Joe Biden Wins Alabama Primary, NBC News Projects | NBC News

Joe Biden Wins Alabama Primary, NBC News Projects | NBC News


  • Gary Sheldon Jr

    Well…Get ready for 4 more years of Trump Good job Idiots now im a independent i was a life long democrat but now I’m independent. Bernie was y’all best Shot and y’all gonna vote for Uncle Joe because he’s the Former Vice President? Morons when Biden loses on election night y’all will be crying I’m gonna be laughing.

  • C hunt

    It would be awesome to see Biden win the nomination for Democratic Party and face Trump!!!! What a show that would be!!!

  • claudia falza

    If its Biden vs Trump then Trump all the way.
    Clearly they learn nothing from Hillary's failure.
    Only Bernie has a chance to recover what was lost in this administration.
    Anyway from how things go right now might as well said "Good luck on your second term Mr.President"

  • Pohaku Mana

    Joe wrote and voted for the patriot act, which has infringed upon the American people's 4th amendment rights. Joe wrote the crime bill, which locked away hundreds of thousands of mostly black and brown men on non violent marijuana possession charges. Joe supported and voted for the Iraq war, the premise for which was built on a lie and has taken many American lives. Joe voted to repeal Glass Steagall act, which gave us the '08 recession.


  • ImmersiveMama

    The ppl in VT are different….. there are soooooo many voluntarily homeless ppl (they just dont want to work) it's the weirdest thing I've ever witnessed. So of course they hear free so they vote bernie. SANDERS WILL DESTROY THIS COUNTRY FAST! HE IS THE WORST POSSIBLE CANDIDATE. SOCIALISM DOESN'T WORK PPL……

  • Jacob Silva

    “This is my little sister Valerie, and I’m Joe’s Husband!” – Joe Biden March 3, 2020, Around 10:30 p.m. Eastern

  • SoraFan23

    Wow…I'm looking at the Results and its showing this:

    1. Joe Biden: 305
    2. Bernie Sanders: 201
    3. Pete Buttigieg: 26
    4. Michael Bloomberg: 20

    Joe Biden just overtook Bernie Sanders. This is getting pretty heated right now.

  • Isaiah Jammes

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  • stefan stoss

    numbers full of money emotional intelligence and High IQ the tv thing is samething as the capitalist thing and heaven waits

  • befunkrn

    Watch this WSJ video of Joe Biden bragging how, as vice president, how he forced the Ukrainian government to fire the Ukrainian prosecutor (who was legally targeting the very oligarch that Hunter Biden ended up "working" for) by threatening to withhold U.S. financial aid.

  • Edwin Tmarsel

    Look at how the democratic party establishment and the media is working against Bernie Sanders…broadcasting very early premature results when it helps Biden but silent when it helps Bernie. I give up.

  • Tod Naples

    If Sanders doesn't call out Biden on his blatant corruption he is done. Biden is literally on film bragging about quid pro quo.

  • Jo Zippy

    Joe Biden Says ‘Poor Kids’ Are Just as Bright as ‘White Kids’

  • Paul Henkel

    The Dems have a wide field of excellent candidates. It's just a choice among good people any one of which will win and serve us well.

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