Maan Karate – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani | Anirudh Ravichander

Maan Karate – Tamil Full Movie | Sivakarthikeyan, Hansika Motwani | Anirudh Ravichander

Give me your employee lD’s! There you go, here. We must not have any interference from our company
anymore again. Spit on it.. Go away! Hey the man that you saw maybe is someone close to
god. Yes! He looked like one. It’s impossible to find him in this thick jungle? At least did you manage to get his mobile number? Hey, this was the dog together with him just now. Hey, is he the one? Yes. He is the one. Hey, I feel afraid lets go back. Why are you living in the jungle? It is the God’s order. He did not wore his clothes in order,
but claims that he is here due to God’s order. Keep your mouth shut
before he curses all of us. Ask him to grant us any wish
than I will believe you. We are employees from Satham Computers. We are earning monthly 70000 rupees only. It’s fully used for
car installment, fuel and mobile bill. Since when girls have paid for mobile bills.
Don’t try to fool him since he is in the jungle. We want to be millionaires soon,
please grant us a few wishes to get what we want. Just one wish,
any one of you may ask. I’ll wish, I will, me,
I think batter I wish. Hey, keep quiet!
Ladies first. Then you wish for it since you’re one. OK, 0k quit quarreling.Lets write down our wish using our
hand phone and place it nearby him. Let him choose one out of our five wishes. He surely cannot grant this wish. What have you wished for? Wait and see dude. What did you wish for? I have wished for the future news paper which
falls on a public holiday. Why did you ask that for? How is it possible to get the paper
which will be not printed on that day. This will prove
he is real or fake. Hello brother you will not find that dated newspaper.
Stop showing off in front of these girls. Hey, check out the date,
it’s the date that you wished for. The very next day after the public holiday. Check this out! Satham Computers which was closed
4 months back is been opened back again. It is the final hearing from the court. Hey, it’s our company and why is it stated
that our company is closed for the past 4 months. Which means tomorrow our company will shut down? Hey, come one. It is not true.
He must be playing the fool since we made fun of him. Pick up your phones and lets go. (HUH)it don’t make sense that he
gave us future dated paper 4 months in advance. I pray that the news in this paper is not true. I didn’t know that you were this old fashion. We are going to open our new
branch over there at the USA. I am going to read out the list
whom will be moved to that branch. The CEO of the Satham Computers
were arrested early this morning. The company is closed down till further investigation. Hey, where is the news paper. The whole of India knows there won’t be newspaper
printed on the particular public holiday. Why are you all questioning as though it is a new
practice. Sir, by chance is there any special edition. Look, we are running this media for 72 years and not
even ones we have printed out newspaper on that day. We only close that one day the whole
year and you all are not satisfied on it. There were hails on this date at our country. Hey, the news on the paper regards our closed company
is just a coincidence. Look! What? It is the second time we had hails in Chennai after the
second of June about 12noon. So what? What is the date today? June 2nd. What is the time now? It’s nearing to 12pm. Where is the rain? If the paper is true,
it should have rained by now. Oh yes, it’s June 2nd.
Thank God. Why are you all upset,
it’s not too late yet. This is future dated 4 months ahead newspaper. Every news in this is really going to happen,
and only the five of us know this. So, we are going use the information
and make money out of it ok. Nice idea. Wife arrested for murdering
husband using her secret lover. Husband is murdered brutally. Instead of finding money you’re
reading hopeless cases. Real estate president has gone missing leaving
back his wife with another woman. Nonsense. Hey, give it to me I will read it. Sure, since girls are the one
whom are crazy about money. Read and get it. Prize worth 2 million rupees. Hey, all our 5 names is stated in the paper. What, our names?
Show! Chennai Boxing Champion Thomas
Peter was awarded with 2 million rupees upon winning. He gave the 2 million worth of price to Sandy, Gokul,
Joe, Nikita and Vaishnavias they were the reason of his winnings. He have mentioned all five of us.
Who is this Peter. Peter is my son,
but he is not a boxer as you all think. Since when my son became a boxer. Wearing gloves and punching each
others face is what you all mean as boxing rite. That means you are not a boxer is it. I am never one. Hey girl you look very pretty.
Bye than. You stop showing off your tooth
since only that is white in you. He is Thomas son Peter as stated in the newspaper,
but he claims that he is not a boxer. This means that the 2 million is ours. Howl! If we make him a boxer. IT brain. If I get any girl as pretty as this“ Got it. She is so fair(white). Since she have smiled let’s eat the ice cream. You’re hot. Thanks, come give it to me. Did you lick it? I don’t care you take this both
and get me two new ones. Hey ms Snow White I have only ate one of it. Follow me! Look, if you do not ask to follow also I will follow
but now you’re asking me to follow you… Get me 2 new ones that final! But, I have no cash with me. I don’t care you ask
anyone. But, no one will come
even if I call. You call your friend first
then we will see about it. My friend Kumar is at ground floor,
call him he has cash with him. Why should I,
you call him. My phone is barred. I’m poor. He is killing me! OK, give me the mobile number. It’s ringing. He will not come if I speak to him,
if it’s a girl he will come immediately. Just mention my name. What, credit card promotion is it. I am Peter’s friend here. Peter’s friend?Trying to create new story is it. Hey! He is not believing me. Hey she is my girl. Really! Simply, than only he will come. Hello, please come to 3rd floor,
we are here waiting for you from just now. Come. You want it? Peter!
Looks like you’ve hide this from me. Meet my friend Fire Kumar. Very Important. Get me the money from him now. Hey, give her 20 rupees if you have now. 20 rupees?
Since when I had such a big amount? Just 20 rupees is a big amount for you all is it. If it is not a big amount
then why don’t you just leave? Got you. Veerat Koli(chicken)
is out and you please don’t tensed me up. We can buy other chicken madam. Excuse me,
I have another friend maybe you can try to his number. Superb bro.Just save her number and wait,
I will ask what is her name. Hey, you have just gave your number but
what is your name so that I can save your number. Shall I save it as Budjukutty. Yalini, come lets go. Oh God! Yalini,
her name is as pretty as her. So do her friend. True there is a boxing league in the month of Oct
but the prize is 100000 not 2 million rupees. Just want to query if there is any sponsor
from Air Asia for any boxing league. Sorry sir but Air Asia do not sponsor for
any other sports besides cricket. Not now mam,
maybe 4 months later. Sure not because it’s only for cricket. Looks like the will ask us for that. No responds. Guy’s don’t worry Peter will win and
Air Asia will sponsor 2 million because.. It’s written on the newspaper. This issue only 5 of us
know and not even Peter knows it, because… It’s written on the newspaper. Correct. So, we have to make
Peter become a Boxer. If we do so? He will win and we will
get the 2 million rupees. Dream on! He will fight and get RS 1OOOOO and you will
just cheer him from out of the ring and get RS 2M is it. OK, than we offer him 50000 per month and
also some of his personal expanses, for sure he will agree since he is jobless.OK we will get him sign on
the agreement and
beginthe game.Look at the difference between her and she.
Hmmmm! You said that you have something to talk on? Something,
it’s about the boxing. Boxing is my Type- I have just recently met a good looking girl. What if I get punched on my
face and the girl says no to me. Am I right. Correct() You’re own friend
said that I am right. What do you mean right.
Tell him about the offer You tell. We will give you monthly 50000. 50000 means? 75000? We give you 100000. You all asking me to give a try? What is this? Agreement. Now we are going to participate for boxing or
agriculture, please do not confuse me. Agreement means signing contract. For what? What if we cheat you without giving
you the money that we promised you. The cash prize is for you
and if there is any extra it’s for us. Extra, as I know they will
only give another trophy(bronze). That is more than enough for us boss. Looks like I’m surrounded with 5 idiots. Such a fool. Such a fool. Sign here right. Opps, everything is written in English. Oh no, he is thinking twice. Will you give the bike also. Singing(The smell of the flower…) Oh God. Gosh, that briyani flavored fart
smell and I promise I am vegetarian. Why did the fat soul played my love life this way.
lam going to kill you. Yes, I am going for Yalini
and that is my career for the time being. Till then, I am not free to attend any boxing. How are we suppose to get
her hooked up with you sir?I? Than hook me up with that girl than. That is impossible. That is why you are here today. What you say is right but I don’t think it will work.
Just keep on chasing her and you will get her one day. So you are asking me
to wait for her indirectly right. If we wait in love we will grow old and die. But we will all die if you keep on talking like this. Go ahead and die but hook me up with Yalini and die. HEY! If I fail to get her
I won’t attend any boxing. How are we suppose
to set her for him. We studied hard all this
while to hook up the girl for him. How do we do that now. Just snap her pic now. Her facebook account name is Yalini Sethuraman. She is the only child and her
dad is Laila College HOD forTamil subject. She studied medical line. After her studies,
her dad opened a medical shop for her. Due to high interest on sports,
she is currently working at the Tennis arena as attendant. Her job is to pick up tennis balls out of
court and also fold the nets after the game ends. You mean ball picker? Yalini loves sports and if you follow her
as a boxer and she will surely fall for you. You mean to say that
boxing is sports category. All this while I did not know this. She is nearing us so start acting. Let me try to impress her
today without talking a word. It’s working I believe. Hey, don’t come. Why? He have brought the mechanic. Whom? Hmmm, my friend. Looks like the silencer worked well. OK sister. How much? Brother had paid me already. The sister is expecting
you to speak to her. If someone speaks always and don’t at times will disturb
the girls feelings more according to Peter’s Technology. It is a crowded at
this petrol station as well. Don’t know how
long it’s going to take. Please follow the queue.(pam attendant) Wait! I’m keep on saying follow the
queue and you seem not to understand. No, my friend is over there. Please meet him outside
and please be fair to others. Come one, I have fueled in my tank
extra to share some to you. You noticed me is it? Are you a Boxer? Yes. I must start my love journey
after filling up this petrol. I love sports very much. So do me,
I’m mad about it. Hmmm,
I have never even watched any on TV. How much? Don’t worry. As it is you have paid for my tire that day,
tell me how much please. I don’t want any money,
buy me a coffee and that will do. Coffee and patrol seems to be the same price nowadays Is it true that all
of them here are lovers. Yes. What will they think about us. Sure they will
think the same too. Is it.
God is on my side now. Hey,
you do not have a boyfriend rite. Don’t lie, sure you will have one
plus you are looking pretty. Look at her. She also has one opposite
her and one in her phone. Nope,
seriously I am single. Fine I will make it doubles
but please confirm with her that So you don’t love anyone. Boys use to follow me and
say that they love me but, When they come across my dad
they will run away never returned. Is your dad that ugly? It’s not that! You will have to win the competition
which is organized by him. Competition?
What competition? It is a rhyme competition. You mean rhyme competition. How many rhymes? Minimum 10. Not 10 but I can more than that about 5.
Opps 55 I mean. You just name me the place,time,day and
date and I will be there. He thinks that he is great
if he reads English book. Yalini’s Villa. After marriage must immediately
change it to my name.Hello uncle.Why all of them are reading? She mentioned that it is rhyme competition. Must we read for that? Even animals
have IPAD nowadays. How do I meet Yalini now
without these peoples knowing? Hey! Hi YA!(Yalini) What are you doing here? To participate the competition you said. Hey, are you trying to get recommendation. If you are the girls uncle doesn’t
mean that I must be scared of you. Uncle? I came for the competition too. You look like a caperator but you claim yourself as a
competitor. Please don’t make me laugh. Hey are you trying to be funny. You mean token? Hey token come and sit here. Make sure you note this guy,
go I say. OK competitor please don’t bark,
I will go. When we are looking only
she goes in the house. For that you must
at least look good a bit. What’s your name? Vaval(owl) Do you know the rules
and regulation of an owl. I’m Tamil language graduate.(Muniver) OH, Muniver but I don’t like. I will marry off my daughter to someone
whom can tell 10 different rhymes of (Thiruquaral). Come, start. The best Hotel is Mau hotel…
Full stop. Am I selected sir? I asked our Tamil lecturer why
there is the word hotel in the Tamil poet. I asked right. Yes. He sent me in after confirming that it’s correct. I missed the opportunity. Good day to you. I’m so handsome. Enough, tell me the rhymes. Are you working as a bus assistant. No! I’m a Tamil language teacher. Tamil teacher! Hey, you pass right.
Congratulations. A very good day to you sir. Your name? Peter. Is this your first try
or your second try? That one I am not sure but I can
perfectly say the rhymes that you want. He is going to be
impressed on my performance. You are just going to speak out
and why are you showing your back to me. There will be some action
involved while I tell out those rhymes. The first voice. The total boys outside there including me are 15 of them. 10 of them look like Pakistan terrorist. 4 of them look like suspects of police. I am the only one look good out of all the competitors. The next I will mimic on
this voice with respectful words. I am your loving Tamil film director Barathy Raja. Talking about your daughter Yalini,
she is such a beautiful girl. No one in this world will
believe that you’re her dad. But I believe the mother must be beautiful,
where is she. OK we don’t need her and I believe
that Peter is the best partner for your daughter. OK big nose. Sorry it came in the flow. Sir, you will love this voice. There is a black ship within our group. Hey is your head spinning,
you must be pregnant than. Soldiers, rotate your heads. Sethu! Which to shoot first your head which is
thinking or your face which is staring. I can speak in varieties
of voices like this. Idiot, I’m asking for (thirukural) but you
are speaking in many different voices. Thirukural means? Who wrote (Thirukural)? Vairamuthu. The man with beard. Vaalee. We are gone. Is it wrong? Let’s make things easy for you. Hey who wrote Kambarramayanam? Kambar. Look, it’s in the titles name as well. Than the person’s name who
wrote Thirukural must be Kuralarasan. Yah, yah very smart. Hey, if don’t know means say don’t know. If you all talk a lot
means you see what I will do. OK don’t go to her come here
I will teach you as you understand. The person whom wrote Thirukural is Thiruvaluvar. Thiruvaluvar! They have split into 3 Chapters. Than how about Amala Pal. I will kill you. What is this Kamapal. Since the ladies are
asking come one answer. Why can’t she ask something else? How do I explain this? Male+female=Baby. This one I understand.Practicing(Thirukural).“.Excuse me. This will not work,
let me give you guys an idea. This is Yalini’s house blueprint. Then why is it green in color. Let her speak sir. Gokul,vaisu,joe and me
will take our positions here. How about Sandy? I will stand on the streets. That’s what I expected. Please concentrate.. OK, where are we going to plant the bomb. In your mouth. You mean to say in front of the house? All of a sudden he started to think properly already. We will symbolic the rhymes and you will
have to tell out to Yalini’s dad using this help. What do you mean? Show him an example. What is this? Gun. Which rhyme must you tell when she
shows you this gun during the competition. Which rhyme? So this time whose voice
are you going to speak like? My voice. Are you aware that this is about Thirukural. Tell me. It is right why are you nervous. They are gone. Who? Do not stress yourself
and just tell it out calmly. Going to Dubai? Gone, I am going to lose my lover. Can I get some water. Wow! What do you mean by Rahini printers. I have read out that together. I thought that I was going to fail due to nervous. How did you win? You love towards Rahini(printers). That’s why you read out Rahini printers is it. How you know? I am the one whom hanged it there. They have mentioned about
our boxing championship. Who are those foreign girls. They are my cousins. Is it uncle. Why are you walking like a vibrator.
Please be normal. Hi boss. You don’t look like a boxer also?? Infect you also don’t look like an officer. OK, 0k sign here. It’s all in Hindi. Give everybody sweets. But why? My mum said must eat sweets
before we start anything good in our life. Didn’t she say that buy
those sweets with your own money. Where must I sign? Here, here. People ask him to sign
but he is drawing. Looks like we have won the boxing. Who the hell is that. Ask him what he wants. Looks like you have came here
hearing there is free food is it. Not to eat but fight. Have you seen your
face at the mirror. That day you beat me in IQ test
but you cannot win me in fighting. We will meet in the ring. Tomorrow onwards must start practice. It’s only for you. Than do me a favor. What is it. Get me some beers to drink with
side dish which contains high protein. Why high proteins. Than only it will be healthy for me. Look how is he creating a story to drink. Please do not mix the brands of beer
just get all from the same brand to avoid headache. Make sure you place the
beer on your face before you buy it. But why? To know weather is cold or not. Nowadays no
shops sell cold beer. I knew it you were a alcoholic
since you look like a tin beer. Don’t worry and let me think further. We are dead now. What do you think about this spot? Nice spot. Buy a fridge and place it there
and we can fill up the beers for me in it. Sir, we are making a move and
please be at the gym at sharp 6 am. B! Yes. You mean midnight! Looks like I must sleep well and tight. Do you know this Hindi actress? It’s not that I meant,
I mean the aircond advertisement modal. Please fix for me that aircond please. Lucky he did not ask for the actress. May I know what color you like the most? All of us do not like colors. He asked me, I like blue. I also like blue so please
paint my house blue color. It is painted blue as it is. But it was not painted with your money.And than…We will come later than. Bye. Hey, what are you holding? Please leave it for me to use. Why don’t you ask her as well. I will surely asked if she
would have been looking nice. Sir, juice. Hey, you looks as dark as my
buddy here. It’s because of the eyewear’s. What juice is this? It’s a free juice. What?! Pineapple(annasi) juice. Brother lman? Good joke. Let me laugh first. Hey, feed me! This is the only thing I haven’t
done to you. Open your mouth. Hey, am I Srividya from the movie
“Aboorva Sagotharargal”? You are pouring the juice
like a poison as in the movie. You are very irresponsible. Who are you?
– Coach. What do I care?
– He’s the boxing coach. Coach, isn’t there any gate (entrance) to the ring? What?
– You must cross over and go in. Am I the Taj Mahal for him to go around me?
– Keep quiet. Raise your hands.
Higher. Open it wider. Are you a dentist? Inhale your breath. Inhale deeper! Take position. He’s posing like a warrior.
Stand properly. If you can dance, I too can.
Do you want to see? Don’t hit. Get in! Coach, he’s punching me. Ask him not to hit me, you buffalo. Punch him harder. Brother, let’s talk it out. Who are they?
They are hitting a boxer. Is he a boxer? Buffalo, ask him not to hit.
– You must fight back! The one disturbs a person who is asleep
after drinks must… Why your voice sounds disgusting? The alcohol is not a good brand. Won’t you keep quiet? Oh, I not yet answer! Where are you? I am at home, practicing.
– My house! You not yet go for training? Hey, shall I hit you?
– Should I? Don’t fight.
– Why, you want to hit? Are you not ready yet? Why is there some kind of smell? It’s nothing.
– lt’s just an alcohol smell. Alcohol! It’s impossible in this house. You are trapped. I’m caught red handed. I will tell the truth. I’ll tell what’s hidden thus far. That belongs to my dad. He can’t go to work without drinking. She bought it, just continue damaging his image. It’s been like this since I was young. He drinks every day. I will come back with trophy after
winning in sports… …but he will use it to drink alcohol
and sleep. But still, I overcame all that to be a
cricket player… Ooppss, I blabbered.
– Peter, you are a boxer. Even you manage to handle it now. You have to handle my family from now on. Must award an Oscar to those who
fall in love. Shall we leave?
-OK. He will hit me if I go there. Leave!
Why are you flirting with me?I’m very tired of practicing…can you give something to boost me? You can consume Horlicks to boost
your energy. There’s something else.
– What is it? No way.
– I can’t practice then. Your kiss will determine my
career in boxing. OK, close your eyes. Please don’t bite. That is all?
before your match. This alone is so energizing… …wonder what will happen to the one
who gets punch from me. What’s it Yazhni?…hewill hit lo men easily. I have motivated him a lot, just watch. OK Yazhni, thanks. He fights very well.
– Who is he talking about? -Who? It’s Peter.
He fights well. Bro, it is working. It’s superb! Maybe he hired them to praise him. Peter will be the champion of this year. What’s his name? Peter. Peter, “The Killer.” His dad’s name? Thomas. Is he the Peter as stated in the paper? Yet, his dad should be working in BSNL! We even investigated that too. He was transferred to Rayapuram BSNL one week ago. From where?
-Puna! So, who’s the guy we are sponsoring then? They tied me as if I’m a terrorist. Let me down.
You look horrible from this view. You look worst from my view. So you agree that you look horrible. Stop joking, there are two Peters now.Look……we havespentso much.What’s your answer for all these? Let me down, I will give another plan. What’s your plan now? Let me down first.
– Tell your plan first. What would we do if we knew he is
the actual Peter? We would have made an agreement with him. We shall do it now. He doesn’t know the reward is Rs 2 crores. Yea, it’s true. What you all want?Peter willbethe boxing champion……only we knew it.I knew it as well. Did you go to Chandragiri Forest
as well? What are you blabbering? He was the champion in the last He will win by knockout in this
tournament. I thought the Holy Man gave him the
paper as well. What paper?
Is it regarding sponsorship? Yes, please help us in this dealing……wewill give you Rs 1 lakhs monthly as a bribe. Why must go out? We have to be with Peter in order for
him to win. You all must be with him? Hi Peter!
-Rs 10lakhs monthly! No need to practice at all!
– Can easily win! Soon in Chennai! Shall we make a deal? How come he’s using this car? The blacky is such a nuisance. This beggars are irritating. It’s you guys. What happened to you all? What happened? Why are you not answering my call? Don’t complain if I don’t perform well. Boxing is not as easy as you think. Please do something to him. Yes, do it.
Go and get taxi. Order food together. I’ll go in and start my training. From here it will looks like I’m sleeping. Only alert me when my girl comes. All the lies he tells for a nap.
But you all fools. We know that he’s not the boxer right.
Then why all this?! If we need the amount,
we need someone like him. The other person don’t want us,
and this one never let us go. Only 2 points we have to win.
One his name is Peter, or we should be with him. Both is correct right.
Then why do we need to worry?! Once he wins the match,
I should whistle first. Sports is a game right? But they’re fighting for real. Are they playing?!
This doesn’t suits us! Lets go! know this marten. Hi!
Let’s Escape! She’s calling. Just follow as what
I say.. What is this?
just open it. I think it’s going to
be a big gift She is cautious. Is this very important now. Is this the face mask used
by the traffic police. It’s for your protection. Don’t forget to
use it. She is concern
about her problem. Just tell. Will you listen to
my words. Yes I will. Can wait outside the arena
until the match over. Outside?
why? You might get scared And start hating me. Me! Scared? You might get scared
tell her! She won’t get scared
let her come to arena. Useless. What is your problem! I’m not sure how to
handle this. Let me tell you
the truth Why? Not that matter! If you come the arena My eyes will be
looking at you. Then I will change
to romantic mode. You want to be in
action mode or not. I learned how to
whistle for you. Wow, she learned
to whistle Then you whistle
form outside I will hear it
from inside N m’ I W t; h It! Please my dear. No! You want me to
win or lose. Win. Then wait outside
the arena. You are chasing me. Go After this I wont
come even if you call me. Do you know that I was
anxiously waiting for the Fight. Throw this thing. We must escape
from here. They are calling you. Are you brainless
are you guys brainless as well. If you come in a group
how am I suppose to escape. Why you upset,
did we do anything wrong? Yes. My mind is not focused. His mind is not focused. I won’t take part in
the tournament. He won’t take part in
tournament. Imp going back
he is going back. That’s all. Are you playing
with us .7 That what I’m saying
I’m not going to fight. Don’t play with us. I’m not going to fight
in this tournament See you for the
next tournament. You have agree to
fight in this tournament. Signed the agreement
and collected the money. You call the police. Why? We want to take
legal action against you. Then 0k, I thought you
going to lodge police report. Yes, we are going to lodge
the report. Are they going to make
the report? They want to lodge
police report. I have no strength to
get wacked by the police. I’m going back. You spend the money
together with me right. Give me some idea. He is thinking, he will come
out with good solution. Give us two month time
we will give back the money. We give you 10 minutes. Otherwise we are going
to inform your father in law. Father in law? What are we going
to do now? We proudly presenting
a very special celebrity How are you?
What are your father doing? Curse you!
You chit chat outside ring with him. Both of you doesn’t know English, right?
I’ll explain in Tamil. Total of 10 rounds. It’s not how you think,
this is boxing round. One round we have 3 minutes,
so for 10 rounds? – 40 minutes. Curse you!
– 30 minutes. You have a great future. After finishing each 3 minutes, they
will rang the bell. – Then we go for meal. And go back home.
Why are you behaving like this?! Are you a boxer?!
Why are you behaving like this! See how your opponent stands?! And an important matter. When he punches
you, you must receive it on your nose. Same goes to you. Both of you cooperate and get punches.
Only then we can go back home soon. You go and undress the jacket.
– Whose jacket?! Will whack you!
Your jacket! It’s because love matter,
I don’t want get into fight. Why are you walking behind me?
Hit him! They brought ppl on street for boxing?! Why is keep running?
When he will start fighting?! This is Maan Karate. What does that mean?
– It’s a great skill. When opponent strike him,
he will escape like a deer. Peter won!
– He won?! No, you have won! Boxing seems easy. Your guy have won! You know right?
He’s a boxer. He don’t look like a boxer? They never said anything about it. If you want, punch him and see. Why is your eyes watery? Seems your girl’s friends are here. She’s asking
whether if she can come in to see the match. No need, do you know which
is the most humiliating? Let your girl sees herself that
you’re worthless. We can just die.
– So you want her to come in. Don’t you understand my punch dialogue?!
Keep quiet! May all this boxers save me. With only round with him,
I’ve need to have 10 rounds of drinks at home! He’s looking like a gorilla’s baby. Where you bought this belt? We will give the belt by ourselves
if buffaloes like you win. You should not bring yourself. I won’t get anything from others. Then, will you like to
get hit by others. Why all of you behaving
like the same? I’ll whack you! You are insulting me
in front of my brothers. You will get nasty if they hit back. All of them? They looks like some
weird creatures. I’m angry with him
more than you. He’s my aim. HE’S your aim?! Mine as well. Give me your hand. He have tortured me
during the previous match. You must beat him to death. Come, let’s go beat him together. You are the one must beat him. Are you trying to put me in jail?! Don’t try to do any hanky panky
thing like in the previous match. Look at him.. He just like a bear. He will beat you to death
with just one punch. Try to save yourself or beat him. Don’t go after Yazhini!
– You don’t go after her! Don’t talk about Yazhini!
– You don’t talk about her! Wait guys! Who’s that Yazhini? I’m in love with her. I joined this boxing competition
just to get married with her. Yes, that’s the way.
– What is this all about? He’s lying. He’s a very dangerous. It’s seems you are lying. Not me, he’s the one lying. Are you guys mad? Are you guys really
came here to fight? Than let me go. Hey, come back here! They just torturing me. Hit him! The bell going to ring. He always pull me closer. Look here! If you guys going prolong this… I will decide the winner by
tossing coin. I want head(Ajith).
– Than I want “Thalapathy” (Wjay) You guy’s may choose anyone. Since you are here,
just try to punch him for once. You idiot.
Punch him for once. If you brave enough,
try to punch me. Great challenge!
Punch him..punch him! Are you guys making fun of me?! His he pissed off? Let’s get back to the fight. What they are doing? No shame at all. Get out of my way.
I’m in a good mood. Hey! That’s Peter! As the competition enters
the third day,.. …semi-final match will be starting
in few hours more. Since “Maan Karate” Peter
going to fight today… he’s getting overwhelming support
from children’s and boxing fans. You might bitten by an ant. Did you see that? He is so tough. You must knock out him. How dare you? I have forgot my job already. Wait! I just got to know that
even my body has blood. He’s disqualified
since he punched me. You were showing off
too much just now. You are qualified for the final,
since we have no choice. Really boxing is so easy. This way guys.- This party is for me
by my father-in-law. So, please behave yourself guys. Look who’s talking. I’m not hitting you because you
have treated me many times. Peter, that girl looks really nice. Hey, she’s my mother-in-law. Please don’t spoil my life
by getting drunk and make trouble. You may go now. Make sure
don’t disturb any girls. Where is Sandy? Give me that! Is this good? Isn’t good to drink without me? Leave some for me. Why you were drinking
cheap liquor? You can get expensive liquors here. It’s gone. Let’s go. Don’t touch that. Are we at market? Let’s us ask him. Can we get some liquor? No. Only vegetable soup available. What? Non-sense!
What are you talking about? Hey, stop it. I’ll get it outside. What you going get? This two girls. Liquor..for him. Only for me? Can you take a leave now? Let’s go together. Go to the other side. You have promised me to give
a kiss during training itself. Now I have entered final already. Can I get one? I’m leaving, somebody is calling me. Please help me to get a kiss. I’ll borrow my mouth. I’ll get pissed. I can help you in your love matters,
but not to get a kiss. Then you are useless. That’s it, not going to
get kissed or liquor to drink. I know this will happen since earlier. I got a doubt with your father-in-law
so I have hide a full bottle here. Together with this man? What you were doing inside? Somebody have left this bottle here. He’s the one. Will I let it go?
No way. I have finish drinking it. I will whack you. I will not get a kiss. You still can get
a kiss after ten o’clock. Can you get liquor? Yes you are right.
What to do now? They have closed it. Why can’t you keep open it till late? Why can’t you keep open it till late? Are you wondering how did
we manage to come to the Finals? Don’t mind how many Peter comes for
the tournament, only our Peter will wins. Another important matter.
It isn’t Rs 1 Lakhs winning money. Its Rs 2 Crores.
Do you know who is giving that? Biggest company in India. Air Asia. Do you know who is going to receive it? Us! We did told you that day itself. But you never listen. Now start to regret. Why do you need suit to drink? Air Asia is here! Air Asia rewarding for the champion Rs 2 Crores. Can you say any interesting about yourself?
– I have already started boxing before even I born. You might kick your mother
womb when you’re inside. But my mother use to say I
kicked using my hand. Even my coach get shocked. He policy to win by punching ppl.
And mine without punching them. If he wants, ask him to take an insurance policy. As reported, 88 percent voted
that Maan Karate will win. And your response for this matter? I don’t need all this survey.
I only care who wins the title! What is your response about this survey? What shall I say?
Most of them said what? Then what?
Ppl’s results are the decision making. None have touched
Maan Karate Peter in the ring. What if you can’t touch him.
What will you do? Have you saw a murder in live?! Come for the match. You will see him die in my first punch. Will see a live murder. If you watch him carefully.
Killer who is standing in right side.. Asked you to see the person who is beating,
but you’re watching at the person get trashed! Come back fast! Why I need this night dress for?
– This is a boxing rob! Look now. Is it nice? Why are you moody?
– Nothing. No, you’re lying. Killer Peter said will kill me.
– Why? Can’t you do the same to him? My full support on your side. We should do as what we were doing
before this. This kind of love won’t suits us. You just break off with her. Break off with her? This is only done by girls.
We lie to them to get them. Our area girls curse us in many ways,
but my girl trust me fully. She make me feel special.
I can’t let her go. If so, just fight and win this tournament!
– But he said that he will kill me right?! Do you want me to suicide? So you don’t want to enter the tournament,
same time don’t want her to think wrongly about you. You should loose even didn’t win. So you want to live and
you want her too. Yes!
Just give me an idea if you got any! Put your hand. You want her or not?! I want…
– So just put your hand here! Put here.
Like this! After that? If we slam this door like this“
– Then?I You hand will broke.
Then you don’t need to box for the final. Your girl and your live won’t
go away from you. Its my hand.
– Which is important?! My live is important.
– Then keep your hand here! If you shouted when your hand breaks.
We should handle this situation carefully. Think of her for a moment.Smile…Why are you shouting?!
Show your hand properly. This won’t effect my live right? You can even fix this at home itself. Why such drama? Why did you broke my hand? I did saw your hand on top of
mine when you slam the door. Than why say anything.
– You stuck the cloth in my mouth right. Than how to say it..
– Its painful. Why are you shouting?!
There are ppl(people) sacrifices life for love! You just injured you hand?!
– But its your love! Ya, its my love right. He’s my Peter. Will you pray for him to win the match? She’s your girlfriend? She’s a good person.
Don’t miss her. I need to ask you something. I need to ask you something!
Will you teach me boxing? I will, if a person ran off from this match.
What will happen? -You will win. You’re champion right! What is the person is me?! What is I’m not a boxer at all.
I don’t even know what is boxing is. Is I lied to you?
What will you do? I will cry.
I will shout at you. I will push you away. I will run to my dad’s lap and start crying.
I will tell that I got cheated by someone. But I know all this won’t happen.
You don’t even know how to express love. Will you lie?! I need to talk to you for 2 minutes. Come in. Tell me. I need to talk to you personally. I don’t know about boxing.
I’m just a normal guy on street. I’m just acting like a boxer
just because she loves it. I’m scared she will left me
if I loose in this match. You even said at the church,
not to miss her in life. I will surely die if I fight
with your husband. I want to live a life with her. I want you to talk
to him in behalf of me. If he loose in this one match,
I will get her. For him this is just a title.
But its a life for me. He’s asking chance to win for his love. So you’re asking me to loose?
– Not to loose, but you can quit. It doesn’t mean that
you lost if quit, right. This is my passion.
Boxing is my life. I can’t let it go for anyone. Ask him to fight and
win the title by himself. He doesn’t know
what is boxing is. He came asking help. We can consider him right. Title is not easy to achieve.
Its like a wife. Can I let you go,
if someone come and ask you? Same goes to this title.
Boxing and you’re the same for me. He’s begging so much.
Look pity.I willtalk to him. Who are you?
Do you know what boxing is?! A fight between two men. You came begging!
You can’t even wear gloves properly. And you want this title? You’re ppl’s champion and
I need to loose to you?! I have said publicly that
will kill you in the ring. So I’m letting you go alive now. Get lost! Pls help me any how.
Ppl like me never gets a girl like her. I got her for real.
She’s an angel. Shouldn’t miss her. So come and fight in the ring. Then if you know how to fight,
you will beat me?! I didn’t meant in that way.
Pls give me a chance to win. Its my life. OK, I will let the title for you once.
Will you let her to me for once? Please don’t talk like that way. Call her and ask
her to come here. She have to spend one night with me.
And you will be champion tomorrow. You see boxing lightly, right?! I don’t have any other choice. Pls give the chance to win.
Pity her. I will do anything for her. How you can’t let her go,
so do I can’t let go the title! You want her or your life?!
Decide it! But if you come to the ring!
I will kill you! I don’t know how to box… pm begging you right. I haven’t done anything for her. If she get to know that I cheated her,
sure she will break apart. I cannot live without her. All gone! I don’t even know
how to propose love, coach. She taught me how. I just asked him to help me.
So will say anything as he likes? I’m not a boxer.
I don’t know how to fight. But I must at least hit him for once.
And see him after I hit him. Look here.
In law having drinks. Greetings, in law. What are you staring at?!
Will we get scared if he hits us?! Why are you in this custom every time?!
Answer me that first! No one can defeated my friend.
He’s the one going to win. Do you know that? Not only because but the
whole winning money is ours! Because we’re with him. You don’t believe right.
You won’t believe! Today midnight, iceberg rain will pour.
Then you will believe. Who are you’ll?!
What relates all of you in boxing?! You said will be sponsored by Air Asia,
and they did. You said they will announce the price money.
And they did exactly how to told. You said it will ice berg rain.
I rains! How you get to know all this?!
– And we know another thing. Maan karate Peter will win in the fight.
Coz we’re with him. I don’t need all the answer
how all this works. My son in law must win.
What should I do for it?! Tell me?! Money isn’t a big problem for me.
– Money is our concern. You just have the whole winning money.
– We will get it if we just stay with Peter. Just because you’ll with him,
he succeed enter for finals. But you’re not fools.
My man must win. What is the price?
Tell me! Can you give us Rs 50 Lakhs extra,
excluding price money. Here I have Rs 75 Lakhs, sign this agreement
saying that you will on our side. Take the money. I give commitments that he
will the winning money to you! Don’t! If we go their side,
Peter will loose. What is he looses,
we just need money. He is boxer only when
we’re with him. Sure he will die if we change side. I pawn all my sister’s wedding jeweleries into this,
if this doesn’t work than I’m dead for real. Its a big amount.
No need to think anything. Take it! It is safe if we travel with a
professional rather than a fool. In the middle of hot news about ring fight.
The boxer fought with Killer Peter dead. This news made today’s match hotter. The crowds is already coming in for
the event. Full with media ppl. In this fight, the question is asked
whether Maan Karate will be alive or not. People’s opinion.
– Saw the result of the first match right. Your channel broadcast his death right. Don’t enter in this tournament.
You can’t win. You will die!
You can’t fight him! Can’t I even hit him once? Its equals to suicide. Today is the Final match.
Its not my wish him to win this. I just need him back alive. They all want him to win. I don’t have a proper
guidance since I was small. I let it go then.
Now I really want to win. I can’t make it, coach?!
Can’t ppl like me wins?! Nothing is impossible. If we performed
well, anyone can win anybody. Here there isn’t anyone without any skills.
Most ppl don’t use it well. Each ones’ skills only comes
out in a desperate situation. A chicken only can
fly to this height. By science, that is the facts. But if a eagle took away its chics,
it will fly higher to get it back. You came here by knowing that
you will die right?! A boxer just need this guts to fight. If he wants to kill you.
He must come in front of you. If it so, he must be ready to die too. I will wait outside. Don’t loose!
Get up! All the sin will come to us if
anything happens to him. He’s not a boxer for real. He’s fighting
just because he scared that you’ll leave him. Don’t continue Peter.
I know you don’t know boxing. I love you more than this sports. I won’t leave you here.
Pls come back with me! Pls listen to me! She’s your girl?
She’s hot. Can you send her to me?! I have hit him right. I have hit him once right, coach?!
– Not once but twice. Now you decide!
Do as what he planned to do to you. Pls let him go. Tell him that you’ll follow me back.
I will spare him. Will you ask for my girl?! If wanted things happen as on the
agreement, the other Peter should win right. But he won?!
– Then the news on paper is false. When ppl around you adviced you not to fight
with the Killer Peter, what makes you to fight bravely? I fought because of my girl. She trusted me fully.
She accept me as her life. She even learnt how to
whistle for me. I have become a boxer.
Can you blow whistle for me. I’m just a normal guy in the street.
I don’t even know what boxing is. But the one believed in me,
the sponsors and my friends.. I dedicate this title for them. My friends should receive this prize money.
The suffered so much for me without expecting anything. Why? – You have proved us that
anyone with hard work can achieve. This belongs to you.


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