Iraivi Tamil Full Movie

Iraivi Tamil Full Movie

After high school, I’m not
gonna pursue my education, I’ve decided to marry a foreign groom. India is a boring country. If I fall in love with someone My grandma will thrash me I’ll marry whomever my grandma selects
and settle down with him Sheer stupidity, my dad
behaved so arrogant and weird He assumes everyone as womaniser
in that field [Film making] There are womanisers in every field Yeah, we see them in our office too I took extensive measures to
convince my family for this marriage God! I’m so relieved But, you got to be courageous
to take this decision Forget it, Why do you have
to cry on a festive day He doesn’t mind even
if it’s a festive day I just kept him informed about the customs For that he is scolding
me in front of everyone I am humiliated in front of my relatives. Everyone knows about him, don’t get
yourself into trouble now for being late Apart from marriage,
Don’t you have any ambitions? Yes I do Love to be a mom for 3 kids Buy a house and always
romanticising with my husband Just like in the movies,
hugging and kissing frequently Very passionate about each other Then you would have to marry Tom Cruise Even a Dicaprio or Brad Pitt is not bad Fools, are you mocking me Just wait, I’ll find a guy who is a
right mixture of all three actors. I can’t lead a template life of getting
married and giving birth to a child I have many ambitions His specs is in that cupboard Don’t forget to take it Rain looks beautiful,
Shall we get drenched? Love to, but I’m afraid we’ll get drenched Mutually supporting each other and
we should move on It would be an interesting
and challenging life It’s got to be If you keep crying, Everyone might
notice, go freshen up yourself That’s right! I’ve been going through the
same all these years… What a song, isn’t it bro? Raja is evergreen Leave that! You’ve rocked bro For all those who cheat in the name of
Tamilans, Your movie is a slippering What a making? If a DVD could
give me this feel, imagine how awesome it would be if
watched in a proper theatre The slippering is not gonna change The Atmos sound won’t be a kick with a boot Why are you tensed? Then what? I’m tensed whether the producer
would release the film, And he is telling it looks awesome in TV…
Theatre and stuff Sir, all I got is a DVD This is my movie I too have to see it on DVD Varun sir, saw your movie
It was awesome Need a snap… Sir, Can you take a snap? Arul sir, Arul sir
Can we take a snap with you too No!
No thanks! And it’s very very dangerous It’s been years sir, When is
your next film set for release? In the website I read
about some issues. You saw it right? you heard the news,
Then why do you ask me? I don’t know when
the movie would release I don’t know if it would release,
Is this enough? What are you going to do?
Are you gonna mourn to death? Go drink! Goddess sculptures have a better
price tag in the smuggling market In Tamil Nadu all those sculptures which
aren’t popular as well not under maintenance, Are easily smuggled and sold out for
a huge price by a certain group Mostly It takes months for even people to
realise those sculptures have been smuggled. Such smuggled sculptures in Tamil Nadu
alone would worth up to a few millions The main reason behind this is
In our temples, Mostly these sculptures are been deserted
without knowing their worth, And left alone as a stand alone stone
without proper maintenance. But those who realised
the worth of it, especially those foreign
museums and those riches are buying it out for huge
prices in the black market. (Singing a peppy song) – That’s a glamour song?
– Who said glamour song is not an art? A movie must emote the people It must make them think And should entertain a bit But your movies are pure
sensual massage parlours Each one who watches it,
will experience a sensual pleasure Is that right sir? Fact! Fact! Massage with happy endings only Soapy massage with happy endings only Cheta texted, They have gathered
thugs and are waiting outside. Does he have such contacts? Not much He is just a friend of local
politician’s brother in law What shall we do? Yeah Jegan? What happened? I’ll be there in 10 minutes Looks like a big issue Does he have no other Job?
Always getting into trouble Their family has fed us for generations,
I have to go immediately I’ve fed you a lot too,
Am I not your boss? Yes Of course Marry me!
You will be my boss? Oh my God! Always cribbing around
marriage like an oldie What else should I say? what should I do? Keep the romantic mood intact I’ll be back soon I got to leave bye This is nothing to do with love,
He was disturbing the class, so he hit him Got it You got us here for
your kiddish problems He had hit him because he
was disturbing the class – What!
– He has been inviting trouble for a while We must hit him for sure Don’t create a fuss I got to hit him Are you guys coming here
or the other way Are you not ashamed to gather
thugs for such an issue? If you have the guts let’s
have a one on one fight If not, I need time to gather my guys Are you ready for a one on one fight? Alone!
Let’s go together and finish them Shut up! Let’s give him some time,
else it will not be a fair play Let them! Director fell in love with the Heroine,
Lucky director What’s it? A small quarrel near Jegan college Quarrel! Gather 15-20 men Only beating or cuts okay? Are weapons allowed? – Ok, we’re coming
– Hey! that’s 350 rupees Let’s go – 10 minutes
– Ok sir, I’ll be there in 10 minutes – will be there sir
– What happened? Arul brother has created a big issue at
grand bar, has cracked someone’s head. – Nothing to bro, right?
– Nothing – Let’s be cool then – What shall we do now?
– Wait – Hey Baldy
– What Pick up the call Tell We have an emergency
We need half an hour Half an hour
Are you guys escaping We are shit scared looking at 40 people
who have come to hit just 4 guys… Don’t joke, it’s an emergency, our boys
will be here, We’ll be back in half an hour You guys are wasting my time and energy It’s gonna take half an hour
Go buy some drinks Sorry for being late Welcome Michael, Shall I bash them up Not that big You take some rest It’s him Onida, pick your iphone Everyone is here Shall we go Welcome Superman! You told half
an hour and you took an hour Half my men have left What to do now?
Won’t you be punctual? How many guys do you have? – Count quickly
– 8 of us No worries we’ll send 8 as well Michael what is he discussing about? Let’s see who wins this fight bro don’t keep dragging this finish it off Ramesh, Why are we in Binny mill?
Any film shooting? A problem bro What problem? They have come to attack your brother
We are here to protect him My brother!
Him! is he the one? you are arul sir, right? Do you remember sir?
I was a junior artist in your film You saw my performance and
appreciated me over the mic – In that boat
– Yes – What happened to your hair?
– Tonsuring for God Sir remembers me Let that be Why did you try to hit
my brother? – We didnt know that sir He has brought us here to hit sir’s brother Go and apologies idiot Apologise Do apologise idiot
– Just leave him A small request I did ask then I sing well I’m learning Carnatic music
Shall I sing Give me a chance in your next film They term it commercial if there is a song You got drinks
– Yes Sing! One Two Three Four
Five Six Larges are boring Watch me leap to the Eighth round
Right away! Got myself a demon
Holding onto me tightly! When there are doubts cropping up
I wash them down with what I drink! It’s trying to wake up
my sleeping conscience It’s trying to pull it out and beat it down And then
It laughs and mocks at me And then it tries to suck my life! What a waste, this bottle!
What a taste, this bottle! What a taste, this bottle!
What a ghost, this bottle! Everything was going well
With the ride of my life I don’t know what it hit
Now I have broken wheels! I should be on the top of
Good for nothing list! Adding fuel to fire
There goes the demon, laughing! It’s trying to wake up
my sleeping conscience It’s trying to pull it out and beat it down And then
It laughs and mocks at me And then it tries to suck my life! Would you like to have coffee? – Is he drunk?
– Yes Yazhu Sweetheart Who is that? Dad Mommy, Daddy is here – Good night darlings
– Daddy is saying goodnight now. Uncle – Bye Uncle
– Bye Dolly – He doesn’t listen to me
– Bye – Grandpa, Bye
– Bye Dear Had your coffee? No uncle, I’ve packed food for aunt, Let’s go Mommy Sorry Dear Mommy why are you silent? Don’t you have sense, You are
partying with him all night Don’t blame me uncle, he
isn’t a kid to instruct Your father was an alcoholic, And Lost his life due to it I am worried, he too
might face the same fate. My dad is a different breed, Boozing has been his life. But for my brother it’s
just out of frustration Once his film releases,
then only weekend parties Hello Sir, What’s the
menu for today’s lunch? Chicken Pizza with pepperoni
toppings, wanna have some Why?? Are you gonna let us feed chicken
and meat, It’s the same porridge It’s for her better health One minute. Why do you need a special ward when
she can be taken care at home? We strongly believe that her
recovery relies on your hospital So much love from the old man It’s just his guilt for being
so arrogant in the past but once she’s bedridden, he realised and now showering his
love during these final days. Dear, You came early today Has Dolly gone for
her music class? You were drinking now, weren’t you? No way, just hangover from
yesterday, you know what… Wow dear, You are Sherlock Holmes… – Are you going to die, are you?
– Listen to me Arul I am drinking just to escape death I am helpless!! Arul My last resort is to kill
the producer with this gun Sometimes, I want to kill
him and shoot myself Do you want that to happen? Enough Please move on Go ahead with your work Work on your next script Shoot your next movie I can’t When you were pregnant If I had asked you to keep her aside and go
for an another kid, how would you feel? My situation is similar to that I can’t I’m sorry dear, Sorry! I prefer one of these elephants really What do you want? We are looking for statue of elephant Yeah elephant statue…
– Elephant?? Jegan, the details are here, This catalog has all the sculpture
details your dad made after 1974,75 The design, order invoices and
all other information are here I started working with
your father since 1974 I have recorded everything after that.. But my brother is
working since 1964 But he never brings these catalogs home,
as his wife is an orthodox christian Uncle, These details are more than
enough for my college assignment Don’t start off with your
boring lectures Boring lectures??? you have no
idea about your father’s skills.. He is the only Tamil sculptor awarded
with Bharat Kala Ranjan award I dunno what honour you are
gonna bring to this family Thought you are here to pickup the
delivery, But you doesn’t seem to be.. Recently I’ve heard about it,
But have you been an accomplice Yeah, just twice It’s not a risky job, we
have guys to execute it I’ve got an idea,
Can we try once? I know a mediator who can get us
the foreign contracts Ensure you prepare an order invoice
for those foreign contracts Don’t quote more than Rs.300,000,
20% is my commission What’s this all about? Why do we have to steal our own sculptures? You can put it that way, else you can say those sculptures
crafted by our ancestors, will be sent to those places
where those will be of prime importance Don’t confuse me Forget it! We’ll make huge money,
I’ll give you Rs.300,000 – Rs.300,000!!! Uncle and Dad shouldn’t
know about this you needn’t worry about it,
Get to the point So, this is our plan Padlock, Pressing and other locks
can be easily handled with tools This is Temple Lock, needs lot of energy
and have to compromise my moral values It would cost around 40 thousand What the hell? I’ll pay you both 100,000 rupees Complete the task Just 100,000… only..
I need to buy lots of equipments First, I need gloves, in white colour I need shades, Ray Ban Idiots, it’s a night robbery Unlock it within 2 minutes Am I James bond to unlock within 2 minutes I’ve never seen such locks, I think it
will take a while to unwrap this cloth Damn old dirty cloth – How did you unlock it quickly?
– It is open already Too much of hype
for this old lock I’m scared,
What if we get damned? Shut up and get in God earns respect only
if humans worship them There are goats grazing here This is the statue Unlock this I don’t think it’s a big deal – Call Senthil now
– I told you it’s not a big deal Is everything alright bro? There is no work for us,
all gates are opened already I know you will be wearing those
shades, just get rid of it Hang up! Ramesh..Ramesh Little bit louder please,
So that everyone wakes up Remove your shades else I’ll slap you – Do it right?
– This is no big deal – Hi
– Hey Mr.Noble Just stop and don’t turn back – What?
– Just close your eyes Have you got flowers and sweets?
Shall I bring hairpin? Good joke, just turn How is it? Diamond? – How did you get money?
– I earned it, how is it? It looks great, I don’t need this
– Just wear it please… I just don’t need this I am earning enough to manage my needs. Do I look like I sleep
with you for these things? Don’t talk rubbish Then why all this? because… I love you.. I want to marry you.. Why are we both consorting each other Love, Pure love Stupidity Not that, it’s just for
the three letter word Ka-dha-Il (love) It’s three letters right Not that, I am not supposed to say it If a girl utters, it’s a
mistake, It’s a bad word here We just did that… Matter (Sex) Ma – It – ta – Ir ( Sex)
it is four letters Ok let’s keep it to be a 4 letter word Our relationship is only about that My love life ended when my
husband Jeeva passed away So this is just for that
3 letter word S-E-X This marriage, love, diamond… I don’t need any of these… – Got it?
– I don’t Let’s just Fuck Dear…! I never got anything till date for Aunt So I bought her a necklace,
that too a fake one – Uncle..Uncle… Uncle!!!
– I’ll kill you – Who is that girl?
– Don’t peek into my space – Your Space!!!
– Ok..Ok fine, Let me explain,
Wait… Wait… I will explain, wait. Let me speak Malar, Malarvizhi, My Love. Malarvizhi, Love?
Just like your uncle Talk to Malar and get
her consent for marriage I’ve never said that I love
him or wanna marry him I got married to my true love Jeeva My husband He was my world, we were living happily. Suddenly a business loss Coward, he killed himself After him, I thought that
was my end of my life It’s been 6 years
Now everything is normal Certain How can I say, like.. – Like everyone, I had my own
desires as well – Hey Malar.. – Uncle, it’s not what you think
– Your thought process is right Because of that we found
company in each other Apart from that Michael
is a good friend of mine Find a good bride for him I won’t be in touch with Michael anymore, Do have coffee,
It’s getting cold… You could’ve have picked
someone else for your desires Someone who is of your kind – Uncle, Uncle..
– Let me Speak Why did you pick such an
innocent virgin guy Malar.. You have a great sense of humour uncle Are you serious?
Were you an innocent Virgin guy? Uncle, You are still in 19th century. You can never think my way, So
you will never understand, Uncle. You will surely say that I’m a bitch Bye uncle Hey, Why you said all these? I just told the truth… Get married soon Uncle..uncle… uncle… she may talk
like this, but she is a very good girl.. I love her so much, please do
convince her for this marriage Convince her.. We like the girl, let’s fix the wedding
date. We will take care of all the expenses Thank God, at last we found a right
match for our boy. Hope all goes well. He looks good Not just good he’s handsome Not just handsome he looks smart as well Is he the mixture of
Dicaprio and Brad Pitt The chimes of the temple lead us to the holy abode Hymns of joy amidst chimes of love! Honeymoon times are filled with love Flowers of love blossoms on the barren land King of smiles falls for the love laced
eyes His gaze expresses new meanings The heart pounds to express the feel The doors of love opened leisurely A bride uttered the golden words
She is an angel on earth indeed Love culminates in ecstasy – What is this drink?
– Brewed in-house. The bride and groom are made for each other
Long live for a hundred years! The bride and groom are made for each other
Long live for a hundred years! May you get all the blessing
Of a good matrimony! May you get all the blessing
Of a good matrimony! Embrace with love
And welcome the newborn! Embrace with love
And welcome the newborn! Share every last wish of your heart
Live long achieving your wishes! Share every last wish of your heart
Live long achieving your wishes! Share every last wish of your heart
Live long achieving your wishes! Long live! Long live! Michael is also my brother,
we are always there for him Ok, Come Michael should live happily
with his wife and children He will be.. He has already started
the process to make kids The moment he entered the room,
the lights went OFF! Stop it guys. Guys, Let’s wrap it. Arul, you
got to leave early tomorrow. Don’t worry dear, it’s just
the marriage hangover Yeah, It’s Michael’s marriage
hangover, we are enjoying it. The lights are ON,
Success! Arul, enough… leave… leave now Nothing.. Do you smoke a lot? Look, I was just forced into this marriage. So, I can never be a man of your dreams If you can accept this,
then let’s live together. He would say such things,
You have to convince him. Men are men at the end of the day It’s our responsibility to change them. Usually that’s what marriage does. Yes dear, I struggled a lot
to convince your grandpa, Your mom too had a
struggle with your father Ponni, don’t delay it further, quickly get him on track It was too late in my case as he
passed away the day he realized. Hey, What’s so funny about it? Just shut up! Rain! Ilayaraja!
Super Right! Do you like rain?
Shall we drench in the rain? My shirt is getting wet,
Shut that window Hey Driver Change that song This song is dedicated to Viveks team wow..Ilaiyaraja is always the King of Music No one can compete with him Today, We will have 4 pegs and leave, that’s it
– OK bro Our Director Vivek’s movie
is a box office hit So we are gonna party the whole
night to celebrate this success I would invite director
Vivek to speak a few words This is my first film It’s only because of all your handwork,
this movie is a box office hit Big hit, Box office hit!
He’s bragging too much When was it released? Last Friday and had a good run for a week One week? Then he can show off We can’t even find a way
to release our movie – But still, he is talking a lot, isn’t it?
– Kind of bro Hello Hello… This movie has stunned the audience, Including the old veteran directors,
upcoming directors and others… Can I have some pickles have learnt their lessons from this film. That’s how the critics look at it as well It’s start of new age cinema and We are here to make a mark in the industry This is an unacceptable statement Lots of hard work is needed Hello Welcome Sir, What a surprise – Can I speak for a minute
– Sure sir I just can’t believe! I haven’t seen the film yet But I heard, It had
a successful week. That is a big thing Celebrate it.. Party well But… What has this Director achieved
to talk with so much pride? And you guys are encouraging him Bro, lots of veterans have climbed peaks here
and you have just placed your first step So… silently.. shut up and… Hey, you are talking too
much..(Crowd shouting) Public bro – I’m really sorry sir, forgive me
– Better be Arul sir is my biggest inspiration,
He spoke from his heart Sir, I’m sorry, it’s my mistake,
I’ll never talk this way again Please celebrate with us Bro, I spoke that only for your well being Our film should do the talking, not us Please drink and dance with us
DJ song! Dolly, we are late Hey Yazhini Yazhi, wait I’ll drop you guys Dear, I’ll drop you guys Bro, you leave, I’ll
take care of them Yazhu, nothing of such sorts
happened yesterday Who told you? Don’t think I’ll have
the same mindset always One day when you come home,
I would’ve left you. Are you not ashamed? Danced around like a fool, and
getting in trouble with a girl Getting bashed and thrown out you are talking too much – We couldn’t do anything
– It was very embarrassing Forget it, don’t cry
Let’s consult a doctor Sir wait I am talking to you sir Sir Sir just wait Sir!
Who are you? Sir!
Stop! Arul, Just relax What happened? You were the one who
waved at me in the party You were dancing like clown, Are you a spy? Would you doubled-deal! Would you doubled-deal! He’s a liar, He is lying Yazhu! He is lying Did you watch me inviting trouble
with any girl? Did you see? You all are from reputed families…. – Why are you behaving like this?
– Just leave it this time sir.. Remove your shades Look Yazhu, If you want to know about me,
You can ask me, don’t torture me by asking others Lets get divorce I can’t take it anymore – Dear, why are you talking like a fool
– I am serious I have thought about it
Lets divorce [Indistinct Chanting] Don’t shed tears,
I feel bad about it What am I gonna do with the movie
It’s already a loss for me I had to pawn my wife’s
jewels to shoot this film I’m in a meeting, What’s it?
Ask them to wait More than the money or the movie,
I grade my self-respect above all Your son did few things in anger He spit out words,
I can’t get over it I’ve got 83 awards,
I will get angry I’ll lose millions it seems,
Let it go I am ready to face the loss You are right Please forgive him Because of this, The whole
family is shattered Ok, leave it
just for you all, I’ll release the film Ask him to apologize,
I’ll release the film We are working on settling the issue,
will call back in sometime What’s this uncle?
Didn’t I tell you? Why should we have a peace talk? Why should my brother apologise, directing
a movie for him itself is a big deal You don’t apologise He is a worthless fellow Sister, brother should not apologise to him Do you want your brother
to be alive or drink to death? – Please
– enough Michael Look… I know this is a lot
but your movie has to release For your movie and for us, just get
over with an apology to that stupid Go and apologize… Stupid!
More… Scumbag, loser, Bastard Scumbag, loser, Bastard He is not a good guy I’ll do it for you all, Come I am sorry, I have committed a mistake… Please forgive me and
release the film soon He apologized, Please forgive
him and release the film… Have you ever taught your son about
manners? Is this the way to apologize? Ask him to fall at my feet Damm! watch your words! They have invited us just
to insult and humiliate It’s already done, what more? You go and take care of Arul Doss come lets leave Come let’s go This is not fair Humiliating an artist is a sin Sir!
Sir Sir, he humiliated me a lot Looking at his face,
I got provoked and reacted You spoke about sin and
made me a sinister, I don’t want any curse on my
family, Please buy the film I spent 45 million, interest 10 million,
Pay 60 million and buy the film Don’t you believe me? I swear on my family and the almighty, I will
give the movie, Please arrange the funds If you had been there
You would have slapped him You wouldn’t have let me
to apologize? Your son did ask sorry Mom For the first time your son apologized
for a mistake he didn’t do But that idiot expects me to
fall on his feet and apologies I felt ashamed, embarrassed… – This is a hospital
– Sorry!!! sorry it won’t happen again I was embarrassed You guys kept silent?
Should have belted him They forced me out,
Let’s go now and thrash him Just Shut up Talk something useful Even if we sell everything we
can make 20 to 30 millions If we go for a loan no one
would give more than 10 million. Think about what can be done
for the remaining amount uncle… wait Why not hand it over
to another producer? Can’t we get advance by
selling the TV rights I’ve tried it, nothing will work How about putting all our money in
as an advance and try to release the movie He won’t, Is he a saint to give the movie
without full payment, He is a dog He is a shameless dog Won’t you understand? – Please leave
– Sorry, really sorry If we get a loan for the remaining
amount we will be in big trouble I have an idea If you all agree to it,
We can easily make money What’s that? If we selectively smuggle 1 or 2 statues
that our ancestors made, we will get money Are you asking us to steal? idiot,
This is wrong There is nothing wrong, I’ve already done
it once, I mean we have… isn’t it Michael Morons!! I just went for a moral support uncle Smuggling idiots, the whole family will be
behind bars if we get caught! – We won’t get caught We are not going to rob
from a famous temple A temple which has no maintenance and
has been locked for a long time It would take at least 2-3 years
to find that statues are gone.. Most important, Goddess,
the goddess statues If we can steal couple of goddess
statues from our own creations… Are we going to smuggle
our own statues? Idiotic thieves.. idiots
Don’t you have any sense? How many time do I have to tell you Idiot! Why making a fuss Get out, We are discussing
within the closed doors right Get out!! Why are you apologising to her You continue Dad, Sculpturing is an art All your sculptures are
getting deteriorated Why should such an art be left at a
place which has got no importance to it Our brother’s form of art is his film We are just gonna take couple
of deteriorated statues to rescue his film Are you trying to justify your smuggling
business in the name of saving art? Doss, He’s blabbering,
don’t take him serious. Unlike me who hasn’t
respected my goddess wife, You are going to save these
Goddesses from people like me. If one creation saves an another one Nothing is wrong Do it! Kannagi Temple This is it! Smuggling it is easy
but if we get caught we are in trouble Wow… Awesome What’s up? 500,000 USD, almost 25 Million INR Hope our son in law has changed nowadays shhhhhh,….. Mom! I Can’t live without speaking to you,
Please don’t hang the phone malar…. is my grand daughter nearby Dolly is sleeping mom.. Kannagi will get released
from the clutches of demons and will return to her home… Jegan, I agreed to a lesser
commission for the first time but it seems like you will
become a professional smuggler Bro mind your words Give you a call back later Sir, A doubt in silapathigaram, As if you were listening,
what’s your doubt? Had Kannagi had an extra marital affair, Will Kovalan be broad
minded to accept her again? Idiot, Mind your words Very unfair rules sir – Jegan!! get out!!
– Thank you sir My dear Brothers!!! My film..NO…
you’ve given my life back Enjoy brothers. Leave it, Have a drink Why would I need it anymore,
My film is all set for a release We have to live up to our words
Or else we are not true superstars fans You will free yourself from
the hands of the demon What happened to him? – Demons…
– Who’s Demon? My dad is a demon You are a demon, You
too are a demon I think he’s hyped up Just to accept you, reform you and Give birth to your children
is not the definition of wife What else you need them for? What else? My dad destroyed my mother’s life She’s always scared of him My mom haven’t seen anything in life
apart from taking care of us One day she just got bedridden Now by just showering his love,
Will she recover? just Leave it.. He is the reason for her fall Just leave it, everything
will be fine soon You are no good either Why is he coming after me now? You destroyed my sister-in-laws
life by being a drunkard I swear I won’t drink hereafter You married a girl
and brought her home Still You are behind Malar I do love Malar, I was
forced into this marriage You give your reasons
All of you are demons – Jegan, you know me well, don’t spit out
words – You are all demons…demons… Jegan watch your words… Kannagi will free herself from the demons You all are Demons Bro, take him home, he’s high Okay Kannagi will be set free This is why shouldn’t
drink with a newbies yes I am a demon Take care Bro… One day kannagi will be set free you sons of demons.. You just had 3 pegs let’s go Malar… I can’t
Please understand Why are you avoiding me? I love you
Without you… Won’t you understand
What did you find in me? Are you a romeo? Look, this is just a dream I did love my husband but… After his death didn’t I sleep with you All these days have you
not touched your wife Be a good husband, Go! Heavy rain! One minute Who is that? Understand! Leave now! Leave!
Please leave Mr.Noble Has it been fixed? Yes sister, I was informed late So It took some time
to install the OS But we have installed Windows 8 now
There shouldn’t any issues hereafter Even if you have,
we can sort it out – Leave after the rain
– Okay Viewers, This is your
favorite kollywood news show.. First time in the history
of Tamil cinema, a movie was shelved and the producer decides
to re shoot the entire movie The money is ready, I’m very happy I drank bound to happiness The way your car enters the street, I’ll know if you’ve drunk or not You are a true detective It’s none other than yet to be
released movie directed by Arul… 17-05 Let’s see what the Producer
has to say about the film I produced the 17-05 film
which was directed by Arul It’s a wonderful script but Arul
failed in executing it well This is an
important movie to Tamilans I’m scrapping that movie and my
brother will be re-directing that script Money is not my priority, This movie
must reach Tamil audience and I will… What foolishness?
We said we will pay him Relax! We’ll go talk to him tomorrow Arul.. Please don’t react now, This will only increase our problems Please relax Pick up the call.. Dear, I want to drink Drink!
else I will react… I just want to drink!!! Uncle… Uncle… At last.. You’ve come! You could’ve informed
me you were gonna be out of town I called you to tell an important thing
You never picked the call Uncle told that you are coming today You are smiling
Do you know what it is? Yesterday Aunt took me to the doctor I am pregnant What? My dear…
– yeah..tell me Yeah sister, What happened? Yeah I’m coming Where are you going in this rain
– A small work, will be back soon – Dear
– I’ll be back soon – Did my bro come here?
– Did Arul come here? He didn’t come here
What happened? Go to sleep… We brought 2 bottles
Did we drink both? No, the other bottle is in the car Then he’s not after liquor Did he go there? Oh..Shit – Is my brother here?
– Where is the producer? Sir, has gone to the T.nagar office Arul sir came searching
for him a while back There are many to produce artistic films You should’ve gone there Why did you come here? Do kill me,
But let my movie release That’s like my child Sir Film, child, art or creations won’t win my
sympathy coz I don’t understand them Do you have any
idea about my past? Why did you accept my
offer to direct the film? When you had accepted, you
should have kept quiet Instead you raised
your voice against me Motherfucker!! I apologized for all that, right?
Sir!! Please release the movie… Basically, I am from a bad family You came here drunk to confront me? I bought a gun assuming that
I will kill you one day I forgot to bring it Or else… Look Bro, He wanted to kill you, Lets just call the police and frame
him with an attempt to murder case He hit me I won’t let him go It seems he would’ve killed me I wanna see him dead,
To rest my mind Kill him, We have got guys to
take the blame, don’t worry Inside the cupboard there
is a hammer of this size, bring it Hold his head high Leave me! You sure, you gonna kill him,
Lift his face..I will kill him Jegan Jegan We’ll take him, just leave it Take him! If you were late
he would have been dead Look at the blood in his
face, We should thrash him Have him under control
inside the house – I did created a good movie, right
– I did mention that day to the old man
to teach him manners Is it a sin to
create a good movie Look here, prodigy son
of cinema is crying He would have killed me, If you
hadn’t come I would be dead by now. Convict proven guilty, 7 years
imprisonment, Rs.200,000 fine What mistake did I do? I made a good film Everything is gone Yazhini too is gone She wants divorce She has signed it Mugundhan attacked Arul and
attempted to murder him, so only.. See to it in your next appeal Mokaiya Mokaiya We told him, right? We’ll buy the movie Then that bastard… Sorry dad that’s alright I told you, we shouldn’t
have gone to meet him Hold on, Michael has come – Sir, I will have a word with my wife
– make it quick I will come out soon, Don’t worry Soon means?
in 7 years?? No, they will bail me out soon You weren’t there… I couldn’t see my brother in that state…
So I lost control So you are ok to look at
me in this state? Can we bail him by bribing someone It might spoil it completely
– ask him to come back He would have bashed me to death He got bashed to death He did that for me.. We have to bring
him out at any cost – I’ll get bail right?
– Are you an idiot? I would have let him
go with few slaps You blocked me but went on to kill him Is it of any use to any of us Skip it Jegan It got to my head He deserves to die Yazhu.. Micheal, Dad.. Everything will be fine soon,
Ask bro to move on I’ll get bail soon, right? will definitely get in the appeal Make it quick Jegan Take care Here, take good care of him Don’t worry sir, we’ll
take good care of him Sir is coming Get up!! Get up guys There are already 26 patients here… Today you six are joining them You can be from any background But here you all are drunkard dogs Hello Boss,
Please give some respect What? Drunkard dog expecting respect from me? This is the respect you get!! Go, Go, Fall in line You bow bow doctor come here… Murder case sir Michael come fast My name is Michael sir – what’s the case?
– Murder case sir I’m standing alone and
yelling in your thoughts Oh dear, I’m ignorant of your love I was roaming around like a jerk I was ruined not listening to you I’m standing alone and
yelling in your thoughts I was losing many things
in the name of drinks I was blind with my attitude
and roaming around.. In the name of freedom,
I got stuck in the cage You were in my thoughts
only when I shut my eyes I’m longing to hold your hands… Ponni! How are you?
Did you see Doctor? What they said?
Did you eat? How is the kid? Ponni!! The world is filled with
foxes and cannibals.. I’m scared how you survive here alone.. I was ruined not listening to you Didn’t get appeal postponed to three more months Why Ponni hasn’t come? I want to see my kid She doesn’t want the kid
to see you in prison.. I hit myself taking the wrong turn I was blind to the blossoms… I’m leaving him based on your
compulsion, he’s not recovered completely She’s gone abroad for an assignment It would be for a year or two Are you in touch with Yazhini? No! I’m standing alone and
yelling in your thoughts You are not drinking? Yesterday I went to your house,
saw the kid She’s a cute little angel.. I want to see her.. I want to see Ponni and kid brother? – All this is because of me, right?
– Leave it!! Have you started your next story? Write it bro, it will be good We will go as family to
receive the national award It would be great All the best bro, you will rock The theft details are
all over the news now We can’t do anything now, it’s big risk Everybody get up, Warden is here Outside You can be a rich
or a powerful person you can be anyone… but for us, you are all nothing but
bunch of drunkards We’ll treat you like dogs What are you staring at…
get that stick.. Come upstairs Coming sir As for as I know,
you are completely recovered It’s all in your hands now I know That’s the problem sir In anger, my hands search for liquors only You are a creator Throw all your anger at writing Don’t show at liquor,
it’s good for nothing Your father called, they know about the
whereabouts of your wife and kids You can leave now.. Don’t ever come back You are free to go now Get lost Use the ventilator only when needed Dad, I’ll go see Yazhu and dolly They never answered my call They are ready for divorce, Don’t
provoke them by saying anything If she knows I’ve changed Why
would there be any problem? Mom, I will go and bring back your
daughter-in-law and granddaughter Hello Uncle, how are you?
– Why are you here? – Why are you asking silly questions
– please leave Why are you telling your
son-in-law to go out Arul, leave!
– call me as your son-in-law? Uncle, your son-in-law is redeemed now
I am picture Perfect, where is my wife Yazhu… Aunt, are you fine
Is Yazhu inside We’ve just convinced her to move on,
Please leave without creating trouble! What do you mean by that? Is she upstairs? She is getting married What do you think of yourself?
Please give some respect (Arguments between them) he is causing trouble here
– I’ll talk to him You come, Let her deal with this Yazhu, how are you? Your mom and dad are
saying stuff… Please leave without
causing any trouble Please finish the divorce formalities
soon It’s already getting late I’ve stopped it all It’s been a year, I drank Don’t you get it,
It’s already late Dad! Hey Dolly!
Hey Dear!! – How are you?
– I’m fine – You’ve grown a lot
– Yeah dad Is there dust in your eyes? – Dad is crying
– Don’t lie daddy I’m crying When you shed tears,
You look funny daddy You are a bad dad it seems You will never become a good daddy,
so another good daddy is coming – Who said so, your grandpa?
– Yeah Has that fool started
with his villainous stuff yeah – What did your mom say?
– Nothing She stayed silent Why don’t you become a
good daddy yourself I’ve changed now, but
your mom isn’t believing me Why don’t you just fall in love with mommy Just like in the movies Like in your first film! Thank you!
Thank you! Next is a special song
which we composed now We’ve done that for a special
person in this crowd – What’s her name?
– Yazhini Don’t stand here This song is dedicated to Yazhini And it’s dedicated by Hi dad One angry look
One little smile, will do! A short span of happiness
The spring time of bloom is here! You are the reason, the clouds over me rain And when they are no longer
there, what do I do? The silence you keep
Shreds me into pieces! Why my dear, such scorn over me? Such a pity, your hate for me! With you by my side
My life is full of lights Come, let’s go for a ride on the love boat! Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart The color of love will stain on your heart You’re the only one
I have love for! When I ache for you
My veins burst with excitement! Don’t fight with me, my love!
Forgive me! It’s not too bad! Asked for a wish to carry you
On a pallanquin, the princess of my heart! Why my dear, such scorn over me? Such a pity, your hate for me! With you by my side
My life is full of lights Come, let’s go for a ride on the love boat! Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart Time shall pass and change
The color of love will stain on your heart Hey! be silent
Don’t clap Should have got you out sooner
Sorry Michael That’s fine, You have got me out Or
I would have rotted inside Uncle, Ponni hasn’t come? How is the child? Arul wants to see you,
Let’s go see Arul and dad Bro is fine right I’ll go
home see Ponni and then come Why hasn’t Ponni come?
because of kid? Come we’ll first go
see Doss and then .. It’s been over a
year since we met Why has she not come? What is it uncle? where is she? What happened to her? I’ll tell, But out of respect
we will go and meet… Where is Ponni? I want to see her She resides in this address The neighboring village
Go and see her She told us not to to
tell anybody except you Bro, please do take
good care of her Welcome back, She is inside, Go in! It’s all good times hereafter Mom, Uncle The prison life taught me a lot I want to lead a happy life
with my wife and daughter Tell her to believe
I can promise a happy life with her What you say? He’s
talking to you I trust him, what else can I do What is he going
to do for a living What? We had bakery
classes in the Jail I can bake cakes and bread,
They will taste good I’m planning to open a
small bakery in Chennai Why in Chennai? Ask
him to stay back Who do I know here?
Starting it in Chennai is suitable too What will he do for the money? Have to ask Arul bro for that I still haven’t seen him
after the release Look! If you are gonna go back to
that family I’m not coming Enough of me suffering
for your loyalty Nothing like that.. Who
else will give me money? Get a loan, or
even beg for money If you are going back to that
family, then we are staying back We can live here for our life Go in and talk to her Go talk to her Ok, I won’t go and see
Arul or Jegan again I promise I won’t Losses can either be mental or physical You lost your husband mentally, and I
lost my wife physically in an accident I completely know what happened
in your life, I’m ok with that I’ll be a good husband and
a good father for Dolly Ready 1,2,3…
Give me a kiss Call me dad – Uncle
– No, daddy Just by giving birth you won’t
become a dad, You got to be one Till then you will have to wait You should have told the child that father
has gone abroad and will be back soon Ask anything your
mouth opens up wide Just leave everyone, like a free bird,
liberate yourself from all this shit Do you like to drench in the rain Shall we? We will be drenched That is all our freedom
and liberty is about Welcome back Michael, – How did you find her?
– I got her address from her friend – Do you remember grandpa?
– Do you? Ballon sir! Who are you buying the balloon for,
For your daughter in law? – What did you say?
– Your daughter calls you uncle that’s why Won’t you talk knowing the situation Leave all that,
I’ll buy it for my grand daughter I’m producer Mukundan’s wife Only after his death, We got
to know about all his debts We sold all the properties
and settled the debts Now all we have is your film We will give it to the price you
offered, Please buy it – What?
– Sir, Please sir. We will withdraw the case, we
have lost a lot in that too He did it out of his
loyalty for you He tried killing you, he
ended up getting killed He is not gonna come
back, this is your film You release it yourself Yet again! They found that Kannagi statue was missing,
It’s risky here We had chosen a
‘IRATAI’ statue then in Kerala We let it then as it was an another state,
But now it’s safe for us Just one thing, we can’t
do it without Michael Don’t need, he has
suffered a lot already We can use someone
else, or I’ll come It won’t work, just one
time, Tell him to come He needs money Do you know how much
we spent for his bail Don’t blabber He did that for me, Did we tell him to kill? If you ask he’ll come, Bro, he is there Welcome bro – How are you?
– I’m fine, you Welcome Jegan,
What bring you here all of a sudden Uncle, bro is here Bring some coffee Are you fine Ponni? What you said is right – You all should be away from us
– Nothing like that bro I’ve bought toys for you I have no option If we do this
All our problems will be over If you can do it for me,
If not leave it I will look for another option We’ll do it this one last time
and stop with that Let Ponni not know about this – Do come home
– We will definitely come brother They came visiting us, and all of a
sudden you want to go to Mumbai I’ve told you already right A friend of mine is in Mumbai He is arranging for a loan for
less interest, that’s why. He will be giving assurance for me I’ll be back Who is that friend? Leave it, You are
questioning me like a cop The baby got happy seeing the toys? Should question a thief like a cop I will believe what you say
but don’t think I will keep on believing Hear me out guys We are going to a village named Katikulam
Near Wayanad This is a small temple there This temple is famous for exorcism It opens only on Fridays Tomorrow is Friday Let’s go see to know how crowded it is
and then plan when to rob Other state vehicle, New sim
Seems like you have a clean sketch Since it is another state
we have to be careful If we get caught
They will bash us up We can’t smuggle it today, Correct, we cant do it today We’ll do it tomorrow Tomorrow the temple will be locked You and Michael go for
tonight’s Udukai Poojai Ramesh will go as haunted
person and you will accompany him, then hide
in the marked place No one will check They will close the temple
once the Poojai is over Stay there till tomorrow night,
that’s when we will rob it Come out through the
exit we planned We both will wait outside,
we’ll swiftly move once we get it – Jegan..
– What’s it? Nothing, I’m fine Wait!
Wait! Dude, never over react come, no one’s there we will wait until lights turn off I’m scared, how are we
gonna spend a whole night only way to sleep
peacefully the entire night Here have this – What is this?
– BONG dose, Deep sleep! You will wake
only tomorrow evening It feels different That is how it would be – I’m getting high,
– I’m already flying Ramesh!!! Ramesh!!! The eyes of fury, A Malicious heart
Do you see me? With stained hands, I am of your same
height Does it ring a bell in you?? I share your name I share your voice I
share your shadow Do you recognize me? I share your name, I share your voice I
share your shadow, Do you recognize me? You are me! You brute!
I am the form of your sins You are me! You brute!
Death is the price for your sins. You are me! You brute!
I am the form of your sins You are me! You brute!
Death is the price for your sins. I am revered, You are despised
I am the goddess, You are a brute sinner! I am revered, You are despised
I am the goddess, You are a brute sinner! You are me! You brute!
I am the form of your sins You are me! You brute!
Death is the price for your sins. Miscreants like you, Torment
women like me Weplead for freedom, More
restrain is all we get! We plead for freedom
More restrain is all we get! I dismember the miscreants I am the goddess who uproot prejudice! I dismember the miscreants
I am the goddess who uproot prejudice! You are me! You brute!
I am the form of your sins You are me! You brute!
Death is the price for your sins. Get up! Who are you?
What are you doing here? He is not alone
He had another guy with him Two statues were missing,
Where is the other guy? I’m talking to you Answer my questions? Why are
you looking like insane guy? Cuff him, Let’s go Clear the area… Move Move.. Walk..Walk fast..Walk Michael, Senthil and
Ramesh cheated us They gave me some drug, I woke up
and there were cops already there Don’t tell anything, I’ll
take you out in 2 days Who is this?
Who was that? The police caught him Don’t panic Poor fellow! He’s again
in trouble because of us Nothing should happen to
Michael, He should come out I’ll take him out, you
please don’t panic One stay here, lets go check whats wrong? Move, Move What’s the problem? Sir, he’s escaping Catch him! Quick! Sorry sorry Is this Arul? Get two.. keep it here Can I drink some water? Have you got the tickets? It’s for the night 10 PM bus I was afraid Michael, no stop! Please listen!
Michael! Hey, I’m telling you Bloody traitors, you
cheated on me for money Go ask Jegan, he is
the one who did this You telling me about Jegan He’s telling the truth,
Jegan is the one We got this money from him We stole 2 statues, the
Iratai Iraivi is with him This is our commission After you left
Jegan asked us to stay Anyone coming? We are going to drink
don’t forget, size 40 We have drinks right?
– Yes, got to get some cold water I need to talk to both of you 20 lakhs Whatever, it is a sin We can’t 1 crore 20 lakhs 12 million I got tempted to do it for the money Giving you the Bong sweet,
robbing 2 statues, and informing the police were
all planned by Jegan Enough of the bathing
Let’s leave He made it look like we robbed
the statues and he caught us Ramesh and Senthil cheated
on us and ran away That Ramesh!!
– I’ve got the statue from them They hit me and escaped This doesn’t feel good to me He didn’t say why he is doing this Tell why you are doing all this In 10 days a guy will come to buy
the statue and settle the amount Leave! Our need for money got us into this Money made us blind The money made my mind flip I wanted him to walk and get married
Lots of desire, I got confused Forgive me This is yours Take it We were wrong
Sorry take everything Why should Jegan do this? I don’t know I think it is for the money I’m gonna tell him – Ramesh stop
– Michael, one minute I got to tell this
I can’t keep it within myself I don’t know whether it is right or wrong It should be right
I’m seeing you from my childhood You, My aunts, my cousin Maheshwari,
Veerama Miss, our Vegetable vendor My schoolmate Rathimeena All have been suffering because of men I never want a girl to cry And I hate men who makes women cry I will give full liberty
to woman of my life I will make all her wish come
true, she’ll be happy and free Like a bird I’ve crossed many girls in my life But no one had given me the feel
That she was the one for me Till that day Till I saw her Don’t get me wrong From the moment I saw her
I liked her But after knowing Michael was gonna
marry her I threw that thought away Michael was like other men He was even worse After marriage, he still went behind Malar,
and at the same time got Ponni pregnant How brilliant he is Cheap bastard You know she is pregnant,
you know you have a family Should he not care a bit Ponni is a poor soul,
He made her cry Many means Many ways She cried a lot at different
situations for various reasons I never liked to watch her cry But seeing her I liked her more Sympathy changed into love Do you know how much I’ve spent? I can’t spend money just like that – Let’s get the bail when it’s given
– Ok Your bail has been suspended they’ve pushed it for 3 months How is the work going,
No problem, right? And thanks for the job
– That’s ok I started loving her I told her one fine day John uncle sent me to pick you up,
get in I love you I want to marry you Michael is in Jail and I’m not a cheap guy to
use this situation I’ve been loving you for a while You are Michaels wife, all that is ok I swear this isn’t the
life you should be living I can give a better life
for you and the baby Think about it I’m married and have a kid But till day no one has loved me You are the first to propose We’ll see tomorrow I’ll think about it I thought she would surely say ok But she left town without informing anyone I’ve phoned them
No one is picking up At least you could’ve gone
and checked in the morning Why would she leave without informing I’m sure she loved me But it’s our society and the
tradition should be the reason That one logic should have made her leave You all grew up that way, right?
brought us up too… I consoled myself not to
disturb someone who left me I’m damn sure, Michael won’t
give her a happy life Only I can When I saw her again,
I decided then Only I can give her a happy life Michael is a brother to me
We grew up together All that is ok
I got furious on him Why to spoil a girls life
after marrying her? Fool The best place for him is Jail The best place for Ponni and
the baby is to be with me That’s why I had sketched a
plan and sent him to jail I really feel guilty about it
That’s why I wanted to tell you the truth Ponni is hapless She needs a good life, right? I need Ponni I love her truly – What time does the function starts?
– 9:00 am If you take the 7:00 am
bus, you will reach in time Inform Anthony sir that
I got an important work Tell him that, we are buying rights for
Arul’s movie, so only I couldn’t make it Gimme a ring when you reach there I’ll be back by the 5PM bus, come
and pick me up at bus station Sure, Just ring me when
you start from there. What happened to your phone?
There was no response at all What kind of an attire is this? I went to Bombay, right? Ramesh said visiting Shiradi
nearby is a good omen We both went there Where is your bag? I’m talking to you,
Where is your bag? The bag is in my friends car I got the money Got it! Since the amount was
huge, I didn’t bring it He’ll transfer it to my account That’s great, but
why are you sad Tired? Shall I make some coffee What? What? What? What’s it? What’s between you and Jegan? Where did you go? Just tell about you and Jegan Did you lie about
going to Bombay? I went to Bombay, Ramesh
came with me, You tell me – Tell
– he said he loves me and you Do answer my question!! I too loved him, but never expressed it
I left town. What does that mean?
What does that mean? How much ever you make me suffer
It’s my fate to live with you Don’t confuse yourself,
we just wanted to live a peaceful life Let’s do that You didn’t…. You wanna know if I slept with him? You are not worthy to
ask such a question Do you think I don’t
know about Malar Why the hell do you get married? Am I a machine to take care of
you and give birth to your child You go to prison in
the name of loyalty You have got any idea about these 2
years of struggle I went through? Now you are asking whether
I slept with him? What will you do if I slept with him?
Will you kill me? I’m not going to
answer your question without knowing that if you can
lead a happy life with me, lets go ahead Or I’ll live on my own
I’m used to it Sorry Sorry You and baby are my life I want to live with you Go get the money from your friend We’ll leave immediately
We can’t live here anymore But Ponni However you ask, I’ll never
answer that question Everything is right? – Give it!
– Here Madam You’ll get the balance in a week Release it soon,
it’s a confirm hit All the best sir – We’ll get it in a week
– Don’t worry, we’ll get it in a weeks time From this moment you
are gonna shine Have it Bloody traitors…
Did this to us… He’ll be back
He spoke regarding his release Yeah, I’ve spoke to the
corresponding people He should’ve been out today
As it’s Saturday he’ll be out in 2 days Don’t worry Uncle, don’t worry
We won’t leave Michael stranded Surely you won’t, but I don’t
know how I’ll manage Ponni Leave that, go talk to your
wife and bring them home I’m going there
Ok, I’ll leave then Hello It’s nothing Did you escape from there? Yes – You didn’t tell anyone, right?
– No, why take such a risk Jegan made arrangements to
get you out in 2 days… I escaped before they filed a FIR,
I can’t got back to jail again I can’t stay here anymore, I’m
planning to leave and I need money In a week we’ll get the
money, take 50 lakhs I don’t need 50, just
give me 10 lakhs I’m leaving today,
It’s good if I get it today Do one thing, I’ll talk to dad You go to our house and
collect 8 lakhs from him I’ll give you 2 lakhs later We bought the film back It’ll release soon It’s all because of you Why are you emotional? Such a huge thing, you should
express it with utmost happiness Express it again, come on One more! Action! Action! Our film is gonna release Let this happiness stay Let me know when you leave
I’ll go see Yazhu and Dolly Get the money from dad Meet jegan, he’ll be
happy seeing you He was upset when
you were caught I’ll go surprise him in
college, you don’t tell him I won’t, you go Convey my regards to the family Our whole family will go to
Delhi and collect the award Why has he come here? Why are you here? Get out
– What’s happening here? – Yazhu
– Why are you calling her now? Engagement between
Good daddy and mummy – Are you a respectable
gentleman, move out of my way For our family, You’ve suffered a lot..
Take care Only after seeing you I am happy There is only 5 Lakhs in this, You’ve got
3 Lakhs in the shop, Give it to him ok Doss good bye, live long Office, where is Yazhu? Where is Yazhu? Go away from here,
Why are you here? What’s this? What’s all this? It’s all because of you Look what you’ve done I’ve completely changed now
I’ve stopped drinking Hereafter don’t worry about anything I’m talking to her It’s been 5 months
since I drank, And my film is gonna release No problems anymore, believe me I can’t forget you You are a drunkard Should I live with you,
or just stay like this or get married These confusions are killing me inside It’s nothing It’s nothing, No confusion You are going to live with me Believe me, please You won’t cheat me again, right? I surely won’t Yes sir! I need to talk to you,
you know who I am right? I know, Arul right? Your Ex-would-be’s
current husband Where are you going, you said
Karnataka and you are leaving today I am leaving to Bangarupet with
Ponni today by train If she knows I am meeting them
I can’t handle her I won’t tell, Jegan is the one
who worried when you got caught He had made arrangements
to get you out But you have already escaped He’ll be happy to see you Go to college and see him I’ll go and see him at college You don’t inform him, I
want to surprise him – Uncle
– Jegan is here You wait here, I’ll go first, then you
enter and lets surprise him as you said Uncle – Why didn’t you go to college?
– How can I? I am very happy What’s all this? I’m happy uncle Arul bros movie is gonna release Out of joy I got drunk If Michael was here It would
have been great, right? Yeah It would have been happier He is the only one missing He’s coming out on Monday Uncle I’m leaving Bye Jegan He came in the morning, he wanted to
surprise you but you are already here Why did you escape? Why?
I would have got you out of jail. You’ve come..
Super!!! I’m feeling happy for you Michael, I’ll find those
traitors and bash them up Ok, I’m leaving Where are you going? He is going out of town
to make a living Where? I’m going to Bombay Staying here is a risk Are you scared of the Police? I’ll take care, don’t worry Uncle, I am leaving Today? In a few days Just you? All of us All in 2-3 days I’ll leave uncle
– Hey! Michael Stay Hereafter take good care of
Ponni and your daughter, Got it Take good care Else I’ll kill you What’s this Michael?
What have you done? Why did you hit him? He’s bleeding Won’t I know how to take
care of my wife Bloody fucker, Shut up uncle – Die!
– Don’t hit him He’s the one who who sketched
a plan for me to go to jail He confused Ponni Please don’t hit him Won’t I know how to
take care of my wife What’s this? Jegan!!! What have you done? It’s not my mistake I wanted to leave without
seeing him, It’s his mistake I thought of leaving
without seeing him Ponni and baby will be waiting
I got to leave uncle Ponni will wait for me,
I want to live with her Go! Get out!
Go live happily Jegan Why are we leaving
all of a sudden We got the money,
so we are leaving Why do you look dull? We are going to a new place, a
new life, The fear of all that It’ll all be fine Are you still thinking about it? About Jegan? I don’t need that answer anymore – Mommy, Choci – we’ll get it in the
next station, train might leave Uncle Chooci I’ll buy it in the next station Dad Chooci! She called you daddy Dad chooci The train might leave Give 2 biscuit’s and
few chocolates Dad’s gone to cut chocolates get that butter biscuit What’s it uncle? Forgive me, I
couldn’t lie to them Arul is here, tell him what
happened, he’ll forgive you I’ll go to prison for you Jegan did a mistake brother He did it out of anger forgive him You could’ve told this
in the morning itself We treated you like
our brother, right – He did something wrong
– He is a small boy You are like my brother He is my brother Where is the chocolate, your
father is yet to come It’s him Yes It’s him, You go away dear All these males are
dominant egoistic bastards Your happiness always rests within you.
Stop searching for peace through these men. Go away and live happily Leave! You could’ve forgiven him That was your promise I couldn’t uncle Got my nerves for Uncontrollable anger Pain Fury When all of your lives were
getting in shape, You broke it Look at the way he is lying dead What are you going to do? For a moment You could’ve
thought about Yazhu and Dolly Yes I could’ve Even he could’ve remained calm Or I too could’ve
symphathised and let him live I couldn’t uncle We are not women to be
patience and tolerant We are MEN MEN – the supreme Women – the subtle We all men are such
a low life scums I’ll make a call What happened?
Did you spoke to him You You’ll get engaged for your second marriage Am I a broker to mediate your talks Do I look like a joker to you guys? I will never quit drinking,
Yes I am a drunkard You can marry him, If you don’t
like him, go for another marriage If you don’t like him either,
go for another marriage I don’t give a shit, you Bit** I want to drink, I’ll drink I
want to be happy, I’ll be happy I want to be happy Let’s go.. I’m coming I told you not to trust him If you want to be happy,
accept the marriage proposal He has blabbered
something to them too Mom Mom Mom….
Mom Mom, rain! Mommy, Where is daddy? – That uncle won’t be coming
– why? Do you want to get drenched in the rain? Shall we – Dolly
– What’s it mom? Mom, shall we play in rain No, we’ll get drenched


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