How journalists find the news – BBC My World

How journalists find the news – BBC My World

Hello, I’m Radzi. Today we’re looking
at the different ways that journalists find and gather the news. News stories don’t
always happen quickly – sometimes a story can take months or even years to form. Journalists
have to work hard when researching a story. They need to consider where to find their
sources and figure out what questions to ask to tell their story. The internet has changed
this process over the years by providing access to vast amounts of information. Ultimately,
the thing that fuels many journalists is a sense of curiosity. That’s what drives journalists
to dig deep and to uncover critical details for meaningful news. Let’s take a look. The media landscape is changing and journalists
are finding new ways of covering the news. In the past, reporters found the news by talking to sources updates from correspondents,
and news agencies on the ground, and newspapers. Nowadays, they still use their traditional
and trusted sources. But there are new tools to find out what people
are talking about online. When something big happens in the world people post on social media. News systems flash. Correspondents around the world send alerts. Journalists put in calls to find out what’s going on and send teams to the scene. Reporters talk to eyewitnesses and emergency services, gather interviews and statements report live or send in material for other parts of the newsroom to use. So the point of journalism hasn’t changed but there’s so much more information out
there that journalists use different tools to tell people what’s happening. Thanks for watching! Now you’re ready to
identify the process of gathering the news, ask investigative questions, and discuss the
importance of being a curious journalist.

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