How to Change the Contacts on ABB A-Line 95 and 115 Series of Contactors

Welcome To G-TV! Today I will be showing how
to change the contacts on the ABB A line 95 and 115 series of contactors. I will be using
the A 95 series for this demonstration since the A 95 and A 115 use similar contacts and
can be replaced using the same methods. Prior to installation, I will need to remove any
auxiliary contacts that may hinder the installation of the contacts. For replacing the contacts,
I will need to have a slotted screwdriver, as well as a T15 and T20 size Torx screwdriver.
With the T15 Torx screwdriver, I can remove the front cover by unfastening the four screws
over here. With the cover removed I can see the movable contacts held in by a spring as
well as the fixed contacts resting under the arc chutes. The arc chutes can be removed
by simply pulling them straight up, which will allow me access to the movable contact.
With my slotted screwdriver I can slightly push down on the spring until it dislodges
from the contactor. I can then set the spring aside and remove the movable contact. To change
out the fixed contacts, I will use the T15 torx screwdriver to remove the four screws
that are located near the screw terminals on the top and bottom of the contactor. I
will only need to remove the screws enough to free up the contactor. Once the screws
are unfastened, the springs will push the contactor’s grey front away from the coil.
I will set the contactor on its side to reveal six screws that hold the fixed contacts in
place. With a size T20 torx screwdriver, I can unfasten the screws and remove the contact
along with the box lug. I can place my new fixed contact in the box lug and put it back
in place so that the hole on the contact lines up with the hole on the contactor. I will
then screw it in with the T20 size screw driver until the contact rests in the contactor and
is no longer movable. To replace the contact plate that is movable, I will place the spring
on top of it and position the contact under the carrier. I can use the slotted screwdriver
to help keep tension on the spring while I maneuver the contact into place. When the
contact is in place I can direct the spring to sit under the carrier. Once finished with
replacing all my contacts, I will line up the springs on the back with the two ports
on the contactor’s base. I can now start to put my contactor back together using the
T15 torx screwdriver on the four screws on the base and then again on the front cover.
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