not a safe concept. what will these robots do to stop a gun or knife-wielding maniac from harming a guest? or how will these robots call the police and relay information? will they be effective witnesses of a crime in progress, and if so, will their memory work in such a way where they'll be able to recall what happened and identify the perpetrators? will they be able to call emergency services if a guest needs to be transported to the hospital?

    the whole idea behind AI is by using the customer as free labor by using a computer to check in, something that was done by human employees. same concept for self-checkout cash registers. the supermarkets get free labor by having the customers check out and bag their groceries themselves. even the McDonald's in my neighborhood installed an automated ordering system where you tap on a few buttons to order something and pay for it also, using the customers as employees at the same time. robots in the workforce are a clever and effective way to save money, but it's not safe for the customer.

  • carmichael moritz

    the funny thing is , it could be me behind the scene thats telling the robot what to say or do . on another note , most people are fools and dont even need the robots mouth to move , just say its a form of telepathy and you are all hearing my thoughts without me moving my lips . they'll believe it lol . just saying .

  • Mary Sophy

    As Japanese population is decreasing, there will be a time when tourists will be flying to Japan and be welcomed by robots. Why am I crying while writing this ? It is so sad.

  • Jim King

    Since most people don't want to be employed in the "arts and sciences", I guess they'll just have to kill off most of the human population. (Which is what they want to do anyway.) The entire concept is ridiculous.

  • Angel Fair

    That. May work in Japan. We’re there is plants of robotic engineers..to maintain and write the systems to keep them going But there is many many underdeveloped countries that still live backwards and or in Stone Age were labor is cheaper than maintain a very sophisticated robot that can break down

  • Danielle Jacobs

    Everything about the robot at 4:57 is making me laugh hysterically. Her expression, her voice, what she's saying.

    "Ohh are you asking me my old?"
    and then her lips just move up and down as faint noises come out.

  • mytube92369

    The human soul is missing,surrounded by machines is dead cold. There is a good thing that could be stimulated to the max, eliminate completely the night shifts and let the robots take over so people could rest.

  • Daniel Hernandez

    Keep doing what you're doing, Japan!! The way you're portraying the future is amazing!! I can't wait to visit someday!

  • Mak Mak

    No more human touch. U can't use a bot to try and teach people love and how to get close to one another. It teaches perversion and separation. This is the hotel you go to if you want a first hand depiction of social engineering and what our world has become. Shalom.

  • Timothy Mason

    There will be a day when reality is the "trip" and is what you do for vacation" The perfect world is inhabited by imperfections

  • Jacqueline Tanner

    This absolutely disturbing…I mean scary has HELL! People/humanity better get a serious grip if not we will be destroyed as a race! Must this concern need to even be expressed! If so the end isn't coming it is here!

  • ed garlick

    Really you're gonna allow someone to scan your eye, and face? Just to check into a hotel, how fucking stupid are you?

  • BerSerK

    Yeah robots no imagine someone hacking it and it could walk and had cameras cause of your credit card information or some other stuff

  • Forever Phoenix

    I ain’t goin there

    Robot:hello I will greet u now

    Me:uhhh no thanks I wanna live

    Robot:oh ok then

    Me:I know ur little plan thing😶

  • Incogniito Y2K

    You don't need humans if you have a workforce that's tireless but you do need humans to buikd it😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😁😁

  • Incogniito Y2K

    This Hana hotel is inefficient no one wants to have a gruelling time checking in😂😂😂😂😂 we under value human service

  • Irish Stew

    I cursed out one of these robots for 5 full minutes, with the mouth of a sailor & a paratrooper. When the robot determined I was through, it said, "THANK YOU" and then, spit on my shoe and walked away.

  • Natalia Sosa

    So think of this scenario you hear things that go bump at night and there is really no human staff… or get attack by someone.. those robots wont come and help you.. freaky

  • Star Angel Davis

    Wow.. Who is doing this interview.. You are Hottt. Love your accent. I know has nothing to do with this video. But wowzers. Can you move to my state.. Haha 😂😂💘 Blessed Be..✨✨

  • hxney bee

    Omg I’ve went to a theme park in japan with the henn na hotel. My family didn’t stay there because it was full 🙁 there’s also a restaurant called henn na restaurant. it’s basically made of robots that are making food and icecream 🍦, and there is one person who’s managing the restaurant, and some others cooking. The food is then placed on a table where people can take it. There’s also a free cotton candy machine. If you have the time, you can go to the part of the japan called Nagasaki(I think) and there’s a theme park called housetembos with the henn na hotel & more 🙂

  • TheHuidos2006

    The world needs MASS critics, and MASS CRITICISM, not shit usless justifications for less than rat shit bloody inbred shit fuck mk ultra mind control shit fuck freaks and their obstruction of justice, to divide and CONQUER, whilst CREATING order out of self made choas by these decrepit atrocious shit fucks, to say the least!
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    Perhaps all these world SHITgovernSHITmentSHITs tring to SHITnwoSHIT us, is the real issue, all they ever do is distort, whilst DIVIDING and attempting to conquer, creating order out of chaos, which is created and controlled by themselves with deception, propaganda, psychological warfare, they regulate all and believe you me history current events, they don't have the people's best interest! INSANE, DISGUSTING, UNFATHOMABLE, PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING EVERYAWHERE and at its best! It is almost as if tv, radio, and all social media has been created, and controlled by shit useless inbred Nazi ZIONIST fugly bloody rat bastards! Umm is it just me or does the shitgovernshitmentshit first put blame anyone else before accepting responsibility for their own ATROCIOUS murderous actions! Name one good thing the shitgovernshitmentshit has ever done other than rape, murder, oppress, manipulate, distort, deceive etc. I am not crazy, rather, I remain eager hopeful optimistic of a better world today not tomorrow… fuck where is… do you feel the justice? WE MUST UNITE AND IGNITED WE ARE THE UNSTOPPABLE FORCE AGAINST THIS SHIT SHOW CHARADE, FARCE NWO KAKISTOCROCY SHITGOVERNSHITMENTSHIT!
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  • TheHuidos2006

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  • TheHuidos2006

    Why would anyone want their mind CONTROLLED at all nonetheless be governed by a bunch of less than rat shit $atanist shit pedos shit inbred shit fugly shit fucks that can only OPERATE in the shadows because they have chosen to be shit inbred $hit puppets less than bloody shit rat shit bloody shit inbred shit fugly shit bastards and sell out HUMANITY!

  • TheHuidos2006

    The U.S. of lie$ fed by NWO zioni$t $atani$t paedophile$ government$! THIS is probably why all civilizations collapse because shit nwo governments alway$ use extreme scare tactics, psychological warfare, propaganda, manipulation, deception, war, gmos, weather engineering, all technologies, against humanity, mother EARTH, the animal kindoms, etc.

  • TheHuidos2006

    Trump is nothing more than a puppet with a bloody powerful hand up his arse way up in there dictating his every move!

  • TheHuidos2006

    Together United IGNITED we are the UNSTOPPABLE force AGAINST this long ago $hit CHARADE farce nwo kaki$tocrocy, oligarchy, TYRANNY! So, red or blue don't be a fooled, $hit horrid puppet$ on the right or $hit horrid puppet$ on the left, for fuck$ $ake dont fall for their $ioni$t delu$ion$, filled with paedo, $atanic, illu$ion$, instead fight for their much a due and needed conclu$ion!

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay

    9:46 I don’t think so since everywhere is not Japan. There’s a reality called “crime rate” of Japan. People outside of Japan may hack the system, or harm and get away with it. I mean they are no islanders, not homogeneous not trying to be harmonious for something against their interest. I don’t think that every Japanese is like that either. With respect to Japan’s people with good will.(Human side)

  • Hamza Turan Kubilay


  • smoothjazzaxe

    I think that robots could provide greater comfort, convenience and efficiency. They can't be a substitute for human interaction. Robots and artificial intelligence can excellently mimic human cognition and decision making. They've been developed to the point where they can learn like human beings. We've even developed them to the point where they have something resembling a soul. But, I think that they lack the unique spontaneity and creativity that is born of the human experience.

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