Full Booker: ‘Exhausted’ Of The Biden Aspect Of The Impeachment | Meet The Press | NBC News

Full Booker: ‘Exhausted’ Of The Biden Aspect Of The Impeachment | Meet The Press | NBC News


  • 1ronin

    We already know Biden asked for a quid pro quo from Ukraine and crackhead Hunter flew on Air Force 2 with Joe to China and came back with 1.4 billion dollars for his hedge fund.

  • Gerald Schutte

    The economy is doing great but not for me. I live in a town of 3600 with a who you know hiring process. I can't even get hired at McDonalds.

  • Gwen James

    Chuck !! Ask the trump followers do they oppose impeachment and will they vote for him 👀👀👀👀👀👀
    You just Exhausted me with that question on this Sunday AM!!!

  • Brett Stimpson

    we just really cant even talk to each other like human beings anymore. NOW the dems want a "fair " trial and are concerned McConnell is violating his oath and wont be impartial? Who can say that with a straight face knowing all the times dems said they would impeach trump since before he was elected with no basis?

  • boiling16

    No Coway ,
    There's a stripper in Arkansas who's exhausted.
    We Americans are just getting our popcorn ready.
    Popcorn – Cornpop
    Can't get it out of my head

  • David Ellis

    Trump & The GOP are doing all they can to divert from the actual narrative. A real trial needs to be held to expose Trump's criminality.

  • Jim C

    Fire up the witness draft! Democrats call Bolton. Republicans call The Bidens! Ok that's not a good trade. Has nobody learned mud does NOT stick to trump.

    I look at it like this. The self proclaimed "clean" are throwing dirt on the desert(Donald Trump). At the end of the day the desert looks exactly the same and now you are covered in dirt. You've wasted your time and energy and now your filthy dirty!

    The clean should never focus on the dirty. If you are truly clean focus on yourself and that energy will indirectly clean the dirty.

  • r s

    How can you claim you made a strong case then say you want more witnesses more evidence because you wouldn't take the time to do it yourself. How can the dims think this is a brilliant move. The people in this nation aren't stupid noone trusts the news anymore there days of having the media explain it to us how they want it explained are over.

  • Pam Chandler

    I am sick of Bookers wining.. be a Man..you did not make it this time! Do not shame yourself weakened for the next time by this unending poor me victimhood! You have lost my respect!

  • callmedeno

    The biden angle is completely germane as it is clearly in the national interest to be concerned about pay to play with the vice president. Did he pursue his own personal interest with tax player dollars? So the fact that biden's son was involved in the potential ukraine investigation is not personal interest?

  • Rob Castagna

    The residents of NJ should get Booker in the court room for grand larceny after all the tax payer money he has mooched off of us in his "no show" senate job.

  • Red894336643

    We can investigate Trump for two years but we cannot investigate Joe Biden for fifteen minutes. Why? It looks like Joe’s son Hunter Biden cashed in on daddy being the VP of the United States.

  • Goober Mcgilicuty

    interjecting fact here since Chuck wont do it. All McConnell said was he would use the same procedures that 100 Senators agreed on with Bill Clinton… This is crazy, not that Chuck Todd who is in love with the Democrats, would let you know!!

  • Angel Reed

    Why does Bathroom Booker look like he has seen a ghost. Why Biden can get away with quid quo while he was Vice President? Hold everyone accountable.

  • Michael Hensley

    It is unconstitutional to impede the trial and deny due process. The constitution says the house can impeach (charge) and the Senate will try the case. It was not intended to be solely a political smear tactic! Constitutional hypocrites!

  • Truth Rainer

    The Lefts BS is ridiculous but we are tuning it all out Only Truth matters. These jokers think their above the law. Even Booker can hear or see the truth. God says he will allow them to believe the lie because they love lies more then Truth and What God tells on what's right

  • Roland Woltman

    McConnell already saw the Democrats hand picked witnesses against Trump, excluding 6 of 9 the GOP wanted to call, and there still isn't one specific crime cited in the Impeachment Articles. 700 pages of testimony… and no one hand picked witness called out a crime.

    McConnell has seen the evidence.
    There isn't enough.


    But if it was up to me the first person I'd swear in is the MATERIAL WITNESS they had running this SHAM. Schiff would perjure himself repeatedly.

  • dentray

    So why wasn't the impeachment vote Bi Partisan? You profess to swear an oath of impartiality when it comes to the senate but doesn't that just mean Bi partisanship which was totally lacking in the House impeachment vote?

  • Christopher Pohl


    Meet the Press has become a soap opera/reality show/Cheaters spinoff featuring actors posing as congresspersons, senators, experts, insiders, and thinkers….who all have a new book out!
    Corey Booker frightens me, until I realize it's just bad acting. That guy can shovel big piles of nothing as well as his mentors.
    And it doesn't matter his political affiliation, he's spewing from that non-partisan Library of Platitudes and General Statements That Can Be Used By Anybody, no matter how ridiculous.
    And it will be answered by the same well-paid actors from opposing sides, with just as much airheadedness.

    Can I Play?

  • Jack Parker

    When it gets in the Senate's hands. It's not about right and wrong.. it's about fear.. it's about being elected keeping their jobs.. I think there needs to be Revision in impeachment procedure whereby there must be secret ballot.. discussions must be brought up by Third parties. For the Senators to act as judges without comment. Otherwise it's an absurd contest of Courage which no one seems to be able to muster.. checks and balances need to be able to allow actual checks especially with mr. Mafia Donald Trump.

  • Robert Charles

    NEVER get tired of Spartacus i think he has a uncomfortable object stuck in his happy place heh heh 😛😛😛🐸🐸🐸😎😎😎

  • a&l family

    Trump would eat you alive in a debate! Are you smoking something that's illegal or what? Get a grip on those crackhead eyeballs.

  • Henry Niemi

    Bidens have not even been investigated in any way exhaustively, and dems are already closing ranks to protect that corrupt business family. Well, republicans will uncover all of their crimes, you can be sure of that, if Biden insists on running. And there is nothing dems can do about it. Deal.

  • Tiger Tiger

    He looks troubled.., which to me is good…, the people of the US should be troubled to have a Potus put their nation through all of this because of his self-centred corruption…

  • M P

    Don't worry Booker, you're going to have time to rest when we take back the house in November 2020. Fake news again from NBC and their Dubois Chuck Todd! PS Biden is in serious trouble wait for the spring mr. Booker!

  • TV Mohini

    I’m so happy to see this interview. Chuck Todd showed my candidate the courtesy and respect that the Democratic Party has not. What’s Amy Klobuchar doing on the stage instead of Mr Booker.

  • MsJudi54

    For the House of Rep. to do what they did & not allow due process for the President, then to DEMAND the Senate allow them to have more witnesses at the Senate Trial is outrageous & astounding. They accuse the Senate of not giving them a fair trial & going by the House's rules & demands, yet they did everything they could to railroad the POTUS & then come up w/ Articles of Impeachment that did not rise to the level of "High Crimes or Misdemeanors".

  • shelivesforJesus same

    That would be really good, Cordy….oh, excuse me, Spartacus….I would lovd to see you debate Trump….oh, and, Corey?? Where should we send the scraps of you that are left??

  • morekidsharderwork freedom


  • Kevin Morgan

    Since the president is being questioned for requesting information about the Biden's involvement, secondary to the corruption involving CrowdSource, in Ukraine, why would it not be germane to investigate whether they were part of the corruption?

  • Kiamichi Ozarks

    So we shouldn’t investigate a real criminal act that has been kept hidden and swept under the rug by the media and a corrupt Democratic Party just because the criminals are afraid of getting exposed? The rest of the nation has great interest in this ‘Biden thing” that would have never come to light if a whistleblower hadn’t accused the President of doing the same thing. I guess Democrats believe that what Trump did was far worse than what the former administration did, but that’s not how it looks to the rest of the nation.

  • Kiamichi Ozarks

    What President Trump did will not effect my daily life anymore than Bill Clinton having his affairs did, but what the Biden’s did with the consent of Obama will open up and expose a whole world of political corruption that heretofore the nation was not aware of. And that will effect many lives especially when we start asking how long has this been going on and where did the money go.

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