HOT NEWS !!! Aura Airlines Offers Private Jet Exclusivity at Commercial Prices

the allure of private air travel runs
deep plush seats fancy food rolling into the airport mere minutes before you fly
and new commercial airline aura which takes off in 2019 is capitalizing on
this combining the luxury and exclusivity of private jets with the
affordability and reliability of commercial travel they are initially
launching a flight itinerary between six major US cities Atlanta Chicago Denver
Miami Los Angeles and New York City for $280 one way you can live your best life
between Atlanta and Chicago cruise on a bombardier crj700 aircraft which has
been specially reconfigured to accommodate 29 passengers in the lap of
luxury 21 in first-class and 8 in the ultra luxurious wave class sit back and
relax in your art deco-inspired seat in first which boasts the most legroom of
any domestic first-class cabin flying today nibble on top grades sashimi from
the sushi bar or a variety of seasonal fusion tapas for those who like to plan
their meals in advance you’ll be able to see what food is available prior to
departure on the or app splurge on a $600 ticket in the wave cabin and you’ll
be lulled to sleep in a fully reclining seat designed in consultation with sleep
psychologists and aero medical scientists when you’re not napping to
your heart’s content you can choose any protein from the meat
locker always fresh never frozen grass-fed beef chicken duck lamb or fish
sous-vide to your specifications by the onboard chef a full bar with premium
wines and spirits is untapped for all passengers as well as free noise
cancelling headphones to use in flight and crucially Wi-Fi the best parties
that our flies out of the private terminal at airports meaning you can
show up for your flight just 20 minutes before takeoff
the catch is that too-good-to-be-true prices are only available to Orakei
holders something like a members Club key holders who sign up before July 31st
2018 will pay $100 per month to access the premium pricing any key holders who
join up following that date will have to pay $250 per month and if you’re not a
key holder that same Atlanta Chicago itinerary will cost you from 560 dollars
in first to a whopping $1200 in wave there is no denying that part of the
rush of the private jet experience is knowing it’s not for everyone that said
the key holder membership payments do not activate until your first flight is
booked and are cancelable at any time so one could pay an extra hundred dollars
for a one-off cheaper deal and cancel the monthly payment straight afterwards
it might take a bit of outside-the-box thinking but a luxurious private jet
experience is finally within reach

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