jo swinson on bbc news 16th

I think what is happening, is a really
exciting moment in our country because
our political system has been broken,
those tired to old big parties have
failed and people are flocking to the
Liberal Democrats. Yes MPs like Sam Gyimah
and Luciana Berger coming to join the
Lib Dems and thousands of members up and
down the country since May, 40,000 people
have joined the Liberal Democrats. We
beat both the Conservatives and the
Labour Party in the European elections a
couple of months ago.
The Liberal
Democrats are becoming that rallying
point for liberal values and becoming a
wider movement that can actually turn
them into reality because my vision is
for a society that is open, fair and
inclusive that’s one of the reasons I
want to stop Brexit because staying
in the European Union gives us the best
chance of building that Society and
people are coming together around the
Liberal Democrats to deliver that.
And this is a moment of huge change in our
politics and my goodness does our
politics need to change.

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