• loren salazar

    Well darn , , ,
    Its just not NBC News by leading off the broadcast without fresh partisan slander against the President.
    You have a reputation to uphold NBC.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving

    The problem with this new hysteria-based weather reporting is that unless we ourselves are out in it and affected by it, we have no real way of judging whether this is any different at all from previous years. Given that Thanksgiving and Christmas are in winter months, travel during those holidays has always been affected by winter storms. But there was never this clearly intentional overarching hysteria by the weather-reporting agencies. I live in Chicago and didn't travel (except within the city) during this past week, and everything was fine, other than some high winds a few days ago which brought down some tree branches, corroded street lamps, and other debris. But to hear it on the national news, you would think everyone here was hunkered down and hiding in their cellars. Not so, I was out and about every single day…it wasn't even really that cold. Getting sick of what is appearing more and more like fake, hysteria-generating reporting.

  • Pat Asar

    How do these people know what TMH's plan is? What is killing the Ocean is pollution and greed NOT the will of the CREATOR!!!

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving

    Wait…over four minutes (of a 20 minute broadcast) of weather hysteria at the top of the program, then a cryptic 10 second blurb about something in the Netherlands – what happened? – we never find out! We just see a cell-phone capture of people running through the street, or a mall, or something – and on to another story. WTH??? What HAPPENED? What kind of newscast is this?

  • Ricky Tenderkiss

    You know, @NBC News, what the journalistically ethical thing to do is?

    It’s to keep your channel’s comments sections closed!

    Social media analytics tools routinely reveal suspect activity from red-flagged accounts comprises the majority of news channels’ traffic today. Nobody needs that sour nonsense: it’s not journalism, it’s not newsworthy, and you shouldn’t let the sheer volume of it overwhelm and drown out your reporting.

    If someone is telling you comments drive news channel engagement, they are wrong. If over half of what you see here is viewbots talking to botnets talking to synthetic puppet accounts — then maybe a few low-information voters picking up that toxic torch and running with it, then a very, very few real viewers bewildered by these garbage fires you let rage unabated — then that’s not real engagement. Ethics aside: any ad-buyer with a web analytics team is going to demand a reduction of their bill based on the amount of suspect traffic here, so it makes no financial sense either for you to keep these comments open.

    All you’re doing is giving a popular platform to well-organized propaganda campaigns for free, plus inexplicable free access to the viewers you’ve cultivated over the years. You wouldn’t give free airtime to North Korea State Broadcasting, or even to a domestic competitor, over cable or the airwaves, so it makes no sense for you to do so online.

    Do the right thing and keep these comments closed. Until you come up with a moderation strategy that keeps inappropriate activity from even being published to news channels in the first place — ads for sketchy pills sold online (or sunglasses or cryptocurrency), off-topic conspiracy nonsense, fake news, teens or socially challenged adults spewing obscenities for the sake of obscenity, bullying and targeted harassment directed at protected categories, trolls, spam, and indeed propaganda — it’s better to keep the comments of news channels entirely closed.

    If those bad actors wants a platform to speak from, let them build their own somewhere else, for their fans to flock to.

  • Rachel Long LMT

    Don't get me wrong, I love, love, love Lester. ❤️ I have to mention that José is my favorite journalist! 🤩 He holds the middle road very well and I appreciate his delivery. Most of all, I appreciate the privilege of his time! It's his sign off. 💖

  • Ricardo Cerrillo

    Jose signs off with a class act of appreciation of viewership and that pizza wizard puts a lot of us to shame with his dedication to making life more enjoyable for so many.

  • Rudy Straight


  • Yeylin Sin

    Good bless the pizza man ……is a really true good heart guy ….inmigrant from Turkey doing lovely service to the community

  • Jeff Hill

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z43JMffa1x0

  • PFC thomas W.

    that was a couple of days ago,
    It's now
    We are being told
    Monday into Tuesday

  • Red Eye

    Good deal? Well the truckers that delivered those products were harassed by the police, other drivers the weather and being away from home for weeks, most of the truckers are doing this for very little compensation. The trucking industry needs a complete overhaul, so if you care, do an investigation into the trucking industry, starting with Washington you won't regret it.

  • John P

    BEST DEAL on black friday , stay home buy nothing, SAVE! Cut the amount of sales taxes stolen from the people by the city and state governments! Demand sales tax free shopping!

  • Lord Lee Bowens

    Kamala Harris is not going to win the presidential race with all the evil she than done in the state of California. She'll be dropping out the race by February , March – 2029 .Her or no one else get my vote unless I hear 🗣 something about what they will do for black people ONLY.

  • Sven Frontin-Rollet

    it is going to be very difficult to reopen shopping distracts and centres… without common gun law… please don't want to be shot while they are shopping!!


    Ohh look at me I am god and I blame on what I don’t understand bro stfu 😒 your Country your problems and besides how come I herd you say you want the Amazon burning for more farmers huh 😡 give me a break

  • serafin nieves

    Biden is very much like Trump.Talks of winning and belittling his opponents. Biden is in it for power and recognition just like Trump he talks about winning a lot and makes no sense as to how his presidency will benefit our country and the people.He's in it for himself just like Trump.Enough already with this type of leadership.

  • Sofia Ruha

    Although I will always support my fellow immigrants I do not appreciate the title ""Instagram super star"" a hidden promotion for Mark Zuckerberg because media companies like NBC owns a substantial share of Facebook and they splitting trillions of dollars of advertising revenue the bias advertising of mark Zuckerberg is uncalled for.

  • claudermiller

    Full broadcast, 16 minutes? Jesus Christ! Thank God I haven't watched TV in about 5 years. What is it, half program, half commercial? Gonna dump YouTube soon for the same reason. Can't stand being pummeled with ads constantly.

  • William Brannen

    The CIA controlled mockingbird media is at it again, dumbing-down Americans with identity politics instead of delivering news. They don't want you to be informed about who is and why the Amazon is burning. There is a highway that runs through the middle of the Amazon. This highway was to provide a path of commute for ranchers and transport of beef out of the Amazon into countries like China who refused to purchase U.S. farmed beef. The old cattle ranches were converted to soybean farms so the cattle ranches had to move further into the Amazon which required land clearing. Bolsonaro gave free land to farm hands along the highway. The only way I can see Leonardo DiCaprio's $500,000 donation contributing to the expansion is it his donation was to land preservation in an already cleared land. The world's biggest contributor to pollution, human exploitation, meat consumption, fossil fuel consumption and threat to the Free world is China/strong arm of the New world order. If you want to make the world a better place eat less meat and buy less shiny plastic landfill from China.

  • Joel Norman

    If you knew what black friday really was you would not participate it has to do with selling slaves on the friday after Thanksgiving deals on buying slaves cheap. You cant MAKE this up its an ugly bag of SNAKES lets be aware PEOPLE GOOD SHOW BRO THANKYOU

  • Ana Ostfriesland

    While pizza man makes his tricks and another baby comes to this earth in a plane…our habitat is dying, our oceans are dying…. Good luck humanity. See you in a couple of years.

  • Deana Prine

    NBC FORCAST on Nov. 30th a little late warning for Arizona we got slammed the night of Thanksgiving in middle of night 1a.m. ALL OUR TOWNS POWER OUT due to winds and torrent rains /micro bursts alot of area woke up to no power water heat nothing no wifi no phone THIS WAS WAKE UP CALL to us We were NOT PREPARED uncharged lanterns and no flashlight battery packs alot went Wrong and power off 8 or more hrs and 19 degrees in house!!

  • Hippoge

    The Sea Urchins are there cause we killed all the Otters years ago. We've gotta bring the otters back to get rid of the urchins.

  • Samuel

    6:39 Really strange that the amazon fires resemble the fires in California. Does this look like a rain forest to you? It looks more like a desert, like california. Fake story? Who knows welcome to controlled media.

  • Jack Frost

    Glad I dont live in "snow country"
    and suppose they are gonna BLAME it on ???
    TRUMP ???..lol
    Biden?? Really? People are not that stupid…are they?

    TRUMP 2020 LANDSLIDE !!!
    4 MORE YEARS!!!
    As for the Sea Urchins Too late too soon…
    You were warned years ago !!!

  • Pamela Homeyer

    Hey Brazil stop blaming America let alone hard-working Americans. How beautiful you look this single out one American who's trying to do something good. It proves that you are for sale and that you yourself are behind the corruption are Brazil and the burning of Amazon

  • Jcapps57 Johnson

    All those insecure DUMBORATS have no chance over the Trumpster!!! May the pathetic politicians starting w Pelosi be pulverized when the swamp gets drained. They're all LIARS!!!

  • R. Ger.

    The brazilian president is looking for an escape goat and blaming Leo is because he lost control of his own country, the president of Brazil is a loser.

  • none ya

    What does it matter when they chop it up and make money out of it anyways

    I mean the animals in that situation is way more important because that was their home where they lived.

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