Market Update with Krista Mashore – 11.10.17

Market Update with Krista Mashore – 11.10.17

– Hi, everyone, Krista
Mashore, Homes By Krista. So, this is a nationwide market update. Why am I telling you this? Because people are wondering,
what’s the economy doing? What’s happening? Are we gonna have another bust? Look at what this map shows you. If you can see on this map right here, there is a lot of blue. In fact, in California, the
average person actually has over $30,000 in equity,
just this year alone. Now here’s the crazy thing, 30% of actual people that own homes do not even have mortgages, so this does not account for people that do not have mortgages. Now let’s look at the
map across the nation to see who has significant equity. Now, significant equity means 20% or more homes in California that have mortgages have significant equity. Again, 30% of them do not
have mortgages at all, so that means a lot of home
owners own their homes outright. Now take a look at this map. You see a lot of blue. What does that mean? Look at California specifically. So in California, over 87% of homeowners actually have 20% or more
equity in their homes, and here’s the crazy thing, most people don’t even
realize they have that. That’s the purpose for this video. You might be able to buy
up or maybe buy down. You have equity that you may
not even realize that you have. Now this is pretty staggering too, now look across the nation. If you look from Quarter 1 to Quarter 2, we are seeing more dark blue, which means more people
have significant equity in our nation than they even realize. Now, just look at Quarter 1 to Quarter 2, just in California, how much appreciation, or how much equity that we have. Again, significant equity. We’re seeing that continue to rise. Here’s another cool stat, buyer
traffic across the nation. Now look it. We only see blue here, right? So, buyer traffic is very, very strong. If you notice, California is strong and the states surrounding
California is very, very strong. This is a good thing. Buyer traffic right now across the nation is very, very high and
that’s a great thing. Why is that a great thing? Because with buyer traffic being high, that means homes are still selling. Look at this graph on foot
traffic over the last 12 months. Look at November, look at December, you see heavy foot traffic. Now, that’s indicative,
most year, year after year, I tell people all of the time that it’s really really not
a bad time at all to sell during November and December because the inventory
goes down, but as you see, buyer traffic, foot traffic, is still up, which is a great thing if you’re thinking about buying or selling
right now, this time of year. Now let’s take a look
at the interest rates. As you can see, right now,
interest rates have actually taken a little bit of a dip recently, but they are anticipated to go up just about a half a percent
throughout next year. That means buyers, it’s
a great time to buy, sellers, it’s a great time to sell because more buyers can afford your home the lower that the interest rates are. The average time to close a
loan is actually going down. It was at 48, now we’re around 43, so if you have a contract
that’s around 30, 35 days, don’t stress and freak out if
it takes a little bit longer. Many times the lending institutions, they’re taking a little
bit longer to close loans because they’re making sure these buyers truly are qualified. With that being said, let’s take a look at the average FICO score it
takes to get a loan right now. Over 50% of people actually
have a credit score ranging from 600 to 750. So, what does that mean? You may or may not be able to qualify, and you probably do, when
you don’t even realize it. So this is just a really quick overview of what interest rates are doing, what foot traffic is doing, how our homes are appreciating, who has equity and who
doesn’t, across the nation. If you need anything
else real estate related, please be sure to reach
out to me and let me know. Krista Mashore, Homes By Krista, I’m here to be your resource
for anything and everything you need to know real estate related. Make it a great home
and selling, buying day. National, eh. So, in California, over 80, eh. Actually have credit scores between seh. I don’t like that, let’s just
get rid of that altogether.

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