Domestic violence: Family courts accused of putting children at risk – BBC Stories

These have all been donated. They’re going to represent all the women
and children that haven’t made it, as a result of domestic abuse. What do we want? Change! When do we want it? Now! I’ll see you all soon! Contact with both parents is in
the best interests of the child unless one of those parents is a
perpetrator of domestic abuse, then I would personally say that
that isn’t in the child’s best interests because they are at increased
huge risk of harm. A key issue is the presumption in law that it’s best for children to
have contact with both parents. If the father has been violent or abusive, he should not be having unsupervised
contact with his children. We have allies, we have
organisations, we have survivors. It’s all a little bit surreal right now. We’ve had well over 1,200 cases coming in and we get stories on a daily basis. I’ll often be on the phone
’til quite late in the evening, talking to survivors who are facing
the most horrendous experiences. We’re hearing incredible levels of disbelief from the system that domestic
violence even occurs. It’s largely viewed that people
bring up domestic abuse purely as a way to frustrate
or obstruct contact. It was small pushes through the doors, throwing things at me,
then it stepped up to, in a car journey threatening
to crash into a wall and take my seat belt off, and then it gradually
stepped up into this attack that really I feared for my life. for assault by beating So I’d get them back on Sunday night and it’d take me until at least
Wednesday to calm them. Tantrums, throwing stuff,
smacking me. And one of the comments I’ll never forget: “Well my daddy does it, so why can’t I?” My daughter witnessed him trying to suffocate his new partner. But my son also told me that he threatened to take him
down the shed and beat him up and kill him. There’s an incident that sticks out in my mind. Went to a Mexican for
a birthday with my children and my son was on the table whispering: “There’s the chilli sauce that daddy uses”. So I’m like, “What?!” My daughter turned round and said:
“Yeah every time he’s cheeky he gets chilli sauce poured down his mouth”. Which kind of… just made me sink
into my chair because it explains why he’s so
poorly when he comes home. It made me recall all
times I attended the GPs with the burnt oesophagus and
the blood when he’s coughing and it just made me break because
that was the final straw for me. And this has to stop this has to stop! It’s all about bringing people together and we will not rest until this problem is fixed.

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