I HAVE BEEN STRUGGLING WITH THIS… Day In the life of a mom of 5

Welcome to my channel, Myka Stauffer, good afternoon guys today we are getting
ready for the holidays like I know I say that in a lot of my videos but we are
really getting ready for the holidays today is the first day of Christmas
break jakie gets home from school in a minute a couple of my kids have been
sick for the last like four days so I haven’t been able to get a ton done and
today they’re finally on the up and coming of just feeling better so I’m
like you know I’m gonna tackle so many things with you guys today I miss you
guys I hope you’re having a great day if you’re new here hit that subscribe
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give this video a thumbs up this video was awesome in collaboration with a
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we’re doing a Secret Santa and I’ll share with you my Secret Santa and what
she got me a little bit later on in the video show you guys the new bench that
we got right underneath our mirror I think it is amazing and then we got a
couple books to go with it I was hoping that these books would be the same size
but they’re not and that’s totally okay and I’ve actually never even looked
through them let’s see what this one looks like this one’s still in the
sleeve cuz I don’t want the kids to mess it up but um hopefully my kids do not
destroy these still super super cool so I got this outfit of the day I’m gonna
link this shirt down below I got this from Amazon the sweater I want to say it
was $18 so cozy and it actually feels like a traditional cashmere sweater
which is amazing and then I got my little cheetah headband from Target for
like 10 bucks I have frame jeans on which I love and
then I also have a pair of golden gooses on so outfit of the day need to do this
so bad but organize the sheets so that the Kings are in certain piles the
Queen’s are in certain piles and then the twins are in certain piles I set my
water there why I was organizing but this is the hardest thing you see a
white fitted sheet and you’re like okay is this the one and it’s like no this is
a king so that’s the one thing I need to do like maybe I’ll label right here like
twin so all of this will be for twin bedding
Queen bedding and King bedding I think that would be so nice and then baby
fitted sheets could go up here I think that’d be perfect
one of the things that I’m gonna work through right now is doing like a little
therapy session with hogs he is learning six new signs today so these are all the
signs that he already knows and then I teach him new signs every single week
we’ve noticed that like when we do speech therapy or when we do ABA that he
doesn’t learn as fast as he does when it’s just me and him sitting in a room
together so we can crank out and learn something in less than an hour so today
we’re gonna work on volume unstrap a one step instructions like put your arms up
turn on the light just like little things I’m pretty sure he knows most of
these there may be a couple phrases that he doesn’t know and then we’re working
on new signs we’re doing a couple matching games and a couple of things
that we’re working on for self-care skills is how to take our pants off just
being able to have that skill set so that we can eventually start potty
training so that’s kind of important and then some basic commands to follow and
work through when he was doing ABA they would say smile and he would go he would
copy smiling with his fingers so we’re trying to rework on learning that
without the smile do you know what I mean like and so that when I say smile
he goes smile you know they mean and we obviously don’t want to just do that I
want him to be able to like actually do it and he thinks when you smile that you
have to put your hand up like this so I’m gonna work on a couple things with
him just take honestly like 40 minutes of one-on-one me and huxley time and
then we’ll also go through a couple receptive flashcards just to kind of see
work on learning different things and seeing what we know and this will help
him quite a bit so that is what I’m gonna do for the next 40 minutes hey hey
hey hey how clean and I are gonna run through a couple signs quite hints
oh good job Lee we’re gonna run through all of his signs really quick just make
sure he knows them down pact before we teach anything new
show me help good job show me more yeah let me eat show me bubbles yeah good tacking show
me a ball yeah oh oh yeah ball you have to slow down sit on your butt you were
gonna give me kiss give good give me kiss no okay
show me poop show me your sign for poop okay show me a walk walk yeah show me
flower good job haha show me okay show me okay
yeah okay show me Mom mom chummy dad show me dad you’re such a crazy dad dad
show me hot whoa hi Jacob good therapy the most silliest child you will ever
meet in your entire life Huxley why did you have fun at school all names how you
did it good job you want a kiss yeah he likes to trick me he doesn’t actually
like to give me a kiss he likes to play a game where he pretends like he’s
giving me kisses are you like paying attention I like a magician guys give it
is he he won’t actually give me what he thinks is subway he doesn’t mean it
that’s why his favorite game to play is where we pretend like we’re monsters and
we chase each other pull up what we’re gonna make today I want to go ahead and
try these strawberry cake mix cookies and then what else I’m gonna do I’m also
gonna make the Christmas crack since Christmas is so closed so I want to go
ahead and make those two things all right so we’re running to this store
I’ve got two of the kiddos that have been really sick for the entire week I
want him to get out of the house like they’ve been stuck in the house for the
last like four days so I’ve got my list we’re gonna head to Target get these two
kiddos out of the house for a hot minute and get all of our supplies to start
baking I cannot wait I’m not a big Baker I’m not even a big sweets person I
prefer more like salty and savory but the kids and my husband really
appreciate it so it might be nice for them we’re stopping at Starbucks to have
a little snack my favorite dessert in the entire world rice krispie treats
Bradlee picked chocolate milk and Cova picked a breakfast sandwich but she’s
waiting for it to finish up hey Cova they’re gonna they’re gonna
have the order for you on the other side and then I just got a caught like a cold
brew with a sweet cream and iced coffee that looks good
it’s funny to see what the kids pick out when they get their own choice and pick
out whatever they want thank you right whoa you chug it over there
Oh can you guys see where Rob they cut his own hair can you see this right there he’s a bar
he’s a hair styler I’m just showing the children why I don’t have coffee because
it gives me way too much energy but I got everything that I need and a little
gift for my husband to make him smile so let’s go I got the dog this one which is
so fun and then we got you finally a time to open the secret santa and I
think I’m gonna open the card at last so that I can show you who I got but let’s
open everything this one came a little bit wobbly so let’s see what we got
oh my gosh those are the cutest pajamas ever are you kidding me medium that is
perfect that is so cute and a little makeup bag it’s such a pretty bag oh
talk about so thoughtful that’s some masks oh this is the sweetest gift
that’s awesome have you guys ever done a Secret Santa
before let me know in the comments below this is so so sweet I cannot like this
alone is enough on the card it says Merry Christmas to you and your
beautiful family I believe every mother should deserve some pampering especially
you busy mama and I’d like to say treat yourself I hope you enjoy these gifts
and the rest of your holidays with your loved ones she printed out a picture of
us and put it in a frame that is the sweetest most thoughtful gift I feel bad
because I won didn’t wrap our gifts and I also tried to just put a bunch of
stuff in a box I’m going to list the other channels down below so you can see
and try to figure out which gift I gave to the other kitten wait
but this is so beyond thoughtful oh wow these are so cozy I love socks
this is the one thing my mom goes what do you want for Christmas and I said
really cozy socks well in case you forgot I just got a pair and these are
the coziest socks ever I can’t believe they’re still gets in here oh that’s so
cool an electronic key finder that’s awesome oh cool different soaps from
Italy that is so awesome Seattle chocolate so that might have
given away who sent it right there oh my gosh so awesome a neck warming wrap that
you heat up to make your neck feel better
brought to you from Australia so cool and there is one last thing in here
oh calendar this is the sweetest gift ever thank you so much my gift was from
Judy from it’s Judy’s life and she also has a mommy channel too so I’m gonna
link both of her channels down below but these were the sweetest gifts ever like
honestly if I would have just gotten the pajamas I would have been like yes this
is the best gift ever so thank you so much I’ve never really done a Secret
Santa before so this was so sweet I remember doing like kind of like a Santa
exchange when I was a little little girl and I remember like everyone kind of
swarming and like kind of taking bids on certain gifts they wanted and this is
just so thoughtful and so special and so sweet the fact that just the little
touches and everything so thank you so much Judy way too kind I will link her
channel down below as well as everyone else’s channel that is in this entire
Secret Santa collab so you could check out all their families I did mine wrong
because I was supposed to say in the card hey and this is for
so and so and I ended up not saying anything I ended up pretending like it
was a secret because that’s what I thought you’re supposed to do but
anyways the sweetest gifts ever thank you so much Judy and with that being
said we got some cookies to make I think the only sensible thing to do is to try
one of these Seattle chocolates so Cheers and also the cool thing about
this is I was giving someone else a neck warmer for Christmas and I felt so bad
because like I wanted it to give it to somebody else but I also wanted to keep
it so I’m really kind of happy that I got this because I wanted one even
though I was gonna give it to somebody else
so I went ahead and tried on the jammy isn’t oh my
talk about the most comfortable PJs ever I know yours was a wash and burst but
you know what it’s okay we’re gonna enjoy tonight I remember going to
Blockbuster as a kid and when I would rent movies I would get one of these and
they were so sour so I’m gonna let the kids try this but I want to try it first
before I torture anyone I’m gonna give it a try it’s bad without that caregiver pick up the baby call Virginia feel like
it’s not as bad as these thing I don’t feel like I could do this to Huxley I
don’t know if that’s fair what are you being harusame
come here come here let’s see if you can try come here meeting a reaction so we
all just ran through Huxley’s new signs that he learned and he knew every single
one like I said guys he is killing it with signs and like it and you saw me
upstairs we just learned the six new science and he’s got him well we’ll make
sure we’ll do the next couple days the next five to six days to make sure we
have maintenance on it to make sure we actually know
and the reason why I get so excited I get out about these signs and about
teaching him more words is because that’s the one thing he is trying to do
is communicate with us and that’s the one thing he wants to do so it doesn’t
just help me it doesn’t give me like bragging rights like oh my gosh my kids
so smart it’s like not even about that it’s oh my kids starting to be able to
have more words to express himself eventually I wanted to have enough sign
so that he can tell me what he wants on his pizza you know
or maybe he’ll be able to see it one day but for now we’re killing science he’s
doing so good with science that I saw a couple of nonverbal kiddos like the
computer board devices that I saw had less words and choices than the science
he already knows so it’s like here and he knows how to express himself without
a computer and that makes me so proud so enough of the rambling enough geeking
out about my son but it just makes me super proud of him and just makes me
more excited for his feature because I know he can do it and he just he wants
to do it so bad he wants those words and as soon as he learns new science he gets
excited like show me like if he’s watching a show and it has something in
it he’ll use the sign to like show me away it’s on there it’s just really cute
so anyways no I’m gonna try not to but it’s still so sweet
okay so dad’s gonna help us we’re gonna bake these strawberry cake cookies that
I showed you about before are you writing a little message to the doggies
should we save it for Christmas for them would you rate murca Marlee oh who needs
a mobile did you get these guys do you think we
feed onyx in the mama Roo a lot so there’s lots of bits of crumbs I just
need to scrub it out tonight got a pretty few up there Wow gonna get
him are you gonna get him I need to wash your mouth did you just have tea toes
did you just have some tea toes I got this guy but I need to go check on round
8 so Radley Huxley’s do a little jumping to get his Wiggles out
Radley and Cova have been our sick ones and he passed out on his bean bag chair
um in the middle of getting dressed I think it still has his robe on and last
time I checked his fever was a hundred so I keep checking out you okay so we
are in the middle of baking cookies and onyx just lost it he is a very tricky
baby some of my friends and family members things that he is just super
spoiled and that I just pick him up every time he cries which I totally do
but I’ve done that for all my other babies in the past like I’ve always
picked up a baby when it cried oh it’s like it was just something that I’ve
always done like I don’t let babies cry even if like I’m exhausted and tired
I’ll still walk around with him but he is super finicky so we’re in the middle
of baking cookies we ran upstairs did a huge feeding and finally got him to
sleep to come back downstairs to do cookies in the second I thought up he
started losing it like when he sleeps he wants to just be attached to me he
doesn’t want me to leave him which is so precious and so sweet
but it makes the day’s a lot harder to get things accomplished especially on a
day where I am trying to get a lot done um a bit at the same time I want to milk
and treasure every single moment because I know that he’s only a little one time
and he’s our last baby and there’s so many things that I want to do but I feel
like for example today you saw like I didn’t get a ton of things done I didn’t
get an opportunity to play on the floor with the kids and stuff like that I mean
we did a couple things that you guys didn’t get a see like we did dancing in
Target and we were like playing with all of the stuffed animals and kind of
playing some jokes and stuff but it’s hard because when you have a little guy
that’s so needy I feel like half of my day is spent mothering and caring for
onyx which is probably supposed to be like that and then the other then like a
quarter of the day is caring for the house and like just getting myself up
and going and then the very last quarter bit is split with like my husband and
the kids and just everything the day just tends to be spread so thin as much
as I’m milking like every minute of babyhood and how grateful I am to have
onyx and how blessed I feel there’s days where I’m just like I would kill for a
full night’s sleep so different for me because like I said the other kids were
so easy and I’m not even just saying that like honestly for Koba I could lay
her down in her play mat and she would play for hours for Jake alike she was
such a chill baby like she just wanted to like wiggle on the ground she never
really fussed radley was so chill like he literally would nurse anywhere he was
so happy just being close to my breast he didn’t matter what we were doing I’m
Veronica C has to be fed and know this particular position gently pat his
bottom while he’s nursing has to be laid down on his comfy king bed he is just
like so extra it’s not even funny I am I’m so interested to see what his
personality is gonna be like since he is such a different baby let me know which
one of your kids if you have more than one kids or if you have kids at all let
me know what baby that’s the hardest for you my heart is
shows have been Nick OVA and I always thought she was hard because I didn’t
know what I was doing or I didn’t know how to nurse properly so I always said
you know I’ll never have a hard baby again because Koval was just hard
because I was in office and onyx goes to prove that theory completely wrong he
proved a lot of theories wrong actually because he has been really challenging
and that’s not a bad thing it’s probably a good form of birth control and it’ll
make me remember these memories even better but some days are hard you can
hear them sitting there playing I would say that as I’m talking about how media
is you sit here being sweet I’m not trying to come on here and complain it’s
just that I’m ready here I’m ready to take a nap I’m ready to take a break and
I’m just so grateful that Judy even thought to like send me some gifts for
me time because I need that too just like you need that just like every
person watching me it’s that made time because some things are harder than you
think like having five kids it’s a really hard situation it’s a lot harder
than people say people always say if you have three kids
the fourth one’s so easy it’s just adding to the bunch you don’t even
notice it if you have five kids it’s the easiest thing ever that’s not true
that is not true like I don’t know who would even say that advice to somebody
but is the most untrue statement I’ve ever heard in my entire life five kids
is no joke I feel like it’s like teaching an alien English like it’s the
hardest thing in the entire world I’m so grateful so blessed and so thankful all
at the same time just because things are hard doesn’t mean they’re bad it just
means it takes a lot of work and one day I’ll be so grateful for all the hard
work and all the time and all the energy we put into our babies so here’s what
the cookies ended up turning out like they’re pretty good I think that I added
a little bit too much flour and I might have left them in the oven a little bit
too long so I didn’t get that pink color that I was looking for but they’re still
really delicious so I’m gonna go ahead and put those on a cookie plate and fit
those and actually put them in a bag and put them in the freezer for Christmas at
least I have one thing started you know I’m not good at baking so this is a win
for me

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