the innocent human being she murdered.

  • Bernard Ringuette jr

    Same thing happened to my 21 year old brother he had a broken jaw then I get a call because I brought him to Boston medical he ended up brain dead and we had to pull plug.over a broken jaw.

  • Ira Rajabi

    Call me stupid you wish, but I bet every penny in your bank account that she was on her cell phone checking her messages when she entered the poor man's apartment.

  • Mrs Victor


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