NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – February 25th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


  • Sunday Weiss

    That’s a kindergarten cop wanna b, instead of looking out for strangers danger, he’s taking a child who needed a nap to prison. Would b funny if it wasn’t so sad. The school says it didn’t want the child arrested, who called the police in the first place.

  • Michael Sanchez

    “Hot Pockets!”
    Hahaha you have billions and billions of dollars built an enormous empire and you have two of the stupidest children in America!! Hahahahahaha!!

  • amy benje


  • Lisa Vs the Cassandra Effect

    Finally it's official!! This is more dangerous than the flu..denial saves you from nothing..and yet it's so manys go-to 😒

  • nunya biznez

    Handcuffing a six year old?  The officer needs to be convicted of false arrest.  All school employees who participated in the decision to have the girl arrested need to be fired.  The school and the police department owe that little girl an apology.

  • Mona Monae

    Regarding the Coronavirus, what's gonna happen in the U.S, they're gonna suddenly spring it on us. I pray I'm wrong! On another note, that police officer is a "fool", where's the common sense. Sad he couldn't handle that any better. He personally executed this by himself. Shame on him!

  • Stacy Salinas

    Two big problems…first one is that some fruitcake thinks it's a regular day at the office to arrest a kid one grade out of kindergarten. Second problem, if he's been doing things like this for the 28 years of his career, how many potentially innocent people's lives has he ruined? I think that his department(s), if they're smart, better check to see how many NOT righteous arrests he has made!

  • Angela Howard

    How many people do you know that keep up with how many people they have arrested. This officer is stupid and anyone who was with him when he arrested this little girl. And it is obviously child abuse. Children's brain are not developed enough to be arrested. It makes no sense to them or to me either. Why was the police called anyway? The parents should have been called and I bet she would have a different attitude when they arrived. I say she the police department and the school too. But if the teacher didn't feel she should be arrested, the police should have given her a talking to and left. Everytime a officer is called doesn't mean he has to arrest anyone. If they did they would have to arrest themselves. Ask any policeman's WIFE.

  • Ron D

    I really hate cops🤬🤬 our black children go through enough then to be abused by our own. He needs to go home depressed and put a bullet in his head.

    Isaiah 66:16
    [16]For by fire and by his sword will the LORD plead with all flesh: and the slain of the LORD shall be many.

  • Billy Luna

    Ain't nobody let me go when I was young. I went straight to jail. Crying worse then this little girl. Scare straight program works for some and not for all.

  • nunya biznez

    I buy my groceries with cash only.  I don't want a record of my purchases maintained in a corporate database.   I very carefully restrict my debit card access.   My currency says "LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE."  I expect stores to take my cash.  A lot of people, myself included, would go to the deli and order up $1000 worth of cold cuts and get in line and offer to pay cash.   This is a very dangerous and slippery slope Amazon in embarking on.  I also won't use self check-out lines.   If a store wants me to ring up my own groceries and bag them myself they damned well better pay me to do it like I was an employee.  Otherwise I expect a cashier and a bag boy.   I was in Walmart the other day.  They replaced 90% of their regular cash registers and all the express lines with self check-out lines.   Then they shut down all the regular cash registers at 11PM.  I had $73 worth of custom order meats and deli items and $22 worth of produce in my cart.  I went to get in line at 11:30 and found no open cash registers.  I asked for a manager who told me I had to do self check-out.  I said no I don't work for him.  I told him what I had in my cart and expected a cashier to ring up my purchases and bag them.   He said no it was not possible.  I said then you'll have to put back everything in my cart as I refuse to do his work for him.  I parked the cart and began walking out.  He relented, begged me to return and offered to ring the order up himself.   Then he told me next time I will have to shop earlier.  I told him if the store is open I shop.  If there are no cashiers available to ring my order I will park my cart and leave.   He said they will be phasing out cashiers altogether by the end of the Year.  I told him "then you are phasing me out as a customer!"

  • Richy Cartel

    The US Supreme Court majority ruling requires a New Trial for the multi-milionare where at a jury trial where the prosecutor produce testimony by witnesses against the defendant whom are not a witness to anything to the charge on trial and never had reported to police about anything anyway, but were permitted to use their testimony to bolster the charge at trial do not require a objection by the defense for the improper said bostering comments were so prejudice and harmful impresion imposed upon the jury's mind that even if their was an proper objection made, the jury's would been unable to disregard the bolstering statements and not consider them during deliberations on guilt or innocence, depriving the defendant of his Right to a full completely fair, impartial and
    unbiased jury trial, violating his 6th Amendment Right to the Constitution of the USA.
    What does NBC Nightly News anchorman means in saying, "prosecutor's are saying that this trial is a [landmark] to trials to come"? This trial was conducted as like a mockery. This trial cuts down and total noncompliance with the Constitutional muster wording of the 6th Amendment Right. If the prosecutor's believes the defendantis guilty, then give him a "fair and impartial trial by jury."
    I Remain,
    25FEB2020; 2052 H.H.

  • xxBladeSnowxx

    I dont think they shoukda fired that officer, that is a scared straight moment that lil girl will remember and maybe straighten out. Although i agree pressing charges is too much, but a lil perp walk and then release could be a turning point.

  • Tobad Foryou

    It's been here they have been spraying it in the cemtrails over the state's it's the U.N.SECURITY COUNCIL AGENDA 21 ….. JADE HELM…. BE ALERT…..

  • Lynn McDermett

    So the Olympic committee would rather open the world up to this deadly virus than to protect everyone and cancel the games. SAD just SAD.

  • Meg

    I stay away from Walmart and I will avoid Amazon Warehoused food like the PLAGUE – I actually like interacting with my fellow man. I am not just an algorithm in your brave new world, Bezos – go pound sand, monopoly king. I will eat my neighbor's cheap roadside stand squash and tomatoes giving him cold hard cash or trading for eggs and chickens before I give bezos another virtual-smartphone-swipe penny of the wealth that needs to stay in MY COMMUNITY. Dam Bezos

  • Lawrence Cole

    Let's see Trump's wall stop this! OH OH I meant have you forgot about Epstein yet?! Remember all those super rich child molesters raping kids on child molester island?

  • fabrice alibert

    All that those women want is MONEY , at least Harvey weinstein had some good choice because those women are for most
    part beautiful.

  • Tollie Petoors

    I am greatly disturbed by a small child being placed in handcuffs, nay, I am sickened. Are Americans proud of their law enforcement against babes? All values seem to have been lost in your country and you can no longer claim to be a shining city on the hill for the rest of the world. You are becoming a cesspit.

  • Diane Hutton

    First of all to downplay something means you have to have first hand knowledge but fake news as DT states never tell the truth

  • krrrruptidsoless

    China called CDC and asked if they have a cure for Corona virus

    CDC replies no

    Will you help us find one says China to the CDC

    Not right now

    China lets loose Corona virus

    How about now says China

  • colette s

    what happened to calling the parents when a child was so bad the teacher wanted them removed? What could a 6 year old do that calling the police to get her out of the school was the thing to do? Why would any police force agree to get involved? Most of all, how did traumatizing a 6 year old do any good for the teacher, the police or the child? Not enough back story on this report.

  • James Ricker

    Someone can tell Donald Trump the coronavirus is most dangerous to men over 60, his largest voter demographic.
    That should provoke some uncharacteristically responsible behavior

  • xaylus

    I like how they say the risk is "low" but they end it by saying be prepared for a massive outbreak and all of you are gonna die and turn into zombies trololo

  • M. Bacon

    Trump talking about Harvey Weinstein like he doesn't have scandals with tons of different women and tapes of him talking about groping and kissing women whether they like it or not is really insane. President Hypocrite is so blinded by his ego that he doesn't even see how hypocritical and ironic that is. Trump should go share a cell with Weinstein and they can reminisce about their homie Epstein.

  • David Johnson

    Poor hot pockets Queen, I feel so bad her kids are so stupid that their mommy has to put down her pizza and beer and purchase some fake credentials for her Mal nourished, no health food, pizza-filled offspring with pepperoni brains….

  • krrrruptidsoless

    So what about the country that's put their citizens on alert about no joy riding
    You have to be doing/hauling/delivering something in your vehicle You can't just be toodling around

  • josefina bananos

    NBC should get its most excellent reporter Richard Engel out of China immediately, before all avenues of exit are closed. Why can he not do his reports by Skype or telephone with his Chinese medical contacts, instead of being exposed to the Plague at Ground Zero?

  • Cuba Bound

    Just a matter of time :O buy masks and stock up on food and water folks! 😀 lol, jk, but you should be prepared for an emergency of any kind. Living the the pacific northwest.. you make sure you have at a bit to get through.
    And if you shop at an Amazon grocery store… convenience comes with a price.

  • NecoByteZ

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    In this video, I've discussed a brief introduction of COVID-19 and 10 ways to avoid getting an infection!

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  • Jose Francisco

    Child Arrest Story: Our principals and teachers always kept "a very effective paddle handy," way back then, to control us, just in case. 🦉

  • luvsilly60

    I didn’t think rich people had to worry about test scores. I thought they bought their way in.

    Tesla – Italian for Darwin.

    Dear Florida- learn the meaning of Timeout.

  • Louis Braille

    Now new world order is now in control stock will crash and ww3 is next waiting for trump to win in November and FEMA with the virus

  • Touchofgrey53

    What did I tell you? Check my yesterday's comment on the Schwein! He is already complaining of chest pains. Mark my words; he will not serve jail time! ! !

  • moni4peace

    What kind of monsters would allow this to happen to a child. The policeman was so proud that she was the youngest he has handcuffed. He needs to be arrested for traumatising this poor little girl. Also the school officials.

  • Duston Hampe

    Children get to get the virus at school and bring it home to their parents and their parents go to work spread the virus to their coworkers closed schools

  • Peace

    When a six-year-old gets arrested, one needs to wonder what has happened to humanity in the USA. When the mainstream media gives Amazon over a minute of free advertising, you can see how power is maintained by so few. Tax corporations like you tax me.

  • Touchofgrey53

    Amazon IS a clear and present danger to all stores. (check what absurdly strikt rules they have to get your items on their shelves!) But, shoppers would sell their own mother to save a few cents. No ethics! I could save a few pennies by shopping at TESCO but I shop elsewhere to help those other stores fight that hawk-nosed evil.

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