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Well, hello, ladies and gentlemen and everyone watching I’m your host the report of the week
so what I wanted to do today is really take a look and see what some
for the YouTube channel have been recently and I know
This is this is unusual because I’m actually getting right into the subject matter of the video immediately
We’re not quite with every single second that I say with this intro now
I’m kind of dragging it on longer and longer than it should be but I think the title is self-explanatory
I think I’ve kind of oversimplified and clarified it already
But we’re just gonna take a look and see what a few recent
Comments for the channel have been and honestly the comments section is great though
It’s just wonderful to see what people think about the channel what they like what they don’t like any suggestions for future videos
And I you know, it’s just it’s a great community
But of course I get the good in the bad and lets us take a look and see what we have
I’m spitting out those rhymes right there. So let’s take a look here. I got a computer set up
We’re in a fairly. Well, we are in a new setting. I don’t know you can call this
I don’t know the the hall or whatever you would like to and
Anyway, let’s take a look and see what we got. All right, I
Would love to punch you in the butt and
In the face you that you you’re that pretty of a mouse
There we go
Starting it off just with that when we’re just going all that. I was looking I saw that one and he said alright fine
We’re just gonna go that but but thank you though. I’m glad that you think that I’m a pretty mouse
Anyway, that’s that’s good to hear glad to know we’re starting it off on a positive note right there
So thank you for your kind words
Hello… this is… shut up
I don’t even know how to how to go with that one
I mean, I guess he was trying to do like the intro that I usually do where I kind of just you know
I go all out with the intros, you know that I do
But that seems to me like it’s it’s more of a toned down
Intro right there because usually when I start off the reviews, I you know, you know, I started off with a bang
I’m going hello everyone. This is
running on empty
food review, but but this one seems like it’s
This is and then that’s an odd intro, but alright, you know, it’s a good suggestion. Thank you
This is going back on area 51
Theme and you know, a lot of people forgotten on September 20th, we’re supposed to do the raid for area 51
But I don’t know I guess that’s not gonna happen anymore
But but who’s to say this guy is is providing a good reminder though
So thank you there said this guy eats and acts like an alien.
That’s odd
I would have thought that you would have said that I look like an alien too to be quite honest
Because as a matter of fact I was even I was completely ready
Even got this little guy isn’t cute right there. He’s a friendly alien. No, don’t worry about that
But usually people say I look like an alien too
But I guess I don’t look like an alien this time around. I just wanted to get him on the camera
I guess I don’t look like an alien this time around but I eat and act like one
So, I guess I’m an alien impersonator then. Thank you there
No, no this guy right here, he’s got it right like some people don’t like to take a guess at
how I am
They try to figure things out and some people are right. Some people aren’t you have lots of various theories and
about the various
Doings of this channel, but this guy gets it right. All right and take a look at what he has to say here
he says I
Think report exhibits his living on the edge
lifestyle more by his voracious mauling of the food and his formal wear he’s going to stain those suits and
Absolutely. I am a hardcore adrenaline junkie. And sometimes like I try to suppress that a little bit quite frankly
Sometimes I do let it out there like I’ll say look I got these pens in my pocket
I don’t even have a pocket protector for them and for a while. I thought you know what? I mean? That’s it
Forget skydiving. Don’t forget about that
Forget about doing any sort of racing any sort of high-intensity activity
Forget about swimming with the sharks or any of that. I thought this is as far as it’s gonna get
to have that feeling knowing that these pens might explode at any given second and
There I am having them right there in the shirt like that. You know, I thought that was that was it right there
but this is one of those things that I was kind of ignoring but
But that is the epitome right there of living on the edge
I’m now this is a new one right here. I’ve never heard this one before you look like a rat just stop making vids
I’m out
It’s good to know. Thank you very much. And you are you are spitting out the facts right there,
Of course
you can revisit back in 2018 where we had this extensive debate as to
whether I have looked like a rat, albino rat or anything in between
But thank you very much, you know. All right. We’re just going with the standard rat this time around so that’s good to know
Unfortunately, though I am going to continue making videos for the time being so I am sorry to disappoint
That reviewbrah has a massive
Massive suit collection
Absolutely. That’s that’s correct. I do have a good good size suit collection, though
Yeah, I I do it. I’ve been I’ve been filling up the closet with them
You know, I always try to have some some different suits
I do have to take a few of them for the dry cleaners though and
So so there we we have it right there
Just re-watched the two towers thumbnail looks like Gollum and
Then it looks like there’s the two dots right there and then it says hide
I don’t know if that means hide
I don’t know if he’s trying to say that he doesn’t like the thumbnail or maybe just the resemblance is so striking and the
So incredibly good
He’s hiding his sheer amazement of that
Yeah, we’re grasping at straws there…
some people will wonder though what I smell like for some reason or another and
This guy says review brah looks like he’d smell like mint with a slight basil undertone
That actually sounds pretty good to be quite honest that’s not even no that’s a compliment. Thank you very much
I don’t even know what I smell like. I just smell like me
So I mean look if you want to imagine that I smell like mint
with a slight
Basil undertone other than go for it. Absolutely
if you would rather imagine that I smell like I
Don’t know
Cucumbers then say that as well. Thank you. Kindly I
I get this one
More than I care to admit I get the feeling that there is a body in the trunk of his car
Ever since I started doing reviews in the car
I would I would constantly be getting that and then before I was even doing videos in the car
And I was just doing them indoors people would be saying I bet there’s a body in his basement or in his attic
Or some people would say that they think that there’s one just underneath the table and you know
someone’s probably gonna say oh I bet there’s a body in the closet back there or
underneath this this counter that I’m filming on and
You name it pretty much just insert location and someone’s gonna make that comment. So that’s a guarantee cuz I get that so often
You know, sometimes I’ll get a comment that has a little bit of a double meaning
You know where you have various words that if spelled a certain way that phrased a certain way can carry multiple meanings
This is the perfect example of one of those comments. Take a look
can someone
sensor this guy
Alright, well if someone wants to put me through a sensor just tell me when and where and we’ll for it. So
That’s not an issue. And if you meant censor in regards to blocking something up the good news
Is that actually some of my shortwave broadcasts are jammed behind the Cuban government. So in the most literal sense, I am censored and
If you want to put me through any sort of sensor again, just tell me when and where and what will go for it
So thank you though for asking the question about the answers
Who else is scrolling down to see hate comments?
And then with the if I could tear up on camera, I would to try to replicate the three little crying circles there
but unfortunately, I can’t so just pretend like the tears are streaming down my face and
My mouth by some miracle like expands this big. So imagine that’s how I look right now
But that’s exactly what I was doing too. So, yeah, absolutely. We share the same sentiment we’re doing the exact same thing and
It is funny there
Please work on your thumb
the one thing that I was trying to figure out with that was was he talking about like
My thumb nail or the thumbnails for the videos because in the quite literal sense, of course
Well, I actually did do some recent work. Look at that the nail isn’t even that long on this this thumb
See, I I actually trimmed it down. So I did do work on my thumb nail
So if that’s the case, I did take your suggestion and I went for it as for the video thumbnails
I don’t know. I mean you take a look at this one from my recent
chick-fil-a review I
Don’t know. I think that’s a glorious looking thumbnail right there. Look. I’m just I’m shoveling those
What is that the mac and cheese into my gaping maw there? I don’t know. I think I think that’s beautiful
I think it’s a perfect embodiment of
The spirit of the mac and cheese right there, so I don’t know
I don’t think that really needs much work and I’ve even worked on the thumbnails. So I think that’s good
Bro he is … as look at his eyes
Absolutely, and you know what I am I am high as
Bleep high on life that is
The puns and jokes are just so terrible in this one
Let’s see what else we got here
Some of these I just I can’t even it’s like I
don’t even know how to get it out your hand in your pocket of your
track suit
Made me feel stuff
Well, to be honest, I feel stuff too. I have nerve endings like right now. I’m feeling the tie against my hand
I’m feeling the cool air on my skin. So absolutely look I understand where you’re coming from there as well
Because I’m feeling stuff too. So absolutely a very truthful and accurate statement
But we got two comments in a row one after the next and you
Say the intro two times because you have amnesia
Now I always say the intro twice for added emphasis
Because not only do you need to know that it’s running on empty food review
But again, it needs to be reaffirmed
That you’re not watching anything else, but running on empty food review
it’s to let that sink in you know for that that full reviewbrah experience is the best way to put it and
That’s one. I’ve been getting a lot lately – I don’t know if I’m looking at a chick or her dude. I’m confused
Again, I’ve been getting so many comments
look, I just I look like what I look like and that’s just what it comes down to and
Finally when it comes down to appearances, Mr. Ratburn is about to educate us on the sandwich
I actually like that one. I’m a big fan of that comment because
You know you get oh, you look like a rat you look like a mouse. You look like an albino rat?
That’s the first time anyone has compared me to Mr. Ratburn. They’re from Arthur. So I like it
You know what? That’s a that’s a darn good comparison. I’m a big fan of it
So with that I just wanted to open up the comments see what people are saying about the videos
And the reason to uploads and publications and go from there
So we’re just opening up the metaphorical mailbag. See what people have to say and
It’s always it’s always a lot of fun to just take a look and have a lot of fun with it
Thank you for watching. I’m your host the report of the week do stay tuned
We got some more good videos coming up have it a lot of fun with this one. Take care

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