Nigerians Respond To Attacks In South Africa

Nigerians Respond To Attacks In South Africa

The two main superpowers in Africa, are Nigeria
and South Africa.
However, animosity between these two superpowers
has heightened in recent times, with an influential
Nigerian student body, demanding that all
South African-owned businesses leave Nigeria
as soon as possible.
The National Association of Nigerian Students,
Nans, which represents university students
at campuses across Nigeria, has picketed branches
of South African telecoms giant, MTN, and
those of supermarket chain, Shoprite, turning
away staff and customers.
Those protests were sparked by the death of
a Nigerian woman, who was reportedly strangled
in her hotel room, during a visit to the South
African city of Johannesburg.
Elizabeth Ndubuisi-Chukwu, is just the latest
Nigerian to die in South Africa, in apparently
violent circumstances.
An autopsy revealed that she had died of unnatural
causes consistent with strangulation, but
officials say CCTV footage showed that nobody
entered her room.
The police are still investigating.
The Nigerian media seem to report at least
one such incident every month, with numerous
news outlets, using the same telling headline:
“Another Nigerian killed in South Africa”.
While local media reports suggest that 800,000
Nigerians live in South Africa, official South
African records say the number is about 30,000.
It is not clear if the official data includes
undocumented migrants.
“We have faced enough…
These killings must stop.
The South African government must, as a matter
of urgency, do whatever it takes to protect
the lives and property of Nigerians living
there”, said Ahmed Lawan, the head of Nigeria’s
But it is unclear whether the South African
government is committed to protecting Nigerians,
or other migrants.
The police arrested more than 650 foreign
nationals, including traders who had their
goods seized, in Johannesburg earlier this
A court ordered that 489 of them be deported
within 30 days, because they were not legally
in South Africa.
During a parliamentary debate, Nigerian legislators
suggested that the foreign ministry should,
from now on, issue travel alerts to Nigerians
planning to visit South Africa.
A Presidential Aide, Abike Dabiri-Erewa, met
South Africa’s Deputy High Commissioner to
Nigeria, Bobby Moroe, and demanded an investigation
into Mrs Ndubuisi-Chukwu’s death.
Mr Moroe was also invited to meet Mr Lawan,
and he expressed the South African government’s
concern about the situation.
“On behalf of the government of South Africa,
we express our sincere condolences,” Mr Moroe
About four million immigrants live in South
Africa, according to official UN data, although
some contest the accuracy of this figure.
South Africa has a history of xenophobic attacks
by black people, who accuse citizens of other
African countries, as well as Asian countries,
of coming to steal their jobs.
The wave of xenophobic attacks that swept
South Africa in 2008, claimed at least 62
Subsequent incidents, particularly in 2015,
have displaced thousands of African migrants,
and led to the large-scale looting of their
shops and other businesses.
It is alleged, that South Africans detest
Nigerians, because they believe Nigerians
are criminals, are too loud, and Nigerian
men steal their women.
Also, they claim Nigerians are arrogant, and
they do not know how to talk to people.
South African protesters included this, in
a petition to their Home Affairs Department,
during an anti-immigration march in the capital,
Pretoria, in 2017.
Nigerians, on the other hand, believe that
South Africans are simply jealous of Nigerians,
of their self-confidence, and their ability
to thrive and outshine.
The tension between the two nations brings
to mind, a proverb in the Igbo language, about
a man who lays his pile of clothing by the
riverbank, while skinny dipping in the river.
A naked madman comes along, grabs the clothes
and dashes away.
Desperate to retrieve his clothes, the other
man jumps out of the river in the nude, and
chases after the madman.
Two naked men running through the streets,
who, then, is the madman?
Nigerians have nothing to gain by being lured
into xenophobia.
While the student group’s intentions may be
noble, it probably has not considered the
thousands of Nigerians employed by MTN, Shoprite,
Multi-Choice, and the many other South African
companies that are household names in Nigeria.
Forcing these businesses to leave, or crippling
their operations, would only worsen Nigeria’s
already grim unemployment statistics, and
the loss of the valuable services they provide
would leave a vacuum.
“Please, be patient,” Mrs Dabiri-Erewa told
students wanting to drive out South African
firms, encouraging them instead to exercise
restraint, while awaiting the outcome of diplomatic
According to Nigeria’s government, the leaders
of the two countries are scheduled to meet
in October, in South Africa.
Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari, and
his South African counterpart, President Cyril
Ramaphosa, will discuss among others, issues
relating to the wellbeing of citizens.
Nigerians have responded to the news with
great hope, that President Buhari will use
the opportunity, to demand tangible measures
from South Africa, to deter its citizens from
attacking Nigerians.
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  • Mpho Kgofelo

    In every nation thers good & bad people, so lets the good talk to the bad ( they know fellow bros who are doing illegal things to stop destroyig our kids selling NYAOPE(DRUGS) to them.

  • Bryan Risi

    Lady Elizabeth Obianuju Nudubidi-Chukwu was most likely killed by a Nigerian, it’s mostly the immigrant black that are the worst I think. Sorry for her death, her family must be devastated like nearly every South African family that’s been affected by drugs

  • Annah Lethule

    To avoid the killings please.go back home.and sell drugs do business in your country let's see if your president will allow that

  • Annah Lethule

    Again that lady was killed by some he knows don't blame that to us the truth will come out they don't own that company

  • Elize Steyn

    Sorry for your loss. It is so bad. Thank you for your voices. i am white and all whites just to live in pease..

    They torture and hunt us


    We want south Africa clean as a nation first Nigeria second eathopias than all out out out out futseki

  • Pinky Njapha

    The Nigerians are a wicked people we let them in our country, and they do drugs, and we have to be painted Xenophobia, UK, has high deportation of the Nigerians who are no documented when SA say the same thing, then are labelled they don't Nigerians, Ghana has a problem with Nigerians and now South Arica's has to bear with this nonsense, we rather pull off our companies and let unemployment surge in that country, why it is not Zimbabweans, Buhari has to deal with his drug peddling citizens, we South Africans, we can leave without these people this African agenda is based on fallacious grounds, I can assure you that woman dies in a hotel because of drug vindicate, last week a South Africa citizen was shot and killed by a Nigerian, which sparked the already volatile situation, the drugs can not, ad will never be tolarated, and crime which comes with it, the false prophets, and all sorts of social ills which has rocketed caused by wickedness lifestyle Nigerians are leading, South African companies went to Nigeria to do business, didn't come there to peddle drugs, we can pull the off and Nigerians will remain unemployed until the find the replacement, we thought we have brotherly solidarity, but it is clear, you have such a relationship with Nigerians, they will sells drugs in your streets, ranseck tour country , and then peddle lies, the Public Investment Corporations lost R200 billions on pension funds after it strike a deal with a Nigerian to import oil in that country, real the record is simple, wickedness, lack of morals values is what made the Nigeria society, off cause not all Nigerians are wicked people but don't be fooled you have to open your eyes very careful when dealing with a Nigerian citizen, South Africans can count both in hand and feet people are languishing in jail in foreign countries lured by Nigerian candidates into drugs, we can not sacrifice the whole nation because of MTN, Shoprite, and other South African companies doing business in Nigeria, ABSA pulled of in Nigeria for the same reason of moral bankruptcy within the Nigerian system, now it operates in Ghana, without any problem, I personal don't Nigerians, but I can't compromise when they go around pimping, openly sell drugs here is South Africa, they found us leaving an honest life and now have men raomig the streets openly selling drugs, the ANC is stupid organization who can sacrifice the whole nation for falsified African glory, let the Nigerians chased those companies, we chase their drug peddlers away, we simple don't care, anyway there is no business you can do with wicked country like Nigeria, until the two nations come to terms with this problem, and do something to solve, Nigerians are not welcome here, other Africans like Congolese live here and we don't have a problem with that, but Nigerians are a problem not only I'm South Africa all around the world with their scams, drugs, false prophets, yes people volunteer to these crimes schemes, but to protect your country and vulnerable citizens, is just not to let Nigerians I'm your midst, the half of the battle would be won in that way.

  • Daniel Motswane

    Nobody wants u across the world because u are the nothing but a worm that spoils everything, just go back to wherever filthy planet u come from. Hands off our beloved South Africa.

  • Judy msomi

    I am Concerned about No Mention of the Bad things which have drastically affected the Nation of South Africa, like Sex Trafficking, Human TRAFFICKING, Manufacturing and selling of Drugs brothel houses .
    Whoever has made this Video is Subjective He did not mention the above.

  • Eeejo Why

    Is a strange story, as they don't know who killed her,it can be her boyfriend, this is not xenophobic attack,people confused this with crime,even us our people are killed,also in Nigeria, man stop killing women.if they don't need you anymore.totally crime.

  • Fixon Mzamani

    It's good news for Nigerians to have their officials having a word to STOP Xenophobia to their people than Zimbabwe,no one in Zimbabwe is saying a word to defend their long suffering people. It is very unfortunate for them.

  • Namhla Sboniso Chiliza

    Wow Nigerians want to close South African businesses operating in Nigeria! This will lead to unemployment, which will lead to further migration to South Africa, which will lead to more killings. This says a lot about the intelligence of Nigerian students…or lack of it, I should say.

  • Barry Andrew

    Still on the South Africa Xenophobic Attacks

    If I were the President of Nigeria, I would immediately direct the Nigerian High Commission in South Africa to set up a desk and take a census of Nigerian businesses and properties destroyed. It will be compiled- location, type of business, estimated value of what was destroyed, etc. If my citizens were murdered, I will have an accurate record of that too.

    I will pass it on to the South African government for compensation of my citizens within a certain period. If this compensation is not done, I will take it out on existing South African interests here by way of a special taxation which will be enabled by law.

    There will be a major diplomatic row. I will authorize the issue of a travel advisory which will be broadcast by international media. I will seek for the suspension of South Africa from the African Union. I will shut down their embassy in Nigeria. I will direct all Federal Government agencies to stop patronizing South African-led businesses.

    There are so many options that our Government can take. They need to send a signal that this MUST be the last time any attack of this nature will ever happen. Nigerian citizens should never be afraid of living or carrying out legitimate business anywhere in Africa or the world.

    If we don't do this and just close our eyes under whatever guise, Ghana will do the same to our citizens. Togo will do the same. Cote D'ivoire will follow suit. It's time to act decisively.

  • Barry Andrew

    Trevor Noah expressed his disappointment in the way South Africans chose to expressed their grievances.

    The celebrity pointed out that there are about 2.3 million Immigrants living in South Africa, this number includes Africans, Chinese, Bangladeshi, Indians, middle easterners, and Europeans who are not born in SA. He said out of this number, only 1.6 million are Africans.

    According to him, the 1.6 million Africans mostly run small shops, vending, service industries etc. or hold small to mid-management level jobs and that these may lay claim to less than 0.00001% of the wealth in South Africa.

    He stated that if South Africans have issues with anybody, it will be with white people in South Africa, who make up about 8.7% of the population and controls over 85% wealth.

    “So, when I hear South Africans claiming that other Africans are competing with them on dwindling/scarce resources, I say that your anger and outrage is misplaced.”


    Mr Buhari you don't need to negotiate with south Africa we shut down all south Africa companies in Nigeria…and declare all south Africa products counter ban product.

  • Love is Love

    The public can finish a food cooked by one person but a person can not finish the food cooked by the public. The south africans will soon hear from the rest of africans soon ,i think its already going down in Nigeria as we speak.

  • Jan Esterhuizen

    Lack of proper leadership in any country leads to this type of uncontrolled violence. South African leaders has for far too long only looked out for themselves and their close relations, forgetting about the people who putt them into power.

  • Kaishaza Bengesi

    All this point to the fact that leaders of Africa are out of touch with their citizens. When they talk of African unity while their citizen have no idea how unity will alleviate poverty, sickness and hunger haunting them it bogs the mind how formality can work the miracle. Citizens need to see in whatever you do a light at the end of the tunnel. Why on earth people live in their respective countries as refugees when they do not get well rewarded in their work of their own hands. How do we get Africans to see one another as one when there is adverse income inequality among them. Leaders have to put on citizens shoes if at all they feel for them.

  • mary munalula

    I say no one shud touch another Zambian in SA please,let them remember who hid their comrades in yowa trying moments, we are watching you with yowa nonsensical xenophobic attacks

  • Sibusiso Mafilika

    2 million undocumented West African migrants mostly Ghanaians were chased out of Nigeria in 1983. Around this time, Nigeria was not so long ago the strongest economic muscle in Africa and Ghana was the opposite. Migrants were called "aliens" in Nigeria. During the expelling and the horrific exodus, dozens of soul's were lost

    About 4 decades later, conversely, it is seen as xenophobia in SA.

    SA tax payers have been provisioning medical care, free schooling, subsidised electricity, water and social welfare grants extended to immigrants so that their children never go hungry, relate this to any country in Africa?

    It is peacefull in SADEC and there is no refugee camp to send them to. They enjoy our land and infrastructure, they can open businesses and trade freely in any venture they choose; relate this to any African country?

    About 7 million African immigrants in SA compared to few apartheid fighters who were in exile, this is a nonsensical heterogeneous comparison. There were no more than 20 000 SA citizens in exile at any given time. Our exiles were given training camps out in the bush, to sort themselves. They were asked for documentation and jailed if they went to towns, they were in barracks all the time. Special cases applied to the very few who did not have document's. Some of our fighters were expelled from Mozambique, in Zimbabwe, in Tanzania, Uganda and others. It is in Angola, Zambia few more where they were not expelled.

    Though Xenophobia is condemned, let us understand the reasons behind the violent actions. Pan Africanism and history does not level drugs, human trafficking, prostitution, open refusal to obey law and prosecution. An adult perpetuating drugs business and maintain that they dont force anyone to buy them is hatred to another human being at its best.

    Call my people lazy then go back to your land and be strong there, otherwise you are a weak coward. We are stong in that we fought for liberation, we will love and protect our land. We remain in our land fight for what is rightfully our, for the sake of our loved ones and the generation to come. You call us weak and lazy yet when we revolt against your illegal doing you call us xenephobic?

    The fight against drugs, explicit prositution, human trafficking, rape disguised as christianism or crime at large should not be confused with xenophobia.

  • Irene Lawrence

    before going to a conutry for husooo please look deep into their way of life. people that could not reject those that killed their father, mother and children even befriend them at last and share their wealth with them in the name of – – – in fact, my people those SA na animal in human mak una stop to go there n make we invest our money at home to employ our great NGA because very soon all AFRIC will unit against SA because they disgrace our continent.

  • Tammy Manuel

    Nigeria helped those salvaged when the whites oppressed then and this is how they pay them back the whites and Indians own more than 80 percent of their economy.

  • Ntokozo Msane

    I once had no problem with African people and in fact I still interact with some but I HATE how they disrespect women. Nje just to put it out there, I was walking from work to my flat and this African guy grabs me as if he is entitled to my body, I jerked my head and looked at him and asked him what he was doing and his response was insulting me and calling me a bitch…now IN MY OWN COUNTRY OF BIRTH I MUST BE TREATED LIKE THAT????? You can't even think of going to the police because nothing will be done. SOUTH AFRICA IS MY HOME AND WHEN I AM UNCOMFORTABLE WITH SOMEONE BEING IN MY HOME, WHY SHOULD I STILL SUFFER? OUR STREETS ARE FULL OF THEM ALL OVER AND THEY TOUCH AND GRAB EVERY FEMALE THEY WANT AND DISRESPECT US. DOES THE SOUTH AFRICAN GOVERNMENT NOT CARE ABOUT THEIR CITIZENS???



  • Genes Pholotho

    We need big company in south Africa,not useless company, like hair salons, hair salons must be people's of South Africa, must go back and get children support grants on own country, also spaza shops must be only for south Africa

  • Alathimpumelelo Latoya

    Nigerians don't own or invested in any taxable businesses here in S.A those students that are threatening real investment S.A Companies in Nigeria some of them won't finish their tertiary courses in those universities if S.A companies stop operating,most of their parents are employed by them.they're just bluffing

  • Okuhle Gungu

    this is not true cause some Nigerians in South africa are running illegal businesses and not to mention the drugs that they are flooding in our streets, if Nigerians feel as if the South African businesses need to leave Nigeria so let that happen and there goes the same for all Nigerian businesses in South Africa which are most not legit and legal by the way.

  • Okuhle Gungu

    The businesses which are being runned by most Nigerian nationals are not benefiting any of South African citezens instead they are destroying our peoples lives and dignity.

  • ajudy

    Where are the white South Africans? probably in their offices running the economy…Black South Africa don't see their history of

    laziness as an issue… sad. Is this the South Africa Mandela fought for?

  • Lungile Talukc

    We are all human we must not keel one another but the government must make sure that no foreign is coming here in SA without a passport of with an expired passport

  • Marian Goin

    In 1969, Kofi Busia, the then-Ghanaian prime minister, invoked the Aliens Compliance Order and deported an estimated 2.5-million undocumented African migrants – note: Majority of these people are Nigerians. … Ghana was having a difficult time back at home. Time will come when Nigeria will be so good that other countries would want to go there but wont be allowed.

  • Marule VIDEOS

    Nigeria, Nigeria my Nigeria, my African brother with a lot of know how. You came to South Africa and I embraced you, because of past and present engagements. What happened is just very unfortunate, and sadly we all lack the insight to actually see what is taking place because a lot of AU citizens are marred by ambition, greed, lawlessness, fraud, theft, corruption and other crimes not mentioned. Living in peace and harmony is a very rare luxury. South Africa is a global target because of the type of Constitution it has. The Rights of all living in South Africa. It is also viewed as the weakest of all African countries, though having absorbed a lot of asylum seekers, immigrants and many more all over the world, it is still regarded as inferior. Everybody who is who comes to seek their fortune in South Africa. The citizens of Mzansi fight for joblessness, water, electricity and the so called service delivery. Joblessness was not caused by employers or foreigners but by Trade Unions. Unions look at the overall income of the company including running costs, and decide thereupon how much the employer should pay the employee. They have no skilled staff that can do accounting for them and do not exhaust every angle before the beginning of negotiations. Every employer is in business for profits and an ambition to get rich one day. The employee becomes distracted and end up failing to perform duties to the best of his ability. Not all employees are skilled professionals, and all the money the company receives, depends on its customer base. Now someone with a corrupted intelligence comes and tell the distraught employee that our jobs are taken by foreigners, diverting from the real cause of the problem, the Unions. People then attack the innocent.

    The employers and businessmen cannot afford not to make money in their businesses, nor can they afford a forced increase. Where do they begin, they retrench and if that does not work, they close shop. The poor employees who know nothing about these things wait for monies that never come, some even die waiting. What does the union do in the interim, when these employees are hungry, can't cope with debts and their families poverty, nothing, absolutely nothing, there is no alternative for the guy who paid his money because he was sure his job was protected, the union does not have a company where those laid of can go and work. Some companies even employ foreigners because they will never complain about the salary, thinking of their families they have to feed at home.

    Now my brother Nigeria, who has come to sunny Mzansi the land of fortunes and hope, the land of lotto and human rights for all, with his ulterior motives. my brother hatches a plan, and find the peaceful way of living, security and everything else. First most have fraudulant documents, meaning they are not legally in the country. Second most do drug trafficking, third, they are fraudsters. The commotion in Gauteng was deliberately started, a well orchestrated one indeed. Nigeria blaming Mzansi today without facts and proof, and most probably something they know they began. They have been watching the situation since CR became president and are aware that he has people who want him out of the presidency. What better opportunity is there for them than to cause chaos, that will enable them to push their agenda speedily forward. Judgements have already been passed, Mzansi is guilty, and must compensate. I guess the Nigerian High Commissioner Geoffrey Onyeama is in cahoots with the perpetrators, as he demands compensation on the onset. No investigations have been conducted, the victims and culprits have not been interogated, the situation has not calmed down, and no dialogue between the two countries has taken place. What actually started the spark. We are aware that a lot of foreigners acquired land rights fraudulantly and living among us, because the previous administration was corrupt to the core.

    Is the High Commissioner now judge, jury and police officer. Let him then bring forth the instigators, find the murderer and then, just maybe he can be justified. This is a ploy by corrupt leaders to derail the efforts of CR to achieve the Unity of Africa. They have one goal in mind, remove CR. TOUCH NOT THE CHOSEN ONE OF GOD. Being kind, loving, dignified, sympathetic does not make a man a coward nor does it make less human. If you are an African, please do it the African way, RESPECT.

  • Juwe

    This is a red neck propangandists….The British boer pretending to be a concern.. The businesses were truly owned by foreing investors o Germans, Dutch, British . Itsall right wing propaganders.

  • Neo Brian

    The issue was against drugs sold by Nigerian drug lords in Sunnyside, the Police is corrupt and incompetent to deal with the drugs and looting.

  • Boitumelo Monaune

    Learn to love each other my African ppl…let not the enemy rejoice because this government system has been designed to destroy all of us.wake up

  • pascal Chi

    South Africa is not better than any country in Africa. I had plans of opening a company in SA weath more than 4million Dollars . I told my friends of 15million dollar plan to south to never thk of that anymore. SA is dirty for ever . We give them money as business men .they dont have money. Trash place. Only abt 1.6million black immigrants here in south .we create our jobs and their government and policemen men encourage them to do these killings. All of us will go and SA will full. Let watch and see.

  • Angela Senzota

    Nigerians are not criminals xenophobic people are the most criminal one very laziest of all in Africa continent and they hate those do well

  • Philile Mncube

    But she didn’t die in the violence midst, if people die in this country it does not mean they are killed by “South Africans”

  • The Wilderness Channel

    Maybe Nigerians need to take a long look at themselves and realise that many Nigerians in South Africa are kidnapping and sex-trafficking black and white South African children and young adults. They are smuggling drugs and committing all kinds of serious crimes including murdering their opponents or anyone who gets in their way – like the taxi driver who was murdered. I do not condone the violence at all but Nigerians and other foreigners need to respect the laws in South Africa. Hustling and stealing is not a virtue even if Nigerians like to think it is. By the way – Nigerians cannot cry foul when their people are being murdered but then say they support the murder and dispossession of white South Africans.

  • Bankhara High

    I Agree with Naledi Pandor, the affected presidents must work with Ramaphosa and help each other to work on what causes this fightings , if they pull away and avoid to share all sittings with SA , that will not solve or bring solution…

  • koot dirker

    The south Africans are playing Russian roulette with one empty chamber. Did you forgot who helped you before 1994 and housed you and fed you. Its a shame

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