E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes | CA Divya Bansal

E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes | CA Divya Bansal

E-Way bill latest updates (Hindi)| Updated GST Rules | E-Way bill Portal changes


  • Kamlesh Chitre

    Hi Diya , I have checked GSTR 1 . It is not getting auto populated from sway site, Can you just throw light on this.

  • jammerjuleo

    Ms. Divya,
    Good day to you.
    I have a small querry that i request you to give a little though on.
    Can e WayBill be generated twice using the same tax invoice in case of trans shipment?
    Case is as follows,
    An exporter wants to move his goods from state A to State B using a transporter X, X delivers goods to customer assigned CHA for further movement and clearance of shipment till customs bound area.
    note :
    1.Transporter X is not changing Transporter ID for further movement of goods.
    2. Exporter is not able to update Transporter Id or change vehicle no. for further movement as the right have been locked with transporter X.
    3. Upon contacting GST Mitra Helpline they have already suggested generation of two seperate e-WayBills using the same Tax Invoice ,one for movememt from state A to state B and another for movement and another for movement from state B to customs bound area by assigned CHA.

    Kindly confirm if the solution given by GST Mitra Helpline a viable option for movement for such goods?

    GST Mitra Helpline No. 1800 1200 232

  • Siddiq Khan

    ma'm I have a query regarding bill to ship to transection suppose bill from Mp bill to a pune and ship to mp and bill to party want material dispatch on bill to party invoice so what we have to do .


    As we know we need to generate eway bill in case of INTERSTATE job work service even if value is less than Rs.50000/-..do we need to generate eway bill in case of INTRASTATE job work service if value is less than Rs.50000?

  • Ginni Singh

    We have only one GST (delhi) but we want to transfer some goods to our branch but they haven't GST number .. so my question is that in bill to which name I fill ….

  • Shantanu Kumar

    Thank u mam to provide us these information I like ur videos,but please try to simplify your video so anyone can understand.


    How to generate eway bill in case of goods of one invoice moved thtough 2 vehicles at the same time? If through delivery challan then clarify 2 eway bills should be generated (both of delivery challan or one on delivery chllan and one on invoice)?


    Mam I had purchased item from registered trader by providing my GST number. Tomorrow he have filled gstr1 but on my I'd in gstr2A bill is not showing. I have informed him. Gstr2 is currently not available where we can add missing purchase bill. What should I do now. Kindly reply me.


    Thanks for your reply. First of all as asked by you I will confirm from him if he confirms me then I will file complaint.


    Thanku you for your prompy reply..i know that complete tax invoice should be generated but dont know how should eway bills be generated? clarify then how many eway bills should be generated and on what basis (delivery challan or tax invoice)..


    Intrastate branch transfer पर ewaybill बनाना पडेगा क्या, क्योकी इसमे GST no. Same रहेगा.

  • Faheem Akram

    What to do if sales tax department officer call me to check my stock and for survey?They dont have right to check of my books before approve auyhority of commissioner

  • Rajesh Valani

    Madam Main Ek salesman Hoon retelling Karta Hoon 60000 rs Godse hey Toh Mujhe e way bill ki jarurat padegi please reply dena

  • shyam agarwal

    A company supply the goods to another company and another co also situted in same premises. It that situation whether eway bill is required if invoice is more then 50k. If yes then wht will fill in part b

  • sachin tiwari

    Mam I want to know that what is ewb validity time of one day it Means 24 hrs or after midnight
    If we generated in the morning at 10am then what will be expire time
    Distance of 100 km

  • Robin Bhasin

    Mam if we send material of 4 different parties with in state in our personal vehicle with log book and all invoice value are less than 50000 but total consiment value in vehicle in 1.5 lac so do we need e way bill for all invoices or not

  • shivkumar bhalke

    नमस्कार मेरा नाम शिवकुमार बालिके है मैं दोनों आंखों से दृष्टिबाधित हूं मैं महाराष्ट्र में जीएसटी ऑफिस में कर सहायक का काम करता हूं तो मेरी इ वे बिल के बारे में क्या भूमिका होगी मैं उसमें क्या-क्या काम कर सकता हूं इसके बारे में जानकारी देने की कोशिश करो मेरा WhatsApp नंबर 9404623682 please contact me


    hlo madam profit and loss ma hum log jo exp dekhata hai jaisa travelling godown rent or salary accounting charge general exp ya sabi exp kya gstr 3b return pa dekhana hoga monthly basic ma ya sabi exp ka upar kya gst hai or agar ma daily jo gst ka niyam hisab sa 5000 ki limit hai us hisab sa change karu to bi kya 3b return ma dekhana hoga pls bolia mam mayna ya koi exp return pa nai dekhaya hai ok pls bolia or bank jo 18% gst statement ma debit karraha hai usko bi kya credit lana paraga Bolia mam

  • shyam agarwal

    Mam humari factory se customer 60k ka goods purchase krta hai to bi hme e way banana hoga? bcz we dont care how he will carry the goods it may be self vehile, auto riksha, etc even he may carry goods in his motor cycle in one or two round..

  • Chandan Choudhary

    Agar mera goods odisha se kisi transport se bengal aa raha hai or mai goods ko direct apne consinee ke place per unload karana chahata hu or mere name se jo tax invoice aa raha hai usme consinee ka nam diya hai to is isthiti me kya mujhe e way bill generate karna hoga ki nahi mera invoice value 50000 se uper hai please help me do solution

  • Pratap Chandra Das

    MADAM, Main 3rd party- main supplier ko order dia ki recipient ko direct goods supply kare. isme supplier ne e-way bill generate kiya hai '' Bill To'' par mare nam or address diaya and ''ship To'' par recipient ka address dia hai.

    AISE ME – 3rd party jab recipient ko Tax Invoice bana k dega to usko E- Waybill generate karna joruri hai?


    Hi mam one of our client rec'd goods exceed Rs 50000 without e-way bill now what to do is this punishable and any suggestions plz reply


    West Bengal me Intra State Job work ke time, delivery challan pe value 1,00,000 se kam hai ..is me ewaybill lage ga ? Please reply

  • Raghunath Achrekar

    We sales goods to. A BY preparing two bills of. RS 45000 each in same lorry
    Whether e way bill is required

  • C P Bajpai

    मैं अपनी दुकान और गोदाम बनवा रहा हूं तथा Ist फ्लोर पर ही रहने के लिए आवास बनवा रहा हूं ,इसमें लगने वाले सरिया सीमेंट मौरंग वालू खरीद होती है तो क्या उसके ऊपर मिलने वाले GST इनपुट को क्लेम कर सकता हूं क्या? सी पी बाजपेयी 9453094084 EMAIL:- [email protected]

  • poetries for all trees

    Mam i want to know ur proffessional tricks….how u become so proffessional and knowledgable….please tell ur articleship , study and other background which helps u to b so much proffessional….please😊


    8 minutes ago
    मैडम जी अगर retail sale में एक motar cycle सेल करते है जो की 50 हज़ार से ऊपर है और गहाहक अपने आप ले गया चला कर तो क्या उस का वी eway bill बने गा जा नहीं ! दूसरी बात हमारा motar cycle का distibouter हमारे city से 20 klm.दूर है हम उस distibouter के निचे डीलर है बो distribouter हम को 5 motar cycle का invoice बनाता है हमने कहा की बाई हम अपने motar cycle by रोड चला कर ही ले जाए गे हमे आप की ट्रांसपोर्ट की जरूरत नहीं है keu की आप की ट्रांसपोर्ट का खर्चा बहुत जिआदा है तो मैडम जी इस पोजीसन में eway bill कैसे बने गा eway bill ट्रांसपोर्ट detail मांगता है ! तीसरी बात मैडम जी freight पर tds मैडम जी कितने freight के ऊपर tds काटना होता है और किन को काटना होता है prop. फर्म वी काट सकती है अगर काट सकती है तो कितनी tornover के ऊपर काट सकती है

  • Rajendra Prasad Kabi

    who will generate e way bill? where more than 4 parties are involve in a single transaction "bill to" and "Ship to" model?
    Exp….1. "A" is a supplier of Orissa, "A" issued a tax invoice like wise..Bill to.."B", Account "C" ship to "E"..Here "D" is the party who has place order to Party "C' for "E". (Other than "A" all other parties are from one state "WB". my question is whether these transaction is a valid or not? if it yes, than who will generate the e waybill?

  • ravindra mishra

    Madam ji, नमस्ते,video मे आपके समझाने का तरीका बहुत ही अच्छा है,बिना पूछे ही आप सबकुछ बता देती है।मैं आपकी सभी video देखता हूं उससे मुझे gst के बारे में सभी प्रश्नो का समाधान हो जाता है,औऱ gst का कार्य करने में आसानी हो जाती है।धन्यवाद।

  • subhash k

    Ma'am, if movement is caused by unregistered person ( by own transport OR through transporter) to unregistered person, WHO shall generate E-WAY bill?
    unreg person can also generate?- second proviso Rule 138(3)
    Pls reply

  • Sangita Singh

    MAM agar hum Kisi bhi bill ko waybill portal main cancel karte hain to ush bill ko sales voucher se bhi cancel karna padega kya.

  • Jrp Tubes

    E way bill third party ko darect ban Gaya hoto 2nd party ko bill ke Sath eway nikalna padega it's agar Nahi banate to bill ka kya hoga

  • Yogesh Sharma

    More than Rs. 50000/- Material has sold on credit but has refused the material. How it can be rediverted to consignor or be dispatched to Unclaimed goods department for further disposal by transpoter

  • range4 division4

    Mam, can we claim refund of the penalty if both transporter and consignor have paid the penalty for same e-way bill offence

  • Natural Products India

    Since last few weeks in ewaybill portal, new dialogue box comes now that if prefix to Invoice like 0, / or — are there it shall be removed while generating Part A. So query is is it ok and valid or one has to remove the prefix in original Invoice? If later, then entire series is changed. Kindly advise. Customer care has no reply presently. So either Supplier and Transporter takes risk or Business has to be stopped ?

  • ayush goel

    Goods party ko delivery ho gyi h, e way bill bhi dia, and invoice m rate difference k reasons se invoice modification karna h, kya m kar sakta hun??

  • The world

    Main aap e way bill k all function (all "heads" ) ex:- create cancel reject & masters k all head p video banaea maim


  • rounak sonchhatra

    Hello mem i am regular view of our vedio all vedio are very useful and nolegebale…
    But i wave one question
    I have business and use BUSY accounting basic softwear … It is note good working in gst…
    Pl suggest me any other accounting software from you my whatsapp number is 9421 955 185


    यदि eway bil ख़त्म हो जाये or गाड़ी रस्ते may he ho to kya salution ho setkta h

  • Tejas Shah

    I m working in MNC.
    Isn't required to generate way bill from airport to our godown, in same city . Distance is appx. 20 kms.

  • Jitesh Rathod

    Can you please tell me how to E way bill Edit or delete threw GSTR-1..I hamble request For u please reply me

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