First Look at Disney’s Marvel Theme Park – Avengers CAMPUS! (Nerdist News w/ Amy Vorpahl)

– We’ve got your first look
at Disney’s new Marvel
theme park, Avengers Campus.
2019 is the year of Disney.
From Avengers Endgame dominating
at the box office this
summer to the upcoming launch
of the mouse’s streaming service, Disney+,
one could say the mega-studio
is like Thanos: inevitable.
And at this weekend’s D23 Expo,
we’re getting even more info
about all things Disney, Marvel,
Star Wars, like the Mandalorian trailer,
which we’ll get to on Monday, and beyond.
But this week, we got even more details
about Disney’s upcoming plans
for its popular theme parks.
We’ve known for a while now
that Disney was developing some kind
of Marvel land after the recent
opening of Galaxy’s Edge,
the Star Wars-themed section of the park,
earlier this Summer.
While that land is off and running,
minus the Rise of the Resistance ride,
the plans for Marvel’s
theme park offerings are
now hitting the internet along
with additional info about the
long-awaited Star Wars hotel.
And fans got their first looks
at all of the new
attractions Thursday night
at D23, so let’s break it down.
Opening in 2020, the Marvel section
of California’s Disneyland park
will be called Avengers Campus.
There will be different outposts
in other Disney parks such
as Hong Kong and Paris,
and according to the Disney parks website,
when guests visit Avengers Campus,
they will become part of an
interconnected global story
that spans from California
to Paris to Hong Kong
with the Avengers recruiting
new, extraordinary people
to join them.
Becoming an Avengers recruit, you say?
Sounds almost like an initiative.
– I don’t think I want
you looking at that.
– Next, we learned about
some of the specific rides
and experiences fans can
explore at Avengers Campus.
Marvel’s VP of new media, Ryan Penagos,
tweeted out some of the
concept art and maps
on display at D23.
There are Spider-Man logos
and PymTech imagery all over
the section of the park,
as well as a Quinn jet on a landing pad.
There’s also something
called the WEB Workshop,
which, per Germain Lussier over at io9,
will tie into the rumored Spider-Man ride.
Lussier had more tidbits
about the Spidey ride.
“The rumors are the ride will be some kind
“of interactive shooting game
“and the images around
the theme park’s pavilion
“at the convention offer more hints.”
Penagos tweeted more photos and details
about the WEB Workshop, and concept art
of the outside of the ride,
showing off a spider bot of some kind
that looks to be involved
in the experience.
However, let’s address
the elephant in the room.
Or should we say, the spider in the room?
– Hey, man.
– With the news of the Disney-Sony deal
potentially breaking down
over the rights of Spider-Man,
the idea of Spider-Man being
such a prominent figure
in the Disney parks could be a factor
in how those negotiations play out.
While theme park rights and
film rights are different,
it would be weird to have
Spider-Man in Disney parks
across the globe, but no longer appearing
in the Marvel cinematic universe.
Spider-Man no more?
More like corporate synergy no more!
– I don’t feel so good.
– Okay.
Other tidbits Penagos tweeted out
included Easter eggs from
PymTech like a giant pretzel,
a set of monitors showing
off Iron Man’s suits
in a note from Jarvis, and
a sign for the Sanctum.
While we don’t know more specifics
beyond what was revealed at D23 so far,
we do know that the Disney parks panel
at the expo is being held on Sunday,
so we can assume that
more info will be dropped
at that event.
Stay tuned for more on all of that.
Of course it wasn’t just
Marvel Land news at D23.
We also got the deets on
the new Star Wars hotel.
Set in Orlando’s Disneyworld,
the hotel will be called Star
Wars: Galactic Starcruiser,
and per D23’s website,
“The all-new Star Wars
vacation experience coming
“to the Walt Disney World Resort,
“Star Wars: Galactic
Starcruiser invites guests
“to embark on a two-night adventure
“aboard a glamorous starship.
“During this first-of-its-kind
vacation experience,
“you’ll interact with characters
“and become an active participant
“in immersive stories that unfold
“over the course of an
unforgettable galactic journey
“on board the starcruiser,
to be called the Halcyon.”
But how much will a
two-night, three-day stay
aboard the Halcyon cost?
Well, you can live your
own Star Wars adventure
for the rumored prices of
$3300 for just one person.
However, the cabins do sleep five people,
so you and four friends
can go for a mere $7200.
Maybe this is worth trying
to Jedi mind-trick your way
out of paying those prices.
– I’m a Toydarian, mind tricks
don’t work on me, only money.
– And rounding out the
theme park hat trick,
there will be also a new
Moana attraction opening
in Disneyworld.
So you’ll have plenty of
time to consider the coconut.
There you have it,
everything we’ve learned
about the new Disney parks
additions from D23 so far.
We’ll just have to wait and see
what other surprises the house
of mouse has up its sleeve.
But what do you folks think?
Which attraction are you most excited for?
Do you have a favorite Disney ride?
And, did you know people spread
ashes of their loved ones
at the Haunted Mansion?
That is a real thing.
Disney even has a code for it.
It’s called a HEPA cleanup.
Let’s discuss.
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