How to Update Your TimeClick 2018 Time Clock Software (435)753-4102

How to Update Your TimeClick 2018 Time Clock Software (435)753-4102

In this video we’ll cover how to update
your TimeClick 2018 software to the most recent version Updates are released to optimize the software,
which includes fixing bugs and adding new features. These updates are not always required, but
are highly recommended. You will receive monthly emails containing
descriptions of the most important changes made to each software update. First, check your version by looking in the
top left of the window for TimeClick 2018 then three numbers. If you have or higher, we can proceed. If you have version or older and
would like to begin updating with this faster method, please email [email protected]
for assistance. To make sure your system is set to detect
updates, Enter Admin mode in the top right of your
screen. Go to Preferences. Make sure the box “Automatically Check for
Updates” is checked. Click Save and Exit out of Admin mode. To move forward with the update, start on
your TimeClick server with the grey TimeClick desktop icon. Right-click on the TimeClick icon and run
it as administrator. Click on the Help tab on your main TimeClick
screen. Select the first option: “Update Available – Download”. A window will appear asking if you want to
close TimeClick and install the update. Click Yes. A Server Update window will appear. Click Next. Leave the HTTP Proxy box unmarked and click
next. Click next in the Update Available Window
to finish the installation. It will take a few moments to download and TimeClick will close. A license agreement window will come up. Read and accept the agreement then click next. After it installs click Finish to complete
the process. TimeClick will reopen. Your version on this computer is now completely
up to date. This process must now be done on each workstation
computer after the server update is finished. If you have any questions, feel free to email
them to [email protected]

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