Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently

Disable Windows 10 Updates Permanently

What’s up, everyone If you’ve ever tried to disable Windows Update You probably know that Windows 10 will enable it after a short period of time but there’s a way to disable it permanently which I will show you in this video so, here are the steps: first, open services. You can do it like this Right-click on the start button, select “Run” then enter services.msc find Windows Update service first, stop the service second, set start up type to disabled click “apply” Now.. we’ve disabled the service, but Windows 10 will enable it. for the service to be disable permanently, do the following open “Log on” tab Click “this account” then “Browse” “Advanced” ->”Find Now” and select Guest account ok.. ok in the password and confirm password, set nothing now, click “Ok” now the windows update service will not start anymore and you will not get any windows 10 updates thank you for your attention, Good bye!


  • woofer13

    At 1:13 I couldn't tell what you said about the password, but I think you meant to just clear the passwords with nothing in the two password boxes. Anyway, I followed your instructions and I sure hope it works. I've tried at least 8 other people's solutions but none of them worked permanently. At least yours is way different other than the typical "disable" in Services at the beginning. If your solution works, I will be forever grateful. I'll be back in a day or two to let you know if it worked. In the meantime, thank you for your time in putting this video together.

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