• JL The Wiseman

    Funny that Trump hasn't held any campaign rallies since the coronavirus broke out on both East and West coasts…..What's wrong Mr. President, you said it's just a "common cold" and not that serious………He's like a person after Thanksgiving dinner, full of crap!

  • G Q

    Any human being on this Earth that may depend on their life according to a president should be subjected to failure. The Fool in Office does not run my life to end my life.

  • Odessa Hahto

    I would really like to see this stable genius' school records. He want show them to back up his claim of being a stable genius because he know he is a a fake.

  • Potomacstud

    more testings might revealed more true positive cases that might need contact tracing and quarrantine and protecting communities from turning into clusters , not only will that reflected poorly on his resume going into the re election mode , more work , more money need to be pour into evasive measures , to adopt ignorance is bliss and blame game is cheaper and less work , only the mouth doing all the working !

  • Pamela Mitchell

    Impotus is the LAST person you want to believe. Man does not know jack shit about anything he is so ignorant. Leadership? No. Hands down stupid? HELL YES! Proves every single day he should not be president.

  • Mirio Knapic

    Works. He's talking about Wallstreet !! That's more important to him than people. What a stupid thing to say just amazing

  • whatthebleepisgoingon bleep

    Remember OBAMA care is NOT COVERING the treatment for the CO-19 virus. People are paying 3-8K out of pocket costs even if htey have insurance coverage. The governemtn dont care that you can't afford to take two weeks off work, they are not supplimenting incomes or helping with food if you get sick. Its all for profit for them so they are sitting in their castles and very slow to help the public with the virus. TRump and Insurance companies are using the virus to make money!!!!

  • KEA

    Coveffe Virus is Fake just like the Creepy Comb over Hairdo this weirdo Trump has… He should've been Impeached for his Hairdo alone! He's a FREAK!

  • ThE DuCk

    Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak
    For people in the U.S. Please Bookmark The WHO website link above it's updated daily. On this website you can find information and guidance from WHO regarding the current outbreak of coronavirus disease (COVID-19) that was first reported from Wuhan, China, on 31 December 2019. Please visit this page for daily updates. U.S. Citizens shouldn't rely on information coming from the Trump administration as their only source of information . Be Well ❤️

  • Chua SC

    Terrible in the way this President made hunches about COVID-19….USA is really in deep trouble if they do not listen to the real experts.

  • Rich Horn

    So the president gave am opinion casually which sounded like a phone interview that it might be less than 3.4% then said maybe lower then 1%. I’m sure the worlds brightest biologists scientists and doctors haven’t briefed the leader of the free world about this. Furthermore why would his administration implement a travel ban as soon as 3 American deaths were recorded. During the h1n1 Hussein didn’t implement until over 1000 Americans were dead. Not sick or uncomfortable or in pain 💀.

  • Jonny Sevent

    40% of Americans don't believe in science though. They believe Trump when he spews yet more nonsense, or they believe shit about some god or other, but demonstrable, provable science…..? Nope.

  • Piedone21

    I have a hunch Trump is an idiot, Actually, that is not true, I have a ton of video clips and transcripts that show he's a totally demented, psychopathic, delusional, paranoid idiot.

  • Danie Ferreira

    Conspiracy theory: Trump wants this emergency to run rampant. He wants to stay in the Whitehouse, and a national emergency affecting the voter base might affect the elections. They might cancel/delay the olympics…why not the elections? Just a hunch.

  • Rita Lashley

    Why does everyone who are connected to CNN always speak against Trump. What do you want him to do as the leader put everyone in a panic and then having to treat the people for stress. No matter what he does he will always be wrong with you lot at CNN. The majority of people are happy how The President has handled the whole issue. You are just taking things out of context to embarrass The President. You will eat your words and we will laugh at you when The President is elected again beating your socialist communist or forgetful nominee for your party.

  • john logan

    Trump is a dangerous menace and threat to global security and the health and well being and of the whole planet.

  • Albert Hinds

    Well let me see.
    why we do not believe you???

    after the past year of fake news. lies, politics….
    just like your doing right now…
    turning this into political attack.

  • litlwing13

    Please stop pretending that Trump is either smart or informed. He is neither and he is going to get people killed because he ONLY cares about how he looks.

  • kcanan1982

    BS, stop giving trump the benefit of the doubt, he lies and we all know he lies, that's how he handles everything, lies!!!!

  • lil jack russell

    The past 3 years have shown us TRUMP IS A LIAR!! Get this clown out of the White House!! Preferably out of the country…. and his family.

  • Les White Trash

    tRump is SO full of shit that if he died and was given an enema, they could put his remains in a matchbox.

  • John Lowe

    Current and relevant and ACTUAL data are available at the South Korean CDC.

    This is actual data from a heavily tested (PCR-based, assessing presence of virus) population in a first world country with healthcare quality akin to the US.


    Overall CFR = 0.6%
    5,328 confirmed cases (by viral testing)
    32 deaths *(25 of those over age of 60)
    32/5328 = 0.6% Case Fatality Rate
    Just sayin…

  • Timeherenow Be

    CNN are like a virus that keeps showing up on my YouTube feed! GO AWAY CNN! you’re establishment propaganda- nothing more! Please just go away!

  • Veronica Apolinar

    Texas has now March 5th testing capabilities , Houston , Dallas , San Antonio , Austin and other major cities performing 15 up to 20 test a day , Really

  • Michael Jordan

    Why does Poppy always look so freaking sad?? Oh, because she has to report on this child in the White House…nevermind

  • logan hunt

    how can this man show so much hate for Obama, after so long, i am so sick to hear that Obama did every thing.

  • Hellzyead

    They say one of the symptoms of corvid 19 is diarrhea … So, if Sanjay Gupta gets it will they call him "Sanjay Poopta"? 🤔

  • james west

    Where do you guys get all these literal idiots and assholes for your propaganda. You act like their speech is coming from God. Is this a cult?

  • Robin

    Chump: "My hunch!" This aint poker or a slot machine! This is a serious health crisis! Vote blue 2020 get this egotistical lying piece of shit out of office!

  • mysebastian789

    US Citizens are Brainwashed by the US GOVT AND MEDIA>> US Govt is Fake… They do not work for the US Citizens…. What a Piece of Sheet Govt we have… Look up the cure for the CORONA VIRUS… MEDICAMENTO MEXICANO On Youtube ….. El Charro Politico if you want some truth….. Its all propoganda Homie… Russia and Mexico have been saying it is a regular run of the Mill Virus…. Me personally, have used Apple Cider Vinegar Capsules, which have worked in the past when I get sick or the Flu, which is very Rare for Me to catch…. The Govt and Media just wants to take your money…



  • nosuchthing8

    Trump always has a 'tell' when he is conning people. Like he sniffed when he said obama put up some roadblock to progress, when it wasn't true.



  • pinky Harris

    . The media do not care about the American well being the only thing they're talking about is Donald Trump you have two doctors there give us some more clues on what's going on only thing they're talking about is Trump

  • tcnascar1

    Talk about last years Influenza problem 2018-2019 -why aren’t they talking about that!!! Because this is a news media frenzy -causing panic!! Tennessee just experienced a big Tornado -but no one is talking about that!! This is now a Dem or left or CNN circus -for causing more harm than good!!! Google last years Influenza numbers – you will see a clearer picture!!!! This is totally out of control!! Research!!

  • Brandy Ellis

    “The truth” is only a better antidote to fear for the educated. The “painting a rosy picture” and saying everything will be fine works better for the uneducated/those of the republicans who are far right wing conspiracy-theory-sympathizes

  • graeme hoy

    They are using alternative facts. Like a doctor saying to a cadaver you are going to get better soon. That too is an alternative fact. Good luck America.

  • Protilius Productions

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  • Luis Sang

    i bought tickets to see my boston celtics 6 months ago and my wife today said "i don't think we we should go to the game" well i told her trump said he has a hunch that is ok to go out in crowds, she beat the crap out me and them she said "you are a idiot just like him"

  • Ryan W

    Dr. Sanjay Gupta said the tests

    aren't ready because Trump tried to design tests that hide cases! Scandal Trump

    is a psycho, he needs to go before he gets more people killed! Watch Youtube Search 4:25: https://youtu.be/XuQT2bdDR6w

  • BernieYohan

    Trump and his enablers are endangering parents and grandparents everywhere. He should resign now as well as Pence. My mom who is 83 just had hip replacement surgery and their are cases of Covid-19 in the hospital she is at. Friends would not go visit her because they are scared. Trump and the GOP are not capable of protecting us.


    Dear Iowa please REPENT – please stop farming the 23.5 million pigs and hogs – you are a ticking time bomb of disease. If you farmers believe the bible then they would remove the pigs as Yahushua did in Israel he sent 1000s of them into the sea. Washing hands like Pharisees was not enough while they were sinning in the back yard farming that which is not food. There was demonic activity and stormy weather linked to the place where the pigs were. Stormy disasters are headed your way which will only exacerbate the disease spread and WHO will NOT tell you since they have Marxist Tedros – REPENT. Listeriosis – Pork To Eat Or Not To Eat https://truerevival.yolasite.com/listeriosis—pork-to-eat-or-not-to-eat.php

  • ChillyToes

    We can NEVER believe this president or anything he says in the future from here on out! He's such an idiot that he's okay with his own lies! If you want the truth about COVID-19 do yourself a favor and change the channel on your TV EVERYTIME YOU SEE TRUMP TALKING ABOUT CORONAVIRUS!!

  • lisa richards

    When he said that people should go to work, and not call the doctor, meaning not report it even, I wondered why anyone is still allowing him to keep being in charge of this country and the virus in this country.
    He seems to be working for Putin, trying to destroy America and kill Americans, and put the country into a crisis with a pandemic.
    Why is he urging people to spread the damn virus around?

  • Arden McConnell

    Trump lies so much no one believes him anyway. He's lost all credibility, no one listens to him anymore.

  • Lumen Stella

    Pompeo went on tv and accused the Iranians of not giving accurate figures regarding the virus, yet the usa is doing exactly what pimpeo accused Iran of doing. what a corrupt bunch of morons. Do they think we all only watch fox news?

  • Brenda Fudge

    The head of WHO praised China for its response to this outbreak? He also criticized countries for naming the virus the China virus, stating it was racist! WHO seems to be more concerned about having a good relationship with China than fighting the disease!

  • Ebro Jese

    A hunch by a Genius , after being informed by top experts no Dems experts, I see a Info war going on by trumpet haters sad place to live , a lot of hate happening

  • Zacharia Moalahi

    Didn't the Trump administration just a few days ago decried the politicizing of this pandemic..? Yet here he goes on to try score some cheap political points by blaming Obama and not even based on facts but on lies..

  • LairdDougal

    The President (gods it’s hard to use that word seriously in conjunction with Trump) is only concerned with reassuring the markets. He knows the economy is the only thing that will save him.

  • mezirezi1

    Trump probably thought that the coronavirus was either "Chinese or Mexican," and said to himself 🤔 no need to bother. I will defeat both the triads and MS-13.

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