• cellee26

    MADE IN AMERICA, period. US isn't the manufacturing powerhouse it used to be, with low efficiency production, it has to resort to cut corners in order to stay competitive. I wouldn't trust American products.

  • Kushal Kumar

    Newspapers  reports 
    say  that  an  Ethopian  Airlines 
    flight  crashed  shortly 
    after  takeoff  from 
    Addis  Ababa  on 
    Sunday  ,  10 
    March  2019  , 
    killing  all  157  
    persons  thought  to 
    be  on  board. 
    This  is  obviously 
    a  major  mishap 
    in  the  air 
    involving  persons  of 
    different  nationalities  of 
    the  world.   Shocking 
    mishap   evoking  prayers 
    for  peace  to 
    the  departed  souls 
    and  spiritual  strength 
    to  their  loved 
    ones.   In 
    this  context  , 
    readers  may  be 
    referred  to  this 
    Vedic  astrology  writer’s 
    predictive  alert  for 
    more  care  and 
    appropriate  strategy   against 
    major  mishap  in  the  air  
    during  first  three 
    months  of  2019 
    ,  more  so  in  February 
    -March  in  vulnerable 
    countries.  These  alerts 
    were  brought  to 
    public  domain  last 
    year  in  November 
    -December  2018   through 
    article  – “  World 
    Predictions  2019” .  Later 
    ,  it  was 
    clarified  that  a 
    country  whose  name 
    begins  with  letter 
    E  could  likely 
    be  vulnerable.  And 
    much  later  in 
    recent  past   , in  some 
    other  context  , 
    it  was  mentioned 
    that  11- 12  March 
    or  a  day 
    prior  and  after 
    in  2019  look 
    to  be  worrisome. 
    Briefly  speaking  , 
    the  alert  for 
    more  care  and 
    appropriate  strategy  was 

  • King africa

    Heart Felt sympathy to all those who died in the ethiopian Airlines plane crash Disaster no words will ever bring back those who have gone. This message is just some way of showing the loved ones left behind that they are thought of in every single way.

  • Morne Lotter

    Oh no 🤦‍♂️ it saddens my heart. My heart crashed last night hearing the news of this devastation. Condolences from mine to yours.

  • Noble Prince Johnbosco

    To those who lost their lives on the plane ✈️, May your gentle soul Rest In Peace. God always Protect and guide us from Plane ✈️ crashes. Amen

  • FrenchCanadianGirl O'Hara

    On 29 October 2018, a brand new Boeing 737 MAX 8 flight JT610 owned by Lion Air travelling from Jakarta to Pangkal Pinang on the island of Bangka crashed into the Java Sea 12 minutes after takeoff. All 189 passengers and crew were killed in the accident.

    Investigations revealed that the crash was caused by the automated “angle of attack” (AOA) anti-stall sensor that activated the system and was giving a false reading.

    A stall is a dangerous situation where the lift from an aircraft's wings no longer is enough to counter the weight of the plane, causing it to lose control and fall.

    The malfunction initiated a 12-minute tug of war as the system — called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System (MCAS) — repeatedly forced the plane’s nose down and the pilots brought it back up again.

    At the end of this wrestling match, the pilots lost control and the jet went into a steep dive, crashing into the Java Sea at approximately 500 miles per hour.

    US airlines pilot union say Boeing did not include any mention of the new system in the Aircraft Flight Manual. Further, the system activates automatically with no notice given to the pilot and they have also not being taught how to respond if it malfunctions. The pilots say they actually learned about MCAS after the LionAir crash.

    In November, Boeing delivered the ill-fated 737 Max 8 plane to Ethiopia Airlines maybe without informing them of the MCAS system issues or training their pilots on how to handle the system if it malfunctions.

    On Thursday March 7, 2018 just 3 days ago, a Seattle personal-injury law firm sued Boeing on behalf of the families of 17 Indonesian passengers who died in the crash.

    Today the Ethiopian Airlines 737 Max 8 has crashed just 6 minutes after take off. Could the same system be responsible?

    Most likely YES and the rest of the 737 Max 8 and 9 in operation should be grounded until a solution is found and pilots trained on how to deal with a malfuntion of the system to avert another disaster.

  • Maulan Wong

    Well flying is still the safest mode of transportation and id rather have severe turbulence over the atlantic ocean than to drive with crazy drivers that text and do crazy stuff

  • jjj Ola

    I flew boeing 737 29 days ago, so that ""was"" will be the last flight of boeing. i hate boeing even from SO CALL BOEING FLIGHT SIMULATOR MACHINE

  • A&M Music Ethiopia

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  • LH - 08RJ - Centennial Sr PS (1506)

    I think this is the plane that my friend was talking about. A girl who was on that plane from our SCHOOL died and everyone is crying and talking about her. 😢R.I.P Anushka 😓😭

  • Elson Dan

    This is crazy man, I am from an Ethiopian family and this is beyond sad. Pray for the people who lost their innocent lives. Hope they are in a better place.

  • Frank Strzelecki

    The airline did not communicate software updates to the pilots and failed to provide comprehensive overview of the stability peculiarities to them or adequately explain compensating mechanisms. The pilots wanted to enjoy a bit of a joy ride so they took a very steep angle of climb. The autopilot jerked the plane to a more level position during this takeoff as a safety precussion to prevent any chances of a stall. The pilots panicked and switched off all flight assisting avionics including the flight stabilizing system which pitches the nose down to compensate for its uneven center of gravity The plane pitched violently up, the pilots panicked again and pitched it down, then after some erradic flying the plane pitched down and went into a stall. Know your limits play within it. RIP

  • Anikapro_. *

    I love you sooo much sis im crying soo much. All you wanted is to go to kenya to visit our grandparents. Our whole family will be at your funeral.

  • Ess Wyy

    With #737MAX aircraft being grounded worldwide will @Boeing seek expert testimony from pilot #whistleblower @fieldmcc which MAY exonerate them in MURDERS FOR HIRE by weaponized airliner via remote hijack?

  • Thragon68

    the QRS-11 is a powerful device placed in all moving vehicles, planes, cars, busses, trains, missiles, satellites. You will want to listen to this conversation so that you can know what dangers are being hidden from you, the American citizen, by these corruptocrats in D.C. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DtcxOg1WYW8&t=118s

  • I fricked Ur mom

    Oh my gosh, a girl at my school who was new is from Ethiopia and she was just adopted and they missed this flight. I can't believe that she could have died, 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️

  • Sacerdotus Sacerdotvs

    Glorious!! How wonderful are your works, o Lord, how great are your deeds!! #blessed #glorious #punishment

  • Kimberly Williams


  • orlando serra

    Instead of that crash what would you do in the case a nuclear war begins. Should be written a book with the following title: '' The Case Of The First Detonation Of A Nuclear Attack in Aerodynamics''. This will wake up all engineers on the subject.

  • DriftKing - GT86

    The crash reason was due to a system on the Boeing called 'MCAS' which was implemented because their planes would suddenly angle upwards too sharply, causing the engine to stall. MCAS was a system that made the planes nose lower if it detected it was raised too high. The problem is, pilots weren't told about this feature so when they took off and the planes nose suddenly dropped, they didn't know what the problem was. Both crashes consisted to the pilots constantly fighting the plane to raise until it got too low, driving them into the groind.

  • Eunice Chitalo

    Lemme tell you something I’ve been to both countries but never took a plane to each country and I was just on holiday and took Ethiopian airways and heard about the crash and luckily I survived!

  • NotedX2

    The cause was MCAS the system to force the planes nose down when the planes engines made it go into a stall position because of the design, therefore the crash was because the system failed and the pilots had to fight the plane but it didnt work and they crashed

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