HOT NEWS !!! Podbike electric four wheeler coming to the streets in late 2018

HOT NEWS !!! Podbike electric four wheeler coming to the streets in late 2018

we know it’s not really a bike but the
no virgins podbike is certainly an interesting development we’ve seen some
movement in the electric personal transport space over the last year or
two vehicles that are more than a bike but still pedal based there’s the
Shaffer bio-hybrid for one and the iris II trike for another the podbike hails
from Norway and is another solution to urban transport that’s lighter and more
efficient than a car traditional bicycles have been available for over a
hundred years but lack weather protection and high speed capability and
offer zero crash protection says Popeye electric assisted bicycles or peed licks
remove the burden from pedaling up steep hills or in strong headwind but they do
not remedy the problem of lack of weather protection nor do they offer any
crash protection streamlined velomobile x’
cycles with a streamlined body are much faster have at least some weather and
crash protection but lack the creature comfort a modern car offers the pod bike
improves the velomobile by reducing the gap between cars and human powered
vehicles while maintaining sustainability by various means the pod
bike transmission complies with EU helix standards and the company says that
it’ll be easy to pedal without power as well the aerodynamic drag is similar to
a racing bike the weight isn’t though at 55 to 65 kilograms tied by claim a range
of 60 kilometers on one charge but they plan to use a modular battery system so
that you can increase the range if you need to do longer trips
the POC is designed to see one but there’s also space behind the rider
which can be used as luggage space or for a child seat
there are protective zones to absorb and distribute impact energy in case of
collision says pod bike you can’t build masses of protection
into a vehicle that’s designed to be small and light but it’s probably better
than nothing the chassis is aluminium and the body
thermoplastic and pot bikes say they’ll use an Ikea style distribution model
where you have to do some of the work yourself though we’re guessing it’ll be
a fairly long way from FL pod bike are aiming for launch in Norway at the end
of the year and from there moving into the rest of Europe the price will be
around 4,500 euros you


  • Inquiring Minds

    Based on the Renault Twizy/Nissan Scoot at $6,000 US. I would say $4.000 US for this beautiful quad-hybrid is fair.

  • Barskor1

    Please help a team use their graphene battery to drive a car 900 miles on one charge let us bring the future into the now.

  • Bob Americana

    i made one similar to this for about 600 bucks…why in the hell does european crap cost so much ? government taxes to fund "free" healthcare ?

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