• bakonfreek

    I suppose it might work, but it is stuck on the "Searching for updates on this computer…" screen. Can't win 'em all I guess, thanks anyway.

    I was discouraged because it had been sitting for about three hours, but I let it sit just a bit longer and it worked. Thank you!

  • István Paál

    Can you help me please? I tried the method you write here, but im stuck on the "Searching for updates on this computer…" screen. I read that it takes time so ilet it search for ALL the night. The night is over, it ran for more then 6 hours and still nothing 🙁
    What could be the problem? I did everyting like you said in the video.
    Thanks for your time.
    BR, Istvan

  • 3DWaiter

    For all you guys who are stuck on the "Searching for updates on this computer." window:

    REBOOT and run the downloaded file again. Worked for me. 🙂

  • LOOTS243

    Thank you it worked! Still took like 3 – 4 hours for Windows Update to find all of the updates from a freshly installed computer with W7; but it worked.


    Ok, i downloaded the file, it says that i already have this update, so i delete this update, i reboot PC, then i install update, then i reboot PC again, now it's searching/checking for updates, it's been 5 min. or little longer and it's still searching. So read some comments below, and i see that i must leave it for at least 4h to finish this. I tried all and nothing worked so far, so i hope that your thing will do it, or i must reinstall Win. 7.

  • MrTimjwilson

    For those this does not work for, here is the fix; W7.

    Download the Following patches manually: If some are already installed, you may need to uninstall them. Especially 445 & 605







    KB3020369 – this was already on my box but okay


    Save them someplace without installing. Stop 'Windows Update' in 'Systems'. Disable internet connection. Install them one at a time in the order listed restarting when prompted. After each install ensure the Windows Update is still stopped & after each restart – also make sure still disconnected from internet.

    After final install – restart; Start Windows Update again. Then check for updates. Mine found 55 important updates in under 2 minutes. (I think 265 above blocks Windows 10)

    Courtesy Askvg  – poster Dave

  • menacegtr

    Just downloaded your link, ran the update tool, found missing file, rebooted ran windows updates and now i have 160 updates that i suppose will have updates to them. So a big thanks as i now can use my new windows 7 PC. Cheers

  • Linda Elliott

    Downloaded the program, but before it installs, the computer begins to check for updates and prevents the program from installing. The very thing I'm trying to fix is preventing a fix.

  • J Johnston

    Nothing works for me. I'm running windows 7 home premium but I've tried fixing my update problem using every possible method, & I end up having the same results. I can run command prompt in my  sleep & nothing would work

  • David Egglestone

    I have now used this twice on my two PCs after a reinstall of windows 7 and they work 100% thank you very very much.

  • Ankita Diwar

    To recover your Windows Operating System problem.
    You can simply call On Microsoft Helpline Number:
    1-844-577-2999 ( Toll Free )

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