Gaetz: The entire impeachment inquiry was for television

Gaetz: The entire impeachment inquiry was for television


  • HaztaLaVista BaBy

    Sometimes I believe, base on the most ridiculous and nonsensical Pelosi and her clan of clowns been behaving, that, are they working with Trump's 🇺🇸 team behind doors? They winning the case in favor of Honorable D.J. TRUMP

  • alfred priestley

    Let's impeach mad Max waters and Nancy pelosi and shifty Schiff and Chuckie doll Schumer and they'll all got their dirty hand's on the take for to long filling their own pockets with the people's money and they need to be ousted period and Matt and judge Jeanine is right on the target of knowing what the crooked leftists politicians are up to great video

  • Paul Akers Jr

    I only worry about some of the Never Trump Senate Republicans who I think would vote for impeachment . There are very few Republicans I trust, and I need say nothing about the democrats

  • alpo rythmic

    I hate the impeachquisition because it is making the complete exorcism of Bart , Caltrain, and Other agency not be timely.
    There was a nude woman walking the length of the train supposedly in a boxy stocking-this on BART. A man on Caltrain refused to off board. He asserted that he would "sic his pit bull on any peace officers on the train."
    Caltrain is the artery that puts undesirables (thugs, vandals, and the irrational) into proximity of our nations premiere research facilities. A bullet train like the Jackie Speir can put a lowlife on the Stanford farm in under an hour.

  • Marc Stecker

    Congressman Gaetz, who do you think you are fooling when you said, the Senate should dismiss the Trump impeachment and we can hold oversight hearings to investigate the Bidens Ukraine pay to play scheme and other government criminals? You're telling us this to make us laugh, right? What stopped the Senate for the last 3 years from holding hearings, investigations and pass out indictments of government criminals? You better pick a different song to sing. No one with a functioning believes what you just suggested. The last 3 years has produced no indictments, no convictions, and no penalties for government criminals.

  • handsomson

    YouTube is nothing but a trump station all these shows are how the Republicans ripped the Democrats all from Fox news give equal time to CNN and MSNBC let them rip in to Fox news and all the

  • John Webb

    Hey Judge, Trump keeps saying " the whistle-blower's was a complete lie and was a fraud" I haven't seen any reports from Fos News about the LIE Trump has been repeating, many times.

  • NutMonkey

    The Dems ran themselves over with a "Mack Trump" Pelosi should be charged with Treason. I'll be voting Trump again in 2020 and writing his name in the ballot box in 2024.

  • Lucifer

    can someone the difference between what democrats are doing to trump and what republicans did to obama. this is why Washington spoke against parties. and do you people not remember republicans trying to impeach obama 20+ times.

  • riwm45

    Nancy Pelosi will make "America Great Again"""""" I will buy her book when this is all said & done…….I really love this woman….Hey gaetz…..How is your DUI records going????? Getting much better? LOL

  • RealTalk Jackson

    It looked bad for them from the very beginning! They were talking about impeaching the man before he even got in office! These criminals should all go to prison for a very long time!

  • M Good

    An ex judge saying this is nonsense? Unbelievable how you can call yourself a judge. It’s your job that’s important to you not your title. How devastating for those that take position of judge seriously. The president is not allowing those that need to testify that are relevant to the case. That is what’s wrong. Trump needs to testify. If there is nothing to hide why all the stonewalling?

  • David Rife

    Democratic voters seem to either be blind to the truth, or just going along with the narrative. They seem to want to ignore that the democrats used the Ukraine as a money laundering scheme. They don’t want to accept the fact that it was Latvia who sent the red flag about the laundering to the White House administration. We’re talking billions of our tax dollars.

  • RealTalk Jackson

    We need to all stand with our president and help him drain the swamp! We all need to be demanding that these criminals be sent to prison for a long time! Remember these are lawmakers and lawbreakers! They can lock kids up for selling a $20 piece of crack for years, but when it comes to these hypocritical, judgmental, criminal, narcissists some want to give them a break, by giving them a slap on the wrist and letting them resign, collect their pension and enjoy the rest of their lives, after ruining so many lives…Well, I say NO! HELL to the NawNaw! What's good for the goose, is good for the gander! Can WE ALL say…AMEN!

  • Willow Brooklet

    Dems will not impeach Trump because they prefer him to Bernie Sanders who is the only non-corrupt independent presidential candidate running against both Republican and Democratic establishment and who is likely to win the nomination this time. Vote for Sanders, he has a virtually life-long record of fighting for "ordinary" Americans!

  • Melanie Tappe

    We love MATT as he has values with wisdom!!! You’re great Judge! Don’t cow tie to Fox bigwigs!
    The Democrats are unjust in their decisions.
    JAIL is waiting for bad actors who commit FRAUD!

  • Maureen Davis

    As he sits on television. He was also on television when they were doing their "closed door investigations".. funny how all these republican assholes know how to do is project.

  • Ken Henshaw

    Congressman Matt Gaetz, Republican member of the House Judiciary Committee,
    is such a dirty legal dealing from the bottom of the deck, a known liar and BS artist of the first order when this guy opens his mouth you immediately hear hundreds of thousands of toilets flush as this bucket mouth has absolutely zero credibility when he opens his deranged mouth!

  • Matthew Gibb

    Sadly, the biggest challenge to modern day politics is achieving bi-partisanship. Neither democrats nor republicans are helping this by continuously provoking each other into hyper-partisanship. To all conservatives in this comment section: please temporarily change parties to vote for Tulsi Gabbard or Andrew Yang. They are hardly leftists who care more about uniting the country rather than gaining control for the democratic party. This is evidenced by Tulsi's no vote for impeachment against majority party consensus and Yang's take on the impeachment in the previous debate, where he called for it to be let go. As outsider candidates, Trump supporters can feel more confident of victory and for fairly central progressives such as myself, I can rest easy knowing there's no chance Biden or Warren will be President.

  • Kohn Futner

    Nancy pelosi is nothing but an effing bluffing lying nasty smelly pxssy. Adam Schiff and Jerry Naddler likes helping themselves to it and eat her gonorrhea curtains like it's roast beef.

  • Clay Ezzell

    I remember the inquiry initially was behind close doors for the 1st 2 weeks, then part 2 of the inquiry was televised with left stream media making their job to put the worst biased negative spin on it possible while laughably calling themselves journalist and reporters, and not activists

  • Robert Ellis

    So they wasted our tax money, just for television….Just think what the hell they are going to do with your money when they get in office? Worthless waste of scum sucking flesh is what I think…..

  • none ofyour

    The DemonRat impeachment television show is like a really pore thought out soap opera that everyone watches the first show and figures out its TRASH and needs cto be flushed because the smell is overwhelming

  • Gina R

    Matt Gatez, Get off your flipping knees, it isn't a good look not to mention what it really says of your lack of character, and dignity. PURE PUNK Lying for The LIar and Cheat. Whats new ,…. the whole republican party are worthless Cowards and, to self absorbed to do what there constitutional duties are, and if your forgot them as you clearly have. You work for the people but that hasn't been apparent in over thee years now. Remember, people, You take an OATH. I would advice these senators to look up the word OATH !

  • Margo Thatcher

    The only people who looks stupid are the Democrats and Pelosi and the squad that runs her because her dementia is allow them as she has lost the plot.

  • Margo Thatcher

    The only people who looks stupid are the Democrats and Pelosi and the squad that runs her because her dementia is allow them as she has lost the plot.

  • Duane Dorman

    Drag out the trial in the senate because the Senators running for President cannot campaign while the trial is going on. Make them pay for their support of impeachment.

  • T Smith

    We don't want them to be bored with Donald… so go ahead and dismiss. have the judge lecture the Democrats for even bringing it so they get some television out of it.

  • Ed Dee


  • John Last

    Is it "constitutionally legal" for the Senate to refuse acceptance of the Articles of Impeachment? I ask because this could happen again and again before the election.

  • debbie lovescrafting

    They impeached President Trump just to smear his name… I say we vote him back in 2020 and VOTE OUT every democrat that is up for election… I will never vote democrat again.. TRUMP 2020!!! President Trump is giving our Country back to we the people and the democrats want to wipe it off the face of the earth… They hate America and the People … That's why Hillary put classified info on her computer, that's why they have been sending our jobs out to other Countries, that's why they're trying to break our constitution, that's why they keep drugs coming across the boarder to dummy up the voters, that's why they depleted our military .. But America is waking up and swamp rats are heading to Prison…

  • robin irvine

    And it was a snooze fest. I paused my TV and fast forward past Dems. Unless I wanted a laugh. Is it me or are dems a fugly looking bunch. From creepy Shift right down the line.

  • Cybermojoman

    Of course it was just for DNC media arm….
    Americans are not just drinking the koolaid anymore. Shows like Fox show the real truth….. DEMs are burying themselves!

  • Mike Stevens

    Something tells me what is happening with the 2nd Amendment in Virginia and how the Democrats take control of that state and the first thing they do is abuse their power… and the abuse that is happening in the House of Representatives… is going to get a lot of conservatives and moderate liberals voting against the Democrats this coming 2020…

  • william willis

    If Biden, Kerry, Pelosi, Clinton, and others were getting thousands of dollars from foreign countries, As a president, How much did Obama Collect? Every time the United States gives Aid to someone the Democrats are there with their hand out Grabbing all they can, like a bunch of Thugs.

  • B Bodziak

    Why isn't Fox covering the email that just came out showing the aid money to Ukraine was halted 90 minutes after he hung up with Zelensky? Then, the money was released the day after the whistleblower report.. sure, he's definitely not guilty.

  • m R

    Trump was handed s bunch of protest votes because of the Dems corruption. Trump will win the election very likely in part because of this impeachment.

  • Matthew Waite

    House was not a trial, it was a grand jury… trump does not get the right to cross examine. The house told him they could and they said no. So keep spinning

  • avanegas1

    Why the lies? Republicans had the majority in the House/Senate for 2 years and did nothing but Huge Tax Cuts for the Rich. There are currently 400+ bills that are meant to help americans, yet they are simply collecting dust on Mitch Mcconnell’s desk. 200+ of them with bipartisan support. The Greedy Old Party is sleeping on the job.

  • James Hafford

    I agree, EXCEPT, it's not to spike a football, it is to examine corruption in Biden, Pelosi & Kerry's sons, otherwise the hearings will be yet another thing. Let's just do it now with the Senate trial.
    The other reason to do a Senate trial, is that when the light is shined on the cockroaches, then they will think twice about Impeachment 2.0. Hm. Good point.

  • Horse Talk

    When is it ok for Government to make false charges against anyone without proof forever? One accusation after the next all proven to false or made up completely!this is going into cartoonish behavior from career Politicians who are hurting this Nation. China's huge navy has warships in the South Pacific and Russia has warships in and off the South Carolina's coastline this is an attack of Treason against the United States of America by only a few career Socialist Democrats and Republicans in powerful positions of authority abusing Power. all of America knows this happening and feel powerless to stop a Coupe against this Republic by supporters of Globalism and one World Government(the new world order)

  • R. Renovatus

    It was to make believe the socialist mass that their great socialist leaders are doing something, if not they would not get elected.
    They all got elected to Congress or senate on the platform that they would impeach our great president.
    As usual a socialist dumb lie to get elected…..they will continue the same lie until 2024, then come up with another….

  • DDDrew8

    my top New Year's wish is to have the Republicans gain majority in the Congress and the have those rabid Democrats voted out of office. they have played two years of circus clown roles. I don't like it.

  • James Pilgrim

    The media is celebrating the impeachment. They forgot a couple small details. An actual crime and the Senate!!!!! LoL

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