Latest News, Moussa Ibrahim, speaks live from Libya Aug 23 2011

Latest News, Moussa Ibrahim, speaks live from Libya Aug 23 2011

00:00 Dr Moussa Ibrahim: Thanks, through this
channel ARRAI, now we have a channel to tell
the truth and I call all the Libyans to watch
this channel and to stop watching other enemy
propaganda channels,
Journalist: my sincere greetings Mr, Moussa
Ibrahim, I hope to reassure the Libyan people
& the Muslim people about Tripoli & Libya,
cause last day they have pass a dramatic day
du to enemy propaganda channels Aljazzera,
Alarabia and other channels.
Dr, Moussa Ibrahim: sir, I reassure all the
people that Gaddafi and his sons, the military
and political leaders all are well, and the
Libyan State still present and we still work
And take care about the daily problems of
the citizens,
01:00 also we Lead the final battle to victory,
and I ask all our people to stick in there
self-confidence cause this is the real time
of Jihad, and through this program, I would
like to salute all the honourable Libyan tribes
of “Tarhouna” how gives a thousands to defend
Tripoli, also “Al-nawahi 4”, “Ben Walid”,
“Warchifana”, “Lajilat”, “Siaan”, “Nawail”,
02:00 “Mechacha”, “awlad Bousif”, “awlad Sliman”,
“Migarha”, “Zlitan”, “Zyayna”, and others
tribes how comes by thousands to help the
Libyan army in defending Tripoli, and repel
the NATO attack, because people here know
that this gangs haven’t any organizational
capacity, and they can’t defeat our troops
& tribes, They are backed by NATO Apaches
and missiles from the Mediterranean sea, but
we can defeat them when the numbers of our
troops increase by other tribes and good families,
so this is an invitation to all,
03:00 today I can tell you that Tripoli is
much better than yesterday,
Yesterday the attack was brutal, this morning
we have stop many attacks, I can confirm that
75% to 80% of Tripoli are under the control
of the Libyan state, in this time the people
of Tripoli noticed a lack in fighting, they
can’t hear much fire like before, I can’t
loose my credibility with the population who
actually hear me so when I said
there is a lack they know that.
04:00 And this was a result of elimination
of entire groups, I feel sorry for them but
they have choice the bad side, If only if
we were fighting Marines or the Israelite
or the French, these people lost their minds
and sell their morals to the enemy, they loose
their credibility completely, so today we
have finish with 03 major groups of these
gangs in 03 main axes in the city
05:00 which weak them and forced them to retreat.
These mercenary must wake up and know that
Tripoli will be a grave for them; Tripoli
will stand, I’m sorry to say this but the
price will be high from the Libyan blood while
Sarkozy watch us from Paris, Sheikh Qatar
and Sheikh Emirate and UK watch us fighting
and sheds our blood, but this battle is a
duty and this is a Jihad, Jihad, Jihad, any
one who die in this battle to preserve this
country from crusaders and their mercenary
will be a martyr, and any one who oppose them
will be not a Muslim.
06:00 There is a remark, the neighbourhoods
youth have make a check points every where
to protect their houses and to stop any infiltration
of the gangs inside their neighbourhoods,
and they ask what will be the reaction of
the army towards this check points? I reassure
them that the army and the volunteers with
the government are happy to see this and they
will not enter any neighbourhood protected
by his own people, for example when they saw
a check point for “Bouslim” neighbourhood,
it’s Ok, that means the troops will not enter
to it,
07:00 with one condition “NO Flags of sham”,
and the neighbourhoods like “Bouslim” ,”Alandalous”
and some points of “Roud alchaal”, most of
the road to the airport, “dat aldahmani”,
“aldahra”, a part of the area of “Benachor”,
even some other places start now with the
idea of “the self population security”, and
you know exactly this Idea brother Mohamed,
so they start protect their complex and this
will greatly help the army, now we prepare
for a mullioned march involving all the tribes
that surround the capital, as you know about
this honourable tribes,
8:00 all the tribes and population leaders
have met and agreed to advance, some of them
armed like the volunteers, they have go this
morning and the rest are peaceful to made
a human shield in Tripoli and we hope that
their number increase to protect and clean
the city from these gangs “if god willing”,
of course “Bab alaziziya” still free and lofty
& they can’t even approached it, not only
“Bab Alaziziya” but all the area surrounding
it, the Libyans knows this, I mean “Bab Benghachir”
“Bouslim” and others still safe and fortified
with a very powerful military forces, and
the volunteers are diffused everywhere.
9:02 to defend this symbol, as you know our
army not only protect “Bab Alaziziya” but
also free elsewhere area of Tripoli, the force
of this gangs now decline in chaos, through
your channel I call all the young’s to not
fear and influenced by the enemy propaganda,
bring your weapon and comes out to fight these
gangs alongside with the army and volunteers
09:55 and I assure that victory will be very
soon and the wholly world will be surprised
by this glorious victory. our tribes of “Tarhouna”
& “Warchefana” did great effort, in this time
they prepare for the march and organize the
volunteers, and they will help in the freedom
of Tripoli in 2 or 3 days at most ,
10:31 Journalist: from this morning the first
vague of volunteers joined Tripoli.
Dr Moussa Ibrahim: No brother, they Joined
last night, and they did well in opposing
the armed gangs, mercenary of NATO, yesterday
these gangs lost a lots and today they are
very weak and they loose a lots,
11:00 if god willing they will continue in
decay, but all the Libyan men and women, all
families and tribes to not give up, to not
fear, to not confused, this is a duty and
we can win, I am steadfast in this battle,
the leader of course is our symbol & teacher
also steadfast in Libya and lead the battle
by himself, and we execute his orders, his
honourable sons fight, one of his sons “Sayf
Alarab” was killed, and when we fight we don’t
fight our brothers but “we fight NATO” the
first evil force in the world,
Journalist: right, right ….
Dr, Moussa Ibrahim: we fight the crusaders,
and when I said Crusaders that not means the
pure Christianity religion,
12:05 but an aggressive and unjust political
force, a force without any moral or respect
to human dignities & freedom, so we are fighting
this new crusader with bravery, the Libyan
who fights under the false flag of NATO, they
have loose the love compass, the chart of
the nation and the legitimate membership to
Libya, They sell everything to the enemy,
and we are forced to confront them, they attack
us and NATO help them with his planes, missiles
and armaments, it’s these people who gives
the NATO the Coordinates to kill their brothers,
and they refuse any dialogue attempt,
13:00 we have ask them to come for dialogues
many times but they refused, because they
know under a political dialogue they loose
du to their weak arguments, and people are
against them, but with the language of blood
and demolition they hope to win cause NATO
with them, and you have see brother Ahmed
the millionian march in Tripoli, “Sabha”,
“Sirt”, “Zawiya”, “Zlitan”, “Tarhouna”, ban
Walid”, this is the real poll, all comes to
this march to say yes to our historical leadership,
ok even if your are not convinced, the majority
part of the Libyans participate in it, the
leaders of this terrorists gangs could not
involved at least 5% of the population like
we did,
14:00 so this is evidence of our legitimacy,
God with us and we will win if God willing,
in Libya there is not a civilian war, people
must understand this, it’s a war between Libyans
and crusaders, a Libyan Crusader war, if there
is some arabs who comes to Jihad with us he
is welcome. all the greeting to Libyan fighters
men & women and the tribes, the young people
of Tripoli, young people of “Bouslim”, “Alhadaba”,
“Albadri”, “Dribi”, “Ghout alchaal”, “Gargaresh”
“Alandalous”, “Alsaraj”, “Aldahra”, “Aldahmani”,
“Ben Achour”, “Souk Aljamaa”, “Arada”, “Zenata”,
“Alsiyahiya”, Young people of “borji” and
all the areas,
15:00 don’t fear this gangs, with 5, 10 or
20 gangster they try to control your neighbourhoods,
they are weak without a central leadership,
they haven’t the bravery to confront the population,
before this Tripoli wasn’t safe and beautiful?
what they did to Tripoli? They burn & hit
people, and transform the city to
a battlefield, isn’t the right clear? isn’t
the right clear? who make Tripoli safe & who
transformed it to
the worse?
16:00 if these gangs win, they will open fire
on people and revenge from the families and
they will open the country to the western
political & colonisation agenda, so the Libyans
must oppose this colonialist project, and
to free & unify Libya under an Arabic Islamic
project, no place for Sarkozian, Obamian Cameronian
project in it.
if God willing, we will win, come from all
over Libya to protect Tripoli, “Salam


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