My Life Goals For 2020! (ft. Passion Planner) | Rikki Poynter

My Life Goals For 2020! (ft. Passion Planner) | Rikki Poynter

Hello everyone. So I am back at this table with hopefully,
a better sort of planner angle. You’ll have to let me know
how you like this. But today I wanted to go over my 2020
goals because we are very close to 2020. And instead of just telling you
about my goals, I wanted to incorporate a video
with my 2020 Passion Planner. Because what the Passion Planner is,
is well, a planner that’s all about meeting your goals
and your passion. So that’s what we’re going
to do and with this… You know what, what let me show you. By the way, this is the medium size
Passion Planner. It’s the dated regular one. I am a dated planner
through and through. So, like right here you have
this page that tells you how a Passion Planner works. And the first one right here,
it says to dream big. It’s a passion roadmap – a one page overview of your short
and long term goals. Once you’re done, circle one goal
in each section that you would like to prioritize. And the first step to achieving your
goals is to write them down. So don’t hold back. And there’s a little example, and then
you’re supposed to mark it down. After you get your big ones, break it down. It says pick one goal you’ve circled that
will have the most positive impact. This is your game changer
and write it in the center square. So like one of the things here was to
get healthy, and then you put it here. Start writing all the steps that will
help you achieve that goal. Transfer these steps into your
monthly and weekly layouts to ensure you are making progress. And then there’s the rest of that. And then here’s the actual
passion roadmap. It says one, make a wish list. Set your timer for five minutes. Imagine that whatever you write
on this piece of paper will come true within a
designated time frame. Think of it as a wish list
describing your ideal life. Ask yourself, if I could be anything, do anything or have anything,
what would it be? Write every single thing that comes to
mind and be as specific as possible. Lastly, do not feel the need to be
realistic or justify your dreams. Wow. So can I say I want to
be rich as heck? Alright. (LAUGHS) Alright, here’s the downside – Is that I have to write on the left side, and I don’t know if the angle is going
to be too great, but we’re gonna try. Five minutes, haven’t started that yet. The pen I’m using,
in case you’re curious, is a Pigma Micron pen
with the plastic nib. The black… it looks like this
if it will focus at all, but you can get these at Michaels
for a few dollars. Alright, so I’m just gonna do this for
the next five minutes and see what I come up with. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Alright, here we go. Obviously, this side
does not really line up. These two just did not line up
because of the angle. So, here’s my current wish list
and let’s start with three months because those are closest. So, in three months, that will be
March 15, 2020, I would like at least – that looks like a one, but I would
like at least two speaking engagements. I’m actually halfway there. Because I have one that’s
supposed to be in February, and it’s a paid speaking engagement,
I should probably specify. So let’s put paid, right there because
as much as I like going to conventions and things, like Playlist, they don’t
pay you, and that doesn’t pay the bills. So I would like at least two
speaking engagements. So I just need one more. I would like to have at least one
sponsored video on my channel, and I would like to be at $1,000
income monthly on my Patreon. I have not made it there. I have made it halfway there before
and a little more than halfway before, but I have never been exactly
at this number and I know that there are things that
I could do to make that happen. So I mean, if you would like to pledge
on my Patreon and support my work, I will have a link down below and
you’ll get exclusive videos, writing, music playlists, etc, etc,
you won’t get out in the public. And now we have one year,
December 15, 2020. I would like at least 10 speaking gigs. So we’ve got 12 months in a year. Once a month would be great
and obviously, I want them to be paid. That’s not to say that I wouldn’t take any speaking engagements that aren’t paid. MazzCon, Playlist, VidCon,
things like that, those aren’t paid and I would definitely still go, because reimbursements happen
and you know, they pay for your food
and things like that. But still, as someone who wants
consistent income in work, we want to strive for
paid speaking gigs. I would like at least five
sponsorships. So you know, that’s one every
two months, maybe or so. I don’t think that’s a horrible number. I know there are lots of YouTubers
who get way more than that in a year but you know, something I strive for. This year in 2019, I had a goal of
a 100k subs. We did not meet that but maybe,
hopefully in 2020 that can happen, by almost the end of 2020. And also $2, 000 for Patreon,
that would be cool. In three years time, December 15 2022, if the planet has not completely
been destroyed by then, I would like to be in a much better
living environment. We won’t go too much into detail about that, but that’s where I would like to be,
ideally with my partner. Consistent work. As a freelancer, I think even
freelancers who have been freelancing for way longer than me still struggle
with consistent work. But it’s still a goal. I want to never have
to really worry about finding work and I would like to publish a book
or at least get one written, work on publishing it. And it could be one or two things
or I could go for both. Either like a deaf memoir type of thing
or a child abuse awareness type of memoir because those
are the two big things in my life – Me being deaf and growing up mainstream
and trying to find my journey. And then this, this is also a big thing. I want more of what I want to get into. And I struggled with lifetime a little bit. But we have consistent work again. I mean, who wouldn’t want
consistent work for the rest of their life, right? But then I would like to be happy,
or at least content, have good health, things like that. You could just put all that in there. Alright, so now we’re supposed to
prioritize and it says, “Time’s up. Now set the timer for one minute,
go back to each of the four sections “and circle one goal that would have
the most positive impact in your life.” Alright, so we’re going to do that. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Alright, we’re struggling
a little bit here. So we’ll start with what we know. Lifetime, obviously being content
and happy would be great. Three years, in a better
living environment. That, hands down, this
would help tremendously with happiness and
being content. For a year I struggled with
my amount of speaking gigs and what would actually help
financially, right? And to be quite frank, consistent
income is what would help. And this is something that would be more consistent than
like a speaking gig, because speaking gigs are not
necessarily consistent. Does that make any sense? Because if I were to have this
be the same as this, I would need one like every month. And it has to be the same amount,
I guess, I don’t know. It was very hard for me to like,
come up with goals. I’m not good at this, but I’m trying. Especially in this sort of
format, you know, I can make a list of my goals,
but trying to do it as like a map, like a bubble map is very
confusing for me. And that’s when I got stuck
when I was thinking about this, even though I think I did
this backwards. So I was like, OK, two speaking gigs. This would help a lot. But this is more consistent,
more financially stable, if you will, than one of this. So it made me, actually, this is it… so maybe we’ll put a big… (LAUGHS)
near this. Ah, OK. And obviously, things like this is
something that I will be working for. This is providing a service. I want to provide a good service,
a great service to people, so they get their money’s worth,
like any other business. Alright, and then here we have
Ready, Set, Go. These are the four goals that you
are going to prioritize. Now we’re going to make
or create a passion plan to help map out how to get there. A passion plan is a mind map that
visually breaks down your goals into steps those specific,
actionable, measurable and time-sensitive. But then I have to only do one. That makes no sense. So what do I do? Is it happiness or… See right here it says
get healthy. OK, this is confusing. OK, I think I’m less confused –
Yeah, you have to pick one. So alright, you know what I can do? Let’s make better living environment – no, no, I’m going to do consistent
work being the goal because consistent work,
at least in my brain, this – the Patreon, fits in with consistent work. Because Patreon is work. It’s not just oh, you’re not just donating money
for Patreon to get nothing. So OK, you know what I’m going to do –
my game changer it’s just going to be… Work. OK and then alright so,
it says create your first passion plan. Your game changer is the goal
that would have the most positive impact
on your life right now. Write this in the blank box below, work. Set your timer for five minutes. Write down all the necessary steps
needed to achieve your goal. The more detailed the better. Connect each step to the middle
box with a line. See example. So moving back here, you have
alright, this person says get healthy, buy a gym membership, go to the gym,
sleep, meditate, blah, blah, blah. Set five minutes, alright? (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC) Alright, well my brain was kind of
giving out in the last minute of this, but I think I have a decent idea
of how I want to go. Listen, I’m not really sure if I really did it
right but OK. So let’s start in a circle,
I guess or go like this way. So for work, part of work is well, you need views to get people to
know who you are. So one of the more consistent things
I definitely wanted to do, especially if it were to be… I feel like
if I do more interactive kind of video that would
help bring people in. So there’s a series – I talked about
this on social before. There’s a series that I wanna do called,
‘Ask Rikki.’ Very simple and I already have
the form and I’m already planning on pre-filming soon, where people
can ask a question and get invited. It was kind of Iike, get to the point,
but I don’t know. It’s just something a little more
casual and laid back. So that’s a very small bit but
for speaking engagements, I would benefit from emailing companies and I have emailed a few
companies for sponsorships but didn’t really get anywhere. But you know, I should still try. One of the things that I think
would really help is a media kit. Roberto Blake is always talking
about media kits, and I don’t really understand what they
are, but we’re gonna figure that out. And if I could email one or two a week,
maybe I could even do more than that. But we’ll start off with one
or two a week. I could email schools for
speaking engagements, also that’s what I could do
with businesses as well. I’m just separating them
because why not? The same with emailing
one or two a week and I have emailed a lot of schools
in the past like local schools, so I have local and national written
down and I think I only succeeded with getting one speaking gig. I almost had two, but then
they just ghosted me and that was my high school
that I went to. They ghosted me and what helps
is make a more relatable content, which I already do. You know, deaf awareness,
disability awareness, and I want to talk about
other things well. And what…how these two can go
together is me updating my site a little more, always
checking to make sure, is there anything I can do to make my
website better and more accessible to these
businesses? And then if I want to make a
specific amount of income in Patreon, there are two things that I do
but could still be better at. Mentioning it in videos. I always try to mention it before
getting to the bulk of a video but sometimes I forget, so in case
that ever does happen, I would like to make a separate
pop up graphic because sometimes I catch
myself remembering, and then I say it at the very end
when I’m filming and then cut it and move it. But if I could also have a separate
pop up graphic, that also helps as a call to action. So, and that’s what I have
here – call to action. One of the perks that I have, so this
already helps is when somebody pledges, I say thank you on Instagram, Facebook, I should do YouTube more
often, but yeah. And then at least once a week,
I just want to make a graphic post letting people know,
“Hey, you know, go on Patreon.” Because not everyone watches
your YouTube channel, but they may find you on Twitter
or Facebook, you know. So it’s just nice to be able to remind
people that you have a Patreon because you can have a lot of
followers, a lot of viewers but people still might not know
that you don’t have a Patreon. And then are some people
who might be like, “Oh my God, why are you
always mentioning it?” But I mean, when you’re a freelancer,
your own business person, you will have to keep
telling people. Alright? Ah, yes. And then it says add specifics,
add due dates for each of these tasks. I mean, I don’t really think
I need to do that because if it’s a once a week thing,
then I just got to… you know if I want to make a
pop up graphic, let’s do that. I don’t wanna do it tonight. Tonight is a [indistinct] day, so let’s say – thank goodness for a calendar
in front of me. Let’s do this tomorrow. So 12/16, and then I have to do
another one of these. Let’s do 12/16. For a media kit, ideally let’s do one – over the time that I fly
back after Jersey. I’ll have a lot of time to work on
my stuff during Christmas break because I don’t take breaks. And then series… Every Friday for as long
as I can do them. And also with this, if I do a series,
then that probably means I want to strive for three uploads a
week so I cannot do my regular uploads in case something’s happening and
then this will be my set date. Yeah. So create a timeline, number all the tasks in the order
which they must be completed. Do I need like a different pen for this? One…actually no. (LAUGHS) Let’s make that two. This can be one. Oh no. OK, we’re just gonna have a sparkly…two.
(VOCALISES) Make a date. You know what? That last part…
we’re gonna leave it. Let’s make a date. Write all these tasks and their
corresponding due dates. Throughout the year use the – OK, we’re not
gonna worry about that. But Yeah. Oh, here we go. Here is – hope my phone doesn’t
fall off the table. This is my very messy – Let me be honest, the first two times
I did the try a Passion Planner, I didn’t really do all this. That’s where I screwed up
the first time. I kept buying these Passion Planners
before and then I stopped using them after such a short after, after
such a short amount of time because I wasn’t utilizing it the way
that it’s supposed to be. So no wonder, no wonder I was failing. Oh, yeah, hopefully, yeah,
I’ll just keep track of these. And that’ll help me out a lot. And then, in case you’re curious, so this is what happens
when you have a week. So this, it starts on December 30th, I can use it then so you have
your weekly layout. So you have a personal to do list, which means I can say I need
to get my butt to the gym and then your work to-do list. I can say I need to work on
‘Ask Rikki,’ number one. Work on this video and blah,
blah, blah, write this article. And I’m not sure what to do
to this space here. But then, after every month, this was something I also didn’t
really care to use, but now I’m going to utilize it,
some monthly reflection. So you can write what was
the most memorable part? The three biggest lessons. Review your planner and
assess your priorities. Are you happy with how you
spent your time? And if not, what steps can you take
next month to adjust? That’s like I say, maybe I need
to wake up here, or pay attention to my hourly
Google Calendar, things like that. What did you accomplish
and what are you most proud of? Because I am such a negative Nancy,
this would be so helpful for me. But of course I also have
to be disciplined and actually make sure I accomplish anything. So we’re going to work on them. What are you grateful for? Who are you grateful for? Definitely something
that I could utilize. And name three things
you can improve on. So that will be interesting. So thank you for coming
along with me on my 2020 goals in this
particular planner. Let me know down below
what your goals are for 2020 and also let me know if you
have a Passion Planner. I’m just curious what does
yours look like? I’m…I’m so curious. If you would like to help
translate this video, I will have a translation link down
below in description box. It always helps me out. Be sure to share this video
with your friends. Give it a thumbs up
and I will see you later. Bye. (INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC)


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