How seven kids came back from the dead – BBC Stories

How seven kids came back from the dead – BBC Stories

In that moment I thought ‘OK, now I’m going to die.’ This man comes running towards us. And he repeats the same words. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They felt cold. They were ice cold. They’re clinically dead… young teenagers. I remember now. It was… so freezing – it was so cold. And there was… ice on the water. Yeah. Sorry. It was hard weather. It was very windy. The boat flipped in the middle of the sea. Then… all the people fell out. I landed under the boat. And when I came… up from the water… the nightmare began. Everybody was screaming and everything was… like unreal. You could just see the panic. The teacher said that… we had to… swim in, because otherwise we would die. I couldn’t swim. One of my friends… came over to me and tried to help me. But after a short time… I was clinically dead… because of the temperature of the water. And it was really hard because you didn’t have any strength in your legs. And I kept… falling down. And… in that moment… that was where I thought: ‘Ok, now I’m going to die.’ Then, I saw the man. Thank god for that. When I saw him I was… screaming so loud. We had landed with a helicopiter. This man comes running towards us. And he… repeats the same words. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They’re all dead. They felt cold – they were ice cold. When you are as cold as they were, we know that we can resuscitate. They are dead but not really dead. We still have a chance. At that point, we aimed at warming the blood… one degree per 10 minutes. Casper was 17.5 when he came. He recovered and had his normal heart rhythm back around 26 degrees. The main focus from then on… was the brain. Will these patients recover? My father took some
pictures while I lay in bed. And you were in a coma when this picture was taken. And that’s the respirator… that… kept you breathing… because you couldn’t breathe by yourself. It’s weird to see yourself lying there… pretty much dead. I could see a hint of a smile and I knew he recognised me. And I was so happy. You can’t describe the feeling. Everyone was so happy… because everybody awoke that day. Every parent was in the waiting room and we just got out of there and screamed and jumped. It was so filled with laughter and happiness because everybody was… waking up. We can’t see any abnormalities in their scans. And that is amazing. This is the largest number… of accidents of hypothermic… victims that have been resuscitated… all at once. And with 100% survival. When you have nearly died… It’s just… it is a little different. Mentally sometimes I get some breakdowns. The worst part is maybe when
I’m in school because I’m not that good with remember things. I have learnt what’s, what’s important and what’s not important. What is worth fighting for. I’m really happy that I’m alive. And its hard to explain because… you were so close to losing it. But, now you know you have it.


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