Elon Musk | Before They Were Famous | Updated Biography

Elon Musk | Before They Were Famous | Updated Biography

so this is an ATM what we’re gonna do is
transform the traditional banking industry before Elon Musk would be the
creator of companies like Tesla open AI PayPal SpaceX and it would bulk up his
bank account into the billions so that is is that true that’s delightful
before Elon Musk would make cameos or movie appearances a minute black
International The Simpsons South Park why him
Rick and Morty the Big Bang Theory in Iron Man 2 mr. mas and like Tony Stark
Elon would wow the world spending his time and energy of some truly miraculous
technology advancements well maybe that was a little too hard hey even Tony’s
armor had to start somewhere and just like Tony well Elon he got his star
thanks to dear old pops and a $28,000 loan which the Elance credit he was able
to transform into a business empire and a personal net worth of over 20 3.5
billion dollars now for those of you keeping track at home that’s nearly 10
billion more than he’s worth the last time we made this video and we’ll Finley
it’s not that surprising for a man that was fascinated with computers and
engineering from a very young age in fact he sold his first piece of code
at the age of just 13 but like every good story he loves is full of ups and
downs for every space X there’s a divorce to go along with it
and for every PayPal well another divorce often times through the same
woman don’t worry I’ll get into all the ins and outs of this as they tell the
story of a man who became a multi-millionaire before his 30th
birthday I’m your boy Michael cretin documenting the life and career of Elon
Musk prior to fame here for you of course I’m before their famous this is
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Bell boom Elan breathe musk was born on June 28th
1971 in Pretoria South Africa now anyone with access to his ancestry.com profile
they would discover a predominantly British background but some of his
predecessors were even Amish with his grandfather growing up in the American
Midwest now his mother may she was a model and a dietitian I guess we know
where his good looks came from while her and the hair plugs both of which are
clearly miracle-workers you know I mean his father Errol was more a regular Joe
if you consider being an electromechanical engineer a pilot and a
sailor regular and Elon well he grew up alongside his younger siblings his
brother Kimball and his sister Tosca perhaps most unsurprising of every other
fact that I’m gonna mention in this video well a LAN he grew up a big fan of
comic books he told Bloomberg I read all the comics
I could buy that they would let me read in the book star before chasing me away
now this was a pastime that no doubt came too heavily influenced his passion
to inhibitions for the future now according to a David Lewis a comic book
author and comics scholar he had this to say about elan science-based storylines
were at a zenith in comic books around the time musk was a kid in the 80s it’s
easy to see how the theme could have sparked Musk’s fascination with space
travel technology and energy but life is a child it wasn’t all gorgeous mothers
and comic books for Elon that was parents they separated in 1980 and his
father became his primary caregiver now these were traumatic years for the young
boy the bullying I’ll get to in just a minute no money was good but there was a
lot of turbulence in his house him and his father they never got along and he
actually described his childhood as being miserable still to this day he
doesn’t even speak to his dad now with a beautiful sized hole left in his heart
but Elon he set out to find something to fill away and boy did he ever he taught
himself programming with a Commodore vic-20 and when he was 12 years old he
sold his first creation of game called blaster to a magazine called
PC and office technology huh if you’re such a big comic geek I’m gonna take an
educated guess and to where the name blaster came from see mom and dad
reading comic books can really go hand-in-hand with success now of course
there’s a dark side to reading so many comic books and having well let’s just
be kind and call them less than popular hobbies and like so many that came
before him and those who came after well Elon Musk he had to deal with being
bullied throughout his childhood now once got so bad that a group of men
they threw him down a flight of stairs and knocked him unconscious which
actually landed him in the hospital you know what they say every dark cloud has
a silver lining and I’m sure we all know that Elon Musk he was probably reading
some comic books while he was lying in that hospital bed so you know in the end
it all came together you can’t turn a brain like that off it won’t be denied
now after attending water Clough house preparatory school and then Pretoria
Boys High School well Elon he moved to Canada on his 18th birthday having
gained citizenship through his mother of course her bein smokin hot and totally
makes sense now seriously the next time you’re on the streets of downtown
Toronto just take a look around just watch out for Toronto chair girl she’s
bad no Elon he studied at one of Canada’s
finest schools Queens University which has produced some remarkable individuals
we’re talking about the likes of Tom Cavanagh Natalia Ricci and Michael on
dattaji but famous people aren’t the only thing that Queen’s University
produces it also helped produce Zealand’s first marriage to Justine
Wilson a woman who would become a successful author in her own merit now
at this point Elan he was still only a mere mortal himself and after spending
two years at Queen’s will he jumped around a little bit now first he
transferred to the University of Pennsylvania
then at 24 he LAN obtained an undergraduate degree in physics and
another economics one from the Wharton School of Business a PhD in Applied
Physics at Stanford was next on the docket but after only two days in his
studies well Elon he dropped out to focus on
creating new business enterprises his first success was zipped
a startup he developed with his brother Kimball along with the a firm engine
$28,000 loan he secured from his dear old dad but unlike most of us who take
money from our parents with promises of paying it back only to never actually
you know do so well he lied he was able to make good on his after just four
years zip to was sold and compact for 300 million dollars and over 30 million
dollars in stock options now he loves personal stake was reported to be worth
nearly 22 million but the real question is do you think pops asked for interest
he probably didn’t even have to ask his son Elon he kind of seems like a good
guy even if he hates his dad you still give him a little thank-you present you
know what I mean I’m still under 30 and now a
multi-millionaire well Elon he cannot be stopped
he quickly moved on to his next venture one that would make him even richer in
1999 he co-founded a website known only as XCOM which would one day turn into
the world’s leading amateur porn site but now I’m just playing with you that’s
not what XCOM is no according to my researchers it’s actually a financial
service website that allowed people to email money back and forth huh I bet
that’s around the time that emails start developing viruses like the rest of us
now if you take one thing and one thing only away from this video keep yourself
wrapped up tight both physically and digitally and after only one year will
Ilana he was able to merge XCOM with another company and from that beautiful
union while PayPal was born and 2002 eBay bought musts new his creation for
1.5 billion with Elon personally taking home around 165 million see he is smart
know well his career may have been going well
Elon personal life was anything but around the time of his big eBay buyout
well Elon first child died at just ten weeks old this was from sudden infant
death syndrome but of course there’s one thing you could say about Elon Musk he
doesn’t let anything stand in his way no after receiving his payout from
PayPal Elon he invested 100 million in a SpaceX
tasked with developing and manufacturing spacecrafts of rockets no NASA would
quickly latch on to the company providing them with billion dollar
contracts to become the largest private producer of rocket motors in the world
now this privatization of space was a controversial decision and one that the
Titans of the industry and like Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cerrone
well they’ve criticized I was very sad to see that because those guys are yeah
you know those guys are heroes of mine so it’s really tough you know I wish
they would come and visit and see the hardware that were doing here and I
think that would change their mind no despite his real-life heroes not wanting
anything to do with them well Elon he pushed ever onward in 2008 the company
launched its first privately funded liquid fueled vehicle that successfully
placed the satellite in orbit they followed this up by becoming the first
private company to launch and birth a vehicle to the International Space
Station this was in 2012 but backed on the ground in the real world all of
these accomplishments paled in comparison to the Ilan’s work with Tesla
a company he has become completely synonymous with Tesla was founded in
2003 by Martin Eberhard and marked happening the following years when Elon
invested in the company and became the chairman of the board know he loves
interest in the company it’s stem more from the creative side and he was often
involved with the product design and he didn’t really have to deal with the
day-to-day business side of the operation something I wish I could say
about this business but I can’t my 2004 Ilan’s business success was finally
beginning to dovetail with personal success this was with the help of in
vitro fertilization Justine and Elon they gave birth to a set of twins Xavier
and Griffin comes boutique sorry something got stuck in my throat now it
was around this time that Elon he finally started to settle into the wider
consciousness of the people of the world around him and he emerged as a public
figure he even got a small cameo in the movie
thank you for smoking now in 2006 Elon II created solar city which would go on
become the second largest provider of solar power systems in the United States
now that same year Ilana Justine they would well
a set of triplets into the world Damien’s accident I know comic book
reference there and because I know you’re already wondering now I couldn’t
find any Marvel characters that share names with those three so my best guess
is that mom she finally got a chance to name her own children okay we did do a
deep dive search it turns out that Saxon is the alias of a little no Marvel super
villain known as Machine Smith so there’s that but it’s bit of a reach
now even the 2008 financial crisis it couldn’t keep Ilan down now that’s the
year he became the CEO of Tesla and the company quickly gained widespread
attention for the Tesla Roadster the world’s first electric sports car but at
the home front well discord reared its ugly head once
again now Elon and Justine they separated and he quickly began dating
English actress Talulah Riley 2010 was a watershed year in the life of Elon Musk
not only did he marry Tallulah but he also appeared in Iron Man 2 standing
shoulder to shoulder and hair plug to hair plug with Tony Stark now he
followed this up with further appearances on shows like South Park The
Simpsons The Big Bang Theory and movies like why him but then 2012 came along to
throw yet another monkey wrench into his personal life
Ilana tallulah well they got divorced only it didn’t take and then they got
remarried in 2013 Ilana he then filed for divorce again
the next year and you think that would be the end of it but then he cancelled
that request for the divorce which is like shortly after he filed it
and the two they would stay together for a further three years but by 2016 their
divorce finally took yeah don’t worry though Elon has since gone back to his
roots dating yet another Canadian artist good for him I told you boys the streets
of Toronto they’re aware of that the billionaires can’t be wrong no more
recently Elon has founded a non-profit artificial intelligence research company
called open AI a high-bandwidth brain machine interface I think we can
actually go along for the ride and we can effectively have the option of
merging with AI yeah that’s worked out so well in every movie we’ve ever seen
about AI good luck and now he’s even dabbling in the art
recreating infamous movie props for real-life use that was a joke
I actually am a huge fan of the cyber truck I actually placed an order ads for
the rest of the story well I think we’re gonna wrap this one up here because this
is before they’re famous my name is Michael Cretu and every once in a while
we’ll take a look back at an older video we’ve done and we’re like we could have
done more we could spruce that up we can bring it back to you guys in a better
format or at least update it with more facts we hope you guys enjoyed this one
a lot of you guys checked out of the rich life on Elan Maas we’re talking
about where he lives the planes the cars everything so if you want to know more
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