• Mason Albert

    Way Past Due for FULL removal of Second Impeachment. Which candidates who want to save America will call for Second Impeachment? The one(s) I will support.

  • Gr. Vo.

    When the corona virus spreads through central america the worst possible defense against it will have been the POROUS US SOUTHERN BORDERS. At that point the blame will be shifted ENTIRELY to those who fought AGAINST stronger US/Mex borders. Putin will be thanking the democrats from here to eternity. In fact Putin will be working to get them elected like never before.

  • X

    ComRad trumpfyski the traitor together with Moscow Mitch they are working for Russia…..They need to be removed they are the top cancer of the White House. More damage will be done to America if they carry on. Putin and other countries are happy to see America in chaos more distraction needed by ComRad tRumpsky the criminal.

  • Richard Davis

    Maybe if CNN had been part of a coup trying to impeach Obama, then Obama might have required a WH sign off too. More than likely Obama would have just had an intelligence agency hack into their laptops. He wouldn't have had to worry either way, CNN would have buried the story.

  • Luis L.P. RC's

    This country has turned into a joke when it comes to the Media and the Government. We have a corrupt idiot as President. A corrupt Government period. Now we have the media scaring people over the Coronavirus. Just like every damn new strain of flu virus that comes along every couple of years. Remember the Swine flu and Bird Flu. We even had a Ebola scare. The media needs to stop scaring people Period.

  • Jim Miller

    I want a President who can stop this corona virus pandemic,
    not Trump, a medical science denier who killed programs set up to stop these
    pandemics. Biden slammed Trump's handling of the corona virus "Corona
    virus was first detected in the United States in January. "They didn't even
    begin to prepare the testing kits. This is elementary. Trump said Corona virus
    was a Democratic hoax. What in God's name is he talking about? Has he no
    shame?"   Trump fired the
    Obama/Biden pandemic response chain of command and put Alex Azar in charge of
    HH&S .   Azar is a pharmaceutical
    lobbyist who gave money to the Trump campaign. Trump then put science denier
    Pence in charge of corona virus. If Pence's prayers were enough we wouldn't
    have people dying. Newsweek reported, "When his state was facing an HIV
    outbreak between 2011 and 2015, then-Governor Pence chose to "pray on
    it" rather than introduce a needle exchange to limit its spread—as
    recommended by health officials." Pence claimed,  "Despite the hysteria from the political
    class and the media, smoking doesn't kill." When our children are facing
    life or death, we need medical professionals making decisions, not lobbyist for
    pharmaceutical or religious interests.Biden explained, We set up an agency for
    dealing with pandemics like the Ebola crisis . Trump eliminated it. Biden would
    send scientists to China before the corona virus escaped to the United States.
    We need to get rid of Trump and Trump's corona virus before we or our children

  • Pauline MORTON

    Aaw come on folks, we don't need experts who've experienced and dealt with multiple health crises,when we've got Donny and Mike . You'd have to a long way to better that as a choice to protect the health of the American people. Rest easy folks! You're safe as houses.

  • Alan Marston

    In my opinion, the fool is the one that "thinkes that all knowledge is by them". As of such what I see is a bunch of fools attempting to run what they definitely do not know.

  • David MacLeod

    The “Presidential Medal of Freedom” is now meaningless now that that other bloviating gasbag, Rush Limburger, was given one!

  • CD Smith

    Orange overlord Trump would rather control the narrative than get out front of a pandemic for the good of the nation.

    Bluevember is coming

  • Barbra Maes

    Dr Trump and Nurse Pence on it.. No worries for their supporters, until they get sick from not preparing because they choose to believe a lie. smh

  • Heidi Mueller

    Outside of the cruise ship victims, USA supposedly has less cases of this virus than Canada. You have 10x the population, so how can that be? Testing? I am waiting for this just to explode in the US.

  • happygrandma

    A real medical specialist should be the health czar. Pence is a Trump lackey and actually will be doing whatever Trump tells him to do. Trump dumped it on him so he can blame him for a disaster; his usual M.O

  • Dark Star

    His Holy Flatulence Trump said the coronavirus is a hoax created by the Democrats.
    Must be true [Eye Roll]

    I suggest trumpists get on all those discount China tours while the going is good…..hehehehe

  • jon davis

    The experts have said that roughly .23% of people with this virus die. Then they tell me about 85,000 people world wide have it, then they tell me that 8400 people in The north west of the states are being watched for possible infection, ( 8400 is almost 10% of 85,000) then they tell me that someone with this virus could have been spreading it around for 6 weeks before the first person was found to have it , they also tell me it has a 14 day incubation period, then they tell me that you might have it and not know it. I'm not smart at all, but with these figures, how can you come up with .23% mortality? Then they tell me they have "experts" keeping tabs on this virus….

  • Tom Donovan

    This will probably get worse, much worse, because the US has no leadership. We have the science just not the leadership.

  • Mike will

    NEVER! forget that 35 of the Top Psychiatrists / Psychologists in the USA, signed a Letter, stating Trump is mentally ill that they “believe that the grave emotional instability indicated by Mr. Trump’s speech and actions makes him incapable of serving safely as president.”  If 3 Psychiatrists / Psychologists sign a statement to a judge, that you are mentally ill,  you are declared legally mentally ill, Trump has 35, Additionally 60,000 Mental Heath Professionals have signed a statement, that Trump is mentally ill https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/psychiatrists-debate-weighing-in-on-trumps-mental-health/ “That's why crazy people are so dangerous. You think they're nice until they're chaining you up in the garage.” Michael Buckley; “Crazy people don't know they're crazy. I know I'm crazy, therefore I'm not crazy, isn't that crazy?” Captain Jack Sparrow; “Sometimes things are just what they seem to be and that's all there is to it.” Charles Bukowski

  • Jeff Salver


  • Chuck Baserap

    Trump cares about how good he looks, and doesn’t care about how sick Americans can, and will get! He’s a narcissist to the highest level, only cares about how he looks. He can’t admit he’s even made a mistake EVER!

  • Chuck Baserap

    It’s bad news he doesn’t want to get out there, because it would make him look bad. That’s it, it’s all about him, the ConMan in chief!

  • Gary

    What purpose does it serve CNN to never once have anything good to say no matter what ? Jake Tapper is a real work of art. CNN will always find some A-Hole to agree with them even if they have to lie to make their point.
    No more news on CNN only fact twisting lying taking things out of context to fit their narrative and it goes on from there. Oh, how can we forget the their "panel" to weigh in with their valueless opinions like that racist pig van jones who should be working in a car wash not on TV.

  • brad sanders

    Pence had no idea he would be picked to head the corona virus response,trump simply thought it up and did it. Trump said "Mike had nothing to do".

  • Mi ke

    Hold on, before you give out facts about the virus, check with the Whitehouse! ………………..yeh, great idea!
    It can take two weeks for the virus to show in full, so in the first two weeks of contracting the virus it can be passed on; of course you can't know at any one time exact numbers!

  • Dave Thomas

    Everyone in the US is at risk. Why? The CDC dropped the ball on testing. As a result, the virus is spreading and we have NO IDEA which cities and states have outbreaks.

  • Jean Jackson

    Now, what medical school did Trump attend ? He knows absolutely 0. ……..He should just go play gold till this is all over with !

  • Deborah Lawson

    trump is behaving like the Central government's leader Xi Jinping. He doesn't want to hear bad news so he muzzles those who'll speak the truth. Take a look at the WHO head who was stroking Xi's ego in hope's of being granted access necessary for health professionals/scientists to enter China to assist in this latest deadly virus to emerge out of China!

  • Danny MacDonald

    The tragedy with this situation, is that Trump can put out a bunch of bullshit that costs people their lives, then can turn around and make a statement such as” Who could have predicted it would get that bad”. People well just shrugged her shoulders and say oh well, that’s Trump.

  • Joseph Nalls

    The devil is among us for all the world to see and we all no what he looks like! Because money is the root of all evil! . Think about this this virus did not appear until after the trade deal was signed

  • erik faber

    No Mister. China is not biggest country in the world! It's Russia, Canada, USA, count down. But it have the biggest population.

  • Jimb2 b2

    Trump attempted to change the path of a hurricane with a Sharpie pen that defines what Trump is and how the people of the US should judge him –

  • Raymond Nieves

    Wow is this is how the Russian people live in Russia with a political system that lies to them cheats on them and manipulates them with what they want them to hear well well I feel sorry for them over there. But that b***** ain't happening here so you Russian loving commie bastards better go back.

  • Steve Hurl

    The final point about Presidents being bad at managing epidemics is very interesting, but of course, totally unexplored here, b/c it's Tee Veeeeee. Worth reading a book about it, or, Netflix subscribers, check out their "How to Prevent a Pandemic" documentary.

  • Byron Young

    Coronavirus was weaponized by Trump and the Russians to kill the poor and the underprivileged. It is clear now more than ever that coronavirus is a biological weapon that Trump allowed to reach the US to prey on high population density areas where people are vulnerable, most likely to kill blacks and low income voters. I wonder what Putin had to do with this. Clearly this states that they are working together

  • Fil Vieira

    A man who denies Science is placed in charge of containing a global pandemic by another moron who believes the earth is flat. Should produce fantastic results 👍. By the way, denial and prayer doesn't combat nor cure viruses.

  • Christopher Lee Jr.

    The health experts must go threw vice Pence for all info on the coronvirus to be vetted before the public gets the real truth
    Please Wake Up America, your life depends on it.📣📣

  • julie finlayson

    So this idiot president has chosen to have a trade war with the country that supplies the world with masks , personal protective gear and gloves etc… but even worse, the majority of antibiotics, sedatives and anti viral medicines and pain relief. Now who is china going to priortise distribution to? The mad American yahoo and his hench men? with manufacturing in China at an all time low just where are future supplies going to come from? if Trump in all his great and unmatched wisdom closes borders , just how does he think medical supplies, should there even be any available get to Americans??? The man is plain bonkers. How the hell is he president?

  • Losaiko Vote!!!

    Someone does not want the truth to come out. Trump will kill more people than Malaria if left to his own devices and his imaginary intellect.
    Pence's history on with holding funds for AIDS years ago. Cigarettes do not cause cancer was his attitude in the 1980s. Pence has done NOTHING so far. I want Doctors telling me what I should have on hand and explaining transmission. I have not got any public intelligence from our government.
    We did not get Ebola from Obama policies.
    What happened to freedom of speech. Doctors must be allowed to speak publicly without a friggin muzzle from a man who thinks not exercising makes you live longer.

  • Laura Cracchiolo

    You've GOT to be kidding me, Jake! After hearing what Trump said about Obama's response to Ebola….."Trump doesnt have someone like him doing the same thing" ( insulting the president's decisions). You're joking, right? 😆😆😆

  • Dorrene M

    Trump IS A NATIONAL DISASTER and should be
    His staff need NOISE RECOVERY for their PTSD.

  • Elaine Burnett

    Hearing dt speak is like waterboarding!!!

    Knowing that dt does not know what he is talking about. This loudmouth, hateful ignorant bum needs to resign!!!

    Of course dt is setting Pence up, but he is too foolish to understand, so ignore him while he tries to waste time.

  • Detra Edwards

    This is a sad day. Good gracious. His admin needs to step down and listen to the CDC. They keep ignoring sound advice from the CDC who warned them not to bring infected people to the states.

  • Jack Hughes

    Big profits low taxes seems to give the majority off your people poverty and death, everything good in corporate America!

  • Risinson Christopher

    Before this is over Americans will wish they had elected BERNIE with his "socialist" free health care ! Stupid fools !

  • Watch City

    no censorship! Freedom of the Press! No hiding shit. We will not succumb to Fascism! But they don't believe in science. There are no windmills in the US. We have wind TURBINES!

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