Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day 2 | NYT News

Key Moments From the Trump Impeachment Hearing, Day 2 | NYT News

“It is in America’s
national security interest to help Ukraine
transform into a country where the rule of law governs and corruption
is held in check. Ukrainians who prefer to
play by the old corrupt rules sought to remove me. What continues to amaze me
is that they found Americans willing to partner with them,
and working together, they apparently succeeded
in orchestrating the removal of a
U.S. ambassador.” “And at one point
in your deposition you said that they —
that being Giuliani and the corrupt foreign
prosecutor general — had plans to, quote,
‘do things to me.’ What did you mean by that?” “I didn’t really know. But that’s what I had been
told by Ukrainian officials.” “Did you subsequently
understand a little bit more what that meant?” “Well, you know now with
the advantage of hindsight, I think that meant removing
me from my job in Ukraine.” “You had left Ukraine
by the time of the July 25 call between President Trump
and President Zelensky. Prior to reading
that call record, were you aware that
President Trump had specifically made reference to you
in that call?” “No.” “What was your reaction
to learning that?” “I was shocked,
absolutely shocked, and devastated frankly. President Trump said that I was ‘bad news’
to another world leader, and that I would be going
through some things. So I was — it was a
terrible moment. ‘She’s going to go
through some things.’ It didn’t sound good, it sounded like a threat.” “Did you feel
threatened?” “I did.” “As we sit here testifying, the president is
attacking you on Twitter, and I’d like to give you
a chance to respond. I’ll read part of
one of his tweets. ‘Everywhere Marie Yovanovitch
went turned bad. She started off in Somalia, how did that go?’” “Well, I mean — I don’t
think I have such powers, not in Mogadishu, Somalia,
not in other places.” “The president implicitly
threatened you in that call record and now the president
in real time is attacking you: What effect do you think
that has on other witnesses’ willingness to come forward
and expose wrongdoing?” “Well, it’s very intimidating.” “You don’t have a lot of
facts and information relating to the part of this
that we’re investigating. And those are the events
from May 20 up until Sept. 11, the release of the security
assistance funds — is that correct?” “Yes that’s correct.” “A lot’s been said about
what was going on around the phone call. I’d like to focus more on
what’s happened since then to you and your career and,
and what’s going on. So when you got the word —
anytime an ambassador changes post there’s
a process you go through to pick what you do next.” “I recall that there was the
fellowship at Georgetown, and asked whether that
might be something that could be arranged.” “Georgetown is fertile ground for State Department
recruitment of future fledgling
foreign service officers, and so they now benefit
from your experience and your inspiration, to
inspire them to perhaps spend their professional life
in service to our nation.” “It’s like a Hallmark movie —
you ended up at Georgetown. This is all O.K. [laughter] But it wasn’t your preference
seven, eight months ago, correct?” “No it was not.” “Wasn’t your preference
to be the victim of a smear campaign,
was it?” “No.” “Wasn’t your preference
to be defamed by the president
of the United States, including today, was it?” “No.” “President Obama
had the right to make his own foreign policy
and make his own decisions as president of the
United States, correct?” “Yeah — I mean there’s
an interagency process. And obviously Congress
has a role as well —” “But he has the right
as president — I respect the
interagency process, I’m getting to that actually. But he has the right to
make his own foreign policy and make his own
decisions as president of the
United States as do all presidents,
correct?” “Yes. But what I’d like to
say is while I obviously don’t dispute that the
president has the right to withdraw an ambassador
at any time for any reason — but what I do wonder
is why it was necessary to smear my reputation —
falsely? “Well I wasn’t asking
about that, but thank you very
much ma’am.” “I would just say to the
American people, today’s show trial has
come to an end. We’re headed down
now to the basement of the Capitol to go until, I don’t
know what time. But we’ll be back there hiding
again behind the closed doors, interviewing more witnesses
that you may or may not be able to see in the public. I hate to break it
to my colleagues, if there’s anyone else out there
watching television ratings, but they must
be plummeting right now.”


  • Christopher Clantz

    At the rate things are going, Trump’ll be in his THIRD term before the merry media morons get around to even finding a reason to impeach him! #MAGA #KAG

  • hollapro

    Countries around the world are seeing what USA is made of and that's why the BRICS countries coming up with a new world currency and moving away from US dollar just like it's president you can't trust it' dollar.

  • Niggolas Cage

    Well wait a minute buddy. My neighbors landlords cousins real estate agent said that his boyfriend overheard a conversation at starbucks where he heard that orange man bad.

  • Nelson King

    The following is word for word the exchange between ambassador Yovanovitch and Chris Stewart during the impeachment hearings.
    Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding the President of the United States accepting any bribes?”
    Yovanovitch: "No."
    Chris Stewart: “Do you have any information regarding any criminal activity that the President of the United States has been involved with at all?”
    Yovanovitch: "No."

    I guess the NYT didn't think that part was relevant.

  • John Culley

    The Republicans are determined that President Trump will not be Watergated by the Deep State in the same way as was the President who had the courage to end American involvement in the Democrat War in Vietnam.


    From Obama, THE BIDENS, HILLARY – JOHN KERRY, OPPOSITION RESEARCH Steele Dossier, Paul manafort, *GEORGE SOROS, Trump at Trump Tower 2015 to the IMPEACHMENT and the role that the Ukrainian ambassador played.
    February 2014 new president in Ukraine.
    March 2014 Oh-bummer sends Biden to help financially.

    Biden gives a total of 6.4 billion dollars.

    Joe Biden partners with John Kerry's friend Devon Archer.
    April Joe and Son Biden fly to Ukraine, later Archer flies to Ukraine.
    Devon gets on the board of burisma next day Hunter Biden gets on the board of burisma.
    June 2015 at Trump Tower.

    Late 2015 US "advisor" Tony Podesta send to Ukraine by Obama
    Russian investigation starts by the DNC.

    Alexandra chalupa started *Opposition Research
    Bruce Ohr gets involved.
    Another $4 billion lost.
    Manafort gets framed.

    Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch is sent by Obama. She order Viktor Shokin NOT TO investigate the Biden case and
    NOT TO investigate George Soros

  • Liberal Snowflakes

    How anyone in their right mind can think that you can successfully impeach Trump on this flawed Soviet style process when the accusations changes all the time, from quid pro quo to bribery to what ever next. and the Republican controlled Senate has already warned that this is dead on arrival, is beyond rational reasoning. But then Demonrats are so far gone, being severely infected by Trump Derangement Syndrome that no rational and objective thoughts are left anymore.

  • James Williams

    What Ukrainian officials … we know … amazing you didn’t mention the new Ukrainian President who didn’t trust her … nice going Schiff you entered a phone call in your CLOSING … she didn’t know BTW why didn’t you allow the Republicans to CROSS after you violating HOUSE RULES SCHIFF

  • minh nguyen

    The truth is that the enemies of America love the Democratic Party because of its stupidity. China and the Democratic Party are allies

  • David de los santos

    The hate for Trump is backfiring on an international level. Americans have no idea how reverse psychology works I guess 🤷🏼

  • Christian1Alber

    Trump and all the other rest of the zionist 9-11 gang should be put behind bars or executed asap ! Christopher Bollyn has reported extensively on all of them and their crimes.

  • the dave

    Finally we get to see how crazy and corrupt this shenagan really is. The 2 MAIN WITNESSES didn't witness anything!! The poor ambassador is upset she got fired – so what! This is good theater to show how useless and awful the dems are. AND WE PAY THEIR SALARIES TO WASTE THIS TIME AND DO NOTHING!!

  • Rani Rich

    Key moments? The key moments of testimony have yet to come regarding Yovanocitch who lied under oath. After her throwing Benghazi into the testimony, I'm still waiting for her to explain why 'SHE' didn't file a complaint on Clinton, Rice and Obama for lying about a video when clearly those three neglected to protect and rescue Ambassador Stevens and Patriots who tried to save him. I want to hear her testimony regarding monitoring reporters and people posting info using names such as Giuliani, Yovanovitch, Soros/ Groups and many more people engaged in conversations regarding Ukraine. Yovanovitch Aides had already admitted what Yovanovitch tries so desperately to hide now!
    #SwampNews is Deep State damage control agency up to their necks in covering up crimes against America.

  • horace Rumpole

    This is nothing more that attempted coup that will be opposed by patriots and will precipitate a revolutionary war

  • Walewska Colvin

    Just impeach the entire US government and start over. Impeach Adam and Pelosi, Clintons, Obumers … and the list goes on and on and on… she [the woman] has just realized the Dems used her like cheap cologne!

  • Adam Cobden

    As an Independent, I have as many issues with Democratic policies as Republicans, though more issues with Republicans lately, BUT can these Republicans be professional for once? What a bunch of ****ing babies.

  • Susan Smith

    This woman is a HRC girl. There are witnesses, that are forbidden to come forward, to testify against against her about her real business in Ukraine. Schiff, AMERICA WANT'S TESTIMONY FROM THE WHISTLEBLOWER, AND WATCH THIS BLOW UP IN YOUR FACE. This woman got found out about her true intentions to keep Biden out of the loop, and she is running scared, that these witness will smear her with her dirty deeds truth. SHE IS LYING AND PART OF THE RESISTANCE. WAKE UP PEOPLE, THIS IS AMERICA, NOT SOCIALISM.

  • Steve Said

    Only thing plummeting Mr Nunes is your reputation and your imature and misleading mockery of a constitutional, legal right of all Americans to have the President explain his alledged corrupt and crooked behaviour.

  • J Prevatt

    So go & have Washington I.T. teams who work in or around White House just shut the POTUS Twitter acct DOWN !!! SHUT it DOWN!!!! ASAP — I dare ya! If you have the guts to do what's right

  • john smith

    After watching the entire hearing I learned that I have second hand knowledge of all the Republican points but 3rd to 5th hand knowledge of all the democratic points.
    And remember hearsay is better than direct evidence. Being that the Republican points are only second hand they must be better facts than 3rd to 5th hand

  • Dean

    You missed one " KEY MOMENT" new york times…. go figure….. She admitted in her own words "no evidence or proof of a bride or extortion" This is all about her losing her job and the Dems not having an inside person! At the 2 1/2 and 30 second mark… Mr. Sterwart asks her 2 simple questions… BOTH she said no to. WHY HAS THIS NOT BEEN THROWN OUT?

  • Writer girl 2006

    Key moments as hand-picked by the left-wing, anti-Trump, propaganda newspaper for the Democratic party that used to be a real, unbiased news source. Oh, yes, I'd love to know what this rag thought was worthy of highlight.

  • Janet

    She got removed is nothing to do with the impeachment. Everything President does the same thing, Obama had removed a dozen of them. So is this impeachble?! Get over it.

  • Michael Gar

    All that they show is mostly dems. And part of Republican views that lead to something else. Let's be equal or I will stop watching NYT

  • Carl Peterson

    SO what in her testimony was about an impeachable offense? Trump fired her. Maybe he should not have. Maybe he should have been nicer about it. Maybe she did a much better job than what he says she did. So what? Are those items impachable offenses? Why was she giving testimony again?

  • Mike Smith

    Listen to the Democrats put words in her mouth like threaten or intimidation he is giving her a performance review that’s not threatening that’s just fact

  • Robert Lemmon

    Where are the high crimes and misdemeanors? ANY Prez can remove ANY ambassador for ANY reason! Too bad you can't be impeached for hurting someone's feelings… 🙁

  • Tatiana Serrano

    She reminds me of the kavanaugh’s accuser. She is doing the same drama Ohhh he intimidated me, oh I was scared, and the 😭. So fake. Is more evidence that she was in cahoot with the corruption of Ukrainian and Obama!

  • LOLitsabunny

    You’ll notice the deflection tactics used by the republicans. Not once did the republicans give any credible defense to trump’s actions, it’s all about this whistleblower, trying to divert the trial to Hunter Biden, and whining that they have to do this when they had the mueller investigation… which was a completely different issue. Even then, would you really want a president that the Russians tried to elect because of his divisiveness? In the end only Putin is happy!


    This POS is insignificant and has no business even being at these hearings. Her firing has nothing to do with the supposed quid pro quo. Trump as president can fire any ambassador at will. No excuses….just GTFO and that's what he did. People forget…. he is the President of the United States. if he doesn't trust you, you need to go. Bye Bye Felicia! Literally….she's a waste of air and space at these hearings.

  • Nzo Trend

    Hahhaha america is great? Are you joking me they can't even respect their president …..i'm watching the impeachment while eating popcorn using my huwawei phone hahaha….china is busy making the 6g now after launching the 5g . America is busy of impeachment.

  • Raj Kirpalani

    The republicans are nuts. You don’t even let a lady respond. Yes Trump can dismiss any ambassador but then he slags her off and smears her reputation. Is that how Presidents behave.



  • Bubber Cakes

    Hey Dems., quit arguing about why you’re going to impeach him and just do it. Whether or not there is one reason to impeach him or twenty, there is still reason to impeach. GET IT DONE !


    guys guys cmon now. im reading the comments and i like what im reading. but what i really need here is less trump and more cowbell !

  • PeacefulBill

    Whatever The Outcome Of This Hearing is Neither Party Will Get My Vote For 2020: Both Parties Should Be Spending Plenty Of Time In Jail Where They Belong:

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