• Michael Brennan

    Lol, keep crying. Trump will win in an historic landslide. Lemon and the dregs head's will explode. I CAN'T WAIT!! And where is Hunter and where is Stelter's balls. It's also STUNNING how much CNN PROJECTS their not so secrets beliefs motives and actions.. It's so weird to hear them admit things and I guess not play it back or hear what it is they're saying! Whatever… The DNC is DESTROYED! I'M SO RELIEVED THAT CONSERVATISM WILL GUIDE AND CARE FOR THIS NATION FOR THE REST OF MY DAYS.

  • Nicki Snyder

    Beware toothless trump supporters! Now that Bernie is doing well trump is back to programming his idiotic base into thinking socialism is communism, so he can cut social security. First he cuts taxes for his billionaire supporters, then to pay for it he has to cut social security….so FIRST, he gets the low IQ, inbred uneducated base to think socialism is communism. Then after he has them all whipped up into hating socialism…..he says guess what guys? Social security is socialism!!!!! Any trump voter should be so insulted in how dumb trump thinks you are.

  • Whoa TV

    and cnn's about face, they didnt like anybody the president appointed unless they get fired and write a tell all fiction novel

  • Francois Legault

    Let John Bolton lie like the rest of you. I have enough memory about all that russian stuff to questioning your credibility.

  • Ricardo Vega

    How Dare You I am a Premium Paying Member. Youtube The ALGORITHM is not Working Why is This TRASH Clinton News Network In My Fox News Searches. Merry Christmas

  • Mrs Poulter

    CNN and their “ bombshell” of lies 🤣🤣🤣. I wonder what you’ll do after Trump leaves office. Without President Trump and FOX you have nothing.

  • Sir. Joshua Ra'Ne. Doebler

    That guy is always grabbing his glasses… The must be slippery!

    @scoldsore On Twitter
    Current Location : Miami, FL

  • Scout Dog

    Give a Republican a brick and they will build you a city. Give a Democrat a city and they will turn it in to bricks. That has been my lifelong belief and after what I heard and saw through Pelosi's antics I don't see any reason to change that belief. More freedom, less government and a higher standard of living for everyone. It must have been a painful night to be a democrat.

  • prophet

    You can say the same thing with john brennen coming to CNN.

    its all show – left vs right cnn vs fox

    Both are absolute trash.

  • T Man Hill

    These guys are smoking crack what a joke!! These Democrats are a joke, CIA NN a joke it definitely fake news, Quid Pro Joe a joke, Piece of Schiff is a Shift head, Nadlers a waste of space 🐧, Pelosi is losing her marbles and her teeth…Pelosi The Grim Ripper!!Mittens Romney is done, Schumer’s a joke, Bernies a socialist, Warrens an idiot a dreamer. Comey the Crook, Killary for prison and dont get me started on Obama. DNC is laughable with their drippy, itchy, limp Iowa caucus!!🤣

  • B.J Cameron

    CNN and the Lemon Homosexual News. WHY does Lemon not ask Bolton? President Trump is waiting for the CNN APOLOGY!!! The TWO-FACED Vindmen finally got FIRED!!!

  • Matt Buckingham live

    " So you like dick or pussy"
    Sticking his finger in a man's face after he wiped his taint
    Oh my God that's discusting

  • Kool Change

    Yeah..used to be a Fox News contributer..but..they so elaborately worked this mission with the GOP deep state to become trustable in your hopefull eyes, you don't even see what's coming! If he testifies the dems are finished..he wants to testify.oh this is getting interesting.

  • james hagler

    Who do you think most resemble the definition of Nazi ??

    Definition of Nazi, National Socialist German Workers' Party.

    Definition of Socialism, a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates
    that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be
    owned or regulated by the community as a whole.
    1. Socialist Democratic Party 2. Conservative Republican Party

  • Randy Draughon

    A few years ago the liberal media said Bolton was untrustworthy. Now, he us someone to be believed just because he may have info on Trump? It's CNN who Is also guilty of an about face.

  • Tax Payer

    – We believe in physically responsible government. Not one that has us over a trillion dollars more in debt.
    – We believe you are no Christian and follow few or none of Gods laws.
    – We believe woman should be treated honorably. Not with myriad hush money payments.
    – We believe a prez should be honorable and someone our kids can look up to.
    – We believe a prez should respect and utilize the impeccable American government agencies that work tirelessly to protect us.
    – We believe the impeccable gov officials that risked their careers and lives in telling the truth to the American people about Ukraine.
    – We believe any guy that has this many cohorts indited or in jail cannot be someone we would trust our best interests with.
    – We believe this economy is not what you are boasting sir. We can read financial charts spanning the last 5+ years and the TRUTH is laid bare.
    – We believe you lied about your family and the level of nepotism they are involved in.
    – We believe you lied about getting Mexico to pay for your wall.
    – We believe the free press is not an enemy of the state.
    – We believe when we get news from multiple and diverse news sources, not just one channel, we can clearly see the truth. YOU are the fake news sir!
    – We believe the vast majority of American farmers on what your tariffs have done to them.
    – We believe your practice of replacing qualified directors of key offices with "acting" positions is incompetence. In some cases with pro Putin figure heads.
    – We believe an Atty General is NOT your personal lawyer but a separate branch of gov committed to truth and the constitution. Not the presidents wishes.
    – We believe pardoning of hardened criminals just because they are your cronies is not justice.
    – We believe we can think for ourselves and are NOT going to believe your lies anymore. This Republican party are coming to take OUR country back.
    We are going to start by voting you out of office Get out of our way!

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