Joe Reacts To Chris Matthews Retirement | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Joe Reacts To Chris Matthews Retirement | Morning Joe | MSNBC


  • Scott Scotsman

    Chris Mathews is the man.
    Hardball was there before MSNBC. Hardball can relocate somewhere beyond cancel coulture way up high. There is land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
    Let's play Hardball.

  • Doug Green

    Chris M …good riddance you fake news slop !! ..& Joe changed over to the democrat party ..what a sold out loser !   DT2O2O !

  • LiberalsAreWorthless

    That first a*skisser wasn't "moving", he was sickening and pathetic, just like every other liberal demtard in the country….

  • Roxy Raccoon

    So glad that Clown is gone. Chris Matthews told people that worshipping corporations was the 'hidden secret' to democracy. NO difference from Chris and Fox News.

  • Trev Mac

    I guess i retired when i worked in a convenience store when i was 17 and got caught giving my friends free big gulps. NOTE i don't recall making creepy comments about women though or making Nazi references

  • Carla Costa

    Good bye and good riddance! I am not going to miss him. You are being to kind. He was a biased, old conservative. When he attacked Bernie that was it for me! You are all biased against Bernie. People are turning away from biased corporate media.

  • dumolebob

    Well said Joe! We will all miss Chris Matthews' insight especially during these political turmoils! He is one of Philadelphia’s finest

  • sonn13

    Ok the times not are, but have changed. He made a stupid comment about “why haven’t we fallen in love”. Ok, you didn’t like it, say something!!! You come back on his show and he makes another stupid comment, by complimenting your red dress. Once again say “you know Chris I like coming on your show, but your comments make me uncomfortable”!!! Why didn’t you speak up then!?!?? No, let’s wait until the ‘Me Too’ movement and make him lose his job. A man says something that I find offensive or makes me uncomfortable, I let him know and walk away from the conversation. I don’t go to his boss to get him fired. Making STUPID comments, for me, is very different from being sexually assaulted. Don’t put CM in the same situation as Roger Ales. 🙄🙄🙄

  • Olga Rodriguez

    At least he will retire peacefully, but Trump has millions of skeletons, even in public. that thief, sexual predator beast liar. Uggh . Trumpthe one that has veneral disease in the brain and probably cancer like Limbaugh.
    TY Jesus..keep punishing their evil for they do not repent..

  • Harold Ellis

    Cut people off mid sentence, to hear his own voice, even when he had nothing to say. Something to think about, Joe.

  • RMJ

    This is a strange intro….also ABC said he made women uncomfortable. Also his Nazi comment on Bernie was very rude. They probably gave him a deal of being fired or quickly bowing out. ( Makes sense from her "as a woman" comment which was weird.

  • Rita Tacoma

    I never really liked Chris Matthews because he would have these great guests but would keep interrupting them when they were talking , many times you wouldn't get to hear them finish . It was very annoying .

  • Paul_Melvin _

    Morning Joe … you got it wrong, wrong, wrong, HE QUIT!
    And keep believing that everyone liked him. Only people who like them is the media.
    Thank God for Netflix and chill.,,
    At least I won't have to see Chris Matthews on Netflix anytime in my lifetime

  • Ted Bomba

    Chris Matthews always struck me as being a rude, often crude, loudmouth. His constant yelling, his habit of interrupting others as they TRIED to offer their thoughts and opinions, and his off the wall comments were very annoying. I surely will not miss the big mouth at all. At times I watched his show because I wanted to hear what one of his guests had to say on a particular topic. I often never got the chance because Chris would keep interrupting with HIS thoughts on the topic being discussed.

  • Yellow Flash

    If you wanna see Chris Matthews absolutely unhinged, find the video of him on Real Time with Bill Maher, where he rants at Jorge Ramos like a lunatic 8:28

  • winter garden

    I liked his grittiness. Reminds you of the rough tough old school boys. Will miss that. Enjoy retirement Chris. All the best.

  • David Stymiest

    Watch your step Joe, you may be next if you go off script. MSNBC is run by the revolutionaries who don't like your independent thought.

  • arx754

    Thank you, Joe and Mika, for such a nice tribute to Chris Matthews. I feel just the way you guys do. Al Franken was a terrible loss to this country and now Chris Mathews is the same. I wish BOTH had just ridden out what they were faced with. I'm a woman and very much support the "Me, Too" movement but when I see that some "good guys" are being taken down with it, I am very sad that people can't seem to distinguish between them and the truly "bad" guys.

  • Marco Mondragon

    I dont miss him one bit – he was an arrogant loud mouth who would talk over his guests. Bye, bye moron!

  • Louis Frost

    His anti-marxist sentiment was the end of him. His a leftard but not leftard enough for the propaganda network

  • mark g

    Matthews crossed the line with silly/hysterical/nasty comments about a presidential candidate … Bernie Sanders. Backed/bought by corporate media/owners! It was time for him to go. Good riddance!

  • De'Lineadeus

    Seems Chris Mathews didn't stick to the Ideological Intersectionality Word Speak Dictionary [1984 edition] = Cancelled …By MSNBC

    She praises Cancel Culture as a necessary evil… with Crocodile tears

  • Dazz Rat

    It would appear Chris Matthews folded like a cheap suit. If they wanted him gone, he should have made them fire him, then spoke up for himself.
    Donald Trump he ain't.

  • Dazz Rat

    The media, in lockstep unison and with MSNBC at the front of the parade, disseminated the most preposterous accusations and lies about Trump for four years, but the leftist thralls say Matthews "crossed the line" about an avowed socialist whack-job that honeymooned in Moscow and praises Castro? REALLY?!

  • P V

    Excuse me. It appears Morning Joe, especially MIKA, are glaringly 2 faced about inappropriate behavior for men in the workplace. If this were a REPUBLICAN they would have been accused, tried and convicted with no evidence. Their life destroyed. And gleefully thrown out with as much fan fare as they could muster.
    Two faced hypocrites !

  • Thomas Gassett

    What passes as sexual harassment today … isn't sexual harassment at all. What happened to Chris marks the moment hundreds of thousands of women were doomed to end up spinsters … with the nickname Cat Lady. #MGTOW

  • Audgy F


    Eating their own
    Any dummy should have known it can only end one way.

    Chris should have never giving in.
    This is the problem for so many years men have shivered & folded.

    We will never be robots. I'm sure Chris said nothing wrong but when you allow nuts to hijack the narrative and you don't resist.

    You get eaten..

  • HuggieBear39

    For a minute this morning I thought Chris had passed away. My heart sunk in my chest. I did not see the monday night show so I was in the dark for a few mins when I turned on the TV during dialysis.

  • Mxr Wxl

    hris Matthews Thank Thank God it’s about time and most of these people sitting on this panel need to retire also. I don’t know why the US/American media or networks keep these old peoples/anchors around for so long, I'll mean decades for some makes no sense when there are so many other young deserving young graduates peoples that can do these normal every day jobs, it just boggles my mind. A few other need to quit are: Al Roker, Lester Holt, David Muir, Wolf Blitzer and Jane Pauly just which came out of retirement to be on Sunday morning and what since that "Remake" makes just to name a few. When you got so many young deserving young college graduate and military personnel out there. There're so many more that just need to just go away or retire from the limelight, they had their day in the sun, their mortgages, kids education should be all paid off and out of college just go away to get some more fresh faces and different prospective. Once live in a South Korea they’ll change anchors every years or two for the pure fact, that there are other deserving citizens that should have a chance in the limelight. Another’s thing, they don’t build their news cast around a anchor or anchors, they build it around the brand logo. Regardless who’s sitting in the anchors chair doesn’t matter, because it’s the brand that’s given you the info.

  • brandon g

    They are eating their own…are we done yet? Can the grown ups step in finally..the answer is yes..get over it "Left" or what ever ypu want to call yourselves..time for you to shut the f*@k up and get a job and worry about your families and stop whinning like little tit your own and stop meddling..there is your heads up

  • brandon g

    Your the ones that started tjis ridicolous cancel culture..cancel yourself..noone else care any more..jig is up..sorry get over it and you

  • Ralph Buchwitz

    So compliments are not o.k. anymore in the US? Because that"s all he did. Women now speaking out say they were o.k. with it. In Europe we share compliments and flirt no matter what gender. Are you sure you're not overdoing it with your often cruel cancel culture? We're humans not robots. If you want perfect humans you have to build them!

  • Everything Trump Touches Dies

    Passionate insightful and opinionated. I think this was just a combination of age, burnout, and a long sexless marriage.

  • Samael Saedian

    You know, I never thought MSNBC would be seen as a right wing media organization to me, but comparing a socialist candidate to the Nazis, talking about "cancel culture" when that's just called accountability and that's a good thing no matter how much it hurts….. definitely think I used the word "leftist" too liberally in my past.

  • Tim

    Folks, it's called evolution. If one doesn't go with the change, the change will take them out. This is why we record history or her story. Nothing stays the same forever, just imagine what life would be if it did……

  • Jorge Johnson

    To call someone “human” in this situation is to say he was as flawed as anyone, giving credence to the charges levied against him that led to his ouster.

  • Mr G

    He was pushed , the foul mouth Chris forgot that Comcast is the parent company of NBC, Comcast is jewish own, his comment on Bernie was his down fall. The network has had enough of the pretend right winger commentating on left wing matters

  • authenticmind

    Chris Matthews, yet another VICTIM of the me too movement! I understand that we need to insist on respect for everyone in a free society like ours, it is what civil people should expect and should do. It is being made more clear that the me too movement has two components that are very unseemly. These all too frequently have been people that do not have enough ego to stand up for themselves at the time something happens; that should help us with a clue about their values. The other is that they promote a culture of revenge while invoking a demand for respect and healing; that is where I see mostly hypocrisy and a complete mission failure. Yes, we see some real monsters that have been taken down and rightfully so, but in a way that has too much collateral damage and too little decency or ethical substance. If you are a me too movement supporter, just remember as in the case of your public accusations for revenge, what goes around frequently comes home to roost. The Nazis too influenced a political correctness in their culture, and yes I think there is a clear comparison in terms of mechanism. The bad behavior, poor ethical standards, and hypocrisy that is become the me too mob must be contained and disbanded as it has become the perpetrator.

  • James Curatalo

    Why would he suddenly quit? I smell a big fat DRat! DRat men treat women terribly. Look how Clinton and Obama treated women. I bet he did so many disgusting things that he had to run away before he was publicly humiliated.

  • Maafa 1619

    This is why I'm voting Republican for the first time. I can't wait until the backlash starts and the streets run red.

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