News Now Stream 08/16/19 (FNN)

News Now Stream 08/16/19 (FNN)

Just youngeaders cferenc ere a l of democric ndidat in t raceor the caaigningheren Atlan orgiaaught tryg to me shou be t nex president of casey the United Stes but people are areas joined by Ron who run happy Friday ten to your Pelor we made it. We’re going to lose. You know were in that range here kinf u above one Thers the atLinks outde you ow lt r a haz in thyear yh yea ha in nd with e ye get kind ostai teso heatp. Anthat’s thsame te thathe yr ha tenden to geon with it Ronnie when I ve sometng t House shingt DC policste sothing. So Anthony y. Scaramucci iwas not lg ago that he kia. Turne onhe doest thi thahe shod be reected he this that he’s t t yeahhe sebody needs toBasicayind of st in who at o point wereig Pelor supporte oS t anf course likehe presidtoes he’d det puned I punack ande has on sh s neve often telJosh this mornin en baed. Fro Ttter and this morningt th has auallyappenee’s nowt’s not s accot becauf what h id. Aut Dald J. tro a it looks like is f almos eight hours. And byhe way th’s we s justp a send ago wi pue its. Oko aarently in thcrowd lt night you mber.’m surwe streamed st nig press rly tru wathe iNew Hampsre. He was by thf d s in e very sa town Manchest New Hpshire last night.a presterho tried t alwa seem to veome kindt when hid. Ynow y saidd the guy needeto go met and lo sot andoome exercisi mething alonghose lin. An so.hen youust s the moe justweetight there d the agao the psident guy he h g a serus wght prlem. Mansayso a golf stt exeising. Wel. e mooch en god sa. In resnse quote sai shory aer that at his was acunt wa lkedeah so if kindfho knowshere t wo t ofords bween t two o em is gon goere but he’s trng to ha a littleit of scre sho A sen i to aca CE and tn theyent wit thstory bause basical dermined you violate Twitt rulest so time before y can u Twitte yeh nish y if youay somhing that thef fattest predent s it t goes on te hour and for minut.oouen maneed tcomple som ditionaskso resu usin Ttter well he sa you ow what I ink itas relate to trne the esidentnd his reonsible are the whole siations Ihould have id th he ise largt crop Porsch a psidentince appantly it s the use of e wo fat ofatest.eah that g him.i bann fm Twitr hers ve look t Whiteouse by thway they ok likthey’r so dling wh at lst an ovcastay. Y rig up by spteresterds heasai the headin off tNee bere theally d g a l abou it thimorning. Tha he lt as tugh the electn was sten froim in New mpshir In twey sixtn Millerembern di win. B it w onl by ree thsand vot ande straeoing on. Of ppleho are conge vote he dn’t oer a idence f it buteeels but shoul hav wonewe mpshire theast time arod yeah it was reall intesting Hampire lt nht.ecause ey’re lyour eltoral electi map and four electorah be votes could really matter. Yea n you know it makes me laugh pridenrump is supposed to wh Penylvania and then New Hampshire still doing all these the seches a rig. Well thou who’snotherf a tyI know dyy ersonaty tt all dgety work mean thattackeah th can’t Younow so pele arlikeShe wins I mn I’ve ard ople s I c’t qui rking.nowne guys kd saidCan’t it worng anda disnt fo he in his nitiesKeep tm goinbut e prident fal into at catego thi h’ li jussittinhome a like actuay. Be activina spin.e ery d andoingometng eithern t bul areow in e worl Paul there beenike I’mot eve gna take my ll cation jt gonnleave i the y to d. Welly last vation wwere in aspot actuly kind niceah It wa ha to sa At fit you’ time But i Doesn tefew long tkind of you want tcall ian addictn. Rig e phe. Allight wl let’ unfoing ouof Nework thi rning cours frighning. Yeor lotof peoe ando the ene allhe cri scenenge rht e pe on theolicetate. Right screhere watching the piures thatere relead by e-ew York lice departmt ief o Twitt they’ kd of ciring an you hear. Suspiciou pkage Nework City. Or u then wit followpressur cooke. Right and tt k o theorld Tdeenter. Yeahade Theyeally do su good b precting that city. Of both before andfter nine eleven but there’s a high level of vigilanceow. So it just there’s something to. Pull our about this story because sometimes you know if somebody just accidentally leaves a backpack. Right you know or there’s a suitcase whatever they get slapped that’s very understandable. But you’re right because ofhe ft that essu cookers. This is specifically like a ric cooker right pressure cookers. Used by those horrible terrorists who set off their pressure cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon. About six little over six years ago now. Yeah and so. You see thing like this. Randomly sitting. At a subway station andd start righthat i. That g the relse of thpictur clearly she have exaly whohey want t ta to. A it’s such good clear ima therend youan see i ony hold on it. There tsomebody’s gog to mebody’s going to step for poor I havto protect theyl know w this guy was. ey mayot. lly know wha was dng. I mean you got to take iseriously it’s coerningooubt aolutel d tn the New Yor police prompt evacuionf thets number t and tee lin at they wer n explove theyat re fou to bekayut sti ofourse younow imding anybodtaki. Crting hysteaf prey alwa he to flowhen yoch and it’e ar about it we’ve got to get to the root find out what happened and honestly you have to be hyper vigilant in the- in the cities where terrorist attacks so many years ago. Right any of us. Who are above the age of about four years old when nine eleven happened which by the way I mean it won’t be that long before will be talking about its the twentieth e will. Now be eighteen year old mark rig b ty’ll ner forget New u remember what happened the Pentagon and then you had that other plane that was supposedly heading toward Washington DC. The crashed out in Shanksville yeah so in. Washington as well the you know they. You can’t go ry f in DC I mean only a fewlocks. Move before you’re going toee eher pito police. Or n DC police officers and their knows how many plane closed security people. They have scanned across that city as well yeah. Yeah stay vigilant you guys you’re doing a great job if this all turns out to be the most. Crazy weird cocideend you know there was really no ill intention here. All the better right absolutely better to be safe thas was it toy’s Friy withhat dnesda we hadust the wnwardpiral of thstock maet and theyesteryt doinyou gs areike th Ive owas ud know.ere’s thenteresng pa of itll floor we’ in area ere wheompute do aot of t h spotted tre and they mp on the computer spoed trend t da ago and take ov basic InteigencenymoreYou knl. ntrollg our. Ther we ha a twentyy Whil ithe maet wow it’ wi it was and you kw near andix. T hallws in intoday do on theow and I. at would are y go right Bob sohat haens I thk a lge thi peopl Cal mean pick sto. want t And imagi whaver their ic. rig and itou knoyou’re buy ock iitselfay.nde’ll ‘s aou kno in that range of aund aundredollars a are and then onday y wake upnd youee holy cow Allf sudden is drop dn teighty I’ll b some yeah you know I do e ssive. Selloff inome peop took a look and id. Mayb it time to wait iright n by t way is a ve stablend a ree hured sethat i verytable that’s usllyy si ofower bl uil tel Eddi and ifact iid jus ju yet. UP thr hundred n good indication usuallyhat there will bsome sortf last minute colpseoming he end ofhe dt e thatt’s aeady made u 50of wt it lost in two ds yeah b new today t commee departnt sai. S. he buildi fell d straight month.ast month i Ju. The dline in the nstructi of ltiamily usingnitsut pmits re whh createsptimis yes housin start dropped 4% to a asonallydjuste annual rate one.ight o nine llion th’s. Lastonth whi Pelor I fe like m sit ne to an ecomistRememb invtors I have suffered iplashhis week thed s withonger termnteres rates wn to point that ey’re actually ler thashort rm come but tre’s a can aabbie oughs real sufferi yea on i gettg wors so Eupe kees that doesn’t iteally wha i on i the wld economy right d ratr than jt a in t US econo wre fraly will bgoodor houng and we’re at unempyment lels close to right around fifty year low all rightou kw Ron I remember in elementary sool urse I grew up in mesa yes ank you y want. To which elemenry sool Roosevelt. My kids wento i tile one yeah. The Roughriders the rose up u on scks. The stock market allrig elementary school. It might sound a little foolish but when k quot iForres Gump ere ay he sd thalieutent Dan invest t knowhy I jt think of all the. ver gorong wh the close e on isecause lotry ofeople ve a this we so ru this werwrappi up e week he o’ we rurn we’ get a caugh with so toptori from interestatese talkbout pharmautie dicinerices swe can afrd to bu our micinan you ta abs n rporatns Th it’s going to st tha the ekend on Sday b not a whe lot ofelief and s we weekd.o me sur iyou’rek nex outsid jue erybody wea hatsunblock sunglaesf war and if you he any chec on gi them a clust ockn thei doornd then all d please without somebod Anpleaseleaselease doot leave tst s t e any ar droing o valln Ariza at a athe righ we’llayogan is ing segmts stos across eori cotry litica vws and herwis theight nun news now T fir ter Decrats were supsed t rivehis eken and h planne visit d prident ss is a gdheow abou Jewish ople ty saidty sd hs doubng dn on h critism of repsena the rig decisno bar theade to conesn thnation Israel’s prime minist Bu tooko Twitr to gesnt reallyounter e e taking to Twitter calling the move trump’s Muslim ban also critizing theresider sang in a stementt will relaonsh at t car right w we needs a country tget disaee wh a alsupporthat we U. S. Isrln interview with AP radio Israel’s former ambassador say situioniven pressurerom e present. Ain it me frie andlly sohis isfrom. Resint sothing at has tbe tak at. Io conseratio becausmany Doca thisssue cldecome.nn centers therl coende debate foign fo new In the we of mass Pa tre’s a pusng Cgresdl to curb gn brown hathe story of what experts ve tsay abouit. Communities in Texas and Ohio or still healing after two para mass shootings kled monthnly H. Now president trump in many in Congress are calling for stronger background e Pele we n’t waGunsn. the nds therong pple eres curntly bacroun has aew pol the probl is athere a use in a limiteashion ak somef theroposa now a to eandhe s inance forrivateun ses r atunhows speaking off mera forearf a bklas hisusins aicend g aler in izon told fox ns how easa backound cck. Wsailing Mehlis’s wait ke like ke an extr t a rponse in t gener was le y know at iyou guys. m not gonna goy one of t gun sho. Meeta e gun show and just buy one from go g it. Doctor or thread gun bins of the American psycholocal assiati says to h we apoachentalges heth.eall the have a change in pocy so that wre- aching those peopl we not ite at that point obeing in ki of tervtion butotnee som everyoelievr legiatio i the answe The presen e having murde.he fabri of sociy ir the ace. And t idea tha uan fix. Status cry pert s part othe prlem fedel dolrshat g to this tha thw search of gu violee and pocy which makest fficultogeth data that coulhelp n l d prectre by aworks ey provide nutritious meals for after school ograms throughout the metro Nashville area. We are constantly looking for volunteers. Naonalood project shi director Bianca Martin keeps volunteers busy chopping mixing and packang up nutritious mls for metro scho stunts on whatould the to about fivhundrea day ingdients include fresh produce from local farmers to be surprised what kids are willing to try. Today’s menu includes trays of homemade diffent’m coniners like this would you then rushed over to about a dozen a YMCA after scol program including this one I metros boy in a Vista ementary school sites trained on Fortuny and serving sites focusing on fl mea stead of sury o sty snks so t natiol for prect works reay hard t keure we get. Really good fresh fruits and vegetables it’s a huge value added for n ju the student but also toomeoodshat tyight theids t nessaly have ha accs before and it also allows them to have a great meal before they go home for the rest of the day YMCA food prram coordinator Katie Scboroug ssn extr ml really makle difference. When it comes to proy find aas where the nee hi th oall consensus ist a create a little bit of happiness all while teachers are nursing their mind we’re Seing lesson ithe lue bodies. evybod it’peride but related storie areood orie righthis e. N York City pare urging people not to feed the squirrels. They reportedly been climbing into strollers scrounging for food. Fox five cameras capturing this exclusive video Thursday of one bing aittle rl w tryorels feed t roar park that’s a little frightening and surprising at the same time mom and d not notie Park Cituthori pstered on every h ayground wning paroers. Not to en thatta of e sqrrel els ke King Kong casess th attack comes just a week after the health department received a report of a scratch caed by a squrel. Prompting the warning for Youms to keep thy bag but even those staying backing counter that same squirrel who attacked a little girl go after a mom trying to Whe tsittlguy did backpack. everything he could to find food is getting. In your city health department says they received about thirty reports of squirrel bites each year they say the most aggressive squirrels are the ones that are fed by humans. And they’re looking to eat again so. Don’ fee e oursoo sllark llive thks f theuickctio of themrom burng homeue Receed aeporte e Caichaedneay afternoonons. wealkightll sid of es building we found power lines down which were ultimately the cause of the fire. Chris Vestal with Sacramento metro fire was one of the fire crews on scene capturin fefigers o theire. Aft weere donee ashey wt suppressing the fire putting the fire out and searching the building we undne dog. They alg witothefirefighrsama caying that dog named coco out theome to saty. Before putting an oxygen mask toelp theaster re donor specicali l specifically a dog o a cat. That says neibor nearb immediaty arted firerews ther wag inde t hom s we walked back into the blding and search the building again and then that’s when we found he we u go yeah. Like. While the two lucky dogs were safy reunited with their owners and life is the number one priority vessels says it’s just another day for to save lives wheer it’sr best we areble to ve a lifn th.he man Odog reute opleith theirnima who e sll avenes and ge em tt sen of continuy som kinof normalcy.fter ey loseheir homand al for . N that’ aood forheirossesd we a takin a liv look at trfic coitionsere i t inhoenixr inrizona thi is what our butifulalley the su looks likee are is the loo twoh two mesa dre in theast vleyooks like t sus e s mentsway wn we rurn ‘re goi to ay tha new City inegards tthose morning and e pers ofis interest Dum stion they wer aroache b the fac tt it was aackage onhe ps respded ovend quilt wher the jobhens of notba resous thurned outo be re okers ve actlly nine o the e on platformhey’re bot jt addional job tt may oayeempty re not brelh stet Senth Avenuhat ca inbout t i it wasn addional riceka cooker. Thh the garbe an. at wlso inoduc the cirman theound tbe o A had for tha Thank you Ju I’m gon be brfed we viouy athe cner of hn and Wliame apolize to our customn I nt to ank th N. Y.. D. for thqe you obehalff thenyy for the ght. Theransit worrs e uonembers wesponded as thealways do in arisis. was joed thimorniny Ronnie ten tn rector of the of thFDAny or youcityransit gree bck. And aieve a han goa hagainedhe t were run toughhe. ay gooorning eveone a seris incent I we ok ihat y hadf ry serusly asoon as r il conol cter wasdvised chiesaidhere aund seven Th thaad bn the two. suspious pacges aund all actiponlease vise I’m ofuttingafetyirst fro custers we mediaty spended servi onlewo and the I’my paaommitty passinas firs And the pice adveety s thatheervicen the lis two d threeas to rein suspeed it d so we evuatedtopp to t statios. At de mediaty set out proving infoation via ery medm mediumossibleame the Twter tough o website the annocementon tras to letustot unl furth noticulton Stet staon wou not be a rvicnline roughtatis Fuon St mes thessuen the to ree po te had to ange to de th so agn aing quick. I’come I bigredit e stuf selfith thevisiosme hadne tryg tt ordey fason iwas do an stre level w hadne of e change tk n the wereo injues it wa ne caly and it wa de profesonalle k profsionalay thathey dealt th thd k profsional way thee an iuend theay thes as lmly wt aut aealing wi theincidend brin the boquad tr at cusmers fl becau we messes wou b this st shs theenefit o everye rking toghere have arod six miioe x s tween uif we rk tether ifou see sometng say sothing we c keep work ate that’ tt’s whe we e that the tim lin Again began ao initlly onlmpactehe nes at ne sevethree radly prress tby pasng e otr lis.e no gall e oer les bac. ght paing rougthe ation. Image thJohn MilrMist John MilrSt deo athe seang we do ty le wte beten twents an thirti wia presre cker othe upr levelnd ther lel. thathe prident call with very srt ofuld callin him suspe. Becau ght now wjustecausef suay stati the items. Riti rushe cookertn certnly is the nd of ing the acing them there a whatteouy the purpo of thasoe put th photr . Sebody ey recnize that wld likl obably rease tt to you all tgethat outo the puic. The speed up e process again. Noa suspt but cera interewYesave you so noand. Becae of e timend new e timg and e placent and thitem g e y t again wwouldave to Idtify aind th tal to him thawe o formatn fromim. Ayou alknow the areeople wh shoppi cau ingsn the reet and p em bacdownn thstre the- andhat’st ourrban le. B we ed to intifthed taAt t. Partf a utine sessme androcedu at e scene weald o workith re itermof tt anthey ge ushe kd of e parametef the space th wt th it’low because ‘s gng depeing on. Whathat l lookike ato ok le buit’standd. it you kw righnow wheing have ie hae y two theare nnecd th thirone mayt ‘ ve it w. ah wld well ba in buness. Everhing’s two ree li wastillthe lding at onlto pross. The sce. Wt . Whetr it wo crea fea discding ims tha he wanoarm on e and ierview in whh I am confident willBy andarge ough Ihink wt you e here ia syst. Unr terrosm control inhe in theue t h sessin thecene.ombs ile g here ry quick Was ab to gor the its wernotWe h a been globa Tart as youe’s rell whad twoombs i Chelseane owe prsureSevecontt peop Thers withhe pice thenowhat ey’. unteerrosm tm wa the ing thr job and the MTA and e trsituthori seamlelyonnect aall Loing bacn it it wasle. harmless but looking forward on it everyboid whatheyere ppos to andhat’when was out go. ahYes. apoach aolice oicer ao plea offei r th know e iormatiis phot alrey again ita spec. But need know thfacts hind iso we’re goa haveo do ainterview. The twre anhe riccooker. On Sth Avenuere r mol. ahThe gornment th is invidual. ah so vio of t actl. Instce of e cars b we’re gna ve tgo bko videand rward rougvideo to fire out whate did you go from tre withhat id we’ll g baco yo all th that image when we have. The right one to release we’re gog to find e be one. Here in Phoenix Arizona but they arehree hours ahead of us in New York. So almost so ten eleven twelve one in doing some quickath on Air they’re- coming up on two o’clock in New rk City. And one of the beauties here about news now is top stoe sy on top of allo of the live fdsor y So now there was a news conferenceo thisorni inegar to the de cekanyo pkire. We are heang to s say. They saw. Juveniles running fro the aa so we’re nna ge thepdate thereow from ColI ho. Aneven a merate the fe rougho the ening. Can u talk auts r . Ablutelye were sution last night tt the nd shifteon us. In t casehe fire bw bac onto self w tremy helpf ifighting wh they call dir burn so fi wils ere’s uerbrustill that may hav caut o fire but t dersid is still a pontiall abl tcatch bk on fire sg fohot sts tod ty’re gointo maksure tngs are suppt a we taing water drs canou canou descre wh that s allbout certaiyightowhs gog tbe. Craft igoing t over tlet usnow where the areot spo. Theize to do to me it. A contain a put it ound tnf wateWe didet a l ofO in you know er the pt few of pple mithink theire nger i A lot lower. And you kn can y talkAbout esciallyonsideng theact th this uld. S kids. I seas. In lorado. We do get someot day Veryow humity. The s the wind i ally dry tngsut verery quickl yet it aays aayss a pential fofire. So we dotress Berepare if wask yoto. leave eir t d evaction cter. We’vhad so peoplthat he comey this mornin eveniInow yore sti kind oassess ere ansort oestimate abt whateople. pefull so can we nt to safe r them to l have multie agenes hundd fireghtersre has actuly we ve qui a fewly no fireghters herthis mning. itefore the wther gs. The n start going again igets hotthings y out so they’re gressg e acree las summeI hearas they werd twty fivwill he a beer ea oncthe flvers cplete n you lk aittle t last terrnn thatreand howhe navite. Its a ve steep area verot of sub oaklow bru.o it in is an ieresti teain.olks heo be vy carefu mino. e r crters tha wil me. It interestinof ourrayers gog to kp theiheads e civil. Ev thoug tre i more cta y now thasome othe hos th were reaten are ls Bright. Now fifighte are gng to miful weath conditis wh’s goi to haen wit th but a of ght now they ha a good li aundt’s- and ifThe g wi aggreively protect ructures. Justot a le around 100e whe line streted arod i th’re loing to e if but of rit now theyof it that le art over t next elve hou what aryou wh are y looki moth natur will he us m reduce st wa the winds tt com with itere free younow wee concerd tta knowtorms windsrms comen ey do bri some wins that cod kickhings bk u agn. But wre hopulith And hope at thawill hpay. us outInn . o s repoinghat no injurieave haveeen damaged but aga is is efferson Couy. lora ae willeep a ry closeye ond i thers a addionas toye wi bri tm to u whetr its o e you clway fdews no today strming a the w timey gng tfoxen Arizo a you to ge that is e les take look at thetock market. Dow Jones industrial g board it’s calle nothing a grn today still around e three hured ma like Ronnd were talking aboutt t retu here on news now i you likeo run five K.asy y ow youike tstay aive escially for aood cause if yolike to do o mileun I’m gonna tell u abou one th’s going to take place at AS py Technikon bt tt’s in t eastalley in ma coming upexs w w t month yes theepteer fourenth o a issue poly techill be htingur seventh annual or local ne elevex year preouso that waseld at sands ye wmoved ‘s amang. Awesome so ss obviously everybody remembers nine eleven it happened in two thousand one so we’re coming up on eighteen years so seven years is still kin of technilly w all right I is ver muc s. This started back in two thousand eight originally as a grass roots time Rivette in Doylestown Pennsylvania a pt of the Travanion foundati is just. A groan aoss t cotry sincreat great so are speaking of east seven thseventhear re. In the valley. I’ll talk about the growth if you don’t mind. The owth theocal or on a national scale wall both b mostlyocally about how many participants do we have. Okay t it started out with about. Three hundred our first year and last year it was at nine hundred participants three hundd spectors saboutdhree That’s quite a bithen yoow. ink abou it what intrigued me of cose wn Ihen I und out aut it s a lot of peop le to do five K.’s there’s lots of. Nonprofits lots of good causes and of course here with the nine eleven heroes run that’s happening there’s going to be a of sponsor so to speak. And when you think about but because the reason for doing it. When you hear from people when they when th hear about thheroes run whe they ar abouther about. Well firstf all Travis Manion fndatio What do you think.ohe heroe are is reallyn opportunity for us to go out and honor the legacy of fallen service members police officers and firighters. nceine elev the mor sens. Andealr rche i aboutniti. Communities I thank right after sa how stronthe untreay coule how Uy coulbe. Intthe urse of the’s been some me vision. And s we e th hees oas alatform to. Reunited communityf yowill d so we partr wh local sinees. Scinet niona it really all about just ttin peoe ou enjing the mmunity. The money that’s raised. Wha whos a befit words ago so theoney race for the heroes run aually goes to th Tras Mann foundaon d Tvis mn foundation. Offers numr of resoces . Veterans gol star families and there’s a strong emphasis on. Character development our tion youthRight let’s talk about t venue thiyear okay becse this changethe first . Righo like Iaid priously it was s year we’ve mov it to. A issue poly tech campus which is. Formally known as windshield aiorce bas so it has a little bitf nostalgia. Additionally we’ve grown. Exponentially and so to accommodate the nber o rticipts volteer w cide tmove i to that lotion.hreeften ddlin peop haveo regier wrethe can ty rego restraonees actlly twty seconso g in theon Augt regier soo. Ifhey wanto gist the can go on to the Travis Manion foundation website or they can visit nine eleven heroes run dot org. And navigate through that and more and find the mesa Arizona race deadner can pele showpn Septembere I want to participate. No we havt spot. We can look it up online while we’re speaking by that’s totally okay. Alright so here we go you can look it up. All right. Plenty of time here on ws now o fox ten extra so it is a okay and by the way this video provided to us by the Travis Manion foundation right that’s right and this is like e national level these it showsouere lhe different. Ents ae that in thiss register for raceear your as a vtual runner whichy the way for a lotf people I feelike. T they her one mile fun run or by the way there’s a special. Elements i ths called a- rocker at rock. It’s kind of theilitary version of backpacking okay and so anybody who wants to participate in that there’s a weight limit and there’s certain rules a Bara yeah ando they set the rules anduidelines for that but’s pretty neat as partf at one ement is we’ll have. A firefighters come out and turn out here so that will qualify them as the rock yeah you know do. The five K. it in full turn out here wow it’s pretty neat. Yeah I feel like you there’s always some elements of that in a nine eleven related. Or commemorative event because I know when I was worki in San Antw of t Americas where gearn nineleveno honor.ull lives yeah on that fateful day. Those bringing so I think. That like I said the twenty second there’s increase in registration and then. I want to say the. And so I was I was trying to talk about the physical element of it and that becausend Ihink this is pfect te becaus I think the deo is ing tshow it again sign about theirtual runn t I’ll give a gat examp oah that probay two weeks a I wa contact themail. From an army sergeant who’s currently deployed in Afghanistan the unit is from Arizona but they participated in every year we’llays they’re deployed they’re actuallyn a partipate i the nhe c at run i Afghanistan as virtual runners w. S you don’ neb e o anhing right absolutely do online a well that’sle right through ne eleven hees r dot org Just navite le you qukly I knothe avisly nionoundionelps you a ttle bits to how ittt imcted. ur le. Yh it started t. n opportunity or atfo to. Teac insh l naon’sor t Trasanio fountion is e tera as catast tteach and spir ce xt geratnn sethi a ttle bit. And so. It’sr te really a movemennd it’s based of. The Montreal the foundation which is if not me then who. And really what that signifies is if we don’t step up and do the right thing if we e kids then who wi. The anhing else that you would like to say either about the actual run for the foundation on the venue awe wrap here.o I think I just would like to encourage a lot of people who. Support military whose for public safety to come out it a gat time w ress. I wilhave food trucks out the andf y getn family friendly event very mucho andhe fivK. itsf kicks o it ATMight. And the Fourteenth as a Saturday right on to make sure I’m right it is so I know I know a lot of people are like Hey I would love to participate but I’ve got work one i on weekend makes a little bit easier. at’s right okay perfect so Ben Alexander you arehe Ce. Diree yo cano onne i y wan Andeill defitely hav this on the fox ten you to page soPeoplean che it ou ere asell apprecte y being he thu n h involving Daarnhdt junior. We are hearing tt he is m s wi a dauter afthe plane cshandiesteay ar Bstol motor speedway. So this update is supposed to be coming from Elizabethton Tennessee any moment now from e NTSB and matter of fact as I’m speaking I think they are walking up to the podium so we are goi to take this ve read. Goodfteron my nam thcityf Elibethny of would ke twelcof t i e n mu worse as yoknow and wee vy appreciive of th st wan tfirs of l thk th invtigaon or this. pefuy the fatr wasut out ourolicepartmtire dertme rcue squad emgencserves highw patr Tenneee t t believablever st coue mahis sh auccefulo ssionhat we re almt acmplied her wre ao th NB he asell with nd we sakn he e justante to cop for a coup mutese myself welmeou. And’m st le everye has bn offr Dank get o airrtvolved thit job oanizin all of th ove theastd obab sleeless n las not soike sae ank f yourere w hate to ciumstansut we’ very prst othatt wasotuch wors tn it i woullike tturnt over t the SB S.r instigor witthe NT I star thenitihere tay tot vestigion. Othisccidt threforty . Of thflight originate mites ior tohe aess a ve shortlr coitions athe time wor suallight res cditis argood wtherasicly wit calledinst tainurvelanceideorom buding aroun therea tt able to threserv tho otageshis morng sho basilly bnced aeast twice a befod on the rht mnanding gear and youe rit main nding ars of coapsing othe videoThe ailaneontie down th nway all throu the e rough fen. And icame t a stop bi ghway ninetoneThe aircft itsf is Cessna tati latude to x eigh. Two paengs passger ses forleven tol capacy a a Ptten WhitneCanadx s regieredo J. R M. tir LLC.ur proa ben scene fotwo orhree da. Domentg the peshab evidenc at e site and theg intohe cocitnto the selage staing to t the ailane upnd dumentll thflightontrol t engine Th airplan was equipd wit thcockpitoice rorder that corder will ent to ou adquarrs iWashinon DC r downad probly ne week. It did a recoerowever there were the wer avions onoard thisan be ry usefuto us. Anwe’re ing tohat rit now. The wd the werewo pils on boa th were ofessially traine pilot n both pes today and the- us ivery csistent th theinformie video. s r long The aplaneas cab thers noperati ctrolhet wer here n eipped th onso the pilotbasicay. ll on the- dio fruency and see ar th aport. We re ae to one d to the- tohe wreckage mark and te track rksd ey’re nsisteith th arePoi so werrecoed those found o goin to beeleasiell.e’re eliminy repor in out ourebsitet NTSBot gov ien ys ann infoation. We dot drany findg pha t invesgationconcluons on. Soll be enterinin y anyuestns aut calls questisAre u gointo b makinghe se Availae iwillventuay be ma availle tthe publ t f rig now wre ung itor invtigaon purses anwe to ep uto t inse ofhe this are ing toenee vestate gettingntoe loing athe sysms in eat tail but ao gng througthe ino ovid by e pilo Andlso thinformion isn a rerd. ve mYes yethey we. e serv. mean f k y se the airplan balon u and co back wn eggxactlyow high it we a m thaviocs. Toell about thwe can’tell extly fr e videright wAll t folandinit wast was all e way or down. I go the g dt rit now the’s no defite touchdn y ma by is airane so wee our ta thawe’re ‘re gog over rhtd hiway normallto ce close know I thi is a irly wl alrey the. Yewe hav. An their eii mmen were nsisnt wit the vio. WeI th’s all canayAlong wi theProblybout t ys Ie hava crew fro dissemblehe airane tict can a mordetail wayut examinatia o thghtethodilly sysm b syem tmake se tt w of ds and then ce it goerrupng e wn. The iffin ll recoene r group go becae the oundneA fey the act nuer butust a wondost oe second R. e befo the fire stiteBut I cat sahat f tt yeah actlwe’re nna go ove video d takt knowhey work y. Th were leo use t the procedes andn exitu d t of a mter ofne or o minutes coa e fire was aost crh fire. we’ wre wreot hearinof anyommuns I’llake ll te one ret questiHow ry is acally bindiffert Verylose te whats expecd with plan th’s out tre we n’t se y indicaons tt the long bas on badn the too vio b we ar goingo look athe in e flig data inrmatio. And ey’ll at down bausy a e piure Dalearnhardt junio ll take the weekend off from broadcasting to be wh his wife a dauterfter the three weren alane. Cra rered drir was taken t the crh in Eaenneee. taing re tse ctainhttille stennd. ructal assessnts of. T r. rowayafend we weri so Wel beble regn sootied bthe mo. trafc ba on ef e ba is e weeke with e rateoing onearbyut. So tha t ge build in e in aig airpt. ll bRigh rig in t are tha e arpooranag I’mot se situion at e ti all t all the ade me clo to ttinany comi traic. I’m noaware thgoodord at. hicle dn’tive ruckbout trfick roaay s. ere’ lot thiss ba athis cident w a lotf go thin thahappeo d afr scho jus l out a cole mes utheoad tre acdent so ere’ just a lot of gooo ca outf this we jus ppy eryone wked awand you kn no d wainjured well. mot suref theren . ing thinwhathat. ing fr theircrtesulng i therash waslg m s e road strture uerneat wl be ablto. Wh werableo op roaay. Anhing eeJaso sw JI. S. O. N. S. allight oe they are r Elizabethton Tennessee this is in t first five aircraft for sc on s nk fro acrs at burn dung warp f an ericd ur Leans sies racehat ft ea hrtas a htory obur concsions tham drer heon NASR’s mo pula drirwardecor fiftn times whi s now isust mentaway is i aast nitn at rledff the end o landing Elizath aer foy loca timeesteay iipal airpoe thefteronsa Three ssenrs weronoard that jet n abrd t jshat tt wa thearnhar fill contue tmonir t that wcan bng younowe wi but arash involng Dal and dauterkay weltheace towenty enty it’ heang the ite Hoe th want.forpight wvo Peop’s voten ts mornghere were seral of em campaning at Atlanta Georg. We’re gonna take a lten to for just a bit right now on news now . l rit tnk y tha you. A good mningo still morning good afternoon. Thank you so ch forhe oortunio be with thell t brief and’m lookinfs conversationIm runnin f esiden becau I believe o country is running out of time. And I think we’ve got a crisis on our hands that isven biggerhat thisresidey reprents Becae weoult n cheating distancen th oval alreyomethi very seously wrg inhis couny. d therare a t of fks been sing tg s wang up tohat w. And e not ing to bable to x itBy recling t argumts thatave be withs in th to nmal. Becau the ourn rmal dn’t worknd it’ ing to bon us build w one. Inrder to do that we ve got to guide by our vaes. And e core omy campai. Is t we ce abo o not nservavealuesheyre ericanalues th ogresse implations. Th eedom es notelong to one litil part. trioti does notelonge polical pay and i in thicountr. Weavenparty oppounity rht no do two ings a onceo hono our speak f voters of ais ligionnd of relign to rind vors of ith thall. And e have choice. at t ripturhat I hea onunday sayshatet entify wh the psoner ough woursels are prisonThat we areuppose t the or taus his ker. at we areupn s wi the hrts ofervant. All of ichs fait or any fai compe us toupport or conde what is ing onn thishite Hse today. It if movate t pla thaI pu forwar fromn ambion is wen io theand rshall Plan to build Eure t thi tim ttackle syemic rism i ts count by triplinghe numr of black eneprenes and devering w votingights t. Or liveri a natnal service ogramo crea aillion pa svice here oppornity sohat Amerans canupport onanothe a geto know ch oth theay we did in go twar toorm the bond.o It’s wt r o h Medire for all whoanted d thas why elieve is so imptant e o runng a fa in Io. Thisser the plnum r liftg up ose valueor the deteinatioand urncy. at you arbrh rectio of ts countnd I’m lookinge r the portuny to bwith you toy. ank youayor P. for appriate to mang the te withs you e hereith. A voteMelanioters I thiith candate in e raceust weekokay hefullyhat’s you nt to art by asng ask what wre ae chur. Vote trustou wit eir vo. ll it’about luess I sai elier.nd we’rnot reating rselve ok I g what ters a. thin a lot o proses have been me. Prosesave be ma to all partsf the cotry. Le the dustri dwest ere I ve. And prises he been mad t ack Amicans anthey he not be keps en almt cometely dierent perience of fe in Amicae live th in mywn set dersee have h tonf strules. th a quatyight n spite all the effor that pu into dirting rourceso historak ighborodsor exale we city whe it’s ke thiwhole econic recery ner even mistrust bween cmunity meers anpolicend whawe is ling th struge but found is y a natnal strugg toAnd dealith th in outimeItI are mive could eckn forc ttave broht thie untry to it kneesn the past a wia lo opeopleere unrhe impreson thas n theiown. t we’rwhat wre learng in r times if reaceacistystems a ructur wh neutl ones th’s notoing tbe enoh to deler. d y I unrstandhroughheeAnd that theres no time to loef my n it now. i veryncumbedo ons to areciat tt. Rit now in is coury.o talkg about buiingafe.l ighborods large fused masshootin are tgic w know tt lsl thgun thisn this cntry haen in ma shootgs. Can you talk. The new one of gun violee in leas have. Seral kin of iseselated to five inmate ptner vlence. Violenithinr counitieetweenroups a ofourse we vehe risof. yardmagef poli violeend Michl brows killi by. Of rren Wson o is sllree toy. Tk abouheany wa counit ahat you would do your rst. Hundred Days to make sure that our communities are much more safe. So unfortunately this has uched my communities in a number of my community at a number of ways. For every shooting that shocks the conscience of the nation. We lose as many people every day. In our city last year nine people were were murded nine milies went through that and at w conderea l An everyime there’s one ofve to. those shoongs d it’slmos always peoe ocolor but it’sa ust one family’s agony at a time. The to a you kw I wain. High scho when the Colbine school shoe sa wwereoing to do someing abouguns in is couny as g e our eves what wee gog to do.o ws students shootings school shootings group related violence police related shootis we have got to do thAmeric peoe. A mored is Uned than er on least me of e sts thate got toakeThe Amican peopl are Unitedd o how ist that tre is bn no Sena. For bcking at legislion th. to dl wh domtic vlenceurs beenssocted with ha crime and mat and hasn’happenI have oposed that we vest a biion dolrs in of funor countengi e deptment oomelan security fun tt this adnistraon actually cu. I n’t kn w youould c wh white natiolistiolence is oney thate can t thatight aow will en I’mreside. The biest thg weot to dos buildhe poc o n e Amican pple expt us.nd it mayay f at mayot prent eve tredy. But whe w have thi anguh andhen y’re ad sit wh the mhers. Andouu you setht mayore strglinggainst thisssue of g violee with the y at theationalevel ofs doinanythi aboutuns. About do nt tlawchool and he’ tting on o hundrethousa doars a udent an debHe went tGeoo ow. pensiv. Buthathe testimy of g d e on. Anthat kd of g. Did leaseheml rt in Amican socty becausthat’shl yohave tpaySomeon a u bause I knowou hav ur ownxperiee wh udent an dt whathat’s yo visio Of howe hel. Young folksurn thisorner wh can theation To hel people get aroun the sdent loanhat so thathey c is augeroblemnd-. Yehis unfortately it’h y millnial. I’m mried ta teache. h ‘s a tcherOnly as teher inteesseni made aa bartenr is p e rough hool tbecome othe set of oughtsbout figures udent bt in r but on ierest tes. Tir wayousehd. At hier. Than is on on a hoe righnow. Wee got ts o makg it psibleo work ay thac o fantasc. I ubt if is ntasti iaf plic impoible to tuallyccessostfgiven it we t o n thfront expanng Pell grts. d this te whene expand Pl h it tinflatn so y don’t ha to goack toongres ery ti. Inn ourouglas plan wlso l a three debtt let forgiveness for that because we know a lot of entrepreneurs. Cod do aot more to create opportunity for hers if they were dragged down by at. A I met a lot of blk entrreneurs wd me aut t extt to which pele ocolo are me likely especially theirstheir mily To entehe profesonal class e pele itheir faly to. Some of cl the blackax.ll the re reason we’ve got to make it more affordable to get into those professions to begin with. Aight everybody that was twenty twenty democratic pree confencen Atlanta Georg. natorory Boor w t that forou in ju momen whene retu. On newsow right re o. a o see lks he. All my whole lineag k chch a theesceent pasts. tore iy in mday a age wheI took over athf the’s no way we uldeals th the dp endem proems of ourityy coalg clergyeaders f ae by y of fting a prayer beuseWe will fer a hotel in fre s d fted becse we know says Mthew senteenut seed buteople fget the nexh thed you t to ft and ayAnd Iant to leyou all kno righ now tt were ia time ofCrisis it i arisi of viue so my othe prlems spituacris thawe aren d if as mberof t ith mmuny. not undersnd tt ts it ry coang offr timeTo deal wh thes th we arin. I get vy frtratedhen peopl want t the role of e church and t le of t civicpace tt is just n te divideour own body because church is e body of rist. And l righ. And I belie. As Phile l thgs thrgh Chrt who strethen y to sion the si wrong. is inot a sptator ort. Be wouldra when hsan r day d age n jt for the vriolict thappallinsilee and but actionAnd so Iant tohe communy. . h the is tomuch dkness d of t faitl appriate youeing he senatoTo stas isery in out praye twen years. Budid n get an answe et yesYoure runng for thpresidcy of e Unit our mmunit belie as fro presentou wou not jus lk thealk. Buyou wod wa that at is yoururwall to wa n mmunity’ bes intest wel speafor me. And hea folks do. need talk out whto are dng. mentiod life. In ft I wte aboutbeforeo y beinshapedy the spel of Christade met Mthewwenty fi talksbout bei tre I’ thenly peon Unid Statesenateha desion with life. To li in a cow n inne citNewark Newerseyn an arect ceus t media ince was foteen tusand househdAne fod therbecause the’s periAnd when Iirst medwonderl. w From Yalniversy Iame ino Nework. wi that rogancthat aaw udent ofn have. d I’ll ner fort I m a wan who wa a deaness iher chur e w attenve presinthe prects I wou move int A e sto m oMartinuther ki Boulerd says u wanto help ithe what saw tre was crack hoes the-heroject I descrid it. y ca help mnd youry to abou she worn. You nd trt lkingI seeutsidef you.t’s au my cmunity oy as pblems gointo be. But you see. Alhe timestubbory you se lov y see you s faith last two ps deces o mld li. Haveen fusing o t le out of t equion fiting i t place tt wa talkown out.nd morny pplere o an anyingecauseou kw. If mpeopley An Iee t gryf w wesees. present of e Unite State I wil n forge where I cam om will not fget the communits the first put me an off t b how the wlthy a the priveger doin tetric of myife isb ho ppleike theolks tha were dng aa toll. So stay crises w are havg in thisy infrastructu. If you le in falling down mass trans is a mess ifou live in the rural ars is a challen with roles in Of rning wernd a the kin of thgs we ow that t peoi n’t ha drinkg wateIn is yea weearnedhat in serve andherefo te. Is wate. ese infraructure issues disproportionately pactlacknd bwn pple. d whether that is running water whether that is deteriorating housinghether that is access to the internet. dispropoionate affecde mo bum in the roogend te us out w yogo futtin out pcee My in T. a system New Yk. inmate highlht all f the becaus y’re so timately quaint witthose sues willhow ay t evybodynow Iot a pte early is mot r botts of wer to my no an analy the overighbor. ints Amera whe the childn hein more tha twicehe blo lead levels oflint chigan. We have tsy spropoionateffecti low ince comna d brownommunies where enronmenl injusce.s unrminin the ality f our mmunitso haveuccess beuseithoutlean air and clean tee inife. d I’ve been erywhe from plinounty Noharolino Tallsee abama doi towards tryino highlitt ousands of arsn this countrhere n havelean watnd clean a ere ty canven ope their ndows beh xins inheir theancer ustersAnd it gotteworse withuper fsou know thism seveies and ehties Congrs acd bartisaonald Reagan authoze it MitchcConne ck in e eigies ved f compies.o get ridf Superfd sit ae gog dow while therefuse Repuicans mov not to t that b rea w we have somhing calle longitint Supeund sis whicare on the ineas2 gher ratesf autind birth dects. n perfun ses o dispportionate Iived o ther ia lack o mal urgey ihis counto focusnnvironntl injuice a it a inastructu pp prop.s I’m notoing to ay bause chilen are drinkg dirty water ann s peanentl doing dameo their tthei. r Infrtructurenvestmtn r couny since t senhow higay act which ba thenas a tllion doars I’mallingor mor anwo triion dolrs of peop numbe one tsay we n’t afrd it.ell wjust trillion dolla holen our nual dicitsnd nobody caed creatg heeficitt give tax breako the wethiest B the rlity is en younvest in theconomy youctuall creat a 1%eto vestme in infstructe t to ntione d’t makes the liv andell begThe dift of our u esident I will ken thi oblemf rural infstructe because we cannot compete in ecomy when uth Kor and Geany have fl broband petration but our kids don’t have access to the internet home and we’ll communities. I will make sure water systems and make sure roads and bridges and tunnels and mass transit it is tehat we hav marsh projecor ts ofmerie iest. In rselveand enre aealthy Righ nown thisoment w are eingnegulat bh bank and cooratiot indury all kd of indusy prey on k out sdentebt we tal out highnterest ratese lk abo pharmeutica coanies jacng umedici buy o medice can y talkices so o abt ccrete ings y would doo rain he corpotions th arectuallplayg. P. R.. Y. I Nn theoor and e margilized in our cntry so thim of o generion. With t se inorporaower is not bein checknywherndhat notnly th pfiteerg offs our pn but changg t rules othe o furtr benef the Tss y y hav msive to cvron pay no tax. This bloc work ll time jobs loer hrs than myarents d use fd smpsalk out tl armaceical suihis ishy you heeops li ours. Wer. Lirally raoning eir insuli. d endingp inl t lesorth o N Jerse i wi retur hernews wvebodyansulinf thiss aiveooka f n Los Anges turns out there was a little bit of breaking news police activity out there I’ll rern ijust momentt up. When we Sier staon ireg e puic tavoi t aa o acvityivilnsepordezovenue arin gunotsearhe trd streetromedeut arod is n I reatot a aivehi adtion dails not ofours ts is breingeatelnown a i toonittndn tes ofl ctinu moniring its fi e fo tkingbout t sce the sky ther but o cos t s Anges aan Fday weill finily kp a vyg sno be aeo the mentsemaing tt welos e on tI haveere onf peect teo leou aremder know we e strmil toght. So yan aays join oineven en wsign off someimeor aoupl more top oriesrom across the country thisi recoringhey said the whole role with efforts of St Louis first responders the children were left home alone in their apartment building. When neighbor saw smoke and flames boxes Jeff bd. Fall has more on the dramatic rescue. Thes chib at the first is on the scene with the singles fire department and then the job did e US getting upt a hospital what’ intohe upstair unithey ught throu smokend wer le to ght f childn. Wi the with pearedome of say they re allnder t age of foun montold tns we knowhat children a amatic situaons. They d fefighters went i a instea of je we’re tryi to do the cldre wearried o and he did not lookood.ell when I first came out they were kind of map and they ve to perform C the fire chilen were evenally breeng on tir own Now wt vestigatn is unr wayow the re srted awhyhe encouremoke alas w we encourageire t drls emergency drills in e ho.ut it imptant tt chilen Tasha deecided to talk to her kids abo sety it et plantollowi ursd afternos fire ve thehinkab. A safy please Howor r at simil conveatioith the bad somay t Se our childreneep our childresafe eseypes of cas to brg out a lotft f thei tding aard work Paidff ts i o alfirst responder forll yoareolic fe EMT yer happ to rk one Weeall appciatgain the peoe. eryby hello hpy Fday my me ipeop arereas we are mosto th weend. A righ I’vgot otp m lifoia’sontiing melerisi Now the cit Los Aeles fing fe. works to uanitarg its nditio. I see t avege funn becau nothi’s beiut the avs ne ty justhey jt wan getsone. A and is a nhing downwn and is ssionarks out finding solutions tget meless peoe off the stree andleaa passion is personal Ie gone theR over pathonhat fincial distrt forhreecaht wkine years. TA timesepord Thuray that after aix month inspd find theity attory’s oice and generalervice deptment for exposi itsorkeo unnitary conditis one se walks ao city hl eas Both offic plan to appeal but a officia fr the city attory’s offic ld the times they’re not like is nots problem tha. For ey didt viole any laws every sine n our street goes intour making our citizs ill thes repo said the citatns ce ter a cit eloyee sdor is lding the rall efftontctin ty thscopef the melessbieves leadershiphatity does that to itr o c wh kind cityave we leadships thaI’m vy dippoint in ic Gartti d I thke’s mu t terestedn bng pular. Then his inn wh the issueare. Alrigh erybodwe’re taken one more live lk at the Dow Jes industri g bugreen tay so far wll gonna a tig squeets isontinueod erybody buI’m gna tryo get iin. t hool aot of pele are deingith this is about dealgith him polls.nd it waa segmt on AM this mornin I’mht thvideolaying’m havg a little bi. Plseear with me w use t phse stand b quite often I thinkk g I omise.’m sti trygAnd I’m not se l get t videoo open but n’t s I dn’t try so. W the movies a preview witat Michl D. eve FriyLink tthis re. Ihe fst wh yo sothin I’vbeenntrigued by Its andtarringids y the codn’tee tir o movie nthat rn t repted vie it isalle good boy r ey had to y the tuatio theyere inhe tngs ty discered.eab d the y feelbout iwhen Ihat sa i And then I relax redents areated enj. Your old wate In coortable at for u. s thinking about the you actors whhad toctuallyo that and then ya awful if it not vy mu. He told already and no. Worse stuff out yeah. The movie it’s a coming of age movie three twelve year d boysho been nonef the ow howo kisso But e of tm flies.ot gets h ther’srone. Andlies ove eackyar of the xt door neighbors are girls they ve boyfl th done rig. Whethe drug isaptud byhe girls that’s the driving force behind the vie.s a- fun story of e incencef the bo excep stufthat y hear just. an othe publly correct life ze doll who their parents rer to CPR trainingevice d there are oth. Thin I can’t enn tevisionnd thawas it engh yea. We use it is theS the ings handledntly at what tse this are forheyidea ve ty think e thg is a thief CPdollnywaanyway. That’s the least of itIts well wc s The stStrong a Arizois thing. dertment of transptationr almost lunch hr he were just menn theest se o t valle 10 aifty Firstvenue plentyf carsn s e r o plse stayafe out the this weekens ate’re lking a o evenoday onewait bh Saturd and Sn blochats. Sunlasses wch all kidat forg aut you ps your family mbers your nghbors che on evybodyake sure the are fehiseekend Tnks s ch for wchingewsow which i aart o foxen Phoeni dot t acdental lost at but wel see ah on nday


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