• Carolina Kates

    ABC Sunday, Meet the Press, Martha Raddatz cut off Pete Navarro when he at the end began to explain the market. Gillibrand wants to punish Israel, because they refused two non diplomats who were heading straight to Palestine. Just what these two women want to punish Jews in their own country. Nate essentially identified Iowa as a 'Fly Over' state, no longer relative to 2020, I say Iowans listen to how Liberals view your vote irrelevant. What is a mandatory buy back? Is it a new law Gillibrand would make law. So, the US government would be the Gestapo to come and take your guns, like, like start with burning books, Liberals. You already try by manipulating the 'fake news'. Elizabeth, 'Pocahontas' the liar as President, ahhh does she even know who she wants to be? Trump 2020!!!

  • Rich Winder

    Trumps office is all such a sham,
    He's there because of a scam.
    Hackers and trolls and spies
    and more than a few thousand lies,
    all together, created this jam.

  • Celeste M Cassin

    Peggy Noonan
    @701 or before
    She’s got her chin up looking like she’s ready to roll her eyes
    Too good for the panel Ms Noonan? My mom would say don’t turn your nose up at people,
    You might drown when it rains

  • daniel childofgod

    Who cares about politics what everyone should worry about now is our economy which is about to collapse.
    Also in regards to the subsidy to the farmers they are going to be in a corporate welfare system for generations to come
    Because the Chinese have already found a steady supply of soybean and other agricultural products that they need
    They're not coming back to the US farmers any
    On top of that the world does not trust the US dollar because they feel u.s. has abused that privilege by sanctioning countries unnecessarily.
    We are headed to the bottomless pit everyone knows it and no one wants to face it
    Thanks to the Zionist our currency has become a fiat currency which is not backed by anything except a promissory note of this nation and its power
    However we are not as powerful as we used to be so now the US currency has no reason to become world currency anymore .
    And because lots of countries know this they are starting to abandon the US currency for gold.
    I recommend to everyone to purchase land or gold and liquidate your soft currency
    Otherwise all your hard work is going inside a toilet drain
    At this point I don't even look at the stock market which is completely manipulated the bubble is about to bust
    Everyone run for your lives or in this case run and protect your money

  • Dennis Janda

    The reason Dumbocrats can't figure Trump out is because they have no foundation of their own except investigate Republicans..Just Saying !!

  • Idylchatter


    The president made the comments on Thursday as he railed against U.S. immigration policies, calling for tougher restrictions at the border and the end of the diversity visa lottery system that he said allows murderers into the U.S.

    Trump faced backlash in 2015 for describing Mexican immigrants as “rapists” and as “bringing crime” into the U.S.

    "When Mexico sends its people, they're not sending their best, they're not sending you," Trump said as he announced his presidential bid.

    "They're sending people that have lots of problems, and they're bringing those problems with us,” he continued. “They're bringing drugs. They're bringing crime. They're rapists. And some, I assume, are good people."

  • 1247.cc

    Too bad NBC hated his reaction to the shooting before he reacted. NBC is anti-Trump propaganda. Where is the Russian Collusion coverage?

  • Powwow Trip

    The sad thing is I can’t believe any polls or news. I don’t want my child to be like any politician or news journalist.

  • Respect/Walk

    And the econmy has been great and all Libby news can talk is russia.cultute war racism .if the economy dips that is all they will talk.we see through you dipshits

  • kane gallagher

    Hahahaha. No, the majority of the country doesn't like how the media politicizes these shootings and then goes after God fearing American's natural born rights…. It's disgraceful and continues to fuel the epidemic of shootings through the MSM's never ending coverage of it. It sends the message to these sick people that they'll "at least be remembered for something when they feel they have nothing to live for. It's absolutely irresponsible. Shame on MSNBC, and that shill for the Dems, Chuck Todd, that actually tries to present himself as an objective journo…hahaha, not fooling anyone, anymore, bud.  Yes, only exceptionally intelligent journos based in DC know what the yield curve is CT, hahaha. Keep offending American's Todd. What I'm wondering is if you know that keeping a tiny patch of pubic hair on your scalp, makes you look more bald than if you just bic'd it. But then you might be taken for a skinhead:(

  • Richie Tattersall

    Optimistic is an opinion, it is HOPING something will happen, it has absolutely NOTHING to do with what is actually happening.

  • Boyd Gilbreath

    Over twelve thousand lies. trump shouldn't be President. Only 70,000 votes elected him. Whatever you do, vote,vote,vote.

  • Johnny Cruise

    when the democrats win they will take 70% of your income to pay for illegals medicare and new homes…. they selling tickets to the poor that they will get first class seats….

  • Douglas Barton

    The National Debt Is Skyrocketing, and Trump Feels Fine

    How can we be in a booming economy when the National debt reached

    $22,012,840,891,685.32 on Feb 12, 2019?

    Part of the reason that the economy is doing well is because our government is borrowing money from overseas and then spending that money to make the economy seem like it is doing better than it is. It is debt-fueled spending, like when you have a $50,000 salary and you buy a Mercedes SUV, a $1.2 million house, and spend your vacations in Switzerland, skiing at resorts. That sure sounds like a great lifestyle, but in reality, you can’t afford it, and the bill will come due.That is how the US government is currently managing its money. It is spending heavily, typically on things we don’t need (like Army tanks that the Army doesn’t even want), while letting our infrastructure degrade, letting our education system fall behind the civilized world, and letting our children grow up to inherit a debt that may destroy the country. Will the credit card lenders [Banks] forgive us for our lavish lifestyles or will they

    If you disagree with this policy, then make sure you vote every single Republican out of office; maybe then, the racist/cultist wing of the party will lose power, and some actual conservatism (like the belief in balanced budgets, and paying down the debt) will be able to assert itself again. Or better yet, if we’re lucky, a new conservative party will form that doesn’t have all of the racist/cultist Republican baggage.

    Don't Blame Obama For Doubling The Federal Deficit


    WILLIAM CLINTON 1993 Thru 2000 The Congressional Budget Office reported a budget surplus between the years 1998 and 2000,the last three years of Clinton's presidency.

  • Ernie Llerena

    The only people blaming him for these things are you guys. No one else but you . The question was on how he was handling these things and again you turn it around and blame him for it again.

  • David Farrar

    Complete nonsense. Pres. Tump was put into office to make decisions based on his experience, his business experience. We didn't vote for a priest.

  • brian lucas

    Get rid of McConnell. And be prepared for Trump to conflate Cultural and Economic issues in the most divisive ways he can.

  • johnekizomba

    Fake news! Trump has pulled us out of Syria, called Bushes war in Iraq a WMD fraud, put the brakes on Obanas drone war and extra-judicial killing of American citizens with drones, has drawn us down in Afghanistan and pulled us out of Syria I'm trying to find a way to avoid war with Iran despite Democrat war Hawks wanting to start a war with Iran. Mainstream media lies!

  • Satan

    Lol… Ppl of Earth yall dumb…Why does America (Super-Power, Eagle Eye, owns all Satellite bypass codes) need a military? It’s all about Play Station 4 (Pentagon Headquarters) that’s why. You don’t need fighter jets when u have Eagle Eye. Just bomb the enemy before they take off, from Play Station Headquarters. The Government doesn’t care about you. Its only concern is Controlling the Feed Globally (via Satellite). So stop voting…How dumb can u be…Lol…Satan

  • colette s

    what good does it do for the country as a whole to constantly criticize, insult, and condemn our President? what good does it do our country when the media NEVER reports any of the large amount of good the president has done, and instead is constantly giving negative, morose, depressing opinion narratives…not news, not even truth….just anti-trump opinions.
    Perhaps voters finally came to the conclusion that we are never going to have a perfect president and ability is referred over personality. We had a smooth talking black president who delivered some nice speeches but was corrupt and incompetent. Now we have a president who isn't slick like willie was or smooth like barry was, we have a guy who just goes out and tells it like it is regardless what the political class deems is acceptable delivery. NO ONE CARES. The President doesn't have to weigh in on every disaster, that is what vice residents are for. Trump is too busy cleaning up the mess the last 4 presidents made, he should be sending Pense on the goodwill tour of disasters.
    Personally, I have not found anything to criticize about any of the presidents speeches or comments. He is transparent as it gets. I like that he doesn't do the phoney political boring way of talking to voters. We wanted change and trump is delivering exactly what we voted for. IMO the border is the #1 issue and I am thrilled to finally have a president who is not intimidated by the lunatic left and he does not cave in and move on to something else and ignore the border and drug trafficking. What I have seen every president do is give in to DNC demands for fear of being treated like they treat trump. The left has attacked EVERY republican president, the only thing different now is this one fights back. Go Trump!!

  • David Parker

    Trump has done more for our economy than any other president that I know of, mostly due to cutting ludicrous regulations. Its not fair for the left to suddenly accuse Trump of identity politics. He doesn't need emotional rhetoric to offset a lack of action and success….. He is success and action at this point….despite his personality.

  • andrea Perry

    It's too bad there are discussions about Trump relating to anything other than he's a fraud. He inherited a business and money. And still filed bankruptcy 6 times and owes millions to foreign banks.

  • danyisthebest winsalotguyman88

    They hate trump bc he’s a white man in a position of power. Shame msn for pan handling to blacks and idiots.

  • Linda Wyatt

    The American people Love Donald Trump no matter how many fake stories the cow farthing Commie Left make up.
    Democrats have nothing but hate to run on. They are racists, bad losers w/o a plan. They are praying the economy tanks so they can blame Trump.

  • Desperado5501


  • Tom Krohn

    The Fascist Republicans will invade another sovereign Nation and start another war to rally the country like they did in Iraq.

  • Ben Fitz

    I hope there is a depression with millions of people out of work and everybody loses all their savings and 401k's then Trump will be gone, even thought it will take decades to recover it is best that Trump is out

  • Bernard Scheidle

    Peggy Noonan has mastered the art of looking bored to tears, along with a good dose of sneering condescenion. She should be banished to an island & forced to listen to George Will regurgitate his GOP droppings.

  • Christian knights Templar

    Every one of these people on the show are irrelevant Chuck Todd you're ignorant you have destroyed meet the press.

  • Togo Burrows

    anything to try to turn attention away from the fact that we are already in a recession
    and trump is the direct cause of it

  • Randy Quaid

    All these monkeys . Its a sign of the 12 Monkeys
    . I fear my time is running out. If i could escape maybe I could find a cure. I have to find Dr. Peters he knows. I might have to shoot him

  • TheBeanie2k

    When you only think about yourself and your monetary stat. When you think about the economy and how that goes. Different story. His base will always be with him but it is shrinking. So good luck with that.

  • Randy Owens

    This is STILL a strong Obama recovery. IF it was not true, trumps moronic behavior would have already crashed it. God knows he has tried. He has been successful in hurting MANY sectors, such as farming, but the Obama recovery FOUNDATION is basically solid.

  • Lex Wilen

    Up chuck todd your fake news and a liberal Democrat your supposed to be bipartisan your day is coming when Bill Bar brings out the truth….. your FAKE and desving the public

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