iOS 13 announcement in 10 minutes

This year, we work top to bottom the system making everything faster that you do the most things like
unlocking with face ID now 30% faster
We’ve changed the way that were packaging apps on the app store when this rolls out in the fall with iOS 13
you’ll see that your downloads are now 50% smaller and

60% smaller, but what’s really incredible is the effect it has on app launch speed
It’s up to twice as fast in iOS 13
We are bringing
dark mode to iOS
Look at that the gorgeous dark wallpaper notifications look great
Let’s take a look at our widget. Look just awesome
Let’s take a look at some apps. We’ll start with news
Check it out with a gorgeous dark appearance
So nice and your calendar your daily events have never looked so awesome with this really beautiful palette
Look at this refined texture. It’s really fantastic
Let’s take a trip into messages. So you see how your images your emoji they all look just
fantastic, and of course the keyboard an extra refined new dark appearance and
some new tricks because now when you type you can swipe
Just like that now safari has new options to quickly change text sizing and as per website preferences
Male gets desktop-class text formatting controls
Including support for rich fonts and notes gets this beautiful new gallery view
Support for shared folders and much more but what we really went deep is with reminders. We’ve completely
Reinvented the app rewriting it from the ground up to make it more intelligent intuitive and powerful and easier than ever to create reminders
so for instance just type what you want and reminders will understand when and where to notify you or
you can use the new quick type bar just tap and enter things like
location or even
Attachments like photos with tasks you can now associate to dues with a top-level reminder
now smart lists, they help you keep track of your most important items and if you tagged a person in a reminder,
Well next time you’re in a messages conversation, you’ll automatically get a notification
Letting them know that now is time to talk. It’s really handy. So happy to show you what’s new and Apple maps
Alright first let’s take a look at that new map
As Craig said we’ve been driving and flying all across the United States
collecting land and aerial data to add
significant new detail to the map
So now roads and beaches parks and buildings
Look great
We’ve also added a couple of very useful new features to our recently designed launch screen
Like favorites where I can add the places I go every day for quick and easy access
Now I can just tap and go
with collections
these are this is where I can organize all of my favorites or I can make lists of favorites to share with friends or I
Can finally organize that next big trip?
With look around I get a gorgeous
3d view it’s an awesome way to explore
But this is my favorite part turn your phone and hold on tight
Smoothly move down the street. Yep
We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and we engineer it into everything we do and this year
We’re doing even more I want to focus on three big areas
starting with location now for the first time you can share your location to an app just
Once and then require it to ask you again next time it wants it
If you do choose to grant an app the ability to continually monitor your location in the background
Will give you reports so you’ll know what they are up to
Now some apps try to work around these protections by scanning for Bluetooth or Wi-Fi
Signals to infer your location when we’re shutting the door on that abuse as well
Next I want to turn to login
We’ve all seen buttons like this asking us to use a social account login to get a more personalized experience with an app
This can be convenient, but it also can come at the cost of your privacy your personal information
Sometimes get shared behind the scenes and these logins can be used to track you
So we wanted to solve this and many developers do too and so now we have the solution
It’s called sign in with
Sign in with Apple is the fast easy way to sign in without all the tracking a
Simple API allows the developer to put sign in with Apple button right in their app
You just tap it and you’re authenticated with face ID on your device
Logged in with a new account without revealing any new personal information
Some apps may want your name and maybe even an email to send you information when you’re outside the app
Now we do allow them to request this information
But check this out
you can choose to share your actual email address or
You can choose to hide it and when you do we’ll create a unique random address that forwards to your real address
Unfortunately most home cameras today
send people’s video up to the cloud so it can be analyzed to tell the difference between maybe a leaf blowing in the wind and
someone at your door
But unfortunately, this risks your privacy. We have a new way. It’s called
home kit secure video
Now yes : kits secure video
in that case the video was analyzed in your home on your resident iPad home pod or Apple TV and
Then it’s encrypted and securely sent to iCloud where no one not even Apple can see it
Now of course
You’ll be alerted if there’s any activity and you’ll be able to review the recordings
Now storage for 10 days of clips will be included in your existing iCloud accounts and it won’t count against your storage
We’ve all received messages like this. Like who is this guy?
Well, wouldn’t it be better if you could see something like this or maybe even?
now you can because with iowa’s 13 you and the people you message with will be able to share your name and
Your photo and even use momochi or an emoji to create a photo of yourself
It’s called emoji stickers
Now instead of expressing yourself like this with emoji in your conversations you can now do it like this
We automatically create a sticker pack for you for each of your momochi now
We’re also extending portrait lighting so you can adjust the intensity of the lighting effect
Just like you could in a lighting studio by moving the lights closer or further away from your subject
So when you increase the intensity of the light, it’s like virtually moving the light closer. This has the effect of smoothing skin
Brightening eyes and facial features you can pull it back
For a subtle more refined look and we adapt this effect uniquely to each style of portrait lighting
The next I want to turn to photo editing, we have a brand new experiences that you control every element of your photo
You can see at a glance all your settings and with just a tap and a drag you can make adjustments
It applies across all of our existing effects and many more that are new to iOS 13
We’ve also given you more control over how you can view all your photos
You can simply pinch to zoom out and see a bunch of photos or you can zoom in see more detail
It’s really fast and fluid
Now as you can see, I take a ton of photos of my kids trying to capture that perfect moment
Often times my best shots get lost in this sea of images
That’s what days is for and it’s tapped down here at the bottom
You can see days is absolutely beautiful the clutter. The similar photos is gone. I can just scroll and enjoy now
shortcuts enable you to use your apps through Siri and
in the shortcuts app
You can create your own personalized
Multi-step shortcut now in iOS 13 the app is built right in and it is more powerful than ever
It’s now the one place you access all of your shortcuts including ones
You’ve added a Siri and we make it easier to get started use with your first multi-step shortcut using a new feature called
Suggested automations, which take your habits and personalize it for to a template like heading home or going to the gym

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