Lawrence: All The President’s Men Must Testify In Senate Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC

Lawrence: All The President’s Men Must Testify In Senate Impeachment Trial | The Last Word | MSNBC


  • Michael Hensley

    Yes, all need to testify including Zelensky, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Adam Schiff, the Whistle Blower….. NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW!

  • JoAnn Holmes

    Trump wasn't even listening. His mind was made up long before ANYONE knew he was going to do this. What do you think he was talking to Putin about during those meetings where he either tore up the translaters notes and when he did not even allow the American translater in the room? Where are the notes to his calls to Putin on his private cell phone? Not even his closest people knew what he was planning because he knew his people were foiling his many attempts to break the law. Bolton resigned over this and trump went ahead anyway.

  • Tixe 100

    It wasn’t so much a clash of wills, as it was a clash of the pros vs. the amateurs—who think they’re pros.
    The whistleblower is a pro. And a citizen.

  • Matt Webster

    you're projecting:

  • Madison Marshall

    The American people want to hear the evidence and witnesses! Anything other than a bipartisan fair trial will lead to a revolution and the end of the GOP!

  • Thomas Phipps


  • Gunsandrosalina Padtwo

    WHEN TRUMP IS FINALLY GONE. IMAGINE just imagine what will start to come into the light. The stories, the scandals, it is going to be interesting.

  • Mr Foldgers

    So now merely holding up the aid is what’s impeachable? What happened to holding it up for his own personal political gain? You guys are not even reporting what’s at issue. Not a single republican is denying aid was held up for some reason. Dems say it’s for getting dirt on Biden, Reps say it was held up due to corruption concerns. Classic he said she said. Good luck.

  • Karen Bishop

    “The jig is up”. Time to get rid of those swamp creatures Trump brought in to the government.
    Ad placed: pay to the Trump fund and you can go anywhere you like.
    It is time for Trump to face the music and step down, get charged with treason, come clean on all those involved and
    Retire to prison.

  • Sonya Muhammad

    Oh boy. This is really serious. I can't believe there really are people who are listening to and believing lying Lawrence and that goofball howdy doody Rachel. Wow! Pitiful victims of our dummied down K-12 so-called education systems. Please read Charlotte Iserbyt's The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America. Quick! And please wake up.

  • Don Lawrence

    At this point, right or wrong, the POTUS will have to begin dodging like a hunted animal from
    several packs of very detrmined dogs–political pit bulls.
    Consider this wisdom. Remove Trump, Give Pence the job. Have Pence announce
    his support of sending more military aid to Ukraine. No explanation, no apologies. Just do it.
    Then Sit back and know that the healing will begin.

  • rolback

    Yes looking forward to hearing about corruption with Joe Biden and son. Then the collusion between the whistleblower and liar Adam Shlt.

  • ss

    This might have been in America's interest, but it wasn't in Trump's and his master – Putin's interests. 03:33 American foreign policy is different to Trump's foreign policy. Once again, the Vietnam, draft-dodging chicken hawk, Bolton, is putting his interests before that of America's, buy not giving testimony, due to his book deal. It might have a sworn duty to find out what was said, but this is the Republican Party and Moscow Mitch heads up the Senate. What is disturbing is, there are apparently no mechanisms in the system of governance that can fix this. Only the federal election can in November. A Democrat win is by no means an assured result. Americans have to seriously ask themselves what sort of country do they want to live in. Is the behavior of the Republican Party acceptable, allowing outright criminal activity to go on like this.

  • dutchpy dutchpy

    Simply won't happen because some politicians turned into autocrat behaviour recently. Country FIRST? Just forget it.

  • Canuckmom1958

    Astounding…how the "Law and Order" Party ( Not even close ) can, in broad daylight, publicly announce that they are violating their sworn oath of office AND the oath they will have to swear before the Senate Impeachment Trial to be unbiased, and get away with it. The GOP are utterly corrupt to their very core. America needs to purge the GOP off the electoral map.

  • Ray Lo

    I am an independent voter and I've had it with the Democrats!
    They have wasted precious time with this impeachment crap!
    What Trump did does NOT rise to the level stated in the Constitution of "treason, bribery, and other high crimes and misdemeanors."
    Therefore, I will NOT be voting for our local Democratic congressman again in 2020!
    He/Dems have done nothing for millions of middle class families like mine!
    And Trump is beginning to look better and better!
    At least he gave my family a $2,000 tax cut which the Dems say they want to repeal!
    They ARE crazy!

  • A Rios

    If you cheat on the Supreme Court and cheat on gerrimandering, and now want to cheat on impeachment, all while having 400 bills on your desk you won’t even bring to a vote, you should be fired. Do you hear me Moscow Mitch? YOU need to be FIRED! Not even calling witnesses for a fake trial is the straw that will break your career’s back.

  • John Benedict

    Esper Bolton and Pompeo trying to tell Trump the 400 mil to Ukraine is good for America. Trump don't care what's good for America, he only cares about what's good for him…Traitor!!!!!

  • Adile Chavush

    I don't understand why people try to involve anyone in the case beside Trump and White House officials.
    Pelosi is trying to do her job like it or not.
    It's like going after prosecutors doing their job.

  • King Onei

    Most excellent presentation again mr. Lawrence. I would add, objectively, the mr. President was impeached on obstruction of Congress and abuse of power. The Senate will have to show that he did not commit these crimes in order to exonerate.The Constitution says that the president shall be removed based on what he was impeached for. Unless the Senate can show that Donald Trump is innocent beyond a reasonable doubt they will have to remove the president. Any consequence of not removing a president is measured by the Constitution. The Constitution will show whether they're in violation of the Constitution or not. In a public poll Republicans were asked if the phone call to Ukraine mention Joe Biden name and there was not a 100% answer rate (even the president said he did on the memo). This is an alarming problem of incompetent aloofness that it's not in the best interest of America. We the People are United against Corruption and fraud

  • Septembers Whisper

    So the leader of the U.S. embassy attack in Iraq was a guest in the Obama White House. Why is the left always somehow involved in all the bad crap that goes on?

  • Alex M

    When Trump told, Pompeo, Mulvaney and Esper that he was holding the aid,which is illegal,they should have told him no you can't do that and if you do,we will resign and let Congress and the American people know that you are corrupt.That's what people with integrity would have done.But all they did was say Yes sir and then agreed to cover it up and lie to the people who elected them so Trump could get dirt on the Bidens.If you can't trust your leaders,you have no country.Trump and his bums need to go as soon as possible.

  • William Bonney

    The American experiment is failing because so many juvenile and stupid people get their news and talking points from Rupert Murdoch and Vladimir Putin.

  • John Vincenti

    So, Pelosi holds back the articles of impeachment, until there is a signed irrevocable contract that these men (mentioned above) and 'important others,' will testify under oath with pre-approved questions… as specified in the House's contract.

  • Denzo D

    Pres. Trump has the FINAL authority and decision in setting up foreign policy of the US as guaranteed by our Constitution, despite conflicting advice of his National Security Adviser or Cabinet. And he did not abuse his power in asking Pres. Zelensky to help POTUS investigate corruption here and in Ukraine under the Treaty Agreement, signed by former Pres. Bill Clinton, between the two countries to cooperate in investigating crimes (which include corruption) committed in the US or in Ukraine. POTUS is the Top Enforcer of our laws in this country. As such, he can order the investigation of any crime committed or possibly committed especially by powerful people in this country. That is why he issued an Executive Order on December 21, 2017 to address just that, as well as other human rights abuses. It was also in keeping with his promise to DRAIN THE SWAMP in the Federal Government. When a reported $40 billion in aid to Ukraine could not be totally accounted for and when the EU has been hesitant to prop up their financial aid to Ukraine, it was prudent for Pres. Trump to have thought very carefully and required that the newly elected government in Ukraine was properly vetted in terms of their firm commitment on implementing transparency in government, and investigating and rooting out corruption which they ran on during the election. Any delay in releasing the $400 million of taxpayers’ money in military and other aid to Ukraine, until this vetting procedure was completed, was just warranted and justified. And Pres. Trump knows that the US Foreign Aid program has been the source of “slush funds” used by corrupt politicians to fund their personal projects and to enrich themselves, e.g. thru donations to their "family foundations" and/or thru "book deals". Remember also that Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Is this issue so hard to understand by liberals and Democrats that even normal high school kids can readily grasp? The abuse of power that I can see here is the Democrats in Congress OVER-REACHING into the functions of the Executive Branch of our government in trying to question every move that Pres. Trump has been making: be it in building a border wall, setting up policies to contain the influx of caravans of illegal immigrants coming in from Central America, banning immigration from Muslim countries where terrorism is rampant, dealing with foreign leaders like Kim Jong Un, Pres. Erdogan, Pres. Putin, etc. The Democrats, in approving this House Article of Impeachment against Pres. Trump failed in getting bi-partisan support with ALL Republicans and TWO Democrats voting NO, and failed miserably in gaining the support of the American people. They have dug their own grave.

  • Albert Mas

    First and foremost the whistleblower, Adam Schiff. and Hunter Biden should testify at the Senate impeachment hearing.

  • Denzo D

    The Senate Intelligence and Judiciary Committees should also investigate the activities of George Soros' Open Society Foundations and related NGOs in the US as it appears these NGOs were ordered by George Soros to undermine the Trump administration in whatever way they can, including funding the caravans from Central America which "invaded and continue to invade" our country thru the unprotected Southern border to cause chaos, crimes and instability. Appropriately, George Soros should be arrested and charged by the DOJ with TREASON for providing funding and logistics in this project of destroying America and unseating of a duly elected POTUS.

  • shitz Mgee

    Economy is doing 10x better than Obama could ever dreamed of!! The Democrats can't have most people I vote for my wallet. I could careless about some Libbys little feelings. Everyone is running from Democratic States as they are turning them into cesspool toilets…The Democratic Party is the Party of Envy, Jealousy, they are the Party of Failure..

  • Frank Elizalde

    👌Fact: whistle guy, was told hearsay from Col. Vindman, who heard hearsay from other source. Then, whistle guy SNITCHED that hearsay to Schiff. Reality: Whistle SNITCH does not qualify for “protection”. NY TIMES excreted STUFF, then MSNBC ate that STUFF, then excreted STUFF again, as “news”. 👌.

  • David Conner

    MSNBC has replaced CNN as my favorite place to monitor the TDJ hysteria of the mainstream media. They do not even bother to occasionally pretend to be journalists. It's straight, hard-line Liberal spin.

  • Janie Buck

    Well, now I suppose Pompeo, etc…will be off the hook because they tried to talk the President out of withholding the aid. It wouldn't surprise me!!

  • rxr in az

    Put me in charge. The days of fake news would be gone. If you cant REPORT THE FACTS AND ACTUAL NEWS DOMESTIC AND FOREIGN….you will be held liable and shut down. This isnt a communistic country , report the REAL news AND FACTS , or you are nothing more than a propogandist tv talk show.

  • mark

    lying traitor trump and his crooked corrupt cronies should all be dragged before the trial and be paraded like corrupt criminal traitors America knows they are !!!

  • OUdaveguy

    So glad Americans have tuned out these propagandists and gone elsewhere for accurate information and the truth. Hopefully, this overpaid dirtbag limousine liberal will be out of a job soon…..

  • ManOWords

    Hint:. 22 Republikkklan Senate seats up for grabs in 2020: let's act lawfully and Impeach the enabling grifting traitorous GOP which in essence is all of them
    Clean out the entire Trump cesspool cabinet of corruption and White House crime organization. Take our America Back – fire fat Donnie and murdering Putin

  • terryfriend16

    The House will turn Republican in 2020, sorry Lawrence. You're part of the Deep State. We see it, you're part of the anti-American cabal.

  • Robert Davidson

    Yes lawerence your right! But the Schiff, joe and hunter Biden and the fake whistleblower will also have to testify. The democraps don’t want any part of that it will just prove what a scam this has been from the beginning! I hope EVERYBODY on both sides testifys so the American people can finally see how corrupt the Democrap party really is!

  • Howard Patrick

    Pompeo, Bolton and Esper are traitors in the service of Putin and his puppet; the criminal unindicted co-conspirator who heads the Trump Crime Family.

  • Curtis Kimbrough

    Trump could in some sense equal/ = CALIGULA go to UTUBE/ CALIGULA 1400 DAY,S. The. Most amazing part about this documentary is the way the Roman Senate sold out, the same as today's REPUBLICAN SENATE. Check it out it,s very fascinating, it parallel with this Senate Majority. Renegade ,101st. You must check out the comparison to trump and his attitude toward wanting to be a King with " ABSOLUTE POWER ". Kimbrough, Out. " Life is a vicious circle" , for there is nothing " NEW ". Under the sun.

  • Addison Ezekiel

    Y'all over here need to read the 7 part series on Russia gate in the WaPo. Then spend some time with listening to Aaron Mate and Crystal Ball over at Rising. All, progressives, and professionals.

    Not some institutional script reader whose hate for Trump is so bad he rushed out that unverified junk about Deutsche Bank and Trump and spreadsheets.

  • Benjamin Martin

    This LYING pile of DOGSHIT, and McConnel, all gop need 2 B voted out of office in 2020. ALL R trumps LAWLESS STOOGES. AMERICA, WE CAN GET RID OF SHITHOLE don and his gop enablers by VOICING your OPINION. the Trump CIRCUS NEEDS 2 GO!!!

  • Freedom & Liberty Bot

    Democrats have already impeached so the evidence has to be overwhelming….. Furthermore, they say it's ironclad, uncontested and irrefutable….. That's sounds like a GIANT slam dunk to me.

  • Edmund Singleton

    PBS Newshour’s Jeffery Brown Wikipedia page claims he’s just under 65years of age, some regular viewers may find that hard to believe, he, like almost all of the PBS News team have taken to dyeing their hair, what hair dye has to do with journalism, I find it hard to come up with an answer. Mr. Brown recently did an excellent exposé on the shortage of or the lack of local newspapers, he looked so young I had an urge to want to pick him up and burp him. Not only is the dying local papered news in crisis, but ‘experienced looking’ journalists are too, the women either appear blond clownish in hair and make-up, or like cheap trollops, as for the men, as high schoolers well into their eighties. I envisioned high stakes stories breaking all over the country, fraud in city and state governments, with little wonder, since there is nobody, like a steady ‘gumshoe’ reporter exposing the financial crimes. The national big game reporters are too busy hair dyeing and lip greasing to even care about local and state budgets, unless they happen to spill over into national politics…or one of the local politicians runs for president…then they can claim they didn’t know, when in reality they just didn’t care to report…

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