Garbage collector, React performance and UX Design: #1.29 the latest News (the Good Parts)

Garbage collector, React performance and UX Design: #1.29 the latest News (the Good Parts)

Should JavaScript developers learn UX? I am convinced they should. [Music playing] Hi let’s talk today about Garbage collector,
React performance and UX Design. I’m Anatol and you are watching the Good Parts
of the Frontend development. [Music playing] Axel Rauschmayer posted ES proposal overview,
here it is: arbitrary precision integers, so-called big ints used in Financial technology. It is a new primitive type, one step closer
to a strong typed language. Let me grab your attention to an article “Visualizing
Garbage Collection Algorithms” by Ken Fox. There are thousands of implementation details
that will confuse you unless you already have a good understanding of what it’s trying
to do and how they can go fantastically wrong. Don’t skip comments, I believe these voices
deserve to be heard. Brian Rinaldi explores creating a chat bot
using JavaScript and Node.js (built upon the SuperScript framework) that can carry on complex
conversations. You can read more about it on Telerik’s blog. [Music playing] P5.js a great and an easy to use drawing library. In this tutorial Engin Arslan described the
process of creating an animated book cover. React can be slow. However, it’s the issue of measurement. What do you mean by “slow”. In the article “React is Slow, React is Fast:
Optimizing React Apps in Practice” you can find out what tools offers React to be fast
regardless of the size of the application. Because, React isn’t fast by default. Valentin Galkin discovered 11 mistakes he’s
made during React Native and Redux applications development after working almost a year with
React Native. You can familiarize with his article on Medium. [Music playing] Miriam Isaac shares with us “12 free things
you can do to jump-start your UX Design career”. I find this post extremely useful also for
frontend developers. It describes the way UI and UX designers think. What should one take into account when cooperating
with designers in order to prevent an unexpected collisions and communicate more effectively. Another interesting article about UX is “Improve
Your Billing Form’s UX In One Day” on SmashingMagazine. Here are some words how to make your credit
card form support autocompletion, improve how numbers are laid out, and perform simple
validations on the fly. And now last but not least. Here is an exciting and motivating article
“How I got a second degree and earned 5 developer certifications in just one year, while working
and raising two kids”. This is the story of teaching and learning,
and also about challenges. for me, the one of the most valuable points
in this writing sounds as Ignore the haters! If you’re also interested in personal development
you might find this article interesting. [Music playing] If you like this video give it “thumbs up”,
share it with your friends, subscribe to the channel and watch other episodes. [Music playing] This is all for this week. Thanks for watching and stay curious.

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