Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – September 18, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


  • jason miller

    bolton lashing out ?lol , this is clear evidence he was fired .he needs to find a rocking chair and rock himself to a permanent sleep .

  • DrNooby Noob

    Yes Mr. Trump, let's deliberately fill our atmosphere with more cancer. We all know that if gas mileage decreases, safety increases. All Trump voters know this……….

  • Greg Os

    I used to live in California. Figured out pretty quickly that the so called "Democrats" there were Republicans calling themselves Democrats, especially that crooked, slimy mayor Garcetti, who is a rabid wolf in sheep's clothing.

  • Klaitz John3:16

    We spent over 100 Billion in war but can’t shelter our own America citizens!!! So sad! Jesus said to give to the poor and feed the hungry…

  • Clara Brown

    it take 💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵💵to move, and to start over,can you imagine what 🏠 🏠 house cost today. just saying

  • Mr B

    Romans 8:1 There is therefore now no condemnation to them which are in Christ Jesus, who walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit.

  • Joseph Cortez

    My job closed down and I was 7 days behind on rent and was evicted got 20days to be out. 27days without a job and I was homeless BOOM that quick,! First time being late, was there three years..

  • Deb Ammann

    Solve the mental health problems – make the family string again! Secure weapons in the home from teenagers. Everybody knows that teenagers go through changes and have issues, why is today any different?

  • Cue 1st Amend

    You left out the Oklahoma teen who also was arrested for threatening to shoot up her high school " for fun". Why would any human be against background checks? We are terrorizing our children. For what?

  • Kelsey Strouse

    California asks for help with their homeless crises & claim it's not a partisan problem. They declare in the next breath that they will fight to keep its exspenive pollution regulations to keep California clean. I guess the drug needles and defecating in the streets, largely due to homelessness caused by ballooning cost of high taxes and massive regulations put in place by Democrat leaders, isn't part of their need for clean. This, of course, is all after California Democrats declare themselves a sanctuary state and welcome all immigrants through a preferably open border. Better still, California Democrat leaders fight for free healthcare for said immigrants. California's struggles will only continue to worsen as long as they keep voting in virtue signaling Democrats. It is very much a partisan issue when one parties governing practices are literally sinking an entire state.

  • Jewel White

    Now with a name like that red flags should have been going off and he should have been getting a background check every year just like school teachers do in certain states.

  • Jacob hauenstein

    Dirtier air? How bout the dirty air your constant flights emit? Or the private flights of ceo's that pollute the same in three hours that a normal person does in six months? Yeah, maybe focus on the energy or industrial infrastructure first, or take a few less vacations.

  • Airlines

    Working 30 years just to be fired in the end 🤦🏽‍♂️ good job dummy, now you got all the overtime you want 🤣😂🤣👍🏽


    Of all places, especially California, with such a large population and so many Cars, it should be the last place to compromise on pollution standards. They need stricter emissions controls than some parts of the Nation. That it will make
    Cars cheaper, don't believe it for a second!

  • The Life of Ryan

    The last bit about everyone donating to the children's hospital was amazing, we need more news like that. People are awesome!! :')

  • crazi1kaf0x

    I'm sorry, but giving $$ to a person while millions are homeless and living under dire circumstances is "pure foolishness!" "America" is a backward nation.

  • Robert G

    PSA video: clearly the school shoots are a social/ mental health issue. Its not going to be solved by banning our rights to have a gun.

  • M Infanger


  • Robert Allain

    fear mongering by the sandy hook tribe !  pushing their fear to make us into little afraid bunnies crying for big gov to save us from ourselves .

  • Johnatan Birt

    I know I'm going to get negative crap about this but….pushing aside what that guy did with the money first, the simple fact that people are ok with giving that guy a "handout" for beer is a good symbol of why the country is so f'd up…..its ok to donate money for beer but if you recieve foodstamps because you're in a bad spot in life and need help than that's bad and you're just trying to live off the system. Beer is not a necessity but food friggen is. Now bringing back what the guy did with the money, it shows that there is hope in the fact that when people are given "handouts" for a ignorant reason that they will use it for the benefit of others who actually need it. Which I am totally assuming that he had thought that he shouldn't have received that much money for something as stupid as that and that seeing how people did send him that money for that stupid reason that he should use it to help others.

  • Javier Gutierrez

    There's more homeless people in New York City why don't he start their. You don't have to travel 3 thousand miles to fix a crisis just look outside your front window.

  • donna foster

    When the saudis murdered kashoggia, Trump did nothing because we had a sell of weapons to Saudi Arabia worth billions. If so, why are we going there. If they have billions in weapons they just bought from the USA, fight your own war.

  • Daniel Rivera

    Saudi Arabia has flaunted its wealth in the face of our country. Weren't most of the Terrorists on Sept 11th Saudi nationals? Why should we do their dirty work? Did you notice Pompeo's body language with MBS? He was like a giddy schoolgirl with a teenage crush in the presence of his "murderous majesty". Trump has prostituted the WH now the US military? We may never recover from the debasing of US and the White House….a travesty.

  • robert matt

    Wanna know how this man became employed by AA. I personally have appiled to multipal positions. My family has put prob over 200 years of service to AA. But i had a couple MIPs as a minor. Was 17 and 20. Im now 35, and was denied due to those misdemeanors. Good work AA i had all the respect in the world for AA and would be a privilege to work for, but this yahoo was hired no question asked. Maybe i should go get some theorist ties then might get a fair interview. My dad a MD 80 pilot mom flight att for 45 years, grampa flew 727 for 30 years, uncle flew 757 and the 767s. Stepdad retired as a 777 captian and a check airman after 35 years with AA. Aunt spent 38 years as a flight att as well. But that minor in possession of alchoal 15 years ago i guess is a major security threat to them. They sure take care of family legacies. My dad is prob turning in his grave that i have turned down multipal jobs because my dream was to work there and cant because of a mistake i made when i was 17. I was 4 months away from being 21 on my 2nd. Yes i understand still not 21 and police were doing there job but i find it hard to beleive im the only person in the world who has made some mistake at 17s and early 20s. Thanks AA. But at least u are hiring maintenance crew with ties to ISIS. Hate to say after all what my family did for AA but i think u guys have some serious issues.

  • Ken Robinson

    If one country controlled all the oil over there what would they do with it, they would have to sell it to eat that's all they have is oil

  • nippy2

    That was an act of terror in the making, and right around 9/11, i would make up the same old excuse about overtime pay if i were in his position. He should go to prison and this should be a teaching moment

  • Silky Benjamin

    Why do they still let that angry orange man speak in public??
    it baffles me how the person in control of the country can be of such little mental capability .

  • Kofi Annan

    America is so proud of Donald Trump for not doing his job and pushing back against the environment and common sense to start a Nazi party which cares about children. LOVE.

  • Kofi Annan

    In Trump's America, the homeless will be deported based on the meritocracy. So brilliant. Only people making $200,000 per year should be allowed in the country or allowed to survive. It's good for the country and very constitutional. Self review.

  • Paul Baskerville

    i thought Saudi were friends with china in stead of the us now . i am surprised woman's groups allow the usa to deal with Saudi Arabia . woman are property there and have next to any rights .the same with workers . the greed for oil is sad the Saudi royil family are human rights criminals and murders


    Insanity will cause germ Trump to start a war if it will keep him in office. He and racist Americans will implode. Hauwei, the trade war, EMP, exposure of cruelty, suicide, drugs, hunger, etc. will destroy the old America.

  • Brian Cash

    That's crazy this man gets over $1000000 and donations for beer yet I'm a single father on disability who struggles and I get all of $125 a month in food stamps and get a whole $1,200 a month I get in disability to pay bills and feed and clothes two kids

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