Let’s talk about ddlc on BBC News | spoilers

Hello peeps and cheeps! Kalomay here. It’s been a long time since I’ve made a video that was not on a computer, which it’s over there So it’s over there? So! I wanted to talk about this “thing” that’s been going on um You know, Doki Doki- Doki doki Literature club hold up So Doki Doki Literature Club ‘n stuff have gone BBC News or whatever clearly that was not the adult nah- no clearly it wasn’t the game’s fault Because the Game itself did nothing wrong It gave MULTIPLE warnings That the game was not suited for… PEOPLE Under 13 or people who have suicidal thoughts and crap [heavy breath] I’m not HAPPY with this Okay..? This video…. everything [heavy breath] [Claps] Okay, um So if you didn’t hear the story I will link a video to the full Thing you haven’t already saw it for you DDLC fans I’ll just summarize the story here So the parents of a 15 year old male child Committed su- No the child who is 15 years old or whatever I don’t know the exact age, probably is 15 years old. committed suicide after playing the game. O-oh So, this is clearly how the story went I Hold up Haven’t had anything planned for this, but This is how it’s gonna go So we’ve got this main character for you Frick you eevee>:-( So we’ve got our main character, Monika here Sayori Yuri And Natsuki Monika over here like, “I’m okay. I’m innocent” – goodbye – the… where’d it go? here you are πŸ™‚ who-weh! *Cough im dying right now Okay, who would I say this was…? Yuri or something? no, Sayori. all right. Yes, Sayori- Sayori “I’m happy. I’m not really happy. Okay. I’m not really happy” do-do-do-do-do. “OHHHH!!!” Oh Sayori! I want to write a poem for you! “oh, thank you for the poem!!!! :)” “I really I really like it.” why are you so enthusiastic about it?! “I don’t like you.” “UUUUUU you hurt my feelings!!! πŸ™ ” I ruin everything UUUUUUUUUUU!!!!! So SAD!! [Horse sound] i died Y-You can- you can go now Okay, So OHHHHH Yuri, hi Yuri, “hello” “i” “Hello” “um… I don’t like your poem.” Okay. I’ll write a poem for you Types poems i mean- writes writes poems OOOOOHHHHHH! Yuri, I wrote a poem for you, “oh, I love this poem. Can I keep it?” yes, you can keep it. “I hate you Yuri” “Why do you hate me?” “Because you like the mc or kalomay”- whatever “OHHHHHHH!” “I didn’t know!” I ruined your settings and whatever “I’M SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS- “Oh” “MC. I like you, will you accept my confession?” yes or no depending on the characters decision “Uh-oh. So happy / angry. I’m going to stab myself to death.” [death sounds] three days Goodbye, Yuri πŸ™‚ “I’m Natsuki. I’m- s ” Yeah, Nats- Oh “What the- oh my god Yuri!!” [barf sounds] Goodbye πŸ™‚ “Oh- oh” “Well, that’s a shame, I didn’t know script was broken that badly” “Well, do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do” types stuff Helloh Monikah, “hi. Delete me, please.” Okay, do-do-do-do-do delete- dead, bye~ >:-) Okay Cough. Oh It’s a- it’s eh new game clicks new game. Okay. So now we got we got Monika out the way. goodbye Monika. “goodbye” Oh Hi Sayori ! πŸ™‚ “Oh hi MC depending on what your name is” uh “I hate Natski and I hate Yuri.. So Yuri and Natsuki are gonna go die.” “Yay!! I’m so happy that you deleted Monika! That’s right” “I know you deleted and Monika. I know everything probably because I’m Club leader now, but we’re going to be together…” “f o r e v e r” “no I don’t want this” Where- where is she? Ow my head “No, I don’t want this you can’t do this” deletes everything deletes, “goodbye” “This club has no happiness after all” you see that? Okay, so that’s what happened to Kid plays through the whole entire game. I think or watches something about that. WHOOOWOOOH I cant breathe Okay, so eventually this kid like freaks out was like oh I’m super depressed OHHHHHH Super depressed I became Yuri or whatever Whoever other character he decided to become And they killed themselves, so the parents blame The game for killing their son, the son really just killed themselves and parents of just playing the game now the parents told whatever and then the got on BBB BBB B-B-B B! B! B! BBC News or whatever British something channel and Now they’re like blaming the game the parents told dan salvato The only thing that was funny about that video is how the news reporter pronouced dan salvato, Dan saveto dan savato Savato, and that was- that was just funny right there, dan savato Dan sal-va-to, that’s how you pronounce it not Dan savato- whatever you pronounced like, but it was really funny But um, RIP that kid EUHUHHAUH There, okay- um Yeah, I don’t know if you can hear me but this is going on YouTube if you if You couldn’t tell Sorry for spoiling like the whole entire thing, but you should have known that you’re going to Indeed find spoilers for the game if you would watch this video. I Got this idea from Bijuu Mike. Like if i already said that, I’m pretty sure I didn’t Because we do actually have a lel- lot of good ideas including everybody from the comments section on his uh video about that THAT Just came out not too long ago HUUUUUH also you like my cat shirt? It says “Meh” meh It’s also backwards, I think hoooowooh!!! This is this is a very long video so I technically blame the parents for letting their children play such a horrible and Dangerous game not actually horrible or dangerous. They just played or read it Reddit

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