Josh Wong: ‘Tôi dự kiến ​​sẽ trả giá’ – BBC News

let me start by just getting your thoughts of the Chinese president’s visit what what do you make of it I’m really disappointed with at passive added Hill of David Cameron at the UK prime minister as we know that actually and joint declaration that signed in 1984 it had promised that it have the promise by Britain and also by China to let Hong Kong to have democracy and universal suffrage but Hong Kong have been hand over for 18 years we were 8 for 18 years already until now the China government still broke the promise but from my point of view David Cameron still continued to keep silence and put aside the importance of human right issue of course he would say and many other Western leaders has said the same thing that an improved relationship gives him and others a better chance of influencing human rights within China of course it’s really useful for UK government HUF to have a stable relationship to have more further cooperation with their presidency or to a different in China company but I think the most important things that I thought is actually how can you K continue to make more deal and cooperation with the China government that already broke the promise in the joint declaration because under the rule of President Xi the human repres is also moving backward in maintenance a lot of the activists and lawyers being arrests and in Hong Kong what we are facing is the coral of Hong Kong or this kind of universal value no matter the approximation of judicial independence or rule of law this kind offering is already continually being eroded by the China government interference so we have spoken about this me and let’s face it there are political there are politicians here have ducked the issue when he’s been here in Britain they’ve talked about human rights and and the point President Xi is made is that there is human rights in China but within a Chinese context really ridiculous excuse what is meant by the China context what would believe in the universal value freedom democracy is should not have any this kind of unnecessary or unreasonable excuse just an example we are not really radical to force tomorrow or this year the China need to have the direct election direct election to choose president but at least our minimum expectation is while Uche elbow or other actives are still kept in the gel what a corrosion and China is being more serious within these few years and actually why they still broke the promise in the joint declaration we’re not forcing to have something that is and there is we are really realistic we just hope the China government to keep them to keep that promise in the joint declaration let’s talk about last year’s protester I mean tell people your experience what’s it been like for you since the protests I mean what have you faced in in Hong Kong and actually and lastly umbrella move and what we hoped is to show up a disagreement to the announcement of the Standing Committee of NPC of China other than just letting who support other than just less some of the politician that support Communist Party to run in election we just hope that the open and direct election with two hundred thousand people occupy the street for Lily Freeman’s and who now I have received free charges quantum of court of struck police officer and also inciting the unauthorized assembly so you tell me that since January you’ve been in and out of court you’re due to go back tonight and you’re being caught on on Monday yeah and the penalty that you say it’s a maximum penalty of inciting the unauthorized assembly is still kept into prison for maximum five years actually it’s really you’re prepared for that are they expect you to happen being the student representative of the umbrella movement I’ve already expected to pay the price but I just think that even facing this kind of political prosecution next year I maybe need to put into a jail but I just hope to keep fight for democracy and to hope to raise the general awareness not only Hong Kong but also the people and UK to know that Hong Kong being a former colony of British we’re still fighting for the promise in a joint declaration and also fight for the future but there are some people in Hong Kong feel disappointed it was a fractured demonstration there were different groups and what came out of it was was real concrete plan the groups didn’t coalesce around one idea and at the end of it maybe you push reform even further back I don’t think so Hong Kong where fight for democracy’s in 1984 until now for more than 30 years already what we hope to have it’s just a democracy freedom just to get a right to what the chip executive I think it’s not the things that is really progressive we have her Canadia have a lot of dialogue and meeting with the governor official in the past 20 years but it seems that China with the influence of China rapidly increasing the stims do have any incentive to let Hong Kong to adopt universal suffrage and re-election is that why you want to go into politics that’s why what I’m worried about is with the expiry date of the joint declaration it’s because why Hong Kong is different with mainland why we still can have freedom of expression and freedom of speech in Hong Kong now it’s because we have the protection from the joint declaration and after 15 years and change policy of one country two systems to show our difference tourists maintain China but with the expiry day of the joint declaration in 2047 yeah so what will be done at that point I mean at the moment it’s supposed to be you know one country two policies two systems it’s very likely isn’t it that if there is no reform it will just become one country one system that’s why actually in the but in that in that in that respect there don’t you have to move and find a compromise because without any reform at all you’re going to get anywhere well in the past 20 years we have a lot of Thai I loved we hope to have some of the dialogue or even compromise compromise with the China government but the fact is if someone were asked at a Josh well would you interest to have multi law or compromise with the China I would just say the fact is and who know I’m still Bradley’s to enter my name China so how can I have any dialogue or compromise with the China government that reject me to end her may net it’s ridiculous at all that’s why I’ve just tried to fight for the future and face the ex parity of joint declaration to act at the amount of staff determination since last year you’ve been pictured on the front of Time magazine pictures like this you are the face of the protest and you’ve seen what happens to other human rights leaders in China and in Hong Kong does it unnerve you of course feeling this kind of political prosecution being blacklist can enter mainland China and even my phone is being hacked being this kind of charge as this thing that why I still stand in the front line is because I born in Hong Kong I live in Hong Kong and I love Hong Kong this place I hope to fight for my future that’s why I’ve still involved in politics and especially for democracy freedom autonomy and the demand of self-determination

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