How to Stop/Disable Adobe Flash Player Updates Service (Quick Method)

How to Stop/Disable Adobe Flash Player Updates Service (Quick Method)

hello everyone today I will show you how
to stop disable or turn off your adobe flash player updates permanently on Windows 7 so let’s go to start and we need to click control panel now here you may need to change the view by to large Icons to show all icons and options if you did that just go to this icon which is Flash Player now go to tab which is about updates click here to change the updates and if it requires administrator permission then give it okay, now choose never check for updates (not
recommended) by this method you can turn off your adobe flash player updates thanks for watching my video guys and I would appreciate if you like the video and click that subscribe button and turn on the notifications to get more videos and
updates and also let me know by in the comment box if you want to get more help or you can tell any problem also watch this videos do [Music]

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  • Dave Smith

    Thank you! One of the most useful help videos I've come across in years. I don't know if you've searched the web for an answer to "How to disable Adobe update" , but your quick video is the only rational explanation I found. Apparently, a number of people find the persistent update pop-up annoying. Another suggestion, in text, labeled "correct answer", involved writing a plain text file (probably a C file) and overwriting one of the files somewhere in the Abode folders. I understood DOS, and did some very minor assembly language programming on the 8086 chip, for fun, but I've never tried programming for Windows and do not understand it, so I skipped that. I did check Control Panel before searching for an answer, but somehow missed the "Flash" icon. Your video pointed me right to it.

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