Kids react to Prince Harry and Meghan ‘stepping back’ 😂 | Newsround – BBC

I was very shocked when I first heard the
news ’cause they seem quite confident with being royals with all their travelling. If I was the Queen I would be slightly more concerned. Why would they be leaving when they have a great life already? Do Harry and Megan matter to you guys? Not really. We don’t really know them personally. They are quite like important, but they don’t change anything. We’re always told to like respect the royal family, but I don’t know a lot about them. Do you think members of the royal family should have the option to leave if they want to? I think yes because they can do what they want to do. It’s basically like somebody with a job, they can just retire or leave it. If you were the royal family, do you think it would be fun or do you think there’d be some bits that are not so fun. I would enjoy it at the start
but like, when you got used to it I wouldn’t enjoy it. When you have servants you feel
kind of guilty and selfish. It would be cool because then you’re kind of rich, but also I wouldn’t want to be like that all the time. If Harry and Megan could have any job in the world, what do you think they should do? Megan should be an actor again, because I just think
that she was really good and it suits her. He could be a DJ. He looks really smart but
he has a really cool haircut. Be like one of the United Nations campaign for the world or the environment. I’m not sure about Harry. A comedian. They can do what they want, but
with a baby they might want to look after it while it’s still young. Dancer. A ballerina. Harry. He could go in a little tutu and do some performances.

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